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Two Love's [MMV]

Hana Yori Dango - I hate everything about you

Anime Couples Slideshow - Romanssi

Reiji x Elen The Reason

Not Over You-Kid X Maka (Soul Eater)

the best Nalu moments

Natsu x Lucy AMV ~Rescue Me~

Lucy x Natsu - My kind of love

Natsu x Lucy- what if

Natsu x Lucy - Bad boy

[ Natsu X Lucy ] Fairy Tail AMV - Alive

Top 10 Drama/Romance Anime [HD]

Top 10 Magic/School/Romance Anime [HD]

Top 20 Action/Romance/Comedy Anime [HD] Part 2

Top 10 Supernatural/Romance Anime [HD]

Top Anime - Top 10 Anime Couples [HD]

Say Something Anime Mix AMV (Anime Couples)

Anime Couples Mix I - All of me

|| Sword Art online || AMV - All of Me

[AMV] La La \\ Usa x Kawai

Top 10 Anime Couples

Clannad Afterstory - Tomoya & Nagisa Reunite (SUB)

Clannad Amv // "Tomoya X Nagisa" - Take My Hand - HD

Try - Tomoya and Nagisa

Tomoya x Nagisa (stole my heart~1D)

Clannad | Tomoya & Nagisa (I Love You)

(HD: Clannad Amv) .:: Tomoya Okazaki X Nagisa Furukawa ::. - Astronaut - Simple Plan

Tomoya Okazaki x Nagisa Furukawa [AMV]

Toradora || Taiga Aisaka & Ryūji Takasu KiSS

E.T. [Tomoe x Nanami]

●Nanami x Tomoe● - [Lessons in love]♡

Nanami X Tomoe- Y o u n g & B e a u t i f u l

♫ Adorable ~ Tomoe/Nanami [HBD Shana!]

Nanami x Tomoe Love - Far Away

Inuyasha x Kagome // Shattered

Futuristic Lover ★ // Inuyasha x Kagome

「IMS」Always Love you || Inuyasha x Kagome ||

♫ Red ~ Inuyasha ❤ Kagome x Inuyasha

[A|S] Parachute (Inuyasha x Kagome)

Missing - {Kagome & InuYasha}

[ Mei x Yamato ] ♥Intoxicated me♥

[Yamato x Mei] ιм ωιтн уσυ ❤

[C\S] Mei x Yamato - If It Makes You Sad

» Beautiful Girl // Yamato x Mei

IT GIRL - Yamato x Mei 【Sukitte Iinayo AMV】

One step closer .

i´ll wait here forever ♥ [say i love you]

Tsukasa Never Meant to Cause Tsukushi Trouble (AMV)

- MMV- Life isn't Perfect (Tsukushi and Tsukasa)

Byousoku 5 Centimeter ☆ A Thousand Miles