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Earth. A normal world, and supposedly, the only planet that could sustain life in our solar system.

Thrae, the mirror opposite of Earth, and also the only planet sustainable of life in their solar system.

These two worlds were thought to be mirror opposites. This was realized when, in the year 1923, a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and started to cause trouble. He was a delusional man, somewhat crazy, and very Schizophrenic. He was mumbling all day every day, saying something about a Place named "Thrae".

When they brought him in, they managed to get him to talk about his home and what it was like over there. He told them, not only the name of the place, but it's weaknesses.

The man that had ended up on Earth, went by the Name of Dalton McFarly, and he was forever preserved in history as the man who led to the discovery of life on other planets. But, as the years passed, the Scientists could never find Thrae, and gave up. Thinking that it was all a lie, they threw away all records of the project they called "Mirror World", and threw in the metaphorical towel.

Now, in present times, it has happened again! A young girl by the name of Mary Beth Coleman, has appeared out of almost nowhere and has started to cause trouble. Now, the Solid Recon teams from Thrae are after her, for she has found out a terrible secret that involves both of their worlds. While on earth, she encountered a boy named Nicholas Mahrino, who saved her from certain death.

They met several allies on their way, and are now almost begging to be found by staying in the same place. Sebastian, Jeffery, Shusetsu, Nicholas and Mary Beth are all people with intertwined fates, and are the only hope of survival for both worlds. But how can those worlds survive if they are constantly trying to exterminate their saviors?



Human ~ The most common form of intelligence within the Universe, and are extremely mediocre in some cases. Humans are capable of being intense fighters and can have been blessed by God with "Strange Powers".

Solid Recon ~ Contrary to popular Thrae-an belief, they are a species in and within themselves. Solid Recon members are all genetically mutated humans with special powers. And example of this, is chains protruding from their hands, or flimsy blades that snake from their throats.

Clannad ~ These are primarily only found on Thrae. Clannad's are what the members of "Clans" are called. They are sometimes blessed with the powers to control certain elements of nature, such as Wind or Fire. However, The Elemental Clans of Wind and Fire have only one Heir left. The last of the Fire, is Burke. The last of the Wind, is Nicholas.

Other ~ For the Unknown. Those with powers beyond perception and understanding, go in this category.

Now down to some ground rules.

1. I will not allow you to bash and or insult other members of his forum. If you do so, you will be required to apologize or risk being kicked out.

2. I will not allow you to kill other peoples characters without first getting their permission. And, If you don't have their permission, i will ask you to edit the post so that they do not die. If you don't you will leave.

3. This forum is meant to be written like a story. No posts that describe single actions, like, "Joey turned his head and sighed". none of that, please. Write them like you would write a book.

4. PLEASE, HAVE FUN! This forum is here for your enjoyment, and you all come here for fun, to have fun, and to read other peoples work! It's all fun and games until the action starts, then it's just EPIC.

Have fun Role Playing, and please, If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Now for the Character sheet:






Eye color:

Hair Color:


Appearance: (what do they wear)




Where are they from: Thrae or Earth?

Who do they work for and why:

And that's it. But, no copying. I have had trouble in the past with people copying things from other manga and anime, and it just makes me mad. If you copy, I'll confront you about it no questions asked. And if you deny it, You'll be kicked out. Just warning you!

Now, Character List:

Mary Beth Coleman ~ LinkKinuzuma13

Nicholas Marinho ~ Leleu2

Sebastian Grey ~ ShadowHunter15

Jeffery Watson ~ wantadog

Shusetsu ~ Zordaik

Eric, Nova, Matsumoto, Kai, Anna ~ KOVIP3R

"Non-ownable" Character List:

Alex Mayfield

Salthazar Biunez(Now deceased, Will be revealed at a later time)

Danielle, the Solid Recon Second in Command

Burke, the Fire Elemental

Have fun Guys, and remember the rules!

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over a year ago Leleu2 said…
I think I'll join this, I think the idea and plot are really good! However I still need to think of a character. Could you send me a message later, showing me the character sheet? Thanks in advance!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Okay, Leleu! Thanks for joining! I edited the description so now it includes the character sheet! Have fun!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Name: Mary Beth Coleman

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2

Weight: 115 lbs

Eye color: Emerald Green/Hazel

Hair color: Golden-blond, it sometimes changes colors depending on how much time she spends outside in the sun.

Appearance: She wears a light gray jacket with turquoise trim on the sleeves and pockets as well as her collar. She wears dark grey athletic pants with two turquoise stripes on either side of her pant legs. She has black and grey tennis-shoes and wears her long hair down all the time. Her hair reaches down to the middle of her back, with a few inches between the ends and her waist. People see her as the athletic girl in school, because of Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, tow sports that she is very good at and captain of both teams.

Personality: She is very lighthearted and funny. she jokes around a lot and sometimes goes a little far. But she means well. On the outside she appears strong and able to do anything, and most people believe that she can. But she fluctuates, sometimes feeling amazing, and the next moment she can shift from that to the complete opposite. She is, despite her mood swings, a very strong a charismatic person at heart and always wishes to be the one solving their problems while keeping her own bottled up. She can be very rebelious at times, and often has trouble hiding her hatred towards some people.

History: She had just turned 10 when she had been adopted by a scientist, who had been on the verge of discovering a pathway to a different dimension. He had never paid attention to her, regardless of whether she was his adopted kid or not. She often defied him, saying that she could do what she wanted, and that he wasn't her real dad so he couldn't tell her what to do. One day, he discovered that the secret had been one specific mirror, but it needed the touch of someone with Magic Blood. When Mary Beth touched it, the day after getting her death shot, she touched a mirror, and was sucked into our world, Earth. and landed in Ames, Iowa. She was almost hit by a car many times because she had landed in the middle of the street. She hid until nightfall and met Alex under a streetlight. (this adds up to current times)

Powers: She can control Stardust, and use it to create extremely sharp cutting edges on any metal surface, as well as create tiny blades out of the stardust and MAKE swords from the stardust. She is very good with swords, and has a natural instinct for using them, rather than her bladed Discus, which will become her secondary weapon later on.

Where is she from? She is from Thrae, the city parallel to Ames, Sema.

Who does she work for and why? She works for nobody at the current moment.

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Name: Mary Beth Coleman

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2

Weight: 115 lbs

Eye color:
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
*may i join and add some pokemon ppl*
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
What do you mean by "add pokemon people" ?
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Name: Nicholas Marinho

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 1,81m (I dont know how much it is in pounds:( )

Weigh: 70kg (he is thin)

Eye color: Light Brown, almost honey like.

Hair color: Brown

Appearence: He wears an white and blue jacket, whit a black shirt under it. He wears jeans,and some white sneakers. His hair is straight, but a bit 'rebellious' if you understand what I mean. He also always carry his sword on his back, since it's very precious to him.

Personality: Very good and gentle. He loves to read even when he has other things to do, since he believes that reading, makes us better. But that just on the inside.Due to a traumatic event on his life, he tends to be very shy among other people, specially girls. Every time one comes to talk whit him he blushes and becomes nervous. This is because he was always the nerd one on his school, and the boys always bullied him for this, thus the girls would never want to talk whit him, instead of the athletical boys. He wanst born whit an amazing iq, however he has one thing that most people lack: perseverance. Every time he decides he'll do something, he never stops until the end. Thus, since he always wanted to be the best in his class, he became intelligent whit time, reaching more than 200 points of IQ. He can solve most math and science problems, and puzzles that feels hard for other people he can solve in seconds. He also knows a fighting style that was taugh by his father, who were part of an very unique family. He actually feels cold on the outside, not trusting strangers, but when he decides that he likes someone, he'll do everything to bring then happines,and protect then from evil in any manners possible. However people need to gain his trust first, and believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Backstory: He was the part of a family know as the "Air elementals" due to their unique ability of controling the air. However Nicholas was born whit the amazing capability of using divine powers to heal himself or others, along whit the clan's normal ability to control air. They then decided to teach him their style of fighting whit swords. Whit time he learned to control elemental powers, being able of creating weapons of air, flight... They used to live on a small community, whit some few houses, resembling a residential neighborhood whitout any contact whit the 'world', since people would clearly call then freaks. There were 20 of them in total having 4 houses there. However just as any kid, he had to learn things. They teached him everything until he was 10 and then he was sent to the same city where Mary Beth would land some years later, Ames. He never wanted to, but it was needed. His clan, tough him everything till now, why would he need to go away to study?It didnt made sense. He was always a very good boy, having a free personality. However at school, he would always be bullied and tormented by the older boys. Due to this traumatic event on his life he developed a very close personality only trusting his family and true friends (which were very far away, and also, he never had friends in school) . After finishing high school whit 15 years old, he decided to go back to his family's house. Just as he did no one was there to be found. They all suddenly vanished, leaving behind nothing. It was like they had simply evacuated the place. After some walking he found the bodys of everyone in the middle of a forest. His father, still barely alive told him that this was the reason they sent him away for study... They needed someone to keep the clans blood to pass their abilities down to the newer generations, and Nicholas should be the one to do it, since he was the most amazing of all of them. He cried and from that moment on, until the end of his life, he swore to find the one who murdered his entire clan and also protect everyone that he truly loved. He then grabbed his father's sword and began his quest to find the murderer of his family. This event made him even more close to strangers as he feels awkward in their presence.

Powers: He can control Air, making it into any form, from tornadoes, to weapons made of air. He can also fly if he wants to. He also has the amazing ability of making his body into pure air, thus becoming immune to any types of attacks, but since this requires an immensely ammount of power, he thinks twice before doing so, since after this skill, he cant use any of his powers. He can also imbues his sword whit elemental air, thus making it 10 times sharpier than normal, allowing him to make fatal strikes at his enemies, thus making him capable of attacking from amazing distances, shooting cutting air at his enemies. He can also create an infinite beam of air, that comes out from his hands. He also has the capabilty of using divine powers to heal himself or others. Of course, during the RP he'll become more powerful.

Where is he from? He was born in Earth, he used to be part of a secret bloodline no one knows it's story... Yet. He lived in a small community of people from the same clan as him. It is believed that his clan was originated in another dimension and then was banished from it,being sent to Earth for an unknown reason.

Who does he work for and why? Nobody at the moment.
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Name: Nicholas Marinho

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 1,81m (I dont know how much it is in pou
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Just imagine his hair brown and his eyes light brown. instead of the black in the picture. Also, I may change his backstory later, maybe... Im thinking about it...
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nice job Leleu! :) I think when we get one more person we can start
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
As she hit the solid pavement, Mary Beth had to try hard not to scream in shock. As she lifted her head, she heard a screech. She covered her ears as she cowered in the middle of the street. The car horn sounded over and over again, piercing her ear drum with each echo. She stood shakily and looked around her, the people staring in shock at the girl who had just fallen from the sky. Some pointed and laughed. Others stared at the sky and then at her. She felt her face become hotter than normal, her eyes beginning to narrow. Mary Beth covered her head with the hood of her jacket and walked out of the street and around the corner of the building. She slid to the ground, her mind trying to make sense of everything that had happened. She kept thinking that she was dreaming, but it couldn't have been. she felt that cement. She felt the tears running don her face. She wiped them away, angered. If only her father had told her why she had to stay away from the mirrors. She snorted at the thought of that skinny man being her adoptive father. She had been brought up by him, but the only things she ever got out of him were food and a place to stay. She hated him. He never did anything for her. The only reason she was able to afford new clothes, or new ANYTHING for that matter, was because she had a job that payed well, but it was hard work. Sh came home after school and went straight to it, never staying long enough to eat. She stood suddenly, her hood falling from off her head as she looked around. Night had fallen as she reminisced about her old life.

[Play music]

Underneath a street light, she spotted a girl. She was slightly taller than Mary Beth, and her clothes were rather skimpy for the kind of weather that Mary Beth felt. She stood silently, staring into the light, her eyes glistening. She turned, her eyes resting on Mary Beth, who fidgeted uncomfortably.

"You coming?" she asked expectantly. Mary Beth shook her head flustered. The girl frowned as she looked Mary Beth over.

"U-um, what are you-" Mary Beth started to say. The girl cut her off.

"You look like your from around here. Your clothes may even be more 'in' than mine. How do you not know what I'm talking about?"

Mary Beth smiled sheepishly. "I'm not from here, actually. I'm from somewhere like her, now that you mention it..." The girl grinned, her face suddenly becoming childish.

"You even talk like your from here! No accent!" she shouted happily. Mary Beth stared at the girl as she laughed. It was confusing, all that had just happened. Was this really the world parallel to her own? It seemed exactly the same to her.

"That's great. Now, where am I, exactly?" Mary Beth asked, matter-of-factly. the girl just laughed harder before answering.

"You're in Ames of course!" the girl twirled her hand in her hair, shoulder length brown hair with no bangs. She stood confidently about two inches above Mary Beth, her eyes meeting Mary Beth's awkwardly.

"Ames?" she asked, feeling idiotic. The girl just sighed heavily and pulled her along, tugging at her jacket sleeve.

"Yah. You sound like you're from another planet. Really, it's not that hard to say." the girl stated. Mary Beth twisted her head to the side, looking around at 'Ames'.

"You have no Idea..." Mary Beth muttered under her breath.

"Hm?" the girl said, turning around. "You say something?" Mary Beth flinched.

"N-not at all."

The girl smiled. "I'm Alex by the way." she shouted, turning and leading the way. Mary Beth followed closely behind, not sure whether to say anything or just walk away. But she said something.

"Mary Beth." she said loud and clear, her voice cracking slightly. She cleared her throat as Alex swiveled her head back, smiling wide.

"Nice name! I like it!" Alex said, turning to walk backwards. "But, don't you have a last name?"

Mary Beth nodded. "It's Coleman." Alex beamed as she turned the corner, coming to a locked door.Mary Beth stood dumbfounded. "You brought me.... where?"

Alex knocked in a strange pattern, casting a nervous glance at Mary Beth to see if she was listening. But the only thing she was listening for was a response. "You'll see. My dad owns this place. This is the DJ entrance."

"Dj?" Mary Beth asked. "I was a DJ too, before I got dumped." Alex turned back, shocked.

"Dumped?! I'm so sorry!" Alex shouted while wrapping her new friend in a bear hug. Mary Beth held her breath, feeling a least one vertebrae crack. As Alex let her down, she smiled and laughed.

"That's not what I meant. I was dumped here, in this place. I don't know how to get home though." She explained. Alex listened to her strange story all the way through, the whole tim telling to doorman to shut up and be patient.

Alex grinned, her teeth showing in the dim street lighting. "For some odd reason, I believe you!" she said as she pulled Mary Beth through the door and into the night club. She was dumbfounded as the lights blinded her, her eyes taking in all the colors and strobe lights as they flashed. Alex brought her around to a turntable, shoving her forward and handing her a pair of headphones, smiling all the while.

{Play Second Song}

Mary Beth took them with a grin, her eyes lighting up as she saw the Headphones. She wrapped them around her neck and pulled the lights around the turntable down. Alex put one hand on her shoulder, smiling still.

"Keep them all riled up. At the end of the night, I'll introduce our newest DJ, alright?"

Mary Beth squeaked, her voice coming out in a shrill tip. "Newest DJ? You're letting me work here?" Alex nodded, running behind a curtain. She brought the lights down and spoke in a whisper.

"Remember to keep up with them! Don't slow down unless they ask for a slow song! " Alex said. Mary Beth nodded, her eye caught by the amount of people on the dance floor, and in the hangout area.

"Show time." she whispered, wrapping the turquoise and black headphones around her neck. The curtain unfurled, the light brought down just enough to keep her face hidden, even to those who dared get close to her. All night long she took requests, people coming up to her and whispering in her ear, but never noticing that she wasn't Alex. Very few slow songs were played, and she didn't have to speak. Alex approached her several times during her playlist, and gave her a thumbs up. It was a wonder Mary Beth could work everything correctly, much more than at all.

Finally the end of the night came, and Alex pulled out a microphone. "Hey guys!" she shouted, her voice spreading across the room.

"Hey ALEX!" they all shouted back, the multitude of voices nearly knocking Mary Beth off her feet.

"We have a very special guest tonight!" Alex said, stepping out from behind a curtain as a spotlight shined on her. "She is one hell of a DJ!"

The crowd shuddered, and Mary Beth broke out in a cold sweat. "The guest was the DJ tonight? We though it was you, Alex!" one boy shouted, apparently speaking for all of them. The crowd cheered, boo's being mixed in.

Alex laughed into the microphone. "No, she's just that good! Everybody please welcome, your newest REGULAR DJ..." Alex paused dramatically as a drum roll sounded throughout the room.

Mary Beth stood confidently as the spotlight moved from Alex to her, her normal outfit was, well, her normal outfit. but when she had the headphones, she looked like a DJ.

"Mary Beth Coleman!!!" Alex shouted after the long pause. Mary grinned as she was greeted and welcomed by the loudest applause she had ever heard, being swept off her feet as the crowd lifted hr on their shoulders, cheering her name.

Okay... Mary Beth thought. Maybe it's not that bad }being on the other side of the mirror after all.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Second song to go with the post
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Nicholas woke up in the morning felling thirsty He brushed his teeth first, and then he remembered of that faitful day.The day everyone of his clan were killed. He actually never felt he was a part of this world. He was always a stranger no matter where he would go. The only peoplehe would ever trust were his family and friends and they didnt existed now. He lived in a small apartment near to a club, one of the most famous in Ames. A DJ, Alex was also very famous. He was never called to the parties and dance floors there. He felt like if he died, no one would even care. He spent the entire day at his apartment, watching TV and surfing in the internet. He didnt had anything to do that day, he didnt even had to go to work. He worked at a restaurant, as a waiter. However the restaurant was closed today, only to open tonight.


It was already night. Nicholas tough about going to the restaurant. "Nah... I'll just skip my job today." He was 17, seemmed like a little boy whit one exception... He had an very unique stroy behind him. He was part of an family know as the Air Elementals. Back then they lived in a place outside of the cities, never to get in contact whit the world. Back then he questioned his father about that. Now he knew why. He was all alone now. He in fact, had more friends when he was in that village, surrounded by people of the same blood. He then remembered about his promisse to make justice for his clan and fellow brothers of the same blood. He grabbed his sword. As he looked at it, there were some words on it. It was on a different language, he never knew what was written or form what country that language was. All he knew is that it was his father's sword, and it was the most precious thing in his life. He then opened the qindow, as he jumped, and began flying on the rooftops. He landed on the top of the club that girl Alex worked as a DJ. In there he grabbed his sword and began training his sword skills. His fighting style whit swords was perfect and maginificent. It was an art beautiful to watch as all of the movements were beautifully done, after all, he was taugh by his father. However just as the art of the Air elementals were beautiful, they were equally deadly each one of the strikes were directed to weak spots of the human body, meaing that it was an art of fighting made to fight multiple enemies at once, killing each one whit each blow.. All was fine until he heard the sound of a bump in the ground and cars honking. He sudenly felt that something as wrong. Just as he goes to the edge of the roof he sees a girllost in the middle of the street. She then found her way to the corner of a building. "Who's that girl?" he asked himself. He then decided to follow her by the roofs. After some time Alex came to her. "So she knows Alex?" He asked himself unaware at hat they were talking. He followed her until they entered in the club he was training on the roof before. He was really curious. Who was that girl? How did she ended up in the street? She didnt felt like if she were from here. He wanted to ask her from where she came, but he was to shy to actually do so. He then decides to get back home and sleep for the night.


Im sorry if it didnt had too many things in it but it was the only way I viewed his entry in the RP. Things will become better later Link!
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Nawww, the post was fine! I loved it! Kep it up Leleu!
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
This is Nicholas sword. Thanks for helping me whit it Link!
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This is Nicholas sword. Thanks for helping me whit it Link!
over a year ago Zordaik said…
Name: Shusetsu "The Night's Breath"
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8'
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye colour: Golden
Hair colour: Black

Appearance: He keeps his hair in a long, braided ponytail that goes down to his tailbone. He wears a dark blue, full body suit with a sash that matches, and a like coloured mask, with the only orifices in it being a small oval revealing his eyes and a hole at the back for his hair to hang out of. (Think a fully garbed ninja). Beneath his clothing, he has a tan complexion.

Personality: Shusetsu is cold, and seemingly emotionless. Being an assassin, he is reluctant to form close bonds with anyone. Or any kind of bond, for that matter. He takes pride in his ability to fight, and is among the more proficient killers in the world. No one knows his true alias, and he doesn't plan on giving it away.

History: Not much is known about Shusetsu's past, other than that he was born the son of a man in the Pyramid Society, a league of beings from both Earth and Thrae. His natural excellence in body coordination, speed, and stealth were the reasons why he was accepted into the society.

Powers: Shusetsu possesses no supernatural abilities, but has the combat prowess to overpower those blessed with the powers. He is among the best in close combat, a fact proven by the amount of corpses to his name. He usually fights using a double ninjato style (A Ninjato is a special type of short katana used by ninjas in the feudal age. It's short length allows quicker strikes), but is most proficient with his signature weapon. That being a large, double headed Kama he wears on his back. Both of the heads on the weapon are capable of being swung over large distances, connected to the main shaft of the weapon by long, black chains.

Nationality: Shusetsu hails from Japan, Earth.

Employment: Shusetsu works as an assassin for the Pyramid Society. His rank in the society is Sector Three, Seat B. (It will make sense later on.)
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
So who will post next?
over a year ago Zordaik said…
I will. I want to get this thing fired up!

These damned politicians had been wandering about for hours, as though they were trying to lose anyone who might be following them. And if it were anyone else assigned to silence the group, they'd have lost them.

They would most likely walk into the trap soon, that being a deserted building that was sound sealed. His prediction proved correct, and the group of five, followed by ten bodyguards, entered the construct. Shusetsu followed them, invisible in the darkness of the night.

They had been pretty idiotic to have come all this way to the outskirts of town, to this suspicious building isolated from the rest, but that made his job all the easier. When he entered, the room was pitch dark. The politicians thought so too, and after fumbling for about ten seconds for a light switch, they realized there was something wrong with this place. However, their hurried attempts to leave the building were thwarted as the door slammed shut. The bodyguards pulled on the doors, but they woulds give in. They had been locked and were too robust to simply break down. But who had locked them? The sounds of liquid dripping broke the silence of the room. On instinct, one of the guards whipped out a flashlight and shone it on the source of the noise. He gasped in horror, as did each other member of the party, as they gazed at the mortifying scene.

The man's throat had been cut, and blood was pooling rapidly on the floor around his carcass. Then a single light came on. It was a dull light, completely incapable of lighting the whole large room, but it brightened a small area of it. In the center of the lighted area stood a man garbed in dark, almost black, blue. He began to approach them.

Guard 1: Stop! I'm warning you!

Guard 2: Back off!

Nine guns emerged from holsters, and the assassin began a blinding sprint toward the remaining bodyguards. As he passed the first two, he unsheathed his ninjatos and they dropped dead before even firing a shot. Seven left. And these seven began firing. Despite their better than usual aim, they found it upwards of impossible to hit the man that had just ended their comrades.

The politicians, however, had no intention of remaining idle and watching this spectacle of horror. They each drew their own handgun and carefully took aim at the assassin, firing at him when the next two bodyguards fell.

Five left.

Shusetsu brought back his arm and whipped one of his blades at the light in the center of the room. Sparks littered the ground of the old building before absolute darkness engulfed the area. The sound of five bodies hitting the ground followed the explosion of the light bulb. That left only the politicians. They couldn't see in this dark; their eyes had become accustomed to the light when he had turned it on, so he had no trouble gliding across the room to dice them. All went silent for a moment, then the sound of police cruisers blared in the distance. So Shusetsu began his escape sprint. So far, Iowa had been nothing but trouble for him.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Name: Sebastian Gray



Height:6' 0"


Eye color: Left-black with white pupil Right-white with black pupil.

Hair Color:Silver-white

Appearance: black pants,white shirt, and black jacket. Wears a necklace with a strange circular symbol pendant.

Personality: Secretive, observant, friendly and protective.

History:Sebastian always knew about his abilities but kept the a secret. Sebastian's father ran a little clinic from their house. He helped with girls who had gotten their shots and tried to prolong their lives. But when Salthazar Biunez found out he had him killed. Sebastian ran from the murders and hid in the basement. He finds a strange mirror and goes over to it. He accidently trips and falls through it and lands in a hospital basement.

Powers:Necromancy, healing, shields, seals.

Where are they from: Thrae

Who do they work for and why: No one
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Where am I?, Sebastian thought as he stood up, This isn't our basement. He looks around, quickly getting accustomed to the dark, to try to get his bearings. He then feels a cold presence and smiles. A ghost, perfect! Sebastian quickly removes a seal he placed on himself to hide his presence from ghosts. Since I am a necromancer, I can see and talk to ghosts, he thought. Sebastian turns around to see an elderly man in white robes.
"Hello, do you know where I am?" Sebastian asks.
"Your in Mary Greeley Medical Center of course. Strange I didn't know that I could be seen." the ghost says.
"And um... Where exactly is that?"
"Are you telling me you have no clue where you are?" ,the ghost shakes his head, "Your in Ames, Iowa. Where are you from?"
Sebastian starts to tell the the ghost where he is from and then stops when he sees the ghost look at him like he is crazy.
"Okay, where in Thrae is Ames, Iowa?"
"Your from Thrae?" The ghost asks in disbelief.
"Yes thank you! Now where am I?" Sebastian asks in relief.
"Not on Thrae." The ghost answers.
"Wh-what?" Says Sebastian,"What do you mean?"
"Exactly what I said."
"Then where am I?"
"Well if your from here how do you know about Thrae?"
"Since I am a ghost I can travel through mirrors to get to other worlds. Like this one here behind you, but you seem to have broke it." The ghost said motioning to the mirror behind Sebastian. "I was on my way to see some ghost friends of mine when you showed up."
"Why don't you use any other mirror? Why this one?" Sebastian asks.
"'Cause this one is special."
"Wow, you don't know anything." The ghost said as it was fading away. "Just be careful, there are some people who won't like you being here." Then the ghost was gone.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
I was thinking about using Shusetsu for my post. Is it ok Zordaik? And since Link hasnt been on for some time, feel welcome Shadow.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
This is my character but with different eyes and white shirt
This is my character but with different eyes and white shirt
over a year ago Zordaik said…
Go for it, Leleu.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
I'm baaaaack. I've actually been back for awhile, but I've been busy with other things like school and soccer. so yeah. I'll probably post tonight if i can help it :)
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Mary Beth flopped down on the curb as Alex shut the door behind her. She sighed, the streetlight radiating through the night, shining on her hair. She reached up and ran her fingers through her thick hair before finally huffing and getting up to walk around a bit. She shoved her hand into her pockets, looking to the night sky for answers. The only thing she heard was the sound of her breathing and her footsteps echoing in the night. She stared straight ahead for who knows how long before she heard something. A screech. She swiftly turned, seeing nothing in the darkness that surrounded the light. She allowed her eyes to meander from side to side as she looked for the source of the noise. She took a deep breath and continued to walk, her eyes closed and her ears open.

[Play Music]

"Well, well." came the deep dark voice. "A girl? Alone? AT NIGHT?" she vaulted as a large hand appeared where she had been a second before. "Just how dumb are you?!"

"You tell me!" She shouted, her voice raised to a shriek. She pulled out two metal disks, the edges devilishly sharp. She hurled the one in her left hand into the shadows, hearing screaming and shuffling as the men struggled to get out of the way. The man lunged out of the shadows, his square face visible in the dim light. He opened his mouth, flimsy blades snaking out of his throat. Mary Beth blocked them with her remaining disk, the scraping of metal against metal was deafening. She gritted her teeth and flashed under his large frame as the disc she had thrown finally returned, slamming into the mans neck, decapitating him. She caught the disc, blood splattering her hand. She turned to face the rest of the Pack, the genetically altered men of the Secret Service in Thrae.

"Damn girl. We'll bring you back where you belong, so you can die where you belong!" the man shouted, motioning for the men to charge. Mary Beth took up a fighting stance, her discs glowing with the blood of the man she had just ended the life of. She glowered as the first man collided with her body, knocking her back. Another came at her with his clawed fingers, attempting to rip away her flesh. She moved back in enough time to dodge, but her shirt was clipped, ripping he jacket at the front and revealing the tank top beneath. She shuddered as she felt the cold seep onto her skin. Mary Beth stumbled as the next man came, barely managing to raise her discus in time. The blade collided with her own, forcing her back again, and into the darkness. She suddenly froze, realizing that the man was about to throw something into the light bulb above him. Mary Beth realized too late what he was doing, and the bulb shattered, leaving her in the silver light of the moon. She cussed under her breath, knowing she wouldn't be able to throw now. She had little training with night throwing, much less catching. One wrong move, and she could kill herself. Suddenly a gentile breeze turned into a gale, and a boy appeared in front of her, a silver blade glowing with the moonlight.

"Step away from the girl." he said. "And I wont have to kill you."
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As he said so the men began to laugh. "Who are you to tell me what I have to do!!!? You're just a boy!! We have business whit that girl. So step away, and I'll wont have to kill YOU." As the men said the boy, didnt even moved. He was completely concentrated in the case of fight. Mary glared at the boy. She never saw him, but she knew he couldnt fight then. Normal people, couldnt defeat those men. "What are you doing!!?" she asked him, shouting. The boy didnt even answered her. "Kill him." The leader of the group said, as he pointed at one of his 'soldiers'. The selected one for the task came at him running. As the man moved his arm in order to hurt the boy, his arm was cutted off. The man began to scream, as blood fell on the ground. The boy seemed to be on the same stance. However, there was blood on his sword. Mary looked in amazement. The boy then whitout looking at her, said in a very deep voice. "Saving you." As he said so he charged the man slicing his head. The lifeless body falling on the ground. "You are... Impossible... KILL HIM!!" The leader said motioning for all of the others to attack him at once. As they surrounded the boy, he entered in a fighting stance, that no one in there had ever saw. As the men attacked him, he began fighting whit his own secret style. The men tried to slice him whit their claws, but they couldnt he was too fast for them. Every time he dodged an attack, he would give an counterattack at another one. Fatal counterattacks. Each one of his blows were directed to weak spots, and one by one they fell. Three of them runned back to strike him at distance. They opened their mouth and tossed at him lots of blades. On the moment they were going to hit him, instead of dodging they passed right trough him,like if he was made of pure air. As the man glared at him trying to understand what had happened, he passed one of his hands on his blade. The air around it suddenly became visible like if it had became part of his weapon. He then made a single movement at the paralised enemies and a piece of thin and cutting air, sliced then in half. The same air cutting a bit of the cheek of the leader. "Impossible... How can you still be alive... How... Did you came for..." He said as he looked at Mary Beth. "You were trying to kill her. I wont allow it. Get out of here. Unless you want to be a part of these bodys." As he said so the man began to dissapear in the darkness. "I'll come back... Wait for me..." He completely dissapeared. Mary seemed motionless. The boy then whit his sword on his back whitout looking back said something. "You should watch out... I'll wont be near everytime you need me... They will come back..." As he said so he began to walk. However something held him. As he looked back the girl he just saved was holding his arm. "Hey! Who do you think you are!? Stepping in the middle of other people business! Anyway...Thanks... If you werent here... I dont know what would had happened..." She then looked at his face. He blushing, he was extremely shy after all. "Im Mary Beth... So could I at least know your name?" she asked hoping he would tell her. He, still blushing, told her his name. "Its Nicholas Marinho..." As he said so Mary smiled. "Ilike that name. It's beautiful." Nicholas then turned away. "You should get back home..." Suddenly he dissapeared. Mary looked at her surroundings however he was nowhere to be found. Just like the wind, he appeared and saved her. And then dissapeared. Like a Guardian Angel...


I'll use your character on another post Zordaik. I didnt expected this. Also since this is a one minute musice I tough it suited best the short fight. And good post Link. Hope you guys like it!
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Can i join?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Why of course! :)
over a year ago wantadog said…
Okay thanks!! i'll try to have one up soon. This is only my second rp though so i may be a little slow on posting.
over a year ago wantadog said…
Name: Jeffrey Watson

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Weight: 160 lbs

Eye color: Bright blue

Hair color: Bright blue

Appearance: Jeffrey wears a pair of simple pants and a worn out grey shirt. He Wears his NEW sword which he will acquire shortly across his waist like he did his other sword. He has gotten rid of his tattered cape and now wears just the simple pants and shirt. His most identifying feature is his eyes. Outside of battle, they are impossible to read and always have a look that makes you think they are looking into your very being. When in combat, he is even more deadly looking and never shows a sign of weakness.

Personality: Jeffrey is very calm. He maintains his cool demeanor in almost any situation. He is also very lazy, refusing to make any actions that would require large amounts of work unless somebody is at risk.

History: Jeffrey grew up in a small town and spent the majority of his early years in a gang comprised of other children who stole valuables and sold them off for profit. He met a girl who single handedly captured the whole gang, but let them go. Jeffrey then became a high ranking officer in the Solid Recon many years ago before he suddenly went missing. Not much else is known about his past other than that and he refuses to divulge anything personal. The only common knowledge about him is that he was known as one of the most extremely skilled swordsmen there was and that he has killed hundreds if not thousands of people.

Powers: Jeffrey Watson's abilities have changed. He has the ability to control light at a remarkable rate. He can affect objects within a distance of 100 feet from him. He can form any physical object with light. He has zero limitations to this. If he can imagine it, he can create it and use it as a weapon. He doesn't use these abilities often due to their excessive power drain, but this is severely diminished from years of practice, and even more diminished by his new abilities. He can now do several other things with light that would otherwise be impossible. He can also effect light in most other ways, increasing it's heat, or making it solid, or any other variety of uses. His new sword has abilities of it's own. These abilities vary widely, and will be fully explained later on.

He is from Thrae. His exact birthplace is unknown.=)(that basically means i'm too lazy to make one up...)

He is rogue. He used to work for the Solid Recon, but now he just wanders. He quit the Solid Recon because he didn't want to fight anymore(he is on Mary beth's side later on)

Notes: I do not think that i have copied anybody. If i have than please let me know and i'll try again.

MORE NOTES: The pic is of his new sword.
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Name: Jeffrey Watson

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Weight: 160 lbs

over a year ago wantadog said…
1 day later

"Who the heck does that bastard think he is!" Said the leader of the group that Nicholas had saved Mary Beth from. He was back in Thrae and was walking down one of the lesser known areas in the capital. He had several more soldiers with him and all were heavily armed.
"Oh i'm sure that the fool is feeling quite proud of himself, but with what i have in store, he won't stand a chance!" The leader began to laugh. the laughter kept growing until he was bent over and cackling. The other soldiers didn't know what to make of this and kept silent. The leader noticed this and calmed himself. There would be time to laugh when the urchin was dead. "Come men, he should be around here somewhere." The leader and his men searched for hours before they found the person they were looking for. The soldiers didn't know what was so important about the man. He looked like a beggar, and smelled likewise. The man didn't seem to have noticed them yet as he just continued standing there with his back to them.
The leader cleared his throat loudly. "Jeffrey Watson! You have hereby been recruited to work for the Solid Recon for a very special task!" The man didn't move an inch. The leader started to get irritated. "Hey you! Turn around right now!" The man still didn't move for a few moments. Then he slowly turned around with a yawn.
"Sheesh, don't be so loud, i'm tryin to sleep here."
The leader glared at Jeffrey. "As I said earlier. You have been recruited to help us get rid of a little pest."

Jeffrey: "No thank you. I don't do that anymore."

Leader: "Maybe i didn't make myself clear." He drew his sword and the other soldiers followed suit. "You don't have a choice in the matter. You WILL help us because if you don't, you won't be of any use to us and then we'll just get rid of you." Jeffrey put his fingers to his chin in a mock thinking pose.

Jeffrey: "Hmm...nope! I'll take my chances."

Leader: "Very well then. Men cha-" He pause because at that moment, Jeffrey had casually drew his sword, shook it once as though to shake something off, and sheathed it again. For a moment nothing happened, then the arms of all of the leaders men fell to the ground. The men screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

Jeffrey: "Well," Said Jeffrey to the stunned leader. "It seems as though i interrupted you. What were you saying again?" The leader just stood there dumbfounded.

Jeffrey: "Shoo." He said making a waving gesture with his hands. "Before i decide to get rid of your arms as well." The leader growled for a moment then...

Leader: "Men! Retreat now!" The leader and his men quickly left the area leaving Jeffrey alone.

"Hmm" Jeffrey thought. "Interesting things seem to be going on. I would have heard about it if it was happening in Thrae." He smiled to himself. "Seems like i get to go to earth."

How was that? Did i do it right or...
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Great job!
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Nice post! By the way who's next?
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
??? Who's next?
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Sorry I haven't been on here in a while.

Sebastian woke up after a dreamless sleep. He began to pick up the sheets that he slept on. Okay, he thought, now i just got to get out of here. He found the door and went out of the basement. The hospital was buzzing with activity. People rushed around and Sebastian tried to get out with out being noticed. When he got out it was night time. Sebastian breathed in the air. It smelt strange to him. Strange but similiar to back home. Sebastian turned his head to listen to a rythmitic pounding near by. He followed the noise untill he ended up at some night club.
"Well, well, well. What do we have here? A child from Thrae? Yes, I can smell it on your blood."
Sebastian turnned to see a man comming out of the alley next to the club.
"If I were to take you back, I would be rewarded greatly." The man smiled to show serrated teeth. Sebastian knew what the man was.
"Yeah, I'm not going back." Sebastian said raising his hand, drawing a triangular like symbol in the air. It glowed there for a minute then disappeared.
"What was that supposed to be?" The man lunged toward Sebastian but was thrown backward. The space around the man shimmered in a cube. Colors ran across the sides like oil then vanished.
"What the hell?" The man said, banging his fists against the air in front of him. Each hit created a shockwave of rainbows.
"What did you do?"
Sebastian smiled. "I trapped you." The man stared at Sebastian in anger.
"Let me out!" he said. Knives sprouted from his fingernails and he tried to claw at the barrier. Sebastian shook his head. He raised his hand again. He made a fist and tha barrier started to collapse in on its self. It flashed brightly and disappeared with the noise of shattering glass. Sebastian looked around. Where would I find a place to stay? He started to walk and found himself in a park. He sat on a bench and closed his eyes. Well there is one place, Sebastian thought. He raised his thumb up to his mouth and bit it. He winced and blood ran from the small wound. Frost started to cover him and his breath became white. He flicked his thumb and blood fell on the ground. The air around him shimmered. Then, he disappeared.
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over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Nicholas had another awful day. Nothing new to do, besides waking up, and going to work. It was already night, and already 1:00 in the morning. However he was in the air looking at the club Mary worked as a DJ. "What does that girl has that makes her so special? I dont know why but she has a real unbelievable power inside her. And I cant hold the feeling that I'm responsible for her somehow." As he keeps thinking he then hears police cars running at fast speed passing trough the not so deserted street. He then heard a breath and as he looke upward, a man seeming like a ninja, jumped from one building to the other. He decided to fly and follow that man. As he did so, he linked the dots and was sure that the man was being followed. He had blood on his clothes as he surely had killed someone. The man then stops as he clearly had sucsefuly run away. As he goes to the edge of the building he sees no more police cars or government troops looking for him. However as he looks forward, he sees a teenager seemigly 17 years old. "This blood on your shirt... I dont gess you're innocent... Am I right?" As Nicholas says so, He grabs his katana and point it at the man. "You should surrender yourself. From what I see you're no more than a normal human. You have no chance against me." as the boy says the man does nothing he doesnt even move a finger. As the moonlight shined upon the mysterious man. A man in a dark blue full body suit whit a mask whit only orifices showing his eyes and to let his ponytail hair out. Nicholas had a shiver as he looked in the deep of the mans eyes. "You are the one who shouldt be here." Spoke the mysterious man. "You are just a boy, yet you trie to stop me? Thats just despicable... And funny. Also suicidal." As he said a very heavy tone of voice was heard. Nicholas suddenly felt another shiver. However maintaning his eyes solid on his enemy. However his shivers werent of fear... But of rage. The man killed someone. He didnt knew who he killed, but he passed trough that experience before. He couldnt help but feeling the same emotion he felt back in that day, and imagining the entire family suffering for it. As he didnt moved a bit, standing stong on his decision, the Mysterious man spoke once again, grabbing his two ninjatos. "I'll wont run away, specially from a kid like you. If you want to fight me, so be it. But I'll wont stop until one of us is killed.". Nicholas then moved his sword, in order to be in his fighting defensive stance. The mysterious man suddenly became impressed. "You're not an ordidnary kid... aren't you?". "No. I'll just finish this, and erase any evil you ever did in this world." As he says so he suddenly changes from defensive to offensive, catching the mysterious man off guard. The man dodges, as he jumps backward, feeling the cutting wind on his belly. "/i I see... He is no ordinary kid at all... He is one of them. /i" He spoke to himself. As he landed he went for an counteratack. "His going for my ribs!" said Nicholas in his mind as also. He then moves his sword so fast that even the man cant see the movement, as the two sword clash. However he had another one on his right hand. As Nicholas looks upwards, another blade was coming for his head. He the releases the air pressure, as the man is blown a few centimeters away. "I see you're a part of the Air elementals, am I right?" As he speaks the boy doesnt leave space for a conversation as he moves forward trying to kill the man. However the same maintains a solid defense and effective counterattacks. The two of them clash swords for a few times before the man is able to connect a slash, cutting Nicholas from his right elbow to his belly. It wasnt a deep cut, only superficial, but as it was painful, Nicholas lose track of the battle for a moment leaving him opened for a clean attack. The man then stabs Nicholas left elbow and then kicks him. Nicholas falls on his back and as he hits the ground he screams in pain. "That's so bad. I cant beliee you were such a lose weight. You dont honour your clan at all." He then begins to walk slowly on his direction. "Being weak in a fight instantly means death. You may have some powers, some strong ones may I include, but you're still just a boy. Even tough you have the killing intent, you cant help but not having enough combat experience, neither the physical prowess of someone who dedicated his entire life at killing. However as you get older I'm sure you'll become a lot more powerful. Also since you're here your protected maybe nearby... I have no plans for hurting the protected but... Well Im afraid you lost, and thus, death is what you deserve." "Protected? What the hell... are you talking about?" "The one you were supposed to protect the one you're linked in blood and soul... So pathetic even tough you are a part of the Guardians clan, you seem to not have learned this." The man gets closer and such, he grabs his main weapon, a katana that was in his back. However as he gets closer Nicholas hands begins to shine on an golden color. The man stops in amusement, as he watches such an ability. As the boy places his hands on his wounds they begin closing and healing. The bleeding stops and then he gets up, however tired of the amount of power he had to lose. "I see, you have some tricks up your sleve. But that wont help you." Nicholas tries to grab his katana but he used so much power that he couldnt move like he did before. He grabs it but it feels so heavy. "My power... It wasnt meant for killing but... To protect... Others... Thats what my dad said..." "You'll die on Shusetsu's "The Nights Breath" hands. Feel grateful for it." As the man goes for the fatal blow, he hears the door that leaded to the top of that building opening. As he looks at it, he sees a girl. "You...?" asked Nicholas in disbelief at what he was seeing. The girl he saved before, was right there.


There you go, hope you guys liked it. Also Zordaik, tell me if this represents even for a bit Shusetsu's personality, and tell me if you want anything changed in the post. It's because it's been a while since I last post, thus Im a bit rusty, so sorry for any english errors.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Do we have to post in order? Or can we do it whenever we want?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Whenever! :) I'll post tomorrow! :)
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Sebastian stepped out of the spirit world. He ran his hand through his hair to get rid of all the frost that had formed. He pulled his hands away and looked at them. They were whiter, more pale. He guessed that his hair was even more silvery and his eyes were deeper in their color. His shirt was whiter and his jacket and pants darker. Sebastian sighed and remembered the effects from going into the spirit world. It leeched all color from you, he remembered. He remembered his first time going into the spirit world. He had nice blue eyes and brown hair. When he came out, he almost had a heart attack when he saw himself in a mirror. Sebastian had thought he released an evil ghost or something. But the spirit world is helpful. Sebastian learned a lot about this new place while in there.
"What is that?" Sebastian said aloud. He could feel something, close to the night club he passed earlier. Injury, Sebastian could feel that someone had been hurt. Being a necromancer Sebastian could feel when someone is hurt and if they are dying. Then he felt it go away. What?, he thought. The injury felt like it had healed. Sebastian ran to where the feeling came from. It came from the top of a building next to the night club. He sees a fire escape and climbs to the top. There a teenager and a man dressed in black with a blue mask were fighting. And the guy in the mask was winning. The man was about to kill the kid when a girl walks out of the door.
Sebastian creates a barrier that made him invisible. I think I'll just watch, and only intervene if I have to.
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over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Soooo... Who will post next? If no ones going to I'll post. ^^

Oh and ShadowHunter, my character isnt a kid. He is 17. Shusetsu called him kid in a sarcastic "looking down" way. ^^
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over a year ago Zordaik said…
Shusetsu: You two... Are familiar with each other?

Nicholas rose to his feet and backed up. Mary, on the other hand, took several steps forward.

Mary: You.. You're the one. Who saved me! What's going on? What's happening?

Shusetsu twirled his katana in hand and took several more steps forward, raised the weapon overhead, and began to bring it down.

Sebastian: Shit!

The sword touched Nicholas' neck...

And went no further. A gleaming, transparent shield stopped Shusetsu's blade inches from the killing blow. The man swore and glanced around before jumping back several paces and landing on the hard street below. Nicholas was left, hands trembling, in shock as the assailant dashed away from the scene.

Nicholas: Nothing... I could do nothing... Damn...


Leleu, your post was great. Anyway, I noticed that a post was TOO TOO overdue, so I decided to deliver.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Yay nice post Zordaik! I'll try to post something up tomorrow unless Link or ShadowHunter wants to.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Sebastian let out his breath that he had held in. Damn, he thought, that was a little to close. Sebastian waved his hand and his invisible shield disappeared. He then got up on the roof and walked towards Nicholas and Mary. Sebastian was still hidden in the shadows when Nicholas faced him with his sword drawn.
"Who's there?" He said. Mary also turned to face him with her weapon out as well.
"Just your savior." Sebastian said as he stepped into the light. He saw Mary and Nicholas take a step away from him. "Am I really that scary?" Sebastian said as he walked towards them.
"Who are you? What is your name?" Nicholas asked again. He held his sword level to Sebastian's chest.
"Are you threatening to kill me? I just saved your life." Sebastian replied and walked closer.
"Don't come any closer!" Nicholas said," Or I will kill you."
"How about we all just calm down?" Mary said. She turned to look at Nicholas, "Your bleeding!"
"What?" Nicholas put his hand up to his neck where the assassin's blade was stopped. Sure enough there was a cut.
"That's actually why I'm still here." Sebastian said right next to Nicholas. Nicholas yelped, startled, and swung his sword at Sebastian's side. Sebastian held up his forearm and there was a flash of light and Nicholas's sword stopped. Nicholas tried to pull away but his sword was stuck to the barrier. He tried to let go but couldn't. Nicholas looked back at the barrier where his sword was stuck and noticed a strange octagonal symbol.
"What did you do to me?" Nicholas demanded. Mary appeared next to Sebastian with her disk blades pressed against his neck.
"Let him go." She said menacingly.
"As long as he doesn't try to attack me again." Sebastian said
"Nicholas?" Mary turned to face him.
"Fine, I promise." Nicholas said.
"Thank you." Sebastian smiled and flicked his wrist. The shield dissipated like smoke and Nicholas's sword was free. "Now back to the reason I was here." Sebastian snapped his fingers and a blue spark appeared in his palm. He brought his palm up to his mouth, pursed his lips, and gently blew on the spark. As he breathed onto it, a blue fog appeared and spread out across his hand. When the fog was about to spill over his hand, he flicked his wrist and sent it flying towards Nicholas's neck. He tried to flinch and avoid contact with the fog but it came to fast and hit his little wound. At first, it was warm, pleasurably warm, Nicholas thought, but then it started to get cold, very, very cold. He sucked in a breath then breathed it out in a white puff. Suddenly, the coldness disappeared and warmth started to return to his body.
"What the hell was that?" He demanded.
"Sorry, that was a healing spell. That assassin guy moved a little too fast. I didn't have enough time to create a stronger shield so I had to use a weaker one. And apparently that guy with the mask must be really strong to have actually cut you. Hmmm... I wonder if he is one of those genetically altered guys? Or maybe his blade was enchanted? Or he has some magical power?" Sebastian turned and looked at Nicholas and Mary. They were staring at him. "Never mind, well I guess i better go. That guy is getting away."
"Your going after him? You must have a death wish!" Mary said.
"She's right, it's suicide." Nicholas said, " I have trained most of my life and even with my powers I couldn't defeat him."
"i never said I was going to try and beat him. I'm going to follow him and try to seal him away if possible." Sebastian said as he covered his with the black iris. His white eye seemed to get more intense as he looked with it. It was moving really fast and then it stopped looking at something. Mary and Nicholas were confused at what it was looking at though.
"Uh... What are you doing?" Mary asked.
"Looking for the guy's life force, his aura. They normally leave a trail and I found his. And I have to go." Sebastian took his hand away from his eye, "I need to follow him before it fades." Sebastian went over to the edge.
"Wait!" Mary said but Sebastian had already jumped over the edge. She raced over to the edge and looked down.
"He's gone." She said as she turned to look at Nicholas, he looked angry, "Are you okay?
"He never told us his name!"
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big smile
Nice job! I'll write something when I get back! ^^
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
That post was amazing shadowhunter! You pictured Nicholas personality perfectly! I was really surprised! I know I said I would post but I didnt, but I'll try to post a bit later. Its because I had some stuff to do this last weekend and I couldnt post. But I'll try to post something up today.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
As Mary tries to find Sebastian whit her eyes, he was already gone. She wanted to ask him who he was and what his name was. As she turns around she sees Nicholas leaving trough the fire escape, however, he is walking slowly. "Where are you going?" she asks him. "Im going home. My job here is done." he turns around and whit a depressive voice he completes his phrase. "I couldnt defeat him... Am I really worth living?" his memories goes back to the day his entire clan was murdered, and he found them in the middle of a forest close to the village they lived. There his entire clan was laying in the ground like trash. His father said he was the one to survive. But after so many years of training and fighting he lost... Is he really worth the privilege he was given? Mary having heard what he said gets shocked. "What are you talking about? Worth living?" "Its not of your business... Go back to your little DJ job. Im outta here." As he moves he fall to his knees, his sword clash in the ground. He was too weak. The normal clans ability, the one to control air was already mastered, and he knew how to use it effectively, only using the amount of his vital energy that was necessary for each skill... But his unique divine skillof healing himself or others, the skill that set him apart from the rest of his clan, he couldnt control. Sometimes he would just spend too much vital energy to not heal himself effectivelly. Thats what just happened. He was weak and had to rest. Mary sensing his weakness go closer to him and grab him by his arm. "What are you doing?" he asks whit a tired voice. "Im taking you to my house. I mean... My friends house. You're clearly not well enough to roam in the streets. Besides I still owe you for saving me right?" As he tries to replie negatively, he looks on her face and she was smiling. He just, despite everything he went trough in his life, couldnt say no. Besides? he was truly weak, and it wasnt the time for him to make the strong guy. "Fine. But I'll only stay for the night. Tomorrow Im leaving." "Its fine by me. Just want to see you ok." She says, keeping her smile on her face.


Alex was already preparing dinner when she heard the door opening. "Finaly I was just going after you! What took you so long?" as she goes to the main room she notices Mary was laying someone in the couch. As she comes closer she notices who that boy was. "Hey Alex. I found him in the street. Apparentely he was beaten by some guys who wanted to steal from him. I just couldnt leav him there, so I brought him to rest for the night." "Can I talk whit you for a sec?" Alex grabs Mary's wrist and pushes her to the kitchen. "Are you out of your mind!? Did you really had to bring that boy here!?" Mary was surprised by Alex actions and tone of voice. "He was weak and hurt. I just couldnt leave him there!" "It doenst matter! He is weird and strange!" "No he isnt!" "Listen Mary you're new here, so you actually dont know anything about him. He is a freak that studied in the same school I did. He is weird! He never talks to anybody, and he is cold and emotionless! He isnt normal, he clearly have some kind of problem. Who knows if he will attack os here!?" "He'll wont!" "How can you be so sure? You dont know half the stories that boy is involved. He is an outcast of society. Sine he was young he suffered all kind of humiliations and whit hat,w ho knos what is crossing his mind now?Some says he even has a sword! We just cant keep him here!" "I'll say this one last time... He is hurt, and I'll wont let him go. Besides I owe him for..." "For?" As Alex asked Mary remembered she should make up a story. She just couldnt let her know about what really happened. "I wanted to buy some mangas and he gav me some money, whitout me even asking. He was nice and kind, so I have to retribute." Alex seeing she couldnt confront Mary any longer agreed. "Fine but you take care of him. And it's only for tonight. Tomorrow morning I want to see him out of here. Diner is ready." As she says she goes to her room. Mary them decides to go eat something and them later maybe ask Nicholas some things she wanted to know...


There you go! Finally! Just want to remember you guys, Its been a while since I last posted, so sorry if it wasnt a good one. But it'll get better. Hope you guys liked it!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Sweet! I'll definitely post later! Like around 1:00 to 1:30! :) Keep up the good work!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
As she sat quietly at the table, Mary Beth played with her food. Alex and her father had turned in for the night, which she had found rather odd, since it was only 7:30. She picked up her mashed potatoes and gravy strewn plate and scraped the contents into a container to put in the fridge. She figured it wouldn't matter, since she hadn't eaten any of them in the first place. As she slipped the container into the fridge, she sighed and sat down in the living room in a chair perpendicular to Nicholas. She sat, watching his steady breathing.

Back in Thrae, she had been enrolled in an academy meant to turn young girls her age into soldiers, and excelled. She used her background in Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee to help her with her Bladed Disks. She used them expertly and sh was rewarded with their ownership. She held them up to the gleaming light and watched it reflect onto the ceiling. She let her hands drop to her lap, and sighed.

She slowly heaved herself up from the chair and walked around Nicholas, nudging him awake.

He merely groaned as he sat up, still groggy from his sleep. Mary Beth sat on the table across from him, and watched him closely.

"Where am I?" he asked quietly, his eyes scanning the room. Mary Beth gestured to the door, and he nodded. They made their way to the door, and she held it open as he sauntered through. She shut it behind her and sighed.

"Why did you save my life? Back there, with those guys. You shouldn't feel obligated to save me, you barely know me for god's sake!" she hissed at him. Nicholas flinched and raised his hands, a sort of peace-making motion.

"Well, I shouldn't feel obligated to let you die either!" he retorted slyly. Mary Beth opened her mouth to reply, but though better of it. He was right, after all. So, she put her hand on his shoulder.

"Well, nevertheless, thank you, Nicholas." she said, smiling sweetly. Nicholas was speechless, acting as though a lump was stuck in his throat. And, he was blushing.

Mary Beth backed up a step, and motioned for him to take out his sword. Nicholas pleaded silently with her not to, but she gave him a stern look, and he complied. The silver blade gleamed in the moonlight, beautifully crafted and devilishly sharp. Mary Beth took out her own Discus and help it up firmly in her right hand. The special gloves she wore were made to stop the blade before it cut into her hand. She needed them for when she caught the disk, threw it, blah blah blah.

Nicholas waved his hand in front of her face, waking her from her thoughts. She shook her head, and smiled, putting her disk away. She led him back inside, shutting the door behind them, and laid him down on the couch. She draped a blanket over the sleeping boy, and sat quietly in the armchair,. She stared at him for hours before finally falling asleep.

She woke up hours later, finding the couch empty and in Nicholas' place, a piece of white lined paper. Mary Beth, still groggy, thought nothing of the paper until she picked it up and read it.


Thank you for everything, this was certainly enough to pay me back for saving your life. But, I saved you because I wanted to. I felt like, I just should have for some reason. Odd, huh? Well, We'll meet again someday, I just know it.


over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
So who's next?
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Anyone who wants to go.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Well my post will pass one month after these events, but if shadowhunter wants he can post his fight between Sebastian and Shusetsu as a flashback post. Or keep it a secret from us and surprise us! I dont know. Well anyway here's my post. Hope you guys enjoy.^^


One month had passed since that day. Nicholas had been training hard to overcome his weakness. He knew he had something whit that girl he met Mary. It as his duty to protect her, he didnt knew why. He just had the impulse, like if someone was telling him to. He had bee n thinking about that the entire month. He kept his distance from her, only wacthing her from a safe distance in case she needed any help. He was also wondering about that misteryous guy who saved his lfe back on that night he was fighting, and losing, to a man who revealed himself to be Shusetsu "The Night's Breath." He however arrived at his destination. The forest where his clan was completely wiped out. He walked inside and kept walking until he found the place veryone was murdered. In there, very far from any city, and very deep in the forest, was his "official, practice ring. Below him the bodys of everyone who was murdered. He buried them all there in for him to remember the reason he was still alive. The sacrifice of his clan wouldnt be at vain. He went up to the only grave that had a cross on it. In it the name of his father was described. Marcos Marinho. As he came closer he sitted in fornt of it. "So dad... I've been practicioning really hard these days... I still dont know about that girl. Whats up whit me? Why do I feel the impulse to protect her? Is it part of my duty? But... why her? Is she vital for something and it's my duty to guarantee it? Or is it just that... I like her?" The wind was the only thing that responded him. "You know sometimes I wish I could see you... Talk to you and mom... I miss you two so much..." As he says so a tear comes down from his eyes and runs rough his cheeks. But then suddenly he hears a bush moving. He suddenly, fast as the wind places his hand on the air and his sword materializes. He points it to the bush and trees in an ofensive stance. But a familiar face appearead. "Hey... Are we going to go trough all this again?" Nicholas looked at him and his sword desmaterialized into air. "You... Youre the one who saved my life back then... How did you find me?" "I sensed your aura and I followed your trace. By the way we never had the chance to greet each other. Name's Sebastian." He gave his hand to Nicholas so he could shake it. He was a bit confused but he grabbed it and shaked it, considering that he had saved his life. "Name's Nicholas. Nice to meet you." "I know your name. That girl whit you back that night in the roof said it. What was her name by the way?" "Mary." "Oh yes Mary. I forgot. By the ay, is this a graveyard?" "How do you know?" "I sense that something terrible happened here... Are you... and Air elemental?" Nicholas got supsicious. "And are you a necromancer?" "Touché! You're very clever and inteligent. I like that on people. So you're the last one of your race then huh? Well ere's your protected?" "Protected?" "Yeah the one your calns says 'youre linked in blood and soul' something like that." "I dont have a protected." Sebastian got serious. "You mean you dont know who he or she may be. Its your duty to protect this person until the end. From what I know your protected is also the last one of his or her race. She is also the main key to something I dont know why yet, but I'll find yet." Nicholas took a step backwards. "How do you know all that?" "Lets just say I have my ways. I dont have hit hair trough genetics you see." "You're able to enter in the spirit world." Sebastian smiled. "But how, or should I say why, you researched this?" "Do you really think that my meeting whit you was merely a coincidence? Well part of it was, but not completely a coincidence. I came here to help you." "Help me? From what?" "It does not matter now. Anyway we should get back to the city. Your protected may be in there." "How do you know?" "You werent there whitout a reason. Everything my friend, happens for a reason." As Sebastian started walking and Nicholas followed him, a tough came to his mind. "What about Shusetsu? hat happened to him?" Sebastian stopped and turned around.


Mary was already making breakfast when Alex woke up. "Morning Mary." "Morning" she replied. Mary sitted on the chair along whit Alex. "So... What did you did yesterday Mary?" "Well I... Nothing... Just ent to the club made some people dance... Nothing out of the ordinary." "You're still thinking about him arent you? I told you to forget him, he's a weirdo." Mary stayed in silence. "Look I dont know what happened between you two but whatever happened is now gone. I doubt this has something to do whit simply giving money to buy mangas. I seriously doubt it." As Alex said she got up. Mary also got up and went to the bathroom brush her teeth. As she did it sh kept thinking about him. She wanted to ask him so many things, so many things she wanted to know. Where did he came from, why did he saved her, who and what he was? As she finished she went to her room dressed up and went to the main door. "Where are you going?" asked Alex. "Im going to buy some mangas. Its been already a month and it migh have come out the next volume." "Alright dont be late!" As she closed the door and walked the movimented streets, she kept thinking about him. The questions just wouldnt get out of her head. As she finally hit the store where she would buy the next volume of the manga.


"Sir we are ready to go." A man in a seat whit a military uniform suddenly gets up. "Alright. We found her didnt we?" "Yes she is in a city called Ames." "So she's in Earth. Just what I expected." "May I ask you sir but how do you plan on capturing... Mary Beth?" "Dont worry. I have t all planned." he said whit a sadic smile on his face.


Nicholas took a step forward. "Seriously what happened?" "You really want to know?" Nicholas nodded. "Ok. Listen..." as Sebastina was about to say something Nicholas felt a pain in his head. "Nicholas? Whats happening!?" Sebastian runned for him as he fell on the gound. As the pain stopped, Nicholas was staring at the sky whit wide eyes. "What happened?" "Mary... She's in danger... I have to go save her! She is in... The store where she buys her mangas... Yes Im sure shes there!" As he got up Sebastian stared at him unbelieving what he just saw and heard. Nicholas stopped and looked backwards. "Come on Sebastian we dont have all day!" Sebastian smiled. And then he laughed a bit. "Whats wrong whit you!?" "Nothing I just didnt knew finding her would be such a piece of cake." "Her? You mean..." "Yes... She's the one you're supposed to protect."

over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
And, as she pushed the door open, she immidiatley felt something wrong. She looked around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. But as she walked to the shelf, finding exactly what she was looking for, she didn't let her uneasiness waver and disappear. Something was wrong and she knew it. She suddenly spotted a man, dressed in an odd looking black and grey uniform. The shoulders had carved on the plate armor, the symbol of the police.

A Thrae Swat agent.

"Dammit!" she whisper-shouted. The man immidiatley turned in her direction, and peered through the books on the shelf. He slowly lowered himself to her level, making eye contact with her. She held her breath, waiting for the man to set off his buzzer.



And there it was. Mary Beth pushed the books through the shelf and into his nose before bolting through the door and hearing screams as she ran. The door burst open behind her, and many men in uniform, about seven of them, and she belted around the corner. Their angry shouts piled up in her ears as she ran, panicking like hell.

"Grab her!" one of the men shouted, apparently the commanding officer of the unit.

She didn't wast any time grabbing her Discus and throwing the pair behind her. She heard a yelp of surprise and then both returned to her hands. She took a quick glance behind her, to find that the one in her right hand had hit the commanding officer and the other had missed completely. She ran harder as she became able to feel the pounding of the men's feet behind her.

And just then, she was yanked backwards by her hair, being slammed hard into the ground. She held up her disk just in time to block an incoming swing from the second in command. His blade, tinted blue and coursing with green veins. Inside the glass tubes labeled as such, lie a heavy poison, meant to incapacitate the enemy. The small nozzle at the edge of the knife was like a hose. When the hole was met with flesh, it immidiatley releases the poison into the blood and nerves, paralyzing the target.

She should know, after all, she had one.

Wait.... She had one!

And, quick as a flash, she whipped it out with her right hand and slashed the man standing by her head. He cried out and cringed, making his final movement before humming helplessly in a desperate attempt to yell for assistance.

Mary Beth's blade, being longer in length, could be classified as a sword. But it was lightweight and easy to use, so she could also mistake it for a knife. The other men, assuming the latter, tried slashing it in half. But she parried quickly, moving her feet and shuffling to the right, thrusting her blade forward into one mans side.

She waited until he cringed and fell limply to the ground to remove the blade, turning to find three other men waiting to pounce on her.

As the first man moved, she sidestepped, slicing across the small of his back before the next one grabbed her left hand. He yanked her to the side, slamming the side of her head into the brick wall of the Swift Stop. She swung with her left hand, bringing her disk up and into the mans neck.

She ducked underneath him as he toppled to the ground, blood pooling around him. She turned to the last man who stood there, shaking in his boots. She merely twitched and he was off, bolting back to his commander. She sighed in relief, putting hr discus back, and cautiously stepping over and around the men she had either killed or paralyzed.


She put her blade away just as she rounded the corner, making her way into a small and narrow alleyway, sitting on some old boxes. She took a few deep breaths and calmed herself, thinking on how they had managed to find hr. Mary Beth was soon interrupted by a hand covering her mouth with a rag.

With her eyes already drooping, she had limited mobility. But somehow she managed to free herself and turn around. Her back found the wall and forced her to stop and focus on the man.

He had a large, square jaw, with big muscles. He was tall and looked to weigh at least twice as much as her. She rubbed her eyes and tried to breathe deeply, but she found it becoming more and more difficult.

The man advanced on her slowly, as though he was relishing the moment of capturing the fugitive girl. Mary Beth closed her eyes for only a moment, and she felt as tired as tired could be. She slid down the wall, her backside eventually meeting with the cold, hard and wet ground. Her head dropped forward as she began to lose consciousness, her half open eyes only able to make out blurry shapes and colors. The man advanced farther, and grabbed her by her hood, her headphones dropping to her side, hanging only by the cord the was slung around her neck.

The man pulled out his small Veined Blade Butcher Knife, and slowly slid it into her gut. She opened her mouth slightly, but gritted her teeth against the searing pain the shot through her body like fire in her stomach.

The pressure she felt in the wound was like having an giant creature on top of her. And as the blade was twisted inside of her, she saw his hand twitch. She soon realized through her teary eyes that his knife had a button. His knife was made to torture the victim before the toxin was released.

In her moment of opportunity, she swatted his hand away and shoved him to the side. She ran down the alley, the blood laving a trail for the man to follow. But she didn't care. She had to find somewhere safe.

And to do that, she had to throw him off somehow. She pulled out a vial of red food coloring, and chucked it in the opposite direction. hen she grabbed a red pen she had been keeping with her for no reason, and broke in half, watching as the red ink flowed freely from the inside. She spread the blood out, sometimes running into walls on purpose after she had chucked the objects.

But running into walls wasn't something she enjoyed doing a lot of, and she was so disoriented that it happened about every five seconds.

After seeing the flash and hearing the thunder, she knew it was going to be a long night. And as the rain began to pour, she collapsed, the puddle she fell into quickly carried her blood around, thinning it and making the water run read.

As she lost consciousness, she thought about the blade lodged in her body.

Damn... I'd better... pull that out...


As Nicholas and Sebastian made their way towards Mary Beth's location, They noticed several men sprawled on the ground, all wearing similar uniforms and groaning. They all were barely twitching, let alone writing in pain. but from the way the mumbled you could tell they were hurt.

"Did you happen to see a girl about... yay high? A little on the... ummm... fast side?" Sebastian asked. One of the men, with half mobility, pointed to the corner.

Nicholas nodded at Sebastian as the two of them sprinted to the side, peering around the edge before seeing the deep red hue of blood, splattered shamelessly all over the ground. Nicholas looked farther down the alley way, seeing more blood, thicker this time, along the wall, smeared as though someone had done it with their hand.

Nicholas gritted his teeth as the pain in his hand grew stronger.

Sebastian suddenly cried out to Nicholas, pointing down the street. Nicholas raced to his side, following his finger, and gasping when he saw what Sebastian had found.

There in the middle of the street, lay Mary Beth, bleeding to death.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Second song!
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
As Nicholas ran to her side he noticed she had a very bad injury in her gut. He cried to Sebastian. "Oh my God what happened here?" asked Sebastian as he looked in her wound. Nicholas grabbed her head and made her look to his eyes. "Mary come on you gotta wake up! Dont die on me dammit!" Mary could only see deformed shapes and some blurs whit colors. But she recognized the voice. "Nicholas... Is... that you...?" She said in a really weak voice. "We gotta take her somewhere safe, I cant cure her here! She might get an infection!" said Sebastian. "Do you know a place to bring her?" Nicholas tough about his house but it was too far away. There was only one place he could go. "Yes follow me." He grabbed Mary and started carrying her as they ran trough the alleys until they found Alex house. Whitout even knocking on the door firts he asked Sebatian to open it. He tried but it was closed. "Great now what?" as he asked Nicholas release the air pressure around him conecentrating it on the door and breaking it open. As he went inside Sebastian followed him whit a grim. "You're sure not very polite my young man." as Alex heard the sound she went to the hall see what was happening. Coming from the door she faced Nicholasand a man she didnt knew. As she looked to Mary she was bleeding. "You... What did you do to her!?" Nicholas ignoring her passed trough the hallway and entered in the first room he saw lying her in the same couch he rested a month ago. Blood suddely turned a part of the couch that was hite in red. "Sebastian you gotta heal her before it's too late!" "Got it!" as Sebastain ran to help her Alex came closer and slapped Nicholas in his face. "What the hell did you do t her you freak!? I told her to sty away from you but she just wouldnt listen! You're a stupid man!" "Shut up Alex!" "You're the one who did this to her Im sure of it! You always alone in that classroom talking all alone and stuff. You're crazy! You dont have feelings! You just murdered agirl you son of a bitch!"as she said so she started slapping Nicholas. He asked for her to stop, he even yelled at her, until he tossed her on the ground hurting her. "I didnt meant to do this but you just wouldnt listen! You're just as self-minded as always!" Sebastian in the back was so focused that he didnt even listened anything. "Im calling the police right now!" "No you cant! Calling them will make the people who are after her find this location! They'll kill every one!" "Dont tell em what to do" As Alex ran to the phone he grabbed her by her wrist. She urned and slapped him once more. He then let her go as he also heard a noise. A big man and a few more soldiers. Police was not the main issue right now. "Sebastian did you finished healing her?" "Yes but she's still out of blood, so she wont recover that fast." Nicholas nodded to the window as a big man was coming.

---------------------PLAY SONG-------------------------------

As they oved to the window they saw that they were about to break in the house. "Sebastian take care of Mary, I'll finish these guys!" "Roger that!" As he waved his hand in the air his sword materializedfrom ar to the purest of all steels. Sebastian grabbed her and created a shield around then. As they heard the men coming inside Nicholas turned to them. "On my mark... GO NOW!" As he said so he appeared in the hallway surprising all the soldiers. The first one had his neck sliced. As the ne in the back tried to slice him he dodged and kikced the man backwards. As the man felled down he tossed his sword at the man that was behind the soldier he kicked. The sword passsed right trough the mans face and drilled the mans heart. At the same time he ran forward and jumped making a forwardflip. When the man whit his sword was falling he while was still upside down grabbed his sword and as he hit the ground he deflected the mans attack and sliced his legs. As the man fell in the groun unable to walk from pain Nicholas killed him whit a fatal blow blood everywhere. Sebastian appeared and runned outside following Nicholas. A shot came out of nowhere aimed atr Sebastian but the shield deflected it. "Shooters on the roof!" said Sebastain. Nicholas tossed his sword as it hit the mans neck. At the same time an enemy was coming to hit Sebastian. Nicholas waved his hand and the sword came back to his hand, dematerializing and materialzing back in it. And as he felt his sowrd on his hand he turned to the mad and killed him. Suddenly he could feel a spear coming to him but he would be able to dodge however the spear stopped. "You can thank me now." said Sebastian as he destroyed the enemy spear and Nicholas hit him fatally again. "Lets tank each other lately. Come on we gotta get to the sewers!" "Great now we'll all get wet huh?" As they ran a big shadow above one of the buildings was watching them. "I see... Its him them... I never tough I would meet him... He's really skilled, but at the same time an obstacle to my objective... I'll kill him and that friend of him" He said whit the same sadic smile. The same blade Mary took out from her body was in his hand once more. "My blade isnt satisfied... It hungers for more blood..."He said as he laughed.


There you go.
over a year ago wantadog said…
Nicholas and Sebastian ran towards the sewers when a man landed nimbly in front of them. "Hello there. Don't tell me you're leaving already? We have only just begun." Nicholas growled and charged the man, slashing at his neck. He was shocked, however, when the man blocked his attack and responded with one of his own. This guy was definitely stronger than he looked. "You...who are you?" The man laughed. "My my, I am merely a swordsman like yourself. You're very skilled with a blade. I might actually be able to enjoy myself." Without waiting for a response, the man slashed down at Nicholas' neck. Nicholas parried the blow and tried to sweep his legs out from under him. The man jumped over his leg and slashed down while Nicholas was recovering. Sebastian created a shield to defend him. "Nicholas!" "Get out of here!" Nicholas growled at him. "I can handle him, just go!" Sebastian hesitated for a second and nodded. He ran towards a building on the other side of the street. "Not so fast, vermin." The mysterious man said, pulling a dagger out and throwing it at Sebastian and Mary Beth. "Damn it! Sebastian, watch out!" Sebastian turned around, but it was too late to do anything. Then all of a sudden, the dagger stopped. The man growled. "What the hell?" A mysterious voice came from the shadows. "Not a good thing, attacking an injured person." A man came out of the alley behind the mysterious man and smiled at Nicholas. "I do not know what is going on, but if it irritates Thrae security....It's fine by me. You go, I shall handle him myself." Nicholas looked the newcomer in the eye for a second before nodding and running towards Sebastian and Mary Beth. The mysterious man growled and took a step towards Nicholas only to find a blade at his neck. "Don't forget me. I was not lying to the boy, But my real motive was to get him out of the way. Now we can fight freely." The man grinned, knocked the sword away, and slashed at the man, who merely took a step backwards and avoided the strike. The mysterious man laughed. "You're right, you are much more interesting of an opponent! What is your name?" The man looked him in the eye and responded. "Jeffrey Watson" the mysterious man gasped and jumped backwards, his sword at the ready. He knew about this man and if the rumors were true, it would be suicide to go up against him. "Heh, nice name. Kinda small though." Jeffrey shrugged. "What can I say, I was born with it." The mysterious man charged Jeffrey, slashing at each of his vital areas. Jeffrey merely took a single step for each attack, avoiding damage completely. The man glared. That proved it. This was Jeffrey Watson, the man who was known as the most dangerous swordsman in Thrae, just over 10 years ago. He had a job to accomplish and this would take much too long. "Sorry kiddo, but I gotta fly. The man withdrew a small object and threw it to the ground, releasing a enormous smokescreen. Jeffrey covered his mouth and waited for the smoke to clear, when it had, the man was nowhere to be found. "Dang it...Might as well go meet up with that kid, not too hard to figure out his destination after placing a tracker on him. As long as there is light where he is, I can find him."
Nicholas and Sebastian walked through the dark sewer. Sebastian shifted Mary Beth a little. "Sheesh, it's pitch black down here." Nicholas nodded, we should be safe for now. You can put her down." Sebastian nodded. A pointless gesture as Nicholas couldn't see him. "Got it." He placed her gently on the ground and sighed. "We'll need a light if I'm going to continue healing her." Nicholas nodded and pulled a small lighter out from his pocket. Sebastian eyed the lighter. "Not much, but the best we can hope for I guess."
The remaining Thrae guards stood in front of the mysterious man. "Sir! We...we..." "You lost their trail didn't you?" The men fidgeted. "Um..yes sir." the man glared at them. "Hopeless! You fools can't even fight a single girl, then you get beat by a equally young boy, and then you lose them altogether! I oughta have you executed right here!" There was a pause. "But luckily for you failures...I know where they are." He walked over to a sewer drain. "Get as many lamps, flashlights, torches, whatever! Just get them and as many men as possible searching this sewer!" The men saluted. "Aye sir!" As the men dispersed, the man grinned. "Two strong opponents in one day, oh this will be good. I may have had to stop our fight earlier, 'Jeffrey Watson' but next time, all bets are off."

Did I miss anything or portray anyone wrong?
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Well from what I saw It's a very good post! I'll try to get something up later too.
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Nicholas along whit Sebastian and Mary were already on the sewers. "How is she?" asked Nicholas. "Not well. She is very weak. And all this stress..." Nicholas sat on her side. "Come on you cant die on me just yet! Come on! Wake up!" As he said so they started hearing the sound of footsteps on the water. "Theyre coming for her Nicholas." "Dammit what should we do?" "I have a plan. But it will require both of us working as a team." "Im listening." As the soldiers carrying flashlights walked and turned to the corner they saw them. One of them grabbed a radio and called their commander. As he said so Sebastian cast a shield around Nicholas. "Now go!" Nicholas ran at the mans who started firing immediately. The bullets were being stopped by Sebastians shield. As he got to the mans he killed one by one whit a single blow. As they decided to ran trough the dark sewers more soldiers appeared. Sebastian launched a shield on their weapons, and them compressed destroying all the guns. Nicholas took care of them. However behind them the misteryous man appeared once more. "I told you not to get everywhere yet you disrespect me." He took a few steps forward before Nicholas got in his defensive stance. "Now thats new." said the man. "I know you want her. I know you're here to capture her.You're the one ho almost killed her! Am I right!?" "Correct! You're very clever for a boy of your age... How older are you by the way? 17?" Nicholas took a step backwards. "How do you know that?" "Oh I know a lot about you... But I knew a lot more about your father." "My father?" "Yes. Marco Marinho. Isnt that his name? He was an Air elemental just like you, supposed to protect someone. Well, thats really cliché in your order, since you're part of the guardians clan." Nicholas took one more step backwards. "And you? Sebastian. I knew I would finde you here! Still talking whit dead people?" Sebastian didnt said a word. "Well just handle me the girl and I'll let you go in peace." As the man took some steps forward he felt a sword on his neck. "You dont touch her. You dont talk to her, you dont do ANYTHING TO HER!" said Nicholas screaming at the man. "Oh my. I didnt expected so much violence. But I suppose thats what your life is about right? Protecting her... She's the reason you're here the only reason why you're still alive. I wonder what would happen if I killed her right now... Would you be so mad that you would want to mureder me? Torture me?" "Back away Or your head will rool out" The man instead rabbed his sword and walked a few steps backwards.

-----------------PLAY MUSIC-------------------------------------­---­-

"You're just like your father... Isnticntive but also very clever and intelligent. However you have the same suicidal wish of dying for the ones you love. Thats just so pathethic." Nicholasat that moment could feel his blood boiling. He never felt so angry in his life. "I already ost very important things on my life. You're not taking her also!" As he said he ran to the man aand both of them started clashing strykes at one another. The man suddenly tossed his sword upwards and hit Nicholas whit an uppercut. The man was very strong and Nicholas went to the air falling whit his back on the fetish sewer waters. He then got up quickly and as the sword hit the "roof" ofthe sewers and fell down to the misteryous man's hand he dodged a fatal attack. However the man grabbed him by his neck and threw him at some bars behind him. "Nicholas!" screamed Sebastian trying to lay Mary down. "Dont! I got this!" Sebastian stopped. "Remember the reason I came here. If they get her I'll die! Run now Sebastian. Its your opportunty!" Sebastian wanted to but he couldnt. "It seems your friend i reluctant to leave you behind..." said the misteyrous man as he walked torward Nicholas. "I'll wont finish you. I'll just wrap things here and then capture her on the front of your eyes. I wanto to see you screaming in pain and revenge." said the man. Nicholas tried to get up using his sword. But he was feeling painful.
"You're just like your father.Sacrificing yourself, bein all altruistic, protecting the one your linked. Its funny and stupid. Your father was an embarrasment to Thrae and so are you." "Fuck you. You dont know anything about me!" "I know everything about you and your protected that you could possibly imagine." As the man was going for the fatal blow a shield stopped it. The man turned backwards. Sebastian was running torwards him.As he prepared to kill Sebastian, he mad another shield in the air parrying the man's attack. He then placed both hand on the mans belly and concentrated a shield and then exploded it making the man fly breaking the bars where Nicholas was, almost hitting him. The man rolled and got up. "You stupid son of a bithc. You think you can fight me? I'll destroy you!" As he went for Sebastian who was waiting for the attack to know where to make a shield a sword stopped the man's movement. "You're such a loser. Trying to run from me." "Jeffrey? Said the man. Jeffery stood between the man and Sebastian.Grab the girl and run. "Sebastian grabbed Mary and looked at Nicholas who was already up. "Go Sebastian! Before it's too late!" Sebastian tough for a few seconds and ran disapearing in the darkness.

Nicholas walked to Jeffrey. The same looked at him and smiled. "So you're the last one huh?" Nicholas nodded. Well remember. United we stand, divided we fall." Nicholas responded. "Gothca." "Make your parents proud kid." Both of them wnet to their fighting positions. The man laughed. "Thats what Im talking about. Jeffrey and the last Air elemental. This ghoing to be great!" The man charged both of them. He tried to hit Nicholas first but he dodged. Jeffrey instead tried a counterattack but the man punched him, throwing him at a wall, cracking it. Jeffrey however got up at the same instant waving his sword and running for the man. Nicholas released the air pressure and a big air explosion of 360 degrees made the man fly backwards. Jeffer y appeared out of the darkness and the point of his sword sliced the mans cheek as he was recomposing himself. "You bitch!" When he said so he tossed his blade at Nicholas who was running to help. The same dodged but it gave time for the man to grab Jeffrey and run whit him hitting his back in a wall. Jeffrey felt that attack. He tried to stab the man from behind but the man was using some kind of metal plate. He started feeling sufocated, and then Nicholas tossed a concentrated beam of air at the man and the same fell on the ground. Jeffrey was released and he got up.Nicholas ran to his side. The man grabbed his second sword. Jeffrey spoke to Nicholas. "You're not bad kiddo." "You too old man.But Im not a kid. Im 17, remember that." "And Im not old. Im 25... Kid." The man started laughing. "You two thinking you're leaving here alive dont you!?" Jefrey took a step forward. "Im not thinking. Im sure of it." Nicholas waed his sword imbuing it whit elemental air making it 10 times sharpier. Three more opponents, a woman whit some chains on her hand, a man whit a spear and another man whit a gun. "Its suicide going against you all by myself Jeffrey Watson. But look I gt a few friends here too. The true battle was about to begin.


Meanwhile Sebastian kept running as he listened to the sounds of the battle. He wanted to help but he was the only one at the moment who could get out whit Mary. Mary suddenly opened her eyes a bit. "Where's Nicholas?" she asked. as Sebastian was about to answer a group of mans appeared. All of them having guns whit them. "Oh well this is going to be a pain in the ass. Cant you all just gimme a rest?"


There you go. I just couldnt hesitate posting since it popped out of my head.
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Wow a lot happened while I was gone. Well here is my post.


Sebastian sighed. "Mary," He said, "I'm going to have to set you down for a bit."
"Okay." Mary replied. She was still weak from her injury. Sebastian set her down on the ground.
"Okay, lets see here. There are..." Sebastian did a quick head count. "15 people? Really? They are underestimating me." Sebastian lifted his hand up, thinking about what spell he should use.
"Wait!" The leader of the group said, lowering his gun, "How about we talk, eh? Lets not spill any more blood."
"And what would we talk about? The weather?" Sebastian said.
"Well I could make you a deal." The leader said with a smile, "I've heard that you like making deals, Sebastian."
"Hmmm... What kind of deal are we talking about?" Sebastian replied, lowering his hand.
"Well you give the girl to us and we will completely ignore you for the rest of your life, or well unlife."
"Tempting offer," Sebastian said after thinking about it, "But how can I be sure that you will leave me alone?"
"Sebastian!" Mary Beth exclaimed.
"You have my word." The leader said, walking over. He held out his hand to Sebastian.
"Sebastian, please! Don't!" Mary said.
"I'm sorry, Mary." Sebastian said with a smile, his voice sounded like he was trying not to laugh, "I didn't mean to scare you." Sebastian turned and looked at her. "Your just too important to give up."
Sebastian turned back to the leader. "Sorry but no deal."
"Is that so? Well the we are going to have to kill you now." He raised his gun to shoot Sebastian and was about to pull the trigger when he felt something on his foot. He pointed his flashlight down and saw a rat standing on his boot. "Disgusting creature!" He said. He was about to kick it off when he noticed something odd about the rat. It seemed a little too bony, like it was starved. He looked a little closer and then yelled. It wasn't just bony, it was bone with the skin loosely hanging on.
"What the he-?" He stopped because the rat jumped , a little higher that a rat should be able to jump, and tore into the leader's throat. He fell and dropped his flashlight. The flashlight landed and faced the rest of the group who had watched the scene in horror. Mary stifled a scream when she saw the ground around the rest of the group. The ground was covered with rats. None of them were alive. Some were recently dead, some looked like they have been dead for a while, and others were completely bone. The group looked down and saw the rats. But before the could fire off a single shot, they were attacked and quickly killed by the rats.
"Well, that was a lot of screaming." Sebastian said. Then he laughed and turned to a frightened looking Mary.
"What was that?!" Mary asked, completely frightened.
"A little necromancy spell. I bet you didn't think rats could be that helpful, huh?" Sebastian laughed again. He looked at the carnage that the rats had created. "Well you are all released." He waved his hand and all the rats slumped over, there bodies lifeless. Sebastian picked Mary up with ease.
"Lets go!" Sebastian smiled at Mary Beth. She looked at and noticed something in his eyes. The look of enjoyment, like as if he loved killing them, like he enjoyed using his dark power. But she also saw fear, like he was scared of using it.
"Okay." She said. Then she noticed something a little bit more disturbing. Sebastian wasn't breathing. At first she thought he was doing it on purpose, but after a while of him running with her in his arms, she learned that that wasn't true. Mary rested her ear right where his heart should be. She heard nothing. No beating. Who or what are you? She thought.
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So guys I just have all day for free, so I'll just post again.


Jeffrey showed a yellow smile. "You're just as coward as they say." He turned to Nicholas. "Its 4 vs 2 we're clearly at the disadvantage here. You thin you can handle the girl whit the chains and the scary guy whit the spear?" "I think so. Will you be ok?" "Dont worry. I already knew they were coming. Thats why I came here." Nicholas got a bit confused but he agreed. He and Jeffrey were whit their backs to one another because the woman and the guy whit the spear appeared behind then. "So Jeffrey. Ready for your death?" asked the man. "Nope." said Jeffrey as he waved his sword. The woman however tossed her chain at Nicholas left wrist. "We should get somwhere more private. hy dont you just follow me?" As she said so she made a violent movement and Nicholas went flying over the dark tunnel dissapearing. The man followed the woman, as Jeffrey sttod there. "2 vs 1 now." The misteryous man took a step forward. "Well you're not as bright either. You said back hen that you wanted to fight me alone. But then you come and fight whit that boy by your side." Just did so 'cause I knew this was going to happen. Besides he's not here is he? So just tell this guy whit his stupid gun away." "Im sorry" said the man whit the same sadic smile. "No deal.." "Oh well. I guess I'll just have to finish both of you then."


Nicholas fell on the ground whit his back hitting the fetish aters, and the solid ground of the sewers. He spit blood from his mouth. The woman came closer. As Nicholas vision turned more clear he saw the sewer hole that went to the main street of the city. "From what I recall you said we should go somewhere more private." he said whit a ironic smile. "Well I was lying. Just like you did all your life. Everyone always mistreating you for who they think you are. Isnt it the time for you to show your true self to everyone in here?" "Everyone?" "Yes everyone in Ames." Nicholas suddenly got serious. She smiled and jumped over the hole as Nicholas was forced too whit the chain on his left wrist. As she landed on the paviment of the main street of the city, she made another violent movement. Nicholas passed right above her and hit his head in the pavement. Such brute force was used that he was now bleeding his forehead. He got up slowly, his sowrd on his right hand.

---------------------------------------PL­AY SONG--------------------------------------­--

The man whit the spear aappeared after him, jumping from the sewer hole. As Nicholas looked around it was pitch black however there were still people on the streets, and cars passing. He panicked. "You're going to have to show everyone who you really are if you want to have a chance of survival." He didnt had a choice but he didnt wanted to show everyone his powers. This would made him more of a freak than he already was and thus, police was probably already after him, because of Alex. Before he could think of a reaction she tossed him at a nearby car, destroying it's door. Nicholas screamed in pain. The man whit the black hood and the spear appeared. "Its your end Air boy." As he said so he wnet for the fatal blow. Everyone already had their attentions to him and those weird guys. From that moment on nothing else cared. Just his survival. Mary was already safe. Now it as his trun to get to safety no matter what it would cost. As the man went for the fatal blow he dodget kiking the man aside. He ran for the woman however she moved her chain tossing him in the ground hitting his back once more. He this time got up quickly. He then realised that the womans chains had a weakness. It could be manipulated by any one holding it. He carved his word on the ground and whit both hands he tossed the woman at a moving car. The man whit tossed his spear to Nicholas. However he dodged it. The man ran to him, and suddenly the spear dematerialized and materialized back in his hand. Nicholas got surprised but he noticed something different. The spear dematerialized and materialized in elemental fire. But not a regular one. A black fire. The man got closer hitting his forehead on Nicholas head. "You're not alone boy." He said whit a smile. The woman tossed him at the brick wall of a convenience store. The street was panicking and running everywhere. Suddely the whole city would know of it. He got up and grabbed the chains once more tossing the woman at a building breaking its walls. Screams began to be heard inside the same building. However Nicholas tossed his sword at he man who dodged it. He then whit a hand wave dematerialized and materialized himself back to his sword. and sliced the mans back. He was now free from the chains and he probably knocked out the woman. He and the man instinctively started attacking each other. A sequence of blows destined against one another while the same parriyng the opponent attackes. However the spear was bigger in lenght giving the hooded guy an advantage. The man whit the point of the same sliced Nicholas, almost fatally however he jumped backwards evading the atack being only his clothes affected by the same. However as he landed on the ground another strike was coming for him. He parried the attack, striking the enemies spear that moved to the left. He took an opportunity and as going for a fatal blow. However chains grabbed him by his neck. He was suddenly pushed and dragged over the ground until he stopped seeing the womans face. A spear was caming for his head. He transorming his neck in air, rolled to the side and then made it back again. Yes he had the ability to turn temporarily any part of his body into air. As his neck became normal again she tried catching it again however he dodged. The man then ran at him and while Nicholas was still recomposing himself, he got hit and his belly got sliced. It wasnt deep but it as painful. He went backwards. "Damn. I cant fight the two of them at the same time, they're both too skilled. I need to think of a plan and fast!"


Sebastian found a ladder. "Alright Im going to put you on my back. Hold me torugh my neck ok?" Mary nodded. He then started climbing the ladder and them opened the sewer hole. As they were out he set Mary down. "Damn that was close. If I knew you were such big trouble..." he said. "Then what? You' just let me die?" she asked. "Of course not. I may not be the perfect man, who cares about everyone in the world, but Im not cold enough to let someone die. Specially when I get the cahnce of being killed by it. Nicholas would kill me if anything happened to you." As he said so she remembered what was that she asked earlier. "Where's Nicholas?" Sebastian suddenly got serious. "He's taking care of some business. Dont worry he'll be fine. Now we have to find somewhere safe." She got up and then fell again. She was still weak. But she somehow managed to get up again and stay up. "What happened to him?" she asked.. "Nothing I told you. What matters is that you're safe for now." She suddenly felt a pain in her head just like Nicholas felt before. "He's in danger, Im sure of it! He's in the main street, fighting two opponents. I gotta save him!" As she turned Sebastian eld her wrist. "You cant go. We almost died to take you to a safe zone and now going there on the middle of the battlefield? Are you insane!? I rised my life for you and you're not even my responsibility! And now you want to throw everything away?" "I just cant let him die!" "Listen, Im going to tell something to you I shouldnt be telling right now. Nicholas is part of a guardian clan and hte reaosn they existed in the past was to protect people like you, who were alos part of some clan. However justlike him you're the last one of your race. It's his duty to protect you, not the contrary!" Mary got surprised. Now it all made sense. "I... I dont care! I just cant let him die!" "You dont get it, he's your guardian, meaning it's his duty to die for you! You must survive no mater the cost!" Mary looked at Sebastian "He's fighting all alone right now, he's going to die if we dont do something about it! Im pretty sure we only got this far because he helped us." "Thats true but thats hisduty nonetheless." "Just because he's the guardian it doesnt mean I have to let him die. He already saved me two times, one month ago, and now. I'm going to save him even if you try to stop me!" Sebastian let her wrist go. "Ok. But you're not going alone. I apreciate what he did for us. And even tough he's not funny, he's an ok fella. Lets go." Mary and Sebastian ran to save their friend.


Nicholas couldnt fight the two of them alone. He knew that one mor combined strike would kill him. Besides what was that guy? He had the same skills he had. He knew he was doomed. But he just couldnt die. The man came for an strike and as he was going to strike parry the attack a chain came and held his right hand. The blade stoped and he could only see the spear getting closer. As he was about to get impaled a shield defended himself. Suddenly a discus breaked the chainhs holding him. He looked to his side and there was Mary Beth along whit Sebastian who was a little on the back.

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[Play Music]

Mary Beth turned her head, looking at Nicholas an smiling. She gripped her discus tightly as she took a glance at the enemy. They both backed away a step.

She smirked. "What? Are you scared or something?" she mocked, making the one with the spear act like a child in his response.

"Scared?! Of you? Don't make us laugh, little girl." The man twirled his spear in his hands, stopping to point it at them dramatically. " You're right on time, as it so happens. We we're just about to dump this guy and find you, after we killed him, but this is more of a challenge!"

The girl with the chains burst forward, swinging her extensions above her head wildly. "We always welcome challenges! Don't we, Burke?"

The one called Burke smiled wickedly. "It's too bad though. The girl is completely unaware of what clan she belonged to. It'll be less fun."

The girl sighed. "Yes. Indeed too bad. It would have been interesting, seeing as her clan was the most powerful on Thrae." She said those last words with a smirk, and she winked at Mary Beth.

Mary Beth recoiled at this. "The most powerful clan on Thrae? And you're telling me I belonged to this clan? What kind of Shit are you trying to pull?!" she shouted.

The two of them lunged at her, the girl bringing her chains up and around Mary Beth's left arm. The girl yanked her to the side before Mary Beth realized that Burke was rushing towards her with his spear. Mary Beth brought her head over to the side just far enough for the spear to miss her neck. She then brought her leg up, knocking the spear from his hands. As Burke went after the Spear, the girl yanked harder on the chain holding her arm, knocking Mary Beth to the ground. The girl brought out another chain and wrapped it around Mary Beth's neck, hoisting her off of the ground.

The girl smirked. "You ready to die, or what?"

Mary Beth spat in her eye. "Not by the likes of you!" The girl recoiled in disgust, and slammed Mary Beth into the ground. Mary Beth pulled out her right discus, and cut the chain holding her left arm. Then, with her now free left arm, she grabbed the chain that was woven tightly around her neck. She yanked the girl down by her own chain, kicking her in the face and sending her back into the air. Mary Beth, with the chain still attached to her neck, was pulled along with her. While in the air, the chain loosened, enabling Mary Beth to slip out of it. As both of the girls fell, Burke reappeared, slamming his foot into Mary Beth's side. She was sent careening into the side of a coin shop, which cracked under the pressure. Burke and the girl landed softly on their feet, while Mary Beth landed heavily on her back. She groaned before getting back to her feet, stumbling a bit in the process.

The girl smiled. "Still, it is pretty fun to beat on her. What about you, Burke?"

Burke laughed once. "It's hardly even a fair fight, eh, Danielle?" Danielle laughed heartily for several seconds before answering.

"You're right."

Suddenly, Nicholas was behind them, his blade slicing into Burke's side. Burke winced and swiped at Nicholas with his spear-head, only to be thwarted by Mary Beth's Discus, which flew inches above his head to hit the spear to the side. Mary Beth rushed to Nicholas's side, helping him to stand up before Burke could strike again.

Danielle suddenly whipped her chains around Nicholas, slamming him into the ground some three hundred feet away. Mary Beth shouted in protest, but Burke put up a wall of flames.

"Sorry, girlie. But it's just you and me now."

Mary Beth growled. "Damn you!" She screeched as she raced towards him. She out away her right disk, and pulled out her Venom sword. The green veins glowed slightly in the night as she brought it out from it's sheath. Burke ducked underneath her swing, trying for a swipe to her leg. But she leaped over the spear head, and onto Burke's back. He suddenly stood up, flipping her off his back, and standing over her. Mary Beth rolled out of the way as the spearhead made contact with the ground where her head had been only moments before.

She regained her feet quickly, rushing Burke once more. He swung his spear shaft wildly behind himself, knocking her Venom bad from her hands. Mary Beth cursed under her breath, bringing out her disk just in time to block another swing from Burke. She side-stepped the next one easily, and jumped high above Burke's head. the man looked over himself, seeing only a flash of light before Mary Beth was upon him, her eyes glowing fiercely.

Burke shouted in frustration as her disks sliced into his shoulder, trying his best to get her off himself. Mary Beth leaped away, landing nimbly on her feet. Burke growled audibly, his voice becoming sinister and low.

"You dare to defy us and our commander?!" he shouted. "We'll have your head!"

Mary Beth began to glow brightly, a white light enveloping her completely. "I don't think so, Burke."

And with that the light became to bright to look at. Mary Beth began to transform, her body now covered by some sort of silver chainmail. In her hand she held a sword, glowing with Starlight. The shimmering blade became brighter and split into two sides, creating a double sword. Her silver cape fluttered behind her, the pattern on it resembling Stardust. Her chainmail shimmered like a star-fall, and her shoulder plates glinted in he moonlight. The belt that looped around her waist was made of strong leather and kept her knife strapped into place. She wore sliver gauntlets that were attached to finger-less gloves, and a sash was tied around her waist. Her britches were a light, silvery blue, and were stopped at the knee by armored boots. The boots were plated at the foot and strapped in the back.

Burke stepped back at the sight of this. "Y-you... No..."

Mary Beth smirked. "I think I just remembered my legacy."

Burke broke into a cold sweat. "N-no..."

Mary Beth smiled, relishing Burke's fear. "The Star Clan."

And with that, she broke into using a double sword style, whipping the blades across his chest as fast as thought. Burke stumbled back, blocking two more swipes from her blades. Mary Beth flipped high into the air, bringing her foot down into his face, and cracking the ground with the force.

Burke managed to get away from her assault moments later, bringing down the fire wall. Danielle saw this and rushed to Burke's side, defending him.

Nicholas screamed. "Get back here!"

Danielle grimaced. "No can do!" she shouted as she whipped her chains across the ground, several times, causing smoke and dust to appear.

Nicholas and Mary coughed several times, whipping their arms around, only to find tat the smoke had cleared out, and so had their enemies.
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Here we go!(Mario voice!!!)

Jeffrey and the man stared each other down. "So then. Just you and me...and that guy." "Yup, just you against us. You wanna call it quits?" Jeffrey just smiled and uncliped his sword, sheath and all, from his waist. "I'll beat you without unsheathing my blade." The man's cocky grin faded. "You bastard. Do you really think so low of me that you actually think you can win like that?" Jeffrey laughed. "You are skilled, I'll give you that, but you signed your own death warrant, or rather, your goons did it for you." Jeffrey pointed to the sky, where a medium sized hole had formed. "So what? You can see the sky, that all?" "Do your homework, fool."

-----------------------------------------­---­---­---­---­---­Pla­y music-------------------------------------­---­-
The man charged at Jeffrey angrily, only to have him dodge at the last moment. The man's sword only sliced through empty air. "Damn it!" The man swung around to attack Jeffrey again only to have Jeffrey tap his shoulder from behind. "Damn...that's not possible...nobody can move that fast." The other man took aim at Jeffrey and fired. The shot made it to within 3 inches of him before it was shredded apart by some unknown force. The man's eyes widened. What on earth was this man? "Grr." The man slashed at Jeffrey who blocked it with his still sheathed sword. Jeffrey responded with a strike of his own only to have the other man begin shooting. Jeffrey growled and slashed his sword at the other man, sending what seemed to be a yellow chunk of energy at him. The man dodged it barely, the energy managing to hit him in the arm. The man slowly stood up, his right arm dangling uselessly at his side, and took aim again only to have Jeffrey right there in front of him. Jeffrey slashed his still sheathed blade down on the man's head, cracking the skull in several places. The other man slashed at Jeffrey from behind. Jeffrey swung around, blocking the blade, barely. The man grinned. "I got you figured out. The farther from the light you are, the weaker your powers become." Jeffrey smiled. "You got me, that's exactly what happens." The man's grin faltered. This was not the reaction of someone who just had their abilities figured out by the enemy. This was more of a face that said...
"Do you really think that I'm that easy to beat?"
The man was shocked out of his musings by Jeffrey's question. "What?" "Do you really think that my abilities are that simple? You found a weakspot, but I have long since compensated for it." "You're lying! Everyone has a weakness and you have the nerve to say yours isn't there anymore?" "That's right, you fool. A true swordsman can compensate for any weakness, and turn it into an advantage. My advantage, your loss." Jeffrey's eyes glowed yellow and he began to attack at an unheard of speed. The man's first wound was to his right arm, then his left knee, then his shoulder. The attack kept coming again and again. Each wound was deep and painful. If this kept up, there wouldn't be anything left of him. Suddenly, they stopped. Jeffrey stood there, calm as can be. "That's it, I win. I'm leaving now." "To save your friend?" "You truly are a fool. He doesn't need my help. When a person is protecting something or someone, they are unbeatable. I have long since lost anyone that I would fight for. In our battle...I was only at 30% because of that fact. Will give you credit though...I unsheathed my blade." Jeffrey calmly left the area, the man staring after him. "We'll see soon enough Jeffrey...if you really are as strong as you boast."
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Mary Beth after the fight and making sure all the opponents were gone returned to her normal state. She turned to Nicholas. "Are you alright?" she asked. Nicholas nodded whit a yes but he barely could keep himself up. He suddenly fell whit his knees. Mary ran to his side. "You're very hurt!" "It doesnt matter. Where's Sebastian?" "He noticed Jeffrey wasnt here and after he saved you he ran. I think he might have went to help him." As she held Nicholas she felt something hot on her hand. As she loked at it it was blood. He was bleeding. It was only then that she noticed he was full of bruises and cuts. His face almost overed in blood. "Mary you gotta go find a safe zone." "Of course but I'll bring you wht me. We need to have this treated right away!" As she said so she got up helping Nicholas to walk out of the street almost deserted. Everyone who were on the streets abandoned their cars and everything to run for safety. Just as they found an alley police cars appeared. The officers were obviously looking for someone but she didnt knew why. "Damn the police..." hispered Nicholas as his sword dematerialized into air. She then heard the police say something about Nicholas. "What do they want whit you?" "They're... after me... When you were hurt and almost dying me and Sebastian ran to Alex house so we could have a safe place to heal you. Unfortunately she tough... I was the one who did that to you and then... To make things worse, all the soldiers I killed back there and all this destruction will be my fault, even tough I did that to save you." As he said so he coughed more blood. Mary held him firmly as he almost fell again. She wanted to say something but she didnt had anything to say. She looked back as they were about to turn into the next alleyway and she saw Alex whit the police. She couldnt believe her friend was after him. She kept walking and as they turned until they came to the same place Sebastian had brought her. She put Nicholas down as he was too hurt. Now she noticed what happened. Back then she was in action, she didnt noticed that anyone could be waching her fight. And specially after that "transformation" she had... What if Alex saw her? What would happen if so? She was now just as scared as Nicholas. Worst of all both of them would be considered criminals. Along whit anyone that helped them. As she was looking for something to cover Nicholas wounds so he could survive until Sebastian came back she heard someone behind her. She got terrified. It was Alex. "Whats happening here? What.... What happened back there!? First of all he comes out of a sewer fighting two weird guys and then you appear and help him and worst of all, what..." Alex couldnt find the words to describe what she saw. "It was all a dream right? I was too tired and now I dreamed all this... Please tell me this all is a lie. Things like that dont exist!" Mary looked to her not knowing what to say.


As Sebastian was walking trough the sewers to look for Jeffrey he finally found the place in where he last saw him fighting. However no one was there. "Sheesh. Came here to save an invisible guy. Well anyway I should get back, Mary and Nicholas may be needing my assistance." As he said so he turned around and he stepped on something. As he looked down he saw a body... A dead body. "Huh... It was really him then..." Everyone in all Thrae knew about Jeffrey. Even tough his story was misteryous he was known as the best swordsman of these lands. He was practically a legend of swordsmanship. However he clearly didnt needed his help right now so he ran back to his two friends


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Sebastian found his two friends where he had brought Mary before they ran off to help. Well it was more of her helping, he thought. He started to walk over to them when a third person appeared. She was saying something to Mary, apparently they knew each other. Sebastian reached them just to hear, "Things like that don't exist!"
"Things like what don't exist?" Sebastian asked, stepping out of the darkness, behind the girl.
"Oh great!", the girl said turning to look at Sebastian, "More of Nicholas's stup-" She stopped when she saw Sebastian and screamed. She backed up to the wall staring at Sebastian with horror.
"What? Do I look that scary?" Sebastian said looking towards Nicholas and Mary.
"Yes you do." Nicolas said.
"Why, thank you, Nicholas, for being honest!" Sebastian smiled.
"Your welcome. How do I look?"
"Like as if you are on drugs and were almost killed. It's a good look on you."
"Sebastian!" Mary exclaimed.
"What? He does." Sebastian said looking at Nicholas. He was pale and his eyes were bloodshot. He was covered is sweat, blood, bruises, and cuts.
"What the hell is going on here?" The girl said still keeping her distance from Sebastian.
"Uh... Who is she?" Sebastian looked over to Mary.
"Her name is Alex." Mary replied.
"Oh. Hi, Alex. My name is Sebastian." He held out his hand to her. Alex looked at his hand like as if touching him might kill her. "Oh never mind." Sebastian sighed. He went over to Nicholas and looked at his wounds. Then, he created the blue fog that he had used to heal Nicholas before. Sebastian threw it at Nicholas and the fog enveloped him completely. Nicholas felt the comfortable warmth then the freezing chill that went all the way to his bones. After the cold the fog disappeared and Nicholas was healed.
"What on earth was that?" Alex said. She acted like she didn't know what magic was. Oh, Sebastian thought, she is a normal human. Oops.
Nicholas stood up. "Are you okay, Mary?"
"Yeah, I'm fine." Mary said looking at Nicholas then at her friend, "Alex, I'm sorry, I should have said something to you."
"Ya think?" Sebastian said and laughed.
"Oh, shut up!" Mary said. Sebastian stopped.
"Sorry," Sebastian said, "I guess I better go." This time Mary and Nicholas looked at him concerned.
"Go where?" Nicholas asked.
"To sleep. I used up a lot of energy today." Sebastian said. He stretched and yawned.
"Where are you going to stay?" Mary asked.
"With a friend. Now I got to go." Sebastian walked out of the alley. He kept on walking until he knew no one was watching him or following him. But there is one thing I need to do, Sebastian thought. He opened the door to the spirit realm and stepped in. Once inside he quickly opened a gate before he was noticed by anything that lived in this world. Sebastian was unnoticed as he left the world through the gate. The gate dropped him off on a ledge on a mountain. It was cold but it didn't bother Sebastian. He looked around just to make sure no ghosts or anything else had followed him and started to walk towards a cave. Sebastian traveled deep into the cave until he saw a glowing purple light. It had been pitch black in the cave before then. When Sebastian reached the light source he saw a circle. There were symbols of binding and sealing all around the circle. In front of the circle there was someone in a black hooded robe. Sebastian knew that he wouldn't move or speak. In side the circle there was a person dressed in black wrapped in purple chains that came from the circle. The man in chains had a blue mask.
"Shusetsu, It's nice to see you again!" Sebastian said and smiled.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mary Beth stood there, unsure of how to explain things. She had gone too far, and not only that, but there had been over 100 other people present and watching at any given time during the battle. She should have Guessed that Alex would have been one of them.

Alex took one step forward. "Pinch me." she said, not a twinge of silliness on her face. Mary Beth took a step back, flustered by her sudden request.

"W-What?" Mary Beth asked, suddenly choking on her own Laughter. "Pinch you?" Alex nodded, sure of it.

"I want to know if I'm dreaming." she stated clearly. "Everything I just saw... It's can't... I just can't believe all of this!" she shouted, tears springing to her eyes.

Mary Beth sighed and raised her hand, reaching for Alex's exposed forearm. As she was just about to brush skin with Alex, she reached farther out, extending her arms and wrapping them around her friend, embracing her tightly.

Alex stood, her arms still to her sides, resting her head briefly on Mary Beth's shoulder. "I thought as much..." she whispered.

Mary Beth choked slightly. "I'm sorry... for worrying you... and for all of this." she whispered, still keeping her friend locked in her arms. "I never meant to hurt you like this. For you to discover all of it so suddenly..."

Alex slowly pulled her arms up, pushing Mary Beth back, until she was facing her directly.

"What did they want with you...?" she asked, her voice growing intense. Her hard star, however, did not phase a seasoned fighter like Mary Beth who held it easily, her calm and collected expression showing no sign of wavering.

After several seconds, Alex repeated her question. "What did they want with you?!" she shouted. above the police sirens and bustling redirected traffic.

Mary Beth closed her eyes tightly, wanting to erase all of her problems. She opened her mouth slowly, itching to respond, but never finding the right words.

She finally spoke after several long moments. "I don't know." she whispered lightly, almost inaudibly.

Alex gripped her shoulders, squeezing them tightly. "You don't know why they're trying to kill you?"

Mary Beth nodded. "And even if I did, I wouldn't be able to tell you. It would put not only the rest of mine, but your world in danger as well."

Alex let her arms drop to her sides once more, her face now emotionless as she stared into Mary Beth's eyes.

Mary Beth returned the gaze, not even blinking underneath her hard stare. "I know it might feel... weird, receiving all of this at one time. But you should at least try to understand, Alex." she said softly, reaching out to touch her friends shoulder.

Alex, in one swift movement, knocked her hand away and bolted around the corner of the Alley and out into the light. Mary Beth cursed and Hared after her, only a yard or two behind. She kept reaching out, but missed every time. Alex suddenly sprinted around a corner, clearing it effortlessly.

Mary Beth picked up the pace and only just began turning the corner before a solid fist came in contact with her jaw, making sure to break it for good measure.

As Mary Beth toppled over, she saw Alex come out of her hiding spot, tears streaming down her face.

"I Trusted you!" she shouted. "And you did this?! You lied to me?"

Mary Beth tried to say something, but only a small moan of pain escaped her lips. With her now Broken jaw, she wouldn't be able to speak to Alex.

Alex began to shake all of a sudden, her eyes bulging and darting frantically from side to side. She turned a finger on Mary Beth.

"You're a Bitch! A liar! You shouldn't have come here!" Alex shouted, glaring at her all the while.

Mary Beth suddenly stood up, shoving Alex against the wall, ignoring the pain in her jaw as she spat in her face.

"It's not like I had a choice! I was forced here! For all I know, I'm but a pawn in their master plan!" she explained, raising her voice all the while. "I know you wont believe me at this point, considering you just broke my jaw out of anger, but it's the truth!"

Alex whipped her hand across Mary Beth, shoving her away and breaking free from her grip. She looked Mary Beth dead in the eye.

"I don' think I can let you live anymore. You need to die." she stated calmly. "If what you say is true, then they'll destroy MY world to get to you! You're ruining my life! I'll kill you for everything you've done!"

Mary Beth was taken aback once again, her mouth agape and her eyes wide. She hadn't expected to hear that from Alex's mouth.

"What I've done?" Mary Beth said, her voice eerily calm, but her hands shaking in anger. "They are the ones who've been hunting me! They exterminated my Clan! They destroyed MY home!"

But her words were in vain. Alex was already walking away from her, towards he police. She tugged on the officers sleeve and pointed to where Mary Beth stood. But she was no longer there. Instead, she watched from the rooftop of Old Maine as her former friend sold her out for mistakes that were not her own.

She cried silently as she turned around whispering final words of goodbye, and then finally taking off, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. As the wind whipped through her hair, she thought of Nicholas. She let out a barely audible cry of hurt and angry feelings that began to boil over and spill out. She had to find him. To confide in him. Because, they were Guardian partners.

He was all she had.


So sorry old chaps! My long overdue post is here, and anyone can go next! I know, Leleu that I said I'd post this morning, but I ran out of time. Then I Spiced it up a little just now, and BAM! I posted it. Enjoy! :)
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Nicholas was walking trough the dark alleys silently so he oculd pass unnoticed by the police cars that were after him, and now also Mary Beth. As he looked in the moon he tough about her. He back in the moment Alex ran and Mary after her, he decided to let them go. He never tough that Alex as going to trun against her own friend, and he even didnt knew it either. He suddenly heard and barely audible cry. As he looked up in the rooftop of a building near it's edge was Mary Beth. He flied to the rooftop landing on it. As he dis so, Mary felt that smooth and friendly breeze.She turned around and looked at Nicholas in his eyes. "Mary what happened?" Nicholas asked. Mary looked down not knowing how to say it. Besides there was nothing to say. He noticed and injury in her mouth. "You're hurt? What happened?"He walked closer to her, rubbing his fingers in her lips cleaning the blood. "You broke your jaw? WHo... Did Alex did this?" When he said so Mary hugged him and started crying, her tears running trough her cheeks and them intos his clothes. He didnt knew what to do, but he hugged her back stroking her hair. She continued crying for a few minutes. "Why would Alex do anything like that?" he tough. It would be more understandable if she did so to him, because she always mistreated him. Mary stopped crying for a bit and looked to him. "My best friend just betrayed me, blamed me for what these... guys... whoever they are did... I..dont know who to trust anymore..." she said so sobbing. Nicholas smiled. "I'll never leave your side. Dont worry about it." She looked deep in his eyes. She knew she could trust him. She never felt so close to anyone else during all her life. It was just like he completely understood how she felt, what she felt. And she could also feel the same about him. After all they were linked. "Come on we gotta leave this city.Police will be after us, and we need somewhere safe to stay." "I cant... go back to Alex house... She'll kill me if I do..." "Dont worry.I know somewhere."


Nicholas opened the door to his little apartment. Mary walked inside quietly and sat on a couch still crying, in shock of what just happened. Nicholas wnet to his room grabbed a backpack and packed anything thatwould be useful. When he was back to the main room, Mary turned to him. Nicholas went close to her. "I know how you feel, I know how it is to be betrayed by the ones you love... I know it's painfull but you'll get over it..." He grabbed her hand helping her up. He opened a window. "Hold tigh on me." He said. "Why?" "Where going to fly." She did as he asked and he jumped out of the window and suddenly started flying. She never saw the world from above aand it was such a beautiful scenery. She didnt knew where she was going but she knew it would be somewhere safe.


Nicholas landed on the ground. Mary after a few hours of flight, held off Nicholas and looked at what seemed a small village.Only 4 houses. It was a place far from anything and it was the perfect place to hide. Near it, a forest made of enormous, beautiful trees, whit wild animals. It seemed like paradise. It was already morning. She looked over to Nicholas as he said something. "I never tough I'd be back here... Not after all these years..." She knew what he was talking about She could feel the happines on his heart but also sadness. She knew what that place was. The place where Nicholas was born and his clan lived.


There you go.
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Shusetsu returned the glance to Sebastian, and an eerie silence filled the cave.

Shusetsu: You chose the wrong time to return, Sebastian. Today is the day I depart.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow quizzically. Glancing around, he made his way closer to the assassin.

Sebastian: I don't quite understand. You're being awfully cryptic, Shusetsu. I don't suppose you can elaborate?

Shusetsu: There is no need to. The fact remains that, in fifteen minutes from now, I will be leaving this place of yours.

Both men locked eyes, Sebastian's brows tilting downward.

Sebastian: That so?

Shusetsu: Yes. And there will be nothing you can do to stop it.

Sebastian: We'll see.

And with that, Sebastian readied himself and stood completely still. He stood for minutes on end, seemingly unaffected by the bitter climate. He stood silently long past the point where a normal person would have cracked. He stood still until he heard... Something. The sound of minuscule pieces of grit being dislodged from their resting place. Then, a footstep at the front of the cavern.

Sebastian: How the hell?

Sebastian whispered to himself, his eyes widened slightly and his hands clenched tightly into fists.

???: Who's in here, I wonder. Shit, it's too dark.

The voice was inside the main chamber now. It was still quite dark, but Sebastian could make out the silhouette of a man in the entry way.

???: I'm lightning it up, if whoever's in here doesn't mind.

The striking of a lighter murdered the silence, and soon a lantern flickered to life, bathing the room in an orange glow. It was then that the man was revealed. He wore two earrings, each resembling a wavy-bladed dagger with the body of a snake for the hilt. His hair was golden blonde, and restrained backwards by styling gel, save for a single jagged bang that ran down to the middle of his nose. His features were pointed and his skin tanned.

Sebastian: Who are you? How did you get here?

???: One at a time. First thing's first. The name's Jeremiah.

Jeremiah's eyes narrowed, and a wicked smile formed on his mouth.

Jeremiah: You'll find out how I got here when you're about to die. All you need to know right now is that I'll be the one to take Shusetsu back.

Jeremiah crossed his arms, gripping both earrings with two fingers. His left arm held the right earring and vice versa. Then, in a sudden flash of green energy, the earrings disappeared. Instead, two daggers, perfectly resembling the earrings he previously wore, were in his hands. Each had a blade about fifteen centimeters long, and a slight green hue to it.

Jeremiah: They call me Jeremiah, the Snake's Fang.

Sebastian prepared his barriers.

Jeremiah: Now, let's do this.

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So who will post next?
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Has everybody simply forgotten about this RP? C'mon guys, who's next?
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Sorry, I'll post soon.
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I'll try to post soon too.
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Me 2

Maybe I'll write a short one about Jeffrey's whereabouts.
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Sebastian stared at Jeremiah, then at his daggers. It was easy to see that they had magical properties and Sebastian was sure getting cut by them would be really bad. He continued to stare at them trying to think of a plan.
"Are you going to attack?" Jeremiah asked, "Because I'm pressed for time. I was told to have Shusetsu back in an hour."
"Well I'm sorry to be wasting your time," Sebastian replied, "And plus I'm more of a defensive fighter."
"Is that so?" Jeremiah's eyes narrowed. Then as fast as a snake, he lunged with his left dagger aiming for Sebastian's heart. Sebastian had barely enough time to move and ducked right but the dagger cut deep into his left shoulder. He quickly moved back away from Jeremiah before he attacked again. How the hell did he cut me? Sebastian thought. He had some barriers and wards that should of prevented Jeremiah from even moving towards him. Sebastian reached out mentally towards his barriers and was surprised. They were corroded and broken. Apparently his daggers are even more dangerous than I thought. Sebastian reached his right hand up to his injured shoulder and pulled it back in shock for the dagger had poisoned it. He turned his head to look at it. It was slightly green and swollen and it looked like it was getting worse and spreading every second.
Jeremiah laughed. "You like my daggers? You can clearly see that they have a powerful poison that can even eat through your little barriers." He walked over to the edge of the circle that Shusetsu was bound in. He took his right dagger and plunged it into the circle. The moment the tip of the dagger touched it, the circle started to break. It looked like someone had poured acid on metal as it was disappearing. The chains around Shusetsu broke and he was free. He stood up and stretched. "Damn, it feels good to be free. What took you so long?"
"Our employers have been busy." Jeremiah said "Now lets kill this brat and be on our way." He turned back to Sebastian but he had moved. He was standing next to the man in the robe. Sebastian leaned down close to the man's face. For a second Jeremiah thought Sebastian was going to kiss the guy but Shusetsu knew better. He quickly pulled out a shuriken and threw it at Sebastian. But it was too late, Sebastian cut his throat with a bone knife. A black mist came out of the cut and went into the other man's mouth. The shuiken struck Sebastian in the back and he fell in front of the man.
"Damn it!" Shusetsu said pulling out one of his swords.
"What?" Jeremiah asked, confused on wast going on. The man in the robe stood up then pulled of his hood. It was Sebastian.
"Wait, what the hell? You just died!" Jeremiah said
Sebastian laughed. "Died? I was already dead, well he was anyways." Sebastian said, gesturing at the body on the floor. "Didn't you find it weird that I didn't cry out in pain when you cut me? Or show any discomfort from the poison that is supposed to be painful? Or did you notice that didn't bleed?"
"I noticed that you didn't bleed." Shusetsu said.
"But it was a little to late when you realized it. Now i got to go." Sebastian said and turned and started to walk towards the mouth of the cave.
"Oh no you don't!" Jeremiah said and lunged at Sebastian.
"Jeremiah, no!" Shusetsu exclaimed but it was too late. Sebastian flicked his wrist and a sticky, web like barrier appeared in front of Jeremiah and ensnared him. Jeremiah tried to cut it with his daggers but was unable to. "Damn it kid, I'm going to kill you!"
"I highly doubt that." Sebastian said and snapped his fingers. Another barrier appeared at the cave opening as he left. He put his hand against the wall of the tunnel and closed his eyes. All of a sudden there was a rumble and dirt came down from the ceiling. "Have fun getting out." Sebastian said with a smile at he exited the cave. Once he was out and on the ledge on the side of the mountain he made a door to the spirit world, and once in side made a door out. He stepped out to see Mary and Nicholas at the small village.
"Hey guys," Sebastian said with an smile, "What's up?"
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Nicholas turned to Sebastian, as he heard the familiar voice. "How did you found us?" he asked. "I have my ways" asked Sebastian whit a smile n his face. Nicholas smiled back. "Wow, you're not the 'smily'type. What happened?" asked Sebastian. "It's nothing." said Nicholas. He walked a bit forward going to the cnter of the small village. As he stteped in the center he looked to the 4 houses one by one. The 4 houses were located like in the center of a square. He turned to look at each one of them, until he looked at a very particular one. Nicholas suddenly got serious. Mary noticing walked closer to him. "What is it?" she asked. Nicholas refused to answer. Mary asked again, but to no avail. She then decided to go in to the house.As she was about to put her hand on the knob she heard Nicholas behind her. "Dont do it." She turned to him. "Why?" she asked. "Whatever you do never open this door. Please." As he said so he turned and entered in one of the houses. Mary looked at Sebastian who followed him. She turned to the door."Why would NAicholas be afraid of a house?" she asked to herself.


As Sebastian stteped in he heard Nicholas saying something almost inaudible. "Nicholas?" he asked. "Oh it's you Sebastian." He said. Sebastian got closer. "Listen thanks for having my back yesterday." said Nicholas. "Oh no, Mary did a better job than I did." "If it werent for you, to have made that shield in time,I wouldhad been impaled. Thanks. Seriously." He said touching Sebastian's shoulder. Sebastian smiled. And then he sudenly got serious. "Listen Nicholas something very bad has happened." "What?" "Doyou remember Shusetsu?" "The man that almost killed me. Yes of course. I will never forget his face... Those eyes...Like he had seen that same scene over and over again... Like if he always watched thesame movie." He said placing his right hand on his face as he closehis eyes, trying to seal away whatever he feltthat day.The fear, the anger. He htne turned to Sebastian again. "Wha about him?" "A friend of his, Jeremiah,I think that was his name, came to save him from the seal I placed him in. He managed to free him, however I escaped intact.I then summoned a trap to entrap them in there. But his powers seemed extraordinary and it wouldnt surprise me if he escaped bringing Shusetsu whit him." "What!?" "And he will certainly come after you." Nicholas showed apprehension in his eyes. "No that is impossible. It's been over a month, he already forgot my face." "I talked whit some people he killed. Aparrentely when someone becomes his target, he never forgets his face. Until he kills, or gets killed. Of course, he always choose the first option. And you, are his current target. And Jeremiah will certainly come for me,as I pissed him off." Nicholas looked at him. "It was just a bit nothing to serious. He whoever like to take things up to the next level. Such a nuisance." said Sebastian as he laughed. "Sebastain this is no timefor laughing! This means we have to get out of here!" "No! Of course not!" Nicholas who was almost at the door to tell Mary and then he turned back. "Why?" "They dont know of this place.Apparently the entrie world doesnt know about this place. We will be safe here." "Not for much. An entire army is after Mary. And they will find us eventually." "And when they do sowill Shusetsu and Jeremiah." said Sebastian. "Exactly. And I'm capable of killing myself to keep Mary safe." said Nicholas. He walked to a window and watched Mary Beth who was sitting on an old bench. "She doesnt deserve any of this. She is fighting for her life, and worst of all she doesnt even know the reason. And neither do I." Nicholas turned to Sebastian. "Thats why I need you to do me a favor." Sebastian smiled. "What it is my friend?" "That man that came for our rescue two times, the man whit the sword." "Yes what about him?" "I need you to find him." Sebastian got up fast and then got serious. "You gotta be kidding me.Doyou know who that man is?" "No." "Heis Jeffrey Watson. He used to be a member of the Solid Recon. He became a high ranking Officer when he was still a teenager due to his amazing skills but then he went missing, no onw knows why. He is a legend, the best swordsman in Thrae." "Thats why we need him by our side." "You dont get it.Jeffrey doesnt pick sides. He doesnt have any ideal, ormoral codes to fight for. Hell, he even has no one to fight for. He fights only for himself, or forwhatever that generates a certain interest on him." "If that's true then why did he saved us?" "Because he probably saw an opportunity to enter in a fight. Nothing more, nothing less. He's a lone wolf. And always will be." Nicholas looked down and then he walked closer making eye contact whit Sebastian. "I refuse to believe this." "And what makes you do so?" asked Sebastian. "Because that wasnt what I saw in his eyes. I saw pain and sorrow, and a scream for a chance to redeem himself. I saw that he already lost to much, and that he ahs nothing to lose anymore, besides his life. That's why he came for us. He wanted to save us. Whit all his heart in it. And I'm sure that is the truth." Sebastian got shocked at what he heard. "Yuou gotta help me find him Sebastian. For our own sake. For his sake also." Sebastian whitout dodgin his eyes from Nicholas agreed. "Fine. If you say so.But I hope you are right." "I'm sure I am."

-----------------------------------------­---­-20 hours later-------------------------------------­

It was already night. Sebastian had already left for Jeffrey. And Mary was sleeping in the bed of one of the houses. Nicholas turned to that particular house once more.He tried to look from the outside troguh the windows. But the same was opaque from a dry bloodthat was on it. He then walked to the door, and tried to open it. His palm made contact whit the door knob and them he breathed heavily. He then felt apain in his chest nd let it go taking a lot of steps backwards. He tried to recompose himself, and as he did he walked closer to the door again. He decided to let it go. He wasnt ready toface what was inside. He then looked to the forest in wich he found the rest of hic clan murdered, including his father. He walked to it.Before entering he looked back to where Mary was. She was inside one of the houses sleeping. He tough that she would be safe. And after all he was oing to be out for only a few minutes. As he walked acrros the trees, he closed his eyes as the wind brushed his hair, and all the leaves of the trees, making a very calm melody. He breathed that pure air, only God knows how many times, as he remembered his childhood. How he would play whit all his friends in the woods. How life was simple back then, he tough. Of course there were troubles. He then let his memories surface.

-----------------------PLAY MUSIC------------------------------

He saw himself when he was still 9. He was playing whit his friends,Maria and Joseph. They were playing hide and seek. He doesnt know exactly how everything started but he and Joseph started having a discussion, and both of them got into a fight. He visualizes Maria running to call for their parents to stop the fight. He then hears his father's voice calling to him. "Nicholas stop!" He grabbed Nicholas while Joseph's father grabbed the same. "You will never be as good as me!Of all of you you're the worst! You never be a true Air Elemental!" said Joseph. "Shut up!" screamed Nicholas angrily. When the fight was over and Nicholas back on his house. "Look at you, all hurt! I told you to not get into fights, yet you dont listem to me!" said Nicholas mom, Fabien. "I have no fault in this mom!He mocked me, saying that I was trash! Of course I mocked him first, but I never would say anything like that to another person! All I did was call him a loser, but that because he cheated!" Marco his father went into the room. "Fabien let me talk to him."she looked at him but she left a few seconds later. Marco sat on a chair near the bed. "How are you doing my son?" "Im fine.It's not even a deep cut." Marco smiled. "Of course it isnt." "Are you going to mock me too now dad?" "Of course not.But this is your third fight. And only this week! Tell me, why do you always get in these fights whit the boys of the village?" "You told me we are special, that e have a gift.Yet all my friends managed to learn how to manipulate the air, even if just the basics already.While I still dont even know how to do a single thing. I sometimes doubt I'm nothing more than a common human." Marco smiled. Nicholas kept saying. "And all my friends mock me for this. They say I've been adopted or whatever, that I dont belong here. Sometimes I even doubt they're my true friends." Marco smiled once more. "Listen my son. They dont know what they say. Theyr mentality is still the one of a 7 year old." "Mine's also." "No! You on the other hand, understand a lot more, you care about the others. You're curious and you want to learn about the world. You are special. Even your powers are special. More special than anyone of this village. You still didnt learned to use it, because it's different from ours." "What do you mean dad?" "You have a power none of us have. You have the power of will. And this will be the power that will helpyou to accomplish your task." "My task?" "Yes. You know there is someone out there that will need you, more than anything in the world. Someone you need more than anything. Someone to complete you. And this someone will be in grave danger. And you will be the one to save this someone." "I dont understand dad." "Dont you see? These mindless fights you get yourself into, are nothing compared to what you were made to accomplish. Your destiny is far more bright and beautiful but at the same time a lot more darker and misteryous. These fights you get into, arent meant to be a part of you. Never, I repeat, never carry hatred and anger, or any negative feeling on your heart. Cause these are the cancer of humanity. They drive people crazy, make dictators, killers, and betrayers. Al of us have something of this in our hearts. But you... You dont have such things." Marco got up and sat on Nicholas bed. He then placed his left hand on Nicholas head as the same stared at his father. "Your power wasnt made to kill, to destroy. It was made to protect. To portect the one, you're linked to." Nicholas then gotback to himself, seeing the trees and hearing the wind once more. Thinking about it he didnt understood a single thing his father said that day. After all he was only 9 years old. But now, after remembering he finally understoodit. "I see it dad. My power wasnt made to bring destruction. But to protect her, so she can live to fullfill her destiny. My destiny is to help her fill hers." He looked down where his father was buried. "I'll protect her father. I'll fulfill my destiny. I'll protect her whit my soul if necessary, but she will complete her mission." Saying so, he turned back and started walking back to the village. Question started appearing on his head then.Who was Sebastian? Even tough he was friendly, he couldnt helpbut feel a very strong evnergy inside him. What was his story? What borught him here? Cetainly his destiny was vinculated to them also. Even tough he had no links whit him or Mary, he somehow agreed to help them. But why? Does he know of something no one else knows?And Jeffrey? What happened that made him in what he is today? He felt that he would find the answers. But not too soon.


Mary woke up. She didnt saw anyone in the house.As she opened the door to the outside, she saw nobody.She called to Nicholas but he wasnt there. She tyough of where he could be. She felt that he was close, but she didnt knew where. She walked to the center and then turned to her left. There was the house that granted her Guardian whit so much fear and pain. She wanted to know what was inside but she didnt knew if she had to.


There you go. A big one, after all it's been a long time since I last posted here. :)
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Awesome! I should have one up today.
over a year ago wantadog said…
Deep in a forest, thousands of miles away from Nicholas and Mary-Beth, Jeffrey stood. He had zero injuries, but was breathing heavy. He looked at his hand to see it was shaking. He closed his eyes. That had to have been the first time he had killed in years, decades even. The feeling of cutting into someone, of killing them, gave him an incredible feeling, but also scared him. His thoughts turned to the girl and that wind dude and he curled his hand into a fist, drawing blood. They had no idea what they were getting into, within days, the Solid Recon would dispatch members, possibly even a high ranking officer. They're good, but not that good.
"Not without training."
Jeffrey turned to see Sebastian, standing there with his usual grin. Jeffrey returned the grin. "Hello, how are you...uh?" "The name is Sebastian." "Nice to meet you, Sebastian, what do you want?" "Not what I want, it's what Nicholas wants." Jeffrey's curiosity was aroused at the mention of the air wielding swordsman. "What does he want with me?" "He wants you to join his side and help-" That was as far as he got before Jeffrey had his fist an inch from his face. "Not to be rude, but what makes him think I would care about his problems." "He says you have problems of your own. Problems of a personal nature that you could solve by helping us." Jeffrey's eyes lost focus, as if he was remembering something. "Sorry, kiddo, no can do.
Tell your buddy that I decline."
Sebastian spent the next hour trying to convince him, without luck. Eventually he had to concede defeat. It was pointless. Sebastian left, saying as he went, "You know. I told him this was a lost cause, that you were not the type to take sides, but he said that you would agree. That you were 'looking for redemption'" Jeffrey grimaced. "Sorry to say, my chances at redemption died a long time ago. Tell him that he expects too much. He doesn't stand a chance." "Maybe, but the odds could turn." With those words, Sebastian left. Jeffrey waited, making sure he was gone, before he smiled. "Well well well. Look who's getting smart. Alright then, Nicholas. Let's see what you got. If you can impress me, then I'll help you." his hand was once again shaking, but this time with excitement. Jeffrey grabbed his sword and donned an armor he hadn't worn in years. It was an older Solid Recon uniform that made certain nobody could identify who was inside. "Your move, Nicholas."

(Short, but meh......)
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Sebastian left Jeffrey via spirit world. While inside he removed the barrier he had placed a cm from his nose when Jeffery had made the action to punch him. He left the spirit real, stepping out in the alley where they had fought the Thrae agents. Suddenly his anger flared and he punched the wall next to him. The force of the punch cracked the wall and some rubble came off of it. Sebastian was angry because they needed Jeffery. He knew that the things he said as he left would motivate him but he didn't like the fact that they needed him to win.
Sebastian was about to punch the wall again when he smelled something. It was very faint, a normal human couldn't smell it. But Sebastian being what he is, he could. Sebastian breathed deeply and learned what the smell was. Rot. And it was coming from the sewers. He went over to one of the sewer hatches, opened it, and jumped in. He followed the smell for a while. When he came to the source f it he smiled. It was the group of agents he had killed. Apparently the police hadn't found them. He created a small light with a snap of his fingers. The light washed over the bodies and showed that their decay was slow going. Sebastian grinned. These bodies might be useful, he thought. He was about to put them in the spirit real for safe keeping when he noticed a small flash of silver on their leader, the one who tried to negotiate with him.
He bent down to see what it was. It was a pocket watch with the initials D.G. Anger, hatred, and sadness welled inside Sebastian. D.G., Damian Gray, Sebastian's father. These were the people who attacked him that night. These were the people that killed his father. Sebastian tapped into his dark power and his eyes burned black and blood ran like tears. He spoke a word in a different language but Sebastian knew the meaning. Burn. Instantly a black fire burned around the bodies and in seconds they were ashes. Sebastian also knew that the spirits of these bodies also burned, feeling the agony of the flames. When their bodies disappeared, so did they. Their souls were no more.
After the bodies and souls were gone, Sebastian's eyes returned to normal and he wiped the blood form his cheeks.
He shook his head trying to get back to normal. He made a portal to the spirit real and then made an exit gate to Nicholas.
"Hey great news!" Sebastian said with a forced smile, "Jeffery is going to help us!"
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Hey ShadowHunter nice post!!! I'm really intrigued about what Sebastian really is.

But I have to ask a question:

Whos next?
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Same question as Leleu.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Indeed. I'll be going next, I have time today. Look for my post later.
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Mary Beth continued to sit quietly in the makeshift bed the night after Sebastian had come back with the news. Jeffery was going to help them? From what she'd seen, he was ruthless and unearthly. He was from Thrae, the same as her, but he was... defected from the military. He was like her though, in the sense that they were both running away from something.

Mary Beth Sighed. All of the recent conflict between Earth and Thrae was making it harder and harder for her to think straight. She slowly pushed the covers off of her body, and opened the small door. She took a deep breath and walked out into the fresh air, gulping in a fresh scent of leaves and smoke.

She took a few short glances around, searching for her guardian, but saw no sign of him. She snorted, thinking he was probably meditating, and took a short walk. As she began to circle around the small village, she noted the small house she had tried to enter once before. Nicholas had stopped her however, saying that the house was dangerous and shouldn't be entered.

Mary Beth smirked, and nimbly made her way to the door, stopping to steal a few looks behind and around her. She turned her attention to an awful smell that was wafting from inside the small abode, and she plugged her nose to ignore the tangy scent as she placed her hand on the knob.

Then her eyes widened. She removed her fingers, and took a whiff. She choked back a moan of surprise, taking a step back.

The smell was tangy and sour, like the smell of metal on someones hands. But the smell was also sticky and thick, and as she took another whiff, she felt the smell waft and sit against the back of her throat. She knew hat smell.

"Blood.." she whispered into the night.

Now, she had to know. She was itching to know why she smelled blood from the inside of the small home. she grabbed the knob and twisted it forcefully to the left, throwing the door open. Mary Beth gasped.

The inside of the home was layered with the stuff, dried and blackened, but bloody nonetheless. Sh stepped carefully around, her mouth thick with th scent as she moved closer to the center of the room. Everything was covered in it... No, not everything.

She noticed a small dresser, no taller than her waist, in the corner of the room. She made her way over to it, and saw a picture frame. She lightly dusted off the top of the dresser and picked up the object, seeing a small boy with dark hair standing by his father and mother. They were all very close in resemblance, the boy especially close to his father. Strapped to the man's shoulder - perhaps for show - was a long katana in a sky blue scabbard.

Her eyes widened slowly at the realization of just who she was looking at. Moments later, it seemed she was sucked through some kind of time-space rip, and in a completely different time.

She was staring at the photo once again, but as she turned, the house was no longer covered in blood. It was in perfect shape, all three beds lined up next to each other on the far wall and a small doorway leading to a well kept kitchen. She frantically put the frame back in it's place and dashed outside, her breath catching in her throat at what she saw.

Everything was perfect. There were children playing in the small clearing between the four houses, the largest building was a meeting hall situated at the end of the clearing, at least four times bigger than the largest house. Parent's stood outside the meeting hall, watching their children carefully as they frolicked and played, delighted by the weather and their balls.

Mary Beth put a hand over her mouth to stifle a scream of surprise as one of them approached her, apparently chasing a ball. The child payed her no heed however, and chased the ball, even as it passed directly through her legs. The child, with tan skin, Dark hair and eyes and a blue T-shirt, stopped, as if he had indeed felt her presence, but shrugged it off and ran to play with the others. She stared after the child, immediately recognizing the eyes that beheld the beauty of the sky, every time they looked up.

{Play Song}


The small boy ran to the legs of his parents, tugging on his father's loose pants and squealing in joy when he was picked up by his father and kissed on the forehead by his mother. Mary Beth smiled sadly.

His father put Nicholas down, and he ran off to join his playmates. Mary Beth followed the edge of the clearing over to the meeting hall, and took a listen to the conversation.

"Your son is upsetting the balance. Without any Elemental powers, he is nothing but a nuisance to the Clan, Marco!" the 'Important-looking' man shouted.

Marco hardened his expression, his chiseled features lined and tinged with anger. "Shut your trap." he said calmly. "He is my son, and I will not forsake him for another child. You know this clan has a policy. To prevent rapid growth, we only permit one child for every married pair. I will not send my son elsewhere simply because you wish me to break that law and have another child."

The man whom he was speaking to, a tall and lanky old man, was shaking his head. "You must. For the sake of the clan, you must forsake that boy! He will bring only trouble to this Family!"

Marco glared at the man, who was most likely the head of the small village. "I told you my answer. And that is final. I will keep both my son and the law, and take my leave. Thank you for your time, Elder."

Mary Beth watched as Marco and his wife began sauntering towards their home, Nicholas joining them as they walked.

Mary Beth tried to follow them, but the time suddenly shifted, flames sprouting up and around, all over the place, the sky darkening and the air thick with smoke. She searched frantically before she saw the unthinkable. Nicholas was standing just next to her, and it seemed this time that Mary Beth was able to be seen. Nicholas raced over to his Parents, trying to shake them awake, but only his father responded.

Mary Beth watched as they exchanged words, and Nicholas was handed the Sword. Hid Father's hand slipped limply off the blade and with a soft thump, hit the ground. Nicholas let a shrill cry of grief escape his lips as he hovered over his parents. Mary Beth watched as the flames grew and shifted, spreading farther and farther into the small village. Mary Beth saw the pile of Bodies spontaneously combust as an ember landed on one pant leg. The flames spread enveloping her vision and searing into her mind.

Before she blacked out, she heard a deep voice speaking, not to her but in her mind.

"Hail..." he whispered. "And now, the final Branch of the Wind Clan has been destroyed. With the exception of the Powerless boy, they no longer exist. And now, we move on. The last Clan will be wiped out soon. And then, the Rift-Walkers will Reign..."

And then everything went dark.

With a resounding crash, Mary Beth's limp body fell to the bloodied floor of Nicholas' old home, and she lay unconscious. Her body was twitching involuntarily, and she was letting out small whimpers as her mind raced, replaying the scenario in her head. And as consciousness returned, she did not open her eyes. She merely slept, but it was not peaceful.

Her sleep was riddled with Nightmares.
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Nicholas was meditating in the forest, right were his father and mother died in that night. That place served him as a sanctuary. He would always go there to seek for strenght to keep on his fight. Sebastian came from a portal. Nicholas opened his eyes and got up. He turned to Sebastian. "So?"he asked. "Jeffrey isnt there anymore. And I couldnt find any evidence of where he could had went." Sebastian took a few steps closer to Nicholas. "Im sorry." he said as he placedone of his hands on Nicholas shoulder. Nicholasturned backwards. "Impossible! I saw it in his eyes!It couldnt be just an illusion or something like that..." He closed his eyes remembering that day, he was aved by Jeffrey in the sewers. "Ifelt it deep inside me.I felt an emotion that I carry since... It just cant be. He's a good person, I cant believe he's just a mercenary. This is impossible!!" Sebastian walked to his side." Somethings dont need to have a reason. Somethings just are they way they are. Nothing else." For the firsttime Sebastian spoke seriously, not making jokes. "I know what you mean Nicholas." Nicholas turned to Sebastian. "What?" Sebastian smiled. "Nothing. Just thinking loud. Nothing else." Sebastian made another portal. "I'll search for him a bit more. I'll be back in a few minutes." Sebastian went into the portal and dissapeared. Nicholas wanted to know what that portal was. But he turned to the grave of his father. He invoked his sword. The sound of wind appeared even tough there were no wind. His sword materialized. He looked at those inscriptions trying to understand it's meaning once more. A tear came off his left eye as he looked at his father's grave. He swinged his blade one or two times. He could feel a strange power inside it. But he couldnt unlock it. He was very weak to do so. He sometimes tough of him as a whimp, someone that didnt deserved living. There were countless of childs whit more potential than his. However every time he would think so, the words of his father came to his mind. "Your power wanst made to hurt, to destroy. But to protect." Said so, he tough about his real role. He had the life of someone at his hands and worst of all, someone he cared for. The only person he ever felt something for since that fateful night. After the same, he lost all his emotions and became an emotionless cold person. Not that he wasnt still. But being whit her, made him bit by bit become what he was in the past. Sometimes he was smiling whitout a reason, something he never did in the past few years. He then decided to walk backwards to the village thinking about Jeffrey, as he dematerialized his sword. "Why would he refuse my offer?" he asked himself. He, knew exactly what Jeffrey felt. And he knew he was looking for 'help'. A chance of redemption. But Jeffrey declined. Why? He kept walking to the village but then his toughs came to Sebastian. And finally to Mary. He felt something for her he didnt knew how to describe. He wanted to see her safe, independently of what would happen to him. He would give his soul if necessary for her safety. He walked a bit more until he saw the village.

He entered the house that Mary was sleeping. He entered but he didnt saw her. As he went outside, he saw the door to that house open. The house which he lived. "Mary..." he ran to the house and saw Mary on the ground. He tried to enter but he felt like if a heavy wall was on his front. He then closed his eys and he entered. As he did his heart raced and he felt a pain in his chest. It was the same kind of pain he felt that fateful night. He walked closer to her and grabbed her in his arms as he took her out. As he did he placed her gently and fell on his knees. Tears came out of his eyes as he placed both his hands on his ears as if he was hearing something. Screams, of the people that died that night. There was no day he would live without earing them. Sebastian came from a portal. He looked at Nicholas and ran to him. "Nicholas! What happened!?" asked Sebastian. "Make it stop! Make it stop for God's sake!" Nicholas screamed. Sebastian then felt a heavy dark energy emergin from that house. He knew it had something to do whit Nicholas past. Because he also had something in his past that emanated the same energy. "Calm down! Whatever happened ended! Your safe now!" Nicholas opened his eyes. He looked at Sebastian, and then at Mary."Sebastian she went inside..." Sebastian moved to Mary as her body kept twitching. "I dont know what that is. It seems like she is having an awful nightmare." He turned to Nicholas. "But the most strange is that...I feel your presence inside."

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As they watched over Mary Beth, neither noticed that they were being watched, a pair of eyes staring from the treeline. After a few minutes of talking, Nicholas became aware of it and looked up to see a man clad in a strange armor. The man's eyes were focused solely on Nicholas, not on Mary Beth. "Is he a Solid Recon member? Is he here for me? Or is he here for Mary Beth and I am only his first target?" All of these thoughts and more ran through his head as he slowly tapped Sebastian on the shoulder and pointed. Sebastian looked and immediately put his guard up. How could he have not sensed this? In fact, he could sense nothing coming from the man, as if he was just a suit of armor. He sensed no bloodlust, no feelings of friendship, nothing at all. Nicholas and Sebastian stood slowly. Nicholas wondered whether it would be safer to draw his blade. "Who are you? Why are you here." The man in the armor pointed at Nicholas and drew a blade, it was a rusted sword with a chipped blade. Nicholas took the hint and drew his own weapon. He exchanged a look with Sebastian and looked at the man. "Damn it!" Nicholas thought. "This is a bad time for solid recon to find us!" The man said nothing as his eyes slid down to look at the unconscious Mary Beth, then back to Nicholas.

(Play music)

Nicholas blinked once. Then the man was in front of him, swinging his sword fiercely at Nicholas' neck. Sebastian quickly placed a barrier and Nicholas blocked with his blade, but the sheer force of the blow sent him flying back several feet. Nicholas landed on his feet and charged the man, swinging straight down the middle, as if to cut him in half. The man merely stepped to the left and the sword swung harmlessly. Nicholas switched direction, mid-swing, but the man was already mid jump and when he landed, he was standing on the flat of Nicholas's blade, already swinging at his neck. Nicholas leaned back as far as he could and the blade barely missed him. He yanked his sword and the man was knocked off, but stayed on his feet. They stared each other down again and Nicholas charged. They exchanged a ferocious series of blows with each other, neither landing a single blow. Nicholas was getting worried. No matter what he tried, it was like he knew exactly what he was going to do before he even did it. Was this guy some form of psychic or was he just messing with his head? Nicholas decided it was the latter and continued his assault, now adding his own wind powers in the mix, to no avail. In an instant, the Nicholas blasted wind to the right and left of him, and stabbed straight. The man jumped to avoid the blow and Nicholas grinned. "I thought you'd do that. It was your only available choice!" Sebastian smiled in appreciation of his technique as Nicholas jumped into one of the air currents that he was using to box the man in. The air current shot Nicholas like a cannon at the man, who turned to block, but too late. Nicholas slashed straight through the man's chestpiece. The man dropped to the ground, landing hard on one knee. Nicholas landed softly on his feet and turned to the man, who was maybe 20 feet away. "Now tell me who you are and why you attacked me?" The man gave no response, but to get up, revealing the chestpiece to be ruined, but no blood could be seen. The man flipped his sword so that the blade was pointed behind him and started to run at Nicholas. Nicholas, shocked and off put by the lack of blood, panicked and slashed sideways at the man when he got near. The man, as if he knew that would happen, merely ducked under the blade and stood back up, his blade's hilt slamming into Nicholas' chin.

Next thing Nicholas knew, he was sprawled on the floor with the man's sword at his neck. Then it wasn't there. "You gave me quite a fright. I thought you might not be able to land a blow, and that would have been a shame. I don't help people who can't learn to help themselves." The man's was...Nicholas gasped as the man removed his helmet, revealing himself to be none other than-
"JEFFREY! It's you!" Jeffrey grinned. "Ya, it's me, don't go shouting it out will wonder I was able to find you so easily..." Nicholas frowned. "Why attack me?" "Why not? I had to be sure you could fight to your fullest extent while not knowing the full measure of your opponent. You did fine, but you missed one crucial detail that would have lessened your loss." "What would that be?" Jeffrey blinked and a yellow sphere could now be seen around him. "You assumed that because you could not see or feel any powers being used, that none were being used on you. You must always assume that your opponent has every basis covered and knows everything." "Why always-" "Because that puts you on guard. Didn't you learn this from training?" Nicholas blushed. He did learn it. It was foolish of him. "So does this mean you will help?" "Hmm, well seeing as you won't last a week otherwise...sure. No problem. I can spare some time." He offered his hand to Nicholas, who grinned and took it. "Glad to have you on board, Jeffrey!"
"Not when I'm done with you, you won't. Now I think we should turn our attention to the lady."

(Phew....battle scenes are hard.....)
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More Darkness.

What was that sound?

Is something coming?

What the hell...

Where am I...?

What am I doing here?

Who or what brought me here...?



Why is this so cold...?

Why do i feel hollow...?

Why do I feel empty...?

Why do I feel... my heart...

... has been torn from my body?





Mary Beth jolted, sitting bolt upright. Her eyes were wide and her breathing frantic as she began to take in her surroundings.

Dark Forests. Trees with no leaves. A cold breeze. A full moon. A wolf's howl.

And as she tuned her head to look into the dark treeline, she saw nothing. Not even the smallest of twitches. She continued to stare, hoping that some form of light would work it's way into her line of sight, but the only light to walk by was the light of the moon. She shifted her eyes to the full moon, bright and radiant. And spherical.

She took a few steps forward, and realized that she had ended up in a clearing. She had been walking without realizing it. She stood, silently. She was taking in the silence of the forest around her, the only sounds were her beating heart and the gusts of cold wind.


There had been no continuous wind just a moment before.

And that's when she saw it. The figure, bathed in an ethereal purple glow, was sauntering towards her. Through the treeline, Mary Beth was able to discern very few character traits of the figure, deeming them a threat almost instantly. She took up a stance as they drew nearer to her, her face showing only signs of fear.

As the figure stepped into the clearing, she gasped and threw herself back, hitting the ground hard.

The figure, was nothing. It was as if the person was made of the night sky itself, the stars and indigo sky patterned this body before her. It was one of the most intriguing yet horrifying things she had ever seen.

The figure seemed enthralled by her as well, keeping it's face/head pointed in her direction and keeping its hands still.

Mary Beth kept a wary eye on the figure as it seemed to withdraw from her, seeing her as a threat. The figure backed up a few steps, placing it's starry hands on it's head, the indigo beginning to flicker around the area where it's mouth would have been, it's face suddenly beginning to split.

The creature suddenly opened a large and toothy mouth, spreading across the entirety of it's head. It suddenly opened it's white eyes, matching the patterned stars of it's body. It stared her down with an intensity she had never seen before. And then it spoke to her.

"You..." it's raspy voice sounded in her mind. "You are the Star Clan's last heir..."

Mary Beth flinched. "How...?"

The creature stood, motionless, it's form beginning to flicker in and out of her sight. "I am what is know as a Rift-Walker." it said. Mary Beth eyed it cautiously. "We once were a striving race, a race that could not be overpowered. We could use our powers to summon elements, summon greater things from beyond even out perception."

Mary Beth sat back, listening intently, now realizing that it was not a hostile being.

It continued. "But one day, we were discovered. Your ancestors on Thrae sold us out. We were sought after because of our powers and our ability to use them efficiently. And when we were found, we fled our home in the stars, taking noting but our power with us. We have existed silently for many, many years, waiting for one to come along. And who should it be but you."

Mary Beth suddenly tensed up as the creature inched closer.

"The last one of the clan who gave our presence away. Who tore both worlds chances of living apart." it growled. Mary Beth gaped.

"What do you mean?!" she shouted. "My clan did what?"

The Rift-Walker sat directly in front of her. "Your clan, sold us out. But Rift-Walkers are what kept the balance between the two worlds. Now, Earth and Thrae are struggling, because they have no Stars, and no oppositional gravitational pull. Sure, they still have the sun on both sides. But have you ever witnessed stars in your lifetime?"

Mary Beth shook her head.

"The reason is because we were forced into hiding. If we had been left alone, we would have been able to keep the balance between the worlds." Mary Beth closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"So, your saying... that I'm here to correct all of this?" she asked quizzically.

The Rift-Walker nodded. "The cost of being able to save both worlds will be heavy, however, and you will need to prepare for it. There will be many hardships along the way, and people with try to stop you. People who think that the world is fine the way is it."

Mary Beth hung her head. "So, how would I do this...?"

The Rift-Walker held out it's humanoid hand. "Take my powers. Trade in the powers of the Star Clan, who ruined the Rift-Walker Race, and Take the Powers that Your Clan tried to exploit. Become a Rift-Walker."

Mary Beth stared at the starry hand before her, her mind racing. Should I accept? What would happen if I did? Would I become a creature like the thing before me? Or Would I keep up my human appearance...?

"What happens to my body if I accept?" she asked coldly, shooting a glare at the Rift-Walker.

The Rift-Walker shifted it's posture. "You become like me. But only one part of your body will mark you as a Rift-Walker. You, being a former human, will not look like me."

Mary Beth let out a small sigh of relief, and grasped the Rift-Walkers hand, feeling a sudden surge of Knowledge and power course through her body. The Starry Being was being absorbed into her body, starry patches of skin beginning to appear.

Several Rings of stars appeared on her upper right arm, and one on her forearm. Her palm was also warped into the night sky, as was a small patch of skin on the right side of her waist. The same thing happened to the other side of her waist, but the patch of skin was jagged and random. Her left arm and leg remained untouched by the Starry sky.

The most noticeable patch, was on the area between the neck and shoulder, the muscle where the two meet. The jagged mark spread until it stopped a few inches beneath the right side of her collar bone, and midway down her back.

And then came her eyes. They were now a silvery grey, but when met with any color of the Spectrum, they shifted colors, and almost looked like a rainbow. She gasped as the transformation was complete. She tried to gaze up at the being before her, but was surprised to find that it was gone. She searched frantically for it, but found nothing.

"Do not fret." it spoke in her mind. "I will be here, within your soul, until you learn to master the power of a Rift-Walker."

And with that, the world she stood in began to collapse, the trees falling as they were uprooted by an unseen force. The sky began to almost crumble and the moon went dark. Mary Beth searched frantically for a way to escape, but found none. And as the Dream Realm came crashing down upon her, she prayed for help from someone...anyone...

And everything went dark.

But she felt nothing. She was alone again. And as she looked around and saw nothing once more, she screamed at the agony.

Th agony of being alone, and the agony of what she had just done. she had forsaken the legacy of the Star Clan for the Powers of a Rift-Walker.

What on earth had she just done?

But then she opened her eyes once again, and saw a face. The face of... an Angel.

She narrowed her eyes to per at it, and saw the familiar face of her Guardian Angel, there to protect her. And suddenly, she didn't feel so bad about what she had done, and found it to be more of an inviting concept than anything else.

And she fell into a peaceful darkness as she rested in his arms, feeling arm and safe as could be.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Sebastian watched as Nicholas stroke Mary's hair as he layed her back down in her cabin.
"Will she be okay?" Nicholas asked Sebastian.
"Well, none of us are likely going to be in the future, but as of now she will be fine." Sebastion replied calmly.
"Do you know what happened?"
"Well," Sebastian said hesitantly, "I did it to her." The moment words left his lips Nicholas swung his sword at Sebastians neck. Sebastian dodged it barely but Nicholas swung again. This time it cut his coat. Sebastian quickly went to the door and left the cabin but Nicholas tackled him as he left. Sebastian pushed Nicholas off and stood up. Once he did though, Nicholas's sword came at his chest. Sebastian easily sidestepped the attack but was pushed back by wind. Somehow he had managed to stay on his feet.
"Nick, calm down and hear me out." Sebastian said.
"No! You did something to Mary!" He yelled and attacked again. Sebastian dodged it yet again but wind hit him in the chest and he flew backwards. Again he landed on his feet, but this time Nicholas tried to stab him in the chest the moment his feet hit the ground. Sebastian somehow dodged this attack by spinning on his heels. This time he also had a barrier in place when Nicholas's wind tried to hit him again.
"Stop and let me explain!" Sebastian said. Just then Jeffery walked over to them.
"What's going on?" Jeffery asked.
"Sebastian is the one who did whatever it is to Mary!" Nicholas said looking murderous.
"What!?" Jeffery gasped.
"If you would please let me explain." Sebastian pleaded, looking at Jeffery. At that moment Nicholas lunged towards Sebastian, attempting to behead him. Sebastian jumped away but as he did Jeffery unsheathed his sword and also swung it at Sebastian. Together he and Nicholas attacked Sebastian, using most of their skills and powers but Sebastian always dodged and blocked at the last minute. They had been fighting for nearly an hour when Sebastian yelled, "Dammit! Enough!" He caught both Nicholas's and Jeffery's blades with his bare hands. They both tried to pull their blades from his hands but were unable to pull them from Sebastian's unnatural grip. Sebastian pulled the swords free from their owner's hands. Nicholas look of shock was like he had just lost a limb, while Jeffery on the other hand showed no emotion.
"Now, hear me out." Sebastian said still holding the weapons.
"Can we have our swords back?" Nicholas asked. Sebastian uttered a word and the swords faded then re-materialized in their respective sheaths. They both tried to pull them back out but the swords wouldn't budge and had a symbol on their hilts.
"What did you do?" Jeffery asked.
"Made sure we can talk civilly." Sebastian replied. "Now back to what I have trying to explain. Yes, I did do that to Mary. But no, there was little danger involved. What I did was I focused all the ghosts of this village into that house. When Mary stepped into the house, the ghosts sent her consciousnesses to someone that would help. Any questions so far?"
"Who did you send her to?" Jeffery asked.
"Someone very close to me."
"How will they help?" Nicholas asked.
"They will give Mary most of their powers to help us in our endeavor."
"Most? Why not give Mary all of their powers?" Nicholas said.
"Well they will give her all but one power, and I don't think Mary would like that power."
"What power?" Jeffery asked.
Sebastian reached into his coat and brought out a small leather bag with a button to keep it closed. He undid the button and dumped the contents of the bag onto the ground. An entire skeleton of a snake fell out and landed in a pile on the ground. Sebastian pointed his right index finger at them. "That power is necromancy." A purple spark leaped from his finger to the bones. The skeleton began to knit it self together and became a four foot long snake.
"How do you know all of this?" Jeffery asked.
"Because, my god-mother is the person giving her powers to Mary."
Meh Sorry it took so long, I have been busy dealing with school. But I hope this works.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Very Aewsome post!! But there are a few things I want to clarify;

Mary was approached by one of the last Rift-Walkers, Meaning she is now a Rift-Walker, not a mix between the two.

Also, at this point, the only people who know about Rift-Walkers are Mary Beth, Salthazar Biunez, and Burke and Danielle(Two members of Solid Recon).

Another thing, The Rift-Walkers are still a Neutral Race. they are not hostile, thanks to their low numbers. With only About ten to fifteen of them left, The Rift-Walkers only have enough power to challenge a Clan of Average power level.

And, spot on with the history of the Rift-Walkers! When I was explaining it to Leleu, I deliberately left out the fact that Earth and Thrae were so far apart and separated by "The Rift" I will also go on to explain their powers.

The Rift-Walkers are a race that existed since the very first star was made.

Their powers consist of being able to tear the very fabric of Reality and summon things of great power. This ability that only one Rift-Walker may poses at one time, is known as the Prism Rift.

There are seven colors.

Red = Fire
Blue = Water
Green = Poison Fog
Purple = Necromancy(Will go into more details)
Yellow = Lightning/Energy
Orange = Speed(since the color is usually associated with being active)
Aquamarine = Has the ability to call forth a mighty dragon made of the stars itself.

The nature of these attacks is unknown to many and has been long kept a secret.

More about them will come at a later time.
over a year ago wantadog said…
(Okay might as well take this time to shed some light into our mysterious swordsman's past. XD)

"Your....your god-mother! What the hell!" Nicholas shouted. He tried to draw his sword again, but failed. Jeffrey, on the other hand, was thoughtful.
"Actually, it explains alot. I'm just shocked that that is all you have to say."
"What do you mean?" Sebastian asked.
"What I mean is, are you keeping any more secrets? Before I decide whether or not to let Nicholas attack you."
Sebastian looked at him for a whole minute. "Yes, there are, but none of them are ones that will directly affect you or Mary-Beth." All the while, Nicholas glared at him.
"I still don't see why you didn't tell us straight out."
Sebastian raised his hands in a sign of peace. "I had my reasons, and Mary Beth is fine so no harm done." Jeffrey was busy fingering his sword. He absently touched it, then walked over and held his hand out to Sebastian.
"I know about keeping secrets. As long as they don't affect me or the wonder twins over there, all's good."
Sebastian laughed and took his hand. "You're a very simple man, aren't you?"
Jeffrey grinned. "The simplest solution usually works." A large blast of light focused on his sword, shredding the sheath to pieces. He lifted his blade and swung it around. "See?" he was no longer looking at Sebastian, but at Nicholas. Nicholas recognized the tone.
"Everything's a lesson, isn't it?"
"Life is one big lesson."
"Very poetic..."
Sebastian released the hold he had on Nicholas' sword. Nicholas drew it, but sheathed it immediately afterwards. Sebastian walked over and held his hand out. "I am sorry. I had my reasons for not telling you earlier.
Nicholas didn't take his hand. "It's fine. I understand that you had your reasons, but still..."
Sebastian smiled. "I understand. She should actually be waking up soon..."

Several hours later, Mary Beth still hadn't woken up. Sebastian attributed it to her being either stronger than he thought or really really tired. The latter of which earned him a punch in the nose by Nicholas. Jeffrey leaned back against a tree. He hadn't had much sleep with all that had been going on. He laid down with his back against the tree and closed his eyes. He thought about Mary Beth and her merry gang of misfits and groaned. It brought back memories, but not any ones with any dignity. He sighed as the memories washed over him.

In the middle of a small city in Thrae, there were poor people, there were rich people, there were middle-class people, then there was Jeffrey, and his friends. He called them friends, but they were nothing of the sort. They would just as soon rat him out, then help him out. He and his "friends" would go throughout the city, stealing from the rich, the poor, anyone that had anything remotely valuable. Jeffrey was the muscle. He was only 6 years old and was already a master with his light based powers. He rarely liked used them, preferring to fight fairly, but he almost always had to resort to using them. Jeffrey met with his colleagues in the middle of a back-alley. The self appointed leader, Edgar, seemed to have some sort of announcement. Edgar stood on a crate.
"Okay, to start off the meeting, very good work, Lucy and Jeffrey, managing to steal that necklace was a impressive feat. Secondly, it is also very bad. That was the most valuable item we have stolen so far, and the grown-up's have decided to put a stop to it. They involved the police." This was met with several scared gasps from the other members. "Now now, I know it's scary, but we have faced low odds before! Jeffrey, can you take them?"
"The entire police force? Not a chance. I could hold my own, maybe, but even if we win, they'll just bring in more, maybe even the Solid Recon if we tick them off enough."
"That won't happen, not if we embarrass them. That's out only shot. If we prove ourselves better than them, and do something that would prevent them from calling reinforcements, we win!"
"What would that be? What could we do?" Asked a small girl. Edgar smiled, a smile that proved, he had a plan."
"We're going to steal from the police themselves! We're going to steal every badge in the station. They won't call reinforcements if they're embarrassed at being so easily infiltrated." Several of the other members nodded, but Jeffrey just winced at the childishness of the plan. Would this really work? He hoped so. "So what we need first, is information. Jeffrey! Anne! Go and spy on the police building!" Jeffrey did as he was told, but he doubted it was going to be very fun. Anne could be very business minded, even though she was only 7 years old. Two hours later, Jeffrey and Anne sat on top of a roof, well hidden by a chimney, and spied on the building using a pair of makeshift binoculars. Jeffrey groaned and Anne shushed him.
"Quiet! What if someone heard that?!"
"Ya ya ya..." Jeffrey groaned silently and was about to try and take a nap when he saw her. She was entering the building, escorted by three officers. She had long black hair, was about Jeffrey's age, and had piercing blue eyes. She was also wearing a pair of black gloves. Jeffrey gulped as he looked at the girl. Anne frowned.
"Who is she? Could she be a daughter of one of the cops? Then why the escort? What do you think, Jeffrey?...Jeffrey?..." She looked over to see Jeffrey staring through the binoculars. She looked through her own pair at the girl, who had stopped and seemed to be staring straight at them. No. Not at them, at Jeffrey, but why? The plot thickened as the girl removed the glove on her right hand and held her thumb out towards them. At first, Anne thought she was giving them the thumbs up, but Jeffrey just gasped and dropped his binoculars. If Anne hadn't caught them, they would have rolled off the roof.
"What is it, Jeffrey?" Jeffrey didn't respond, he merely grabbed the binoculars and looked again. the girl was gone, but the image of what was on her thumb was not. There was an image of a sun, painted in black, tattooed on her thumb, the same tattoo that Jeffrey had on his neck. He kept it well hidden, but never really knew how it got there or what it meant.

Jeffrey gasped and jerked awake. He had fallen asleep. It was happening more and more often. He would dream about the past. He thought on what he dreamt about. It was a dream full of beginnings. The start of a friendship that would span countless hardships, the start of a rivalry that would span countless years, the start of his long and bloody time as a killer for the Solid Recon, and the beginning of something that would lead to a choice, from which there is no forgiveness. A choice that would haunt him for as long as he lived. He shook himself and stood up. He might as well go check on Mary Beth.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Well, this is a great post, but like I aid the wantadog, the only people who know about Rift-Walkers are Mary Beth, Salthazar and Burke and Danielle. So Sebastian cant know about them yet, but it is a good twist that his mother was a Rift-Walker/
over a year ago wantadog said…
^I know, but I figured I'd just follow Shadow's post until I saw any changes or whatnot.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
i see. Good Idea ^^
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Also only one more thing: Me and Link were talking about it, and this vision Mary had, well is because both Nicholas and Mary are linked. Once they find something that is very important to the other, they trigger the other persons memories into thenselves. Thats why after Mary found a photo of Marco and Fabien (Nicholas parents) she entered in some rift, or anything like that, and Nichlas's memories entered in her head. Same will happen to Nicholas once they go to Thrae, as he will se Mary's past. This is because they are linked, not because of ghosts. But the ghosts concentrated in that house could be the reason she saw the Rift-Walker! Just wanted to point that out. But nice post anyways!
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Exactly. I wanted the Rift-Walker to come to her of it's own accord though, not because somebody told it to. That Rift-Walker was also nameless and They are born only from the stars.

Sorry to break it to you, Shadow. It was a great concept and I liked how you played off, it's just... There's no real way that they can be related to humans or really even "breed" with them. Sebastian's mother couldn't have been a Rift-Walker. I'm sorry, and I know you liked the thought, and believe me, I was about to change it, but I'm going to stick to what Rift-Walkers were in my concept.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Haha it's okay, I should of talked to you about first. I guess I got a lot of revising and editing to do. Thanks though for saying it was good.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Thanks for understanding :)
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Hmmm... I'm having trouble changing my post. Any suggestions?
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Days had passed since she learned the truth from Mary. And yet her hatred was still only growing. She didnt knew what to do. The police had been on her house and retrieved the body of the soldiers Nicholas had killed. She gave the police all kind of information regarding Nicholas and Mary. And now they were being pursued. She tough about everything that happened between the two of them. It was incredible how love can be transformed into something so dark such as hate. She decided to grab her coat and go in a walk. She walked for an hour and a half, until she arrived at the place she and Mary worked as DJ's and she looked at the street where she found the one she tough would be her best friend. Yet all the hatred she was feeling for Mary now didnt had a reason. It was like, if she felt what she felt because she had to. And not for a reason. She walked a bit more staring at the ground until she bumped into a man. Without apologizing and even looking at the man she kept alking. The man held her in the arm. "Let go of me!" said Alex. "My, my... You're Alex arent you? Mary Beth's friend." The man said whit a grin. The man whit a long dark hair looked at her. She was surprised as she saw he had red eyes. "Who are you?" she asked. The man laughed a bit. "I am for you, what Nicholas is for Mary.Does that answer your question?" Alex didnt understood a thing but a feeling of rage consumed her when she heard the names of those two. "Name's Burke." The man said. "Lets go somewhere we can talk in private shall we?" As the man pushed her she standed her ground. "Why would I?I barely even know you." she said. "I know everything you're feeling. I know what it is that you want to do. Your home is being destroyed in a war you dont even have to do anything whit you. And the reason is because Mary came. I can tell you everything you want to know. But only f you follow me." Alex followed the man into a deserted building. As they went inside it was pitch black. Burke waved his hand and fire came out of it, ligthing the candles that were already set in that place. It was like he had planned everything. He walked to a chari sitting down, and invited Alex to come closer. She went very cautious and suspicious. As she sat Burke smiled. "Ask." said Burke. Alex whitout thinking twice asked. "What is Mary and what does Nicholas haeve to do whit her?" Burke laughed. "I knew it. Straight to the point. Well many years ago, something, even I dont know happened. A clan called the Star Clan, and the Wind clan made a pact in which for every person in a clan, another one of the other clan would be linked in soul. This way they were capable of maximize their powers, by having only one person, in the body of two. Nicholas and Mary as you can see, are part of these clans. They are linked in soul. However its not like both clans had the same responsibilities. The Star Clan was being pursued by something. The Wind clan offered to become their Guardians. The Star clan had a major role on the happenings back in that time,but they couldnt do it alone. They were the strongest in Thrae, however their power is inconstant, meaning they cant use it unless a certain paramterer is fullfilled. Leaving then vulnerable during that time.The Wind clan however tough being weaker, their powers were constant, meaning they could evoke and use their powers anytime they want.As the Star's members couldnt use their power anyway they want, they needed escorts, Guardians to protect them. And the Wind's suited just fine. Both clans were already partners since their creation. Some say they are ramifications of an only ancient Clan. This means that they already had an friendship imbued in them. Howeverthe Star's can got exterminated and the Wind clan for helping them, exiled from Thrae. However Nicholas and Mary are different. All the others had to perform a ritual in order to become linked. But they...They were born already linked to the other.Nicholas was born first but in the moment Mary was born, his soul became linked to hers. Mary is the 'child of the prophecy' or someone might say. And Nicholas is the Ultimate Guardian."

Alex wasnt as surprised as she seemed to be. Everythng somehow made sense. "And what am I?" she asked. "You are the complete opposite of what Mary is. She was the last of the Star Clan. Youre the last of the Void clan, one of the lesser clans. Everyhting you represent is the opposite of what Mary does. Same for me and Nicholas." "What do you mean?" asked Alex. "He is the last of the Wind clan. Im the last of the Fire clan.Undestand it? Fire always consumes Air to get strongerwhile Air always suffocates Fire to become stronger. Both elements even tough they are part of nature, dont live and cant live in peace. And just like Nicholas and Mary are linked, so are we." Alex also wasnt surpirsed at such a response. She somehow felt that the man was familiar. "And in what do I fit into this?" she asked. "Mary's destiny is the one to bring balance between both worlds, Thrae and Earth. And Nicholas's is toprotect her, whit his life if necessary. As you are her complete opposite ans so am I for Nicholas. I think you know the answer." "To destroy the balance?" "Exactly." "But the reason I fighted whit Mary was because she was destroying my home! My planet! What we are doing is no different!" Burke laughed. "Oh yes it is. By bringing balance between both worlds mean to destabilize the reality of today. what you and me are supposed to do is to maintain cureent reality as it is. Meaning, protect your home." Alex got up and turned her back to the 21 year old man. "You cant turn your back to me. You and I are the same.We live for the other. It your mission to stop Mary and mine to protect you. You turn your back, everything you know as it is will be gone."Alex turned to Burke. "I'll destroy Mary. But not because of destiny. But because I want to.I'll wont let her distorce the world. I'll save it, and maintain it the way it is." Burke got up touching her shoulder. "Lets go then."


There you go! :)
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Holy shit that was epic. I"M GONNA POST NOW :D
over a year ago wantadog said…
@Shadow until you come up with ideas, you could make a post of them training. Or of Nicholas pressing Jeffrey for details about why he is fighting or some other thing like that...I really don't know.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Alex almost never slept well, even before all of that crap. But this was rediculas.

She tossed and turned and flailed in ways that defied human flexibility. She felt her body being twisted and mangled, bent and broken. Her dream was gruesome, to say the least.

And there she stood, watching as Mary was put down by some unknown force. She begged it to stop. To stop showing her this nightmare. She didn't want to see Mary die right in front of her.

And yet there she was, screaming in absolute agony and being practically torn apart. The blood that seeped out form underneath her made Alex want to vomit, and the stench of the stuff nearly pushed her to do just that.

May continued to scream bloody murder as the unknown thing kept piercing her body over and over, powerless to stop its assault. Alex found herself unable to move, still in shock.

Mary turned her head, and suddenly everything stopped. she stopped thrashing, and he monster stopped appearing in her vision every now and again. And Alex took that opportunity to rush to her friends side and look her over. Mary was battered, bruised and bloody as hell. Her eyes remained wide open from shock as she bled to death. Alex stooped down and took her friends hand in her own and started mumbling comforting things to her.

"Everything will be alright..." Alex breathed. "I just need to..."

Mary Beth sopped her. She tired her best to speak loudly enough for Alex to her it, but her voice faltered and so did the rest of her.

Alex tried frantically to shake her former companion awake, but to no avail. She cried out in despair after a few moments to take in the realization that she was dead. Alex let Mary's hand drop from her own and wept, tears streaming from her eyes. She had never felt such sadness before in her life. Never. Not once. And yet here she was, crying over spilt milk.

No. Mary was more than Spilled milk. She was Alex's friend, and one that she would cherish forever, even if she had brought this plague upon both worlds. Alex leaned down and took two fingers, slowly closing both of her friends eyes. She let out a small whimper as she stood to survey the damage dealt to her body, seeing the many, many wounds she had sustained.

And Alex had to look away before she cried again. She couldn't look, no matter how hard she tried. And as the dream faded to darkness, she involuntarily choked, feeling her own heart blacken with it.

Alex woke with a start, feeling the small flames heat. She soon remembered where she was, and found Burke beside her, leaned up against a tree and fast asleep. She looked around, as if searching for Mary's body, but found nothing. She curled up, pulling her knees to her chest and sighing.

If that was really what it would be like to see her dead, than maybe she had made a very hasty judgement of her. And maybe she had also made a very hast decision when she had trusted Burke. It was now days after she had met him in the street and disappeared from her home. She was now in the wilderness, in place she was unfamiliar with. Alex curled up tighter and cried silently.

She knew she had made the right choice. That's why she was upset. Because the right choice meant she had to kill Mary. She had o keep her from twisting the Reality of the two worlds and, essentially, destroying them. But she had to kill Mary. Alex didn't want to have to do that.

"What're you thinking about?" ht voice whispered in her ear, intruding on her thoughts.

Alex turned to find Burke looking at her, his face blank and tired. She sighed.

"I'm thinking about Mary." she admitted sheepishly. Burke scowled.

"You're not going to change your mind are you?" he asked worriedly. "We need all the helpers we can get."

Alex' head shot up. " 'We'?" she asked as she shot him a quizzical look.

Burke smiled. "Yes. The Pack, a special group of men from the Solid Recon, are going to be helping us out in the hunt for those two troublemakers." Alex scowled.

"The Pack? What the hell is that, some kind of wold half-breed?" she practically shouted.

Burke urged her to hush before continuing. "No. They are genetically altered men who work for the Army on Thrae. They are situated Primarily in the Southern Utopia, where their base is located. The other countries of the world on Thrae find it to be unorthodox and crazy. but we say, "NAY" and make them anyways."

Alex tucked her chin back into the crook of her elbow and simply said, "Oh."

Burke Sighed. "I don't know what you're so damn upset about."

Alex suddenly rounded on him, pointing a wild finger in his face. "Shut up!" she shouted. "Mary was my friend! She was like a sister to me! I loved her, Burke. She was like the... the only person who actually gave a damn about me and my personal desires and my personal life. she was really the only one who cared enough to at least try to make me feel better... and the only person whom I actually seemed to be able to grow close to."

Burke made a 'tsk' sound and wrapped a protective arm around your shoulder. "You've got it bad, sweetie." Alex shot him a questioning look, and he responded with a coy grin. "Don't pretend you don't know what I mean, Alex. You love her, right? Even after yo sold her out to the damn police?"

Alex didn't move, instead she tightened her grip on the grass in her palms.

Burke continued, whispering in her ear. "I think I understand. But you can't allow this to hinder your mission. Remember that the fate of one person can't compare to the lives of Seven-billion other people, on both sides of the Rift."

Alex' head shot up. "The what?"

Burke shot her a sly grin. "I said, the life of one person, cant compare to the lives of Fourteen Billion other people. It's not possible."

Alex gritted her teeth. "I know that Burke."

And Alex lay down once again, looking at the sky, and wondering if there had ever been anything up there other than an endless expanse of Indigo canvas. And as she fell asleep the smiling face of her former friend flashed in front of her eyes and burned it's image into her mind.

"Damn it all." she muttered as she drifted off, still clinging to her decision to travel with Burke, in hopes of saving both worlds.
over a year ago wantadog said…
So who's next?
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Well we gotta wait for Shadow to edit his post so we can move on.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
big smile
Finally got my post edited!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
I love it! Great job! :) And yeah. She'd hate having Necromancy. But in order to be able to bring balance to both worlds later on, she will need to learn it at some point. But have no fear, Sebastian is here!~
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
A day later and still Mary didnt woke up. Nicholas was feeling an agony. He was supposed to protect her but now, there was nothing he could do. He culdnt help but thinking about Sebastian and what he did to her. He didnt knew his true intentions but anyway, he was hating Sebastian for that now. Sebastian was now sitting by the same tree when Nicholas punched him in the nose. Sebastian, even tough he healed himself, couldnt help but feel like he did the right thing but also some kind of remorse for betraying a friend of his. It was a long time since he ever had friends, especially one that understood him. But the past can never be rearranged. Besides, he didnt tough of what he did as wrong. He knew it was the right thing to do. Jeffrey however, full of those memories on the past on his head, thinking about the fight he was getting back to. Jeffrey looked to Nicholas who was walking in circles, so nervous he was. He knew what he was feeling. He had the same for a certain someone on his past. He moved to Nicholas. "Calm down a bit. She's not dead." he said. Nicholas stopped and turned to him. "You dont understand," Jeffrey remained silent. Nicholas walked for a few more minutes. He then stopped and stared at Jeffrey a bit more. "Why are you here?" he asked. "Because you need my help." said Jeffrey. "No.I know that there is something besides that." "What?" "I know what you're feeling Jeffrey. Back on that sewers, I saw it in your eyes. The pain, the agony of living alone. Of having everything you once knew as your world, crumble into pieces, right on front of you. I know that you are here looking for a chance to do something you couldnt in the past. A chance to redeem yourself." Jeffrey's eyes were now distant as if he was visualizing something. "Aint I right?" asked Nicholas. Jeffrey grabbed Nicholas by his jacket. "You know nothing about me boy." said Jeffrey. "Believe me Jeffrey. I understand how you feel." Jeffrey sudenly let him go. "You and I... We arent that different Nicholas. You and I both had something we loved that we wanted to protect. Problem is..." Jeffrey placed one of his hands on his head. "I did wrong things in my past. Things I regret. And now... I see you as a newer me. You have the entire world against you, and one person that means everything to you. And I'llwont let you commit the same mistakes that I did. Thats why I'm here." Nicholas stared seriously however also surprised. Both of them sudenly heard the sound of someone waking. Sebastian also got up. As Sebastian was going towards them, Nicholas waved his hand materializing his sword and swung it at Sebastian's neck, but stopped before contact. "You dont go near everyone in here. Not until Im sure I can trust you again." Sebastian didnt said a thing. Nicholas had all the right to be mad at him. Nicholas then dematerialized his sword and walked towards the cabine where Mary Beth was.


Mary woke up. She was breathing heavily, as if she just got out from a nightmare. As she looked to the sides, she remembered everything. The Rift-Walker. She tried to get up but her leggs were shaking. She however managed to see herself. Her eyes were changing colors depending on the light. And she had strange stars tattoes in her arms. She didnt knew what she had done. But she suddenly remembered something. "Nicholas..." she said to herself. She never understood why Nicholas ever kept all his emotions to himself, feeling like an emotionless person. Even tough they were linked. But now she knew. Life wast fair to him. The world he knew, everyone he cared for, all of them were gone. Nicholas life was nothing more than a living hell. Always being discriminated, judged for what he wasnt, always misuderstood. And then sudenly, having the only two persons who ever accepted him. She now understood. how he felt. And how important she was for him, and him for her. She heard the sound of a door opening and Nicholas entering trough it. He closed the door and ran to her. "Thank God you're okay!" he said Smiling. It was one of the few moments she ever saw him smiling. Mary didnt said a thing. She just avoided looking directly to him.Nicholas grabbed a chair and satin front of her. "Mary you dont know how much I was scared." He then noticed that she was acting strangely. "Mary... Why are you looking into the wall?" "I... just dont feel like seeing anyone today." Nicholas got serious and looked at the ground. He placed his right hand on the back of his head as he looked torwards her. "What happened?" he asked. "Nothing." Nicolas kept suspicious. "Could you please leave me alone?" said Mary. That hurt Nicholas. "What?" he asked. Mary even tough knowing about it, said again. "Just leave me alone. Nicholas kept staring at her. "Why do you want me to leave you? What happened?" Mary didnt answered. Nicholas then noticed a star on her arms. He reached for it but Mary moved her arm. "Dotn she said still staring at the wall. Nicholas then reached for it again and this time held her arm steady. What he saw surprised himself. "What is this!?" he asked. He then looked at Mary expecting an answer. "What is this!?"he shouted. Mary didnt turned. "Mary look at me!" he said. Mary refused to turn. Nicholas then let her arm go. "Fine." he said. he turned backward and then he heard something. "Wait" Mary said.Nicholas turned to her, only to see her eyes. They were on its original color. But as she moved her eyes became purple. And then blue, and brown. Her eyes were contantly changing colors. "What..." Nicholas walked closer to her. He stared at her eyes, as Mary's heart raced, not knowing what her protector ould say or think. Nicholas suddenly became aggressive. "I told you to never get inside that house! Why didnt you listened to me!!?" Mary was shocked. She never saw him like this. "I just-" she was bruptally interrupted. "I dont care Mary! I told you to never get inside. And when I come back to check on you, youre lying on the ground! I didnt even knew if you were dead or alive! And then, you made me enter on that cursed place!" Mary suddenly defended herself. "I had to know what was so terrifying inside that house, that made you avoid it!" "And what!? The past cant be changed. Whatever happened, happened!" "Why are you screaming at me!?" asked Mary. "And why didnt you listened to me!?" asked Nicholas. Mary then remembered Nicholas's memories. She then understood what he was feeling. He had the right to be mad. And she never meant to do anything that would make him hate her. "Im sorry..." she said tears coming from her eyes. Nicholas stopped. "Im sorry Nick... Im really am..." Nicholas didnt moved. "Do you... hate me?" Nicholas felt like a knife had strucked his heart. "What...?" He walked to her sitting by her side. "No I dont hate you... Its just that... that house..." he said as he tried to recover the air. "It... brings back memories... Memories I wish I couldnt remember. Im... the one who needs to apologize. Sorry for treating you like this." He placed one of his hands on Mary's hair, stroking it. "Ironic isnt it? Im the one supposed to protect you, and I make you cry..." he said. Mary turned to him. "Do you hate me?" she asked again.Nicholas looked at her. "No... Of course not... Why would I?" he said. "Then waht do you feel?" "About what?" "About me." Nicholas stopped stroking her hair. "I... I.... Just... Sorry I cant answer this." He got up from the bed reaching or the door. Mary called him as he stopped. She tough about telling him the truth. But she sudenly realized, it was too much for him. It was already enough for him to carry her life on his back. She didnt wanted to give him more weight. Besides how would she explain what she saw? "What?" he asked. "Nothing." she said right afterwards. "I'll be out there. If you need me, just call.Okay?" "Okay."


There you go guys.
over a year ago Zordaik said…
[PLAY MUSIC, repeat as necessary]

Jeremiah entered the restaurant, his eyes darting from table to table as he attempted to pinpoint the location of the man he was to be meeting. As he did this, a waitress approached him.

Waitress: I'll seat you now, if you like.

Jeremiah: Oh, no. I'm actually meeting someone here.

Waitress: Ah. Then your name... Is it Jeremiah?

Jeremiah: Yeah.

Waitress: Right this way, please.

With that, the waitress lead the man to the back of the eatery, where a booth slightly distanced from the other tables was conveniently placed. At this booth, there sat a single man with neatly combed, short black hair. Not hesitating, Jeremiah took a seat.

Jeremiah: You wanted me, Victor?

Victor: Keep your voice down. The fact that my message got to you and the fact that you're here means that Shusetsu is now operational once more?

Jeremiah: That's right.

Victor: Then there's something I want you to do... That man, the one who outmatched Shusetsu, he will indeed prove an annoyance. It seems our fates are tied in with that of those children running amok in this world of Earth.

Jeremiah: Oh, that's right. Shusetsu will probably have some information on these guys.

Victor: Unnecessary. I am already familiar with them. Nicholas Marinho, the last surviving member of the Air elementals. Mary Coleman, the young lady with the ability to manipulate stardust. Sebastian Gray, possessing a variety of different abilities including the ability to heal the wounded, the ability to create barriers and seals, and the ability to resurrect the dead. Jeffery Watson, a man with supreme skill in the art of the blade.

Jeremiah: How do you know-

Victor: Don't question me, child.

The black-haired man slipped a chunk of steak into his mouth, chewing it vigorously. As he swallowed, he began his rhetoric once more.

Victor: Pyramid Society is collapsing.

Jeremiah's eyes widened for only a second before reverting to their ever-present half closed state. He didn't bother to ask any questions. He knew Victor well enough to assume the man would elaborate.

Victor: Just two days ago, we lost five high ranking members.

Jeremiah: What the hell? How-

Victor: All I know is that they were discovered by the government and promptly eliminated. But that is past news. The reason I called you here today is pertaining to the problem of the brats that Shusetsu encountered the night of the assassination. Two children, namely Mary Beth and Nicholas Marinho, could prove valuable tools.

Jeremiah: You want me to take them, then?

Victor: That's right. And as for the other members of their little gang... Well, I've arranged a meeting point for you to group up with Shusetsu. He'll join you on this mission. And I have reason to believe he would like a rematch with Mr. Gray. The place will be disclosed to you by the second housekeeper to pass by your hotel room. And Jeremiah?

Jeremiah: What?

Victor: Do not fail this. It could cost you dearly.

With that, the black haired man rose from his seat and exited the building, leaving Jeremiah to quickly finish his dinner and hurry to his vehicle.

over a year ago Leleu2 said…
So whos next? By the way awesome post Zordaik! :)
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
I'll try to post later on today
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
It had been a day since Mary had woken up and in the morning Jeffery and Nicholas began to train. Sebastian yawned as he watched them. It was very boring to watch Nicholas get beat over and over again by Jeffery. Sebastian was itching to talk to Mary who was sitting across the field from him. Nicholas had told her what Sebastian had done and now she didn't trust him. Sebastian sighed and looked at the sky. It was clear and sunny. The temperature was pleasant seventy-four degrees. Sebastian laid down on the grass and nearly fell asleep when he heard a loud clang and Nicholas yell out in frustration
"Damn it!" Sebastian looked over to see Nicholas on the ground again.
"Maybe we should start off a little easier." Jeffery said.
"No, we can't! I need to get stronger." Nicholas said
"Getting beat up is not the best way to do it." Jeffery replied.
"Shut up. Now come on, again." Nicholas said standing up. Within six seconds, Nicholas was on the ground again.
"I can't take this anymore." Sebastian said standing up and walking over. Nicholas looked at him hostilely. Sebastian knelt down and placed his right hand an inch above the ground. A black fog fell from his hand and into the ground. The soil shook a little and then a white hilt of a sword shot up from the ground. Sebastian grabbed it and pulled out the sword. It was a bone sword. He stood back up and Nicholas now had his sword in front of him.
"What are you doing?" Nicholas asked brandishing his sword towards Sebastian.
"I am going to help you." Sebastian replied. He stood directly in front of Nicholas with his sword pointing to the ground.
"No, I don't want your so called 'help'. It always causes problems." Nicholas said defiantly.
"Well then, I guess you wont get stronger," Sebastian said, "And you wont be able to protect those you love." Sebastian said the last part very quietly to where it was almost inaudible. Nicholas gritted his teeth and his grip on his sword tightened. He knew Sebastian was right.
"Fine." he said.
"Great," Sebastian said with a smile, "Jeffery, if you would be so kind to let me take over for a bit?"
"That's fine with me." He said. Jeffery was intrigued on how Sebastian was going to help. Jeffery walked over to where Mary was.
"Now lets begin with closing your eyes." Sebastian said.
"Why? So you can stab me in the back?" Nicholas said, keeping his eyes open.
"No, so you can focus a bit more." Nickolas grumbled but did as he was told.
"Now," Sebastian said, " Relax. Focus on your surroundings. Focus on your objective. Stop trying to strain yourself." Sebastian's voice had gained a hypnotic tone. Nicholas couldn't help but listen to his words and follow his instructions.
"You are Air, you are the wind. Strop trying to force it. Just relax..."
Just then Nicholas's eyes snapped open, all of his emotions came flowing out, and he attacked. Sebastian knew that that would happen and defended himself. Nicholas's sword came for his chest, and Sebastian easily dodged it. But Nicholas attacked again, aiming for his neck. Sebastian blocked it with his own sword, but Nicholas attacked again, cutting downward diagonally from his left shoulder. Sebastian blocked it again and Nicholas attacked again. Nicholas left no opening for Sebastian to act offensively. This onslaught continued for ten minutes when Nicholas knocked Sebastian's sword out of his hands. Nicholas's sword came to a rest on Sebastian's neck.
"Feel better?" Sebastian asked as Nicholas removed his sword. Sebastian put his hand up to his neck where Nick had made a small cut.
"A bit." Nick replied. In fact he felt great! More alive then ever! But he didn't want to tell Sebastian that. He still didn't trust him enough.
"Good. Jeffery," Sebastian called over, "He is all yours." Sebastian walked over to where his sword was. He picked it up then dropped it, blade first, into the ground. The dirt and grass swallowed it up and Sebastian walked off into the woods with his hand still on his neck. When he was a good ways away, he took his hand away and looked at it. It was stained with his blood, but it wasn't red. It was black.
Sebastian thought back to when his father explained his black blood
"I'm a monster." Sebastian had said. He had cut a deep cut on his arm from a piece of glass from a window he had just broken on accident. His father, Damian, was busy bandaging it.
"Your not a monster, your blessed." Damian said.
"How is black blood a blessing?"
"Just because its black doesn't mean its a curse."
"Then what is it?"
"It's a gift."
"From who?"
"Your mother."
"Why did she give me this? And why isn't she here?"
"She saw that it would be helpful in the future, and she can't."
"What will it do?"
"It will help protect the ones you love."

Then why, Sebastian thought, why didn't it help you?
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Nicholas frowned at Sebastian. "Hey, have you seen Jeffrey anywhere?"
Sebastian frowned. "No, I haven't, why? I thought you guys were training?"
"We were, but he decided on a break..."
Sebastian nodded knowingly. "Still can't touch him?"
"Can't even get close to the guy!" Nicholas said dryly. They had trained non-stop for over 4 hours and Nicholas wasn't even close to beating Jeffrey. No matter what he tried, Jeffrey had him in the dirt within 10 seconds. But after Jeffrey had called for a break, he had disappeared. He was nowhere in sight. "So where do you think he went?"
Sebastian looked him in the eye. He seemed to be more trusting than earlier. He smiled. "Sorry, but I have no idea where he went. Maybe Mary saw him?" Nicholas nodded. "Maybe so..." He thanked Sebastian and went to go talk to Mary. He found her leaning against the wall of a house near the center of the village. He slowly approached her. "Mary?" She looked up and stared at him. "Hey, Nick..." "So, how you doing?" "Fine...Just...nothing." Nicholas looked at her. She still wasn't telling him. ", listen, have you seen Jeffrey around anywhere? He seems to have disappeared." Mary looked at him. "No, no I haven't..." Nicholas nodded. "Listen...Mary." That was as far as he got before being interrupted. "I gotta go. I'm gonna go search for Jeffrey..." Nicholas smiled slightly and nodded. She still needed time.

An hour later, Mary Beth was in the middle of the forest looking up at Jeffrey. He was asleep in a tree. He occasionally twitched. She wondered what he was dreaming about. She considered watching a bit more, but decided it might be better to just leave him be. She turned around to go.
"Leaving so soon?"
She gasped as she nearly bumped into two men. The first was kinda burly, with big arms and legs. The other was more skinny, but had muscles. She quickly prepared to fight them off, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.
"I see you guys got my message. You weren't followed?" Jeffrey asked.
The skinny man smiled. "Come on, they're a hundred years too early to be able to keep up with us! How ya doing, Jeffrey?"
"Oh, same old same old. How bout you, Edgar? Still got your gang working?"
Edgar laughed. "If it was the same old same old, you wouldn't have such a pretty girl as a traveling companion. What have you gotten yourself into this time? And the gang is fine."
Jeffrey smiled. "That's good. Don't worry though, I can handle anything I got myself into."
Mary Beth tried to follow the conversation, but it was moving too fast for her. "What's going on? Who are they? Why are they here?"
Jeffrey looked at her. "That's a long story, the short version is that I called them here to get us information on the Solid Recon."
Edgar narrowed his eyes. "'re picking a fight with the Solid Recon?"
"Not just them, pretty much all of Thrae's police wants my head right now."
Edgar exploded in anger, which caused Mary Beth to shrink back. "DAMN IT, JEFFREY! Have you forgotten why you left in the first place!? You know they won't hesitate to use her against you!"
"QUIET EDGAR!" Jeffrey shouted, glancing at Mary Beth, who was curious.
"Use who against him?"
"No one important. What's important is that Edgar here can get us info on they're movements like no one else."
"You act like I've already agreed..." Edgar grumbled.
Jeffrey smiled sweetly. "You will do it because you know the alternative."
Edgar gulped. "Ya, I'd love to do it..."

After Edgar and his silent companion left, Mary Beth rounded on Jeffrey. "Who were they? How do you know them? What is going on?!"
Jeffrey rubbed his forehead. "Can you ask questions at a slightly slower pace, please? They were some associates from my past. I know them because we used to work together, and you already know what's going on more than we do, I assume."
"What do you mean by that?"
"I'm talking about those eyes of yours, and that arm as well."
Mary got defensive. "What about them!?"
Jeffrey sighed. This was getting tedious. He walked right up to Mary Beth and punched her on the top of her head, hard. She yelled out in pain and clutched her head. Jeffrey glared. "Listen, I don't care what happened with you or why your eyes look like that. Do you care about Nicholas?"
She nodded. "Yes..."
"Do you want to protect him!?"
Another nod.
"Then shut up and start doing things my way! I'm going to go have a similar, and slightly more violent, discussion with Nicholas. When you're ready, come on down and get ready to train." He left the dumbfounded Mary behind and started making his way to the village. He didn't like having to be so blunt with her, but they were pressed for time, and if Jeffrey couldn't whip hers and Nicholas' powers into shape, they were dead. He chuckled and repeated the words he had told Nicholas earlier. "I won't help anyone who can't learn to help themselves."

(Meh...figured I'd right a short post...if I portrayed anyone wrong, just say so.)
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Alright Guys ^_^ I'm gonna be playing the part as one the villains in this (Thanks Link =3 )

So without further ado, here they are:

Name: Matsumoto Yamashita

Age: Unknown (Explained in powers) He looks around his late 20's

Gender: Male

Height: 5"9'

Weight: 166 lbs

Hair: Black and messy. Falls just above his eyes and to the base of his neck.

Eye Colour: Grey

Species: Human

Appearance: Matsumoto isn't a large person in height or girth. He's muscular but it isn't visble from looking at him. His hair is scruffy no matter what he does with it. He is rarely seen not wearing expensive clothing. He has a large collection of suits, all made from the finest materials available. He wears minimal jewelry. The last noticeable feature about him is that he always wears black gloves.

Personality: Matsumoto is deceptively kind. He may act sincere, jolly and cheerful but behind the fake smiles and cheerful gaze lurks a soul as black as the devil's. A saying many of his underlings say is that "The more he smiled the more evil he becomes". He is smart and extremely cunning which helped him rise to power within his faction of the Yakuza.

History: Not much is known about Matsumoto. Even to himself the years he's been alive felt like a blur. He joined the Yakuza after getting off the streets of Tokyo which had been his home for countless years. He's done everything that you could think of: Dealt drugs, killed, mugged people, stole from shops to keep himself alive. He rose through the Yakuza ranks quickly before killing off the boss at the time to make himself head. After a few years he gathered those who were loyal to him and moved over to America, establishing themselves in several cities including New York, Washington, Dallas, Los Angeles and all this started from Iowa.

Powers: Matsumoto has the ability to drain the life from anyone who makes skin to skin contact. The time it takes to kill a person depends on the length of contact and the person's own constitution. This ability however can't be turned off so he always wears gloves to avoid doing it unless necessary. Because his ability drains life, it adds the years of life absorbed onto him and keeps him looking young.

From: Tokyo, Japan - Earth.

Works: Was part of the Yakuza but since his move his organisation goes by a different and unknown title. (For the moment at least)

Name: Kai Norton

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 6"2'

Weight: 174 lbs

Hair: Blonde, short and spikey on top.

Eye Colour: Green

Species: Human

Appearance: Kai looks like your average person when out and about. He dresses casually when walking about, wearing anything from jeans to cargo trousers. From jumpers to vests and everything in between. When he is at work however, his attire consists of Black cargo trousers, a grey T-shirt and a black trench coat that covers his body from cheek height down halfway up his legs, while wearing black trainers and black fingerless gloves. H carries around two Katana which are strapped to either side of his waist. The blades are in black sheathes and are themselves a very dull black with serrated blades. Unseen to the naked eye though are a multitude of knives which he has hidden about his person.

Personality: Outside work, Kai is a nice guy. Anyone who met him would find him friendly, cheerful and well mannered. When he is working however that side of himself is pushed to one side where the darker side of himself is released. He is quiet, ruthless, merciless and has no morals. He will get the job done by any means necessary. He is an expert with any bladed weapon he can get his hands on. Though he prefers his two Katana and the countless knives that adorn his person. He is clever and sharp minded as well as adaptable, making him a dangerous person to fight under any circumstances. That said, it is near impossible to intimidate him or agitate him.

History: Kai is of British decent. His accent is noticeable in different countries and had often gotten him into trouble when over in other countries. He had a quiet childhood. He had a small circle of friends and a loving family, including an older sister. But when he was at the tender age of 14, he was woken by gunshots and screaming. He had hidden himself away before hearing the front door slam. When he got over his fear he ran for his parents room and looked on, stunned as he saw blood pool from his parents bodies and later as he ran to his sister's room found her the same way. By the age of 18 he had enrolled in a school in Japan learning how to fight as well as obtaining the remainder of his education before being hired as a mercenary by Matsumoto.

Powers: Kai has the ability to turn shadows into weapons as well as allowing himself to slip in and out of shadows freely.

From: Oxford, England-Earth

Works: He works for Matsumoto Yamashita as a mercenary. His reasons for doing so however are still unknown.

Name: Anna Koslov

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Height: 5"8'

Weight: 132 lbs

Hair: White- She has it straight when she's not working (It falls to her lower back) while when she is she ties it into a ponytail.

Eyes: Light Blue

Species: Human

Appearance: Anna is slim and curvy. She is quite beautiful but while she is slim she has a powerful frame and is well muscled for a woman. Like her partner, Kai, she wears casual clothing when not working, usually a skirt and a T-Shirt. When she does work, she dresses similarly to Kai excluding the Trench Coat, instead going for a black Army jacket. She carries two gun holsters slung under her each arm. Both contain high caliber pistols, plus her jacket is filled with extra ammunition. She keeps a small knife in a sheathe on the rear of her belt.

Personality: Unlike Kai, Anna is not a pleasant person. She is angry, loud and absent of any fear, sincerity, remorse or compassion. Of course in public she hides this side of herself as best as she can, Kai having to try and keep her calm a lot of the time. Anna is a regular drinker. She has a drink nearly every day in the week. She is an expert marksman, able to use any gun she can get her hands on and effectively use it. She prefers sniper rifles to anything else but she carries around two pistols that are treasured possessions for her.

History: Anna grew up in Moscow, Russia in a very patriotic, lower class family. She had 2 brothers that were treated better than her by both her father and mother. By the age of 17 she had joined the Russian army, rising through the ranks as a renowned sharpshooter. By 20 she was selected to join the Russian Special forces, the Spetznaz, completing many mission successfully with the 3 year period she was with them. However, after a fight which lead to the death of a comrade she was dishonorably discharged from the Spetznaz only to flee during prison shipment. She fled to Tokyo after getting into contact with some old comrades who got her on her feet. She worked for 2 years as a mercenary meeting Kai in the process. They both ended up working for Matsumoto and moved to America with him.

Powers: She has the ability to change the effective distance of her vision allowing her to see 10x further then that of a normal human.

From: Moscow, Russia-Earth

Works For: Matsumoto Yamashita's organisation. She is only doing it for the money.

Image below is the best I could find for Matsumoto. Just imagine him in smarter clothing)
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Alright Guys ^_^ I'm gonna be playing the part as one the villains in this (Thanks Link =3 ) 

So w
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Here's Kai.
Here's Kai.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
And here's Anna
And here's Anna
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
SUPERCOOL! I love them. They're. So. Epic.
over a year ago wantadog said…
Gotta agree with Link on this one XD I can just imagine a battle between Kai and Jeffrey. Shadow powers VS Light powers. Both experienced swordsmen. Would be so epic. XD
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
So Epic characters! I think they'llbe a great addition! Just like wantadog said, a battle between Kai and Jeffrey would be so awesome. :) Oh by the way wheres my education? Welcome aboard! :)
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Thanks Guys. Can't wait to get started!
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Thought I might as well write a post.

During the day the various streets of various towns and cities are generally safe places. Families and friends shopping, dining, drinking together in the peaceful ignorance that commonly shrouds their perception of the world around them. But once the sun goes down, the shops close, the families return home...a whole new perspective of the world can be given.

It was such a night that Kai and Anna were walking down to The Carta's Hold, a bar in the town that was a popular hangout for criminals, from thieves to murder's and owned by the Albanian Mafia. It was a place that the two both went to frequently. They were well known within the walls and well respected at that. But this wasn't an ordinary visit for them, which had a bad effect on Anna, but that's not too uncommon.

Anna: (Her hair bounced from side to side, tied up in a ponytail. Her face was mildly contorted in anger and she wildly gesticulated with each word. Her accent isn't thick but its noticeable.) Argh...I told that bastard that I wasn't working tonight, but here I am, walking down the fucking road, and instead of having a nice relaxing drink, I've got to work instead. (Her head titled back as she yelled at the top of her lungs.) FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!

Kai: (He tried to block out her angry ranting but failed. Instead he tried to calm down his partner's rage filled mood) Anna, I'm not exactly happy about it either but you don't hear me complaining about it. Besides your making a scene and we really don't need the attention.

This attempt at calming her down had the opposite effect.

Anna: (She quickly turned to him while they were only a few feet from the bars entrance) Oh shut up you whelp. Its not like you know what's going in my head...

Kai: (He sighed before pushing open the door and interrupting her) Look can we save this for later. Let's jest get this done and then we can relax, argue, drink...whatever.

Anna just shot him a dirty look before entering the bar.

As they entered they were met with a lot of noise and laughing. People were chugging drinks, smoking (Some of it wasn't tobacco) and there was even the odd bit of fighting with cheering spectators making bets on the participants. They both ducked as a bottle flew at them, hitting another patron next to them. They continued walking up to the bar, where upon Anna had to shout to the bartender to make herself heard above the colossal racket behind her.

Anna: (She leaned as close as she could to the bartender so he could hear) Hey I need to talk to Antonio. Its business!

Bartender: (A worried look passed his face but he still answered her truthfully) He's out back, here I'll take you...

Anna: (She quickly moved off, Kai followed her around the bar and through a door. Anna stuck her head back around the door frame and shouted to the bartender) Thanks, now get everyone the fuck out!


Antonio was a small, arrogant, cocky Albanian, who was olive skinned and nearly fully coated in jewelry. He was always surrounded by a large group of cronies who were overly large and arrogant themselves. Upon seeing Kai and Anna emerge through the doorway he was all smiles, signalling for two of his goons to close the door behind them.

Antonio: Please friends sit down. What's your poison? (He signaled to a bar behind him; his own personal bar)

Anna: (She smiled falsely. She hated him with an unbridled passion. However she sat down and Kai followed suit) Vodka and none of that weak-ass stuff either. (Antonio signaled to his bartender who hurriedly brought the bottle and a half filled glass of vodka. Anna fished the Vodka in a single gulp then took the bottle and swigged from it)

Antonio: What about you Kai?

Kai just remained silent, locking eyes with Antonio which unnerved the Albanian immensely.

Antonio: So why are you two here then?

Anna: (She stopped swigging vodka long enough to answer) Your behind on your payments.

Antonio made a subtle motion with his his hand next to the table for the doors to be locked.

Antonio: There must be some mistake....

Anna: (She interrupted him. Angrily smashing the bottle on the table.) Don't give me that shit. Now just give us the money and we'll go.

Kai and Anna both heard metallic rattles and the sound of blades clearing sheathes. Antonio started playing with a knife.

Antonio: Well what are you going to do about it? Your as good as dead now. (He slammed his knife into the table threateningly, nodding to the men in the room)

Anna: (she whipped one of her guns from her left holster) Big Mistake pal.

She pulled the trigger and watched as Antonio's head burst into fragments of flesh, bone and brain matter and fly around the room. While Kai grabbed the knife on the table and spun, slashing an oncoming thug across the throat before throwing the knife across the room where it landed between the eyes of another raising a gun. Anna pulled out her other gun and started pulling the triggers as fast as she could. Blood pooling on the floor and painting the walls, while Kai drew one of his swords and sprinted remarkably fast towards the group blocking the door and just as quickly appeared behind them, sheathing his blade. A few seconds later the thugs bodies dropped to the floor dismembered before turning and reaching his hand inside his coat, throwing a knife across the room and taking out the bartender who'd just pulled out a shotgun.

This whole episode took just over 30 seconds before Anna started shooting the alcohol bottles on the shelf while Kai searched one of the bodies in the room, finding a lighter. He set the flame on placing a cigarette he took from a pack in his pocket in his mouth, lighting it, taking a puff and then throwing it into the alcohol and watched it go up in flames.

A minute later the two of them were walking back down the street, one drinking the other smoking while behind them the bar was a blazing inferno and no one had made it out.
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Why thank you good sir!!!!!
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Sebastian sighed, he was so bored. He was walking through the forest to find something that could quell his boredom. He arrived at a clearing and stopped. Sebastian looked up at the sky and just watched the clouds for a while. He had been standing there for nearly ten minutes when he heard footsteps coming from the opposite side of the clearing. They were faint and Sebastian could tell that there were two people walking towards the clearing. Sebastian hid behind a large tree and waited for them to come.
When the footsteps reached the clearing Sebastian saw two people emerge from the trees. One was big and burly, and the other was skinny but muscular. Sebastian watched them cross through the center of the clearing and then go towards the right side of it. Sebastian decided to follow them. As they left Sebastian silently trailed them through the woods. I wonder if they are spies, Sebastian thought. At that thought he started thinking of ways on how to kill them quickly and silently. Sebastian had been following the men for quite some time before they stopped.
"Hey," the skinny man called out, "I know your following us. Show yourself." Sebastian stood at his hiding spot behind a tree.
"C'mon, don't play games." The skinny man said. He started turning in a slow circle, looking for their follower. Sebastian stood still, hoping the man didn't see him.
But apparently the man knew where Sebastian was because he started walking towards Sebastian's hiding place. Sebastian heard the footsteps get closer and waited for him to come. Sebastian was already preparing spells to take them both out.
Suddenly, big burly man appeared behind Sebastian, who was facing the tree.
"What the hell?" Sebastian said. He tried to move away from the big man when the other man showed up.
"Gotcha!" The skinny man said and reached for Sebastian. But his hand never grabbed Sebastian.
Sebastian grabbed the man by the wrist and flung the man over his back at the bigger man. They were sent sprawling into a tree. They tried to disentangle themselves from one another but found it impossible. Yellow, slightly glowing strings had wrapped the two men together and to the tree. They looked over at Sebastian.
Sebastian stood with his left hand aimed at them. He lowered it and then held up his right hand. His right hand had sprouted very long and thin claws that would easily pierce through the skinny man and into the heart of the other.
"Well, this helped with my boredom." Sebastian said. He moved at an inhuman speed and was about to stab his claws into the men.
"Sebastian, no!" Someone shouted. But he couldn't, he was going too fast. There was a flash and Sebastian felt something on his wrist. Something fell to the forest floor.
Sebastian stared at where his hand was, or should have been. Now there was only a stump at his right wrist. It was pressed against the skinny man whose eyes were very wide. Strangely, it didn't bleed.
"Damn it, Sebastian!" Jeffery appeared to the right of the men, "Get rid of these strings." Sebastian did what he was told and then picked up his hand off the ground.
The skinny man now free turned to Jeffery. "Who the HELL is that!?"
"His name is Sebastian." Jeffery said then turned to Sebastian, "Sorry about your hand. Is it all right?" Jeffery had a small tone of concern
Sebastian replied by placing his hand back on the severed stump. There was a strange and sickening noise. Sebastian then showed Jeffery that it had reattached.
"It's all good." Sebastian said. "Who are these two?"
"They are my friends. I asked them to help with getting information on Solid Recon."
"If you can invite friends, could I invite mine?" Sebastian asked, "They can be really helpful."
"I have a feeling that none of us would like to meet the people you are friends with." said Jeffery.
"I don't really feel like helping anymore." The skinny man said. Jeffery looked at with him with a strange look in his eyes. "Really, Edgar?"
"Never mind," Edgar said, "But what have you gotten yourself into if you have allies like that girl and this," he gestured at Sebastian, "Whatever the hell it is?"
"It?" Sebastian said but was ignored.
"It's none of your business but I still need that info." Jeffery said.
"Did you hear him? He called me an it." Sebastian said. This time Jeffery looked at him.
"What are you then?"
"Uh... Let's just leave it at it." Sebastian replied. He started walking back towards the village.
"What's with him?" Sebastian heard Edgar ask Jeffery, "He's a freak, and not the kind if person you would normally be friendly with." Sebastian stopped.
"Jeffery isn't the type of guy I would be friendly with either." Sebastian said. He looked back at the men. "Now you two better leave before I attack again."
"Oh, really? I'm not scared of you!" Edgar said. Sebastian said nothing, only stared into Edgar's eyes. Edgar suddenly had a strange feeling, like something very dark, powerful, and dangerous had passed over him.
"You are a fool, if your not." said Sebastian. This time he walked away and went back to the village.
Sorry it took so long for me to post. Hope you guys like it.
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Hey guys, I cant post now until I buy a new keyboard. This one is having problems and some keys arent working. All letter keys are, but numbers and point, arent. So I'll wont be able to post for some time. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a new one. And b y the way, really good post Shadow. I liked it.
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Matsumoto wasn't happy. He sat behind an expensive oak desk, in an expensive white suit. His messy black hair fell just above his eyes. Across the room from him sat Kai and Anna on a comfortable leather sofa. Anna was jittery with anger while Kai just sat listening to Matsumoto talk.

Masumoto: (His voice wasn't angry, terse or irate which made it hard for either Kai or Anna to determine his emotion. He placed his left index finger against his left temple) Why couldn't you just follow orders? I said get my money, not kill everyone and burn the place down. Now I've got to answer questions that the police are asking me and I've also got to make it up to the Albanian Mafia's boss as to why 20 of his men are now nothing but cinders.

Anna: (She leaped up from her seat and immediately got forced back down by Kai. She shouted at Matsumoto at the top of her lungs) WELL I CAN'T HELP IT IF SOME BASTARDS ARE TRYING TO KILL ME!

Matsumoto: (He sighed. His voice was filled with exasperation) Well if you were better at negotiating maybe we wouldn't be in this situation.

Anna was about to answer back again but Kai placed his hand gently on her shoulder. She kept her mouth shut allowing her partner to speak.

Kai: (His voice was perfectly calm and level as he addressed Matsumto) Look boss? I know you wouldn't just drag us here to rant and rave about one burnt out pub. Its not like back in Dallas with that warehouse.

Matsumoto: (He chuckled to himself a little at the memory of what happened) Ah good times. But yes Kai, your absolutely right. I haven't brought you here simply because you two cost me a bar and some Albanian bastards. No, in fact it was a bit fun to hear from some of the witnesses about the chaos you caused before we silenced them. (He leaned forward a slight smile playing on his lips.) You see I have received an intriguing business proposition from a place called Thrae. (Both Anna and Kai's faces took a look of confusion but Matsumoto continued on regardless) Its some world parallel to our own as far as I know, but the thing I'm really interested in is this element they have in their possession. Its non existent here and can be refined to the point we can make metal out of it. Its several times harder than titanium and half the weight. The potential for making weapons with it is amazing.

Anna: (She appeared to be deep in thought) So how much is it?

Matsumoto: (He sighed) A fortune in drugs and weapons. They wouldn't accept our currency. Isn't recognised over there. In numbers I'd say 2 million for 5 metric tonnes.

Kai and Anna both whistled simultaneously.

Matsumuto: The thing is though this deal must go down. It can't be interrupted and it definitely must not implode if you catch my drift. (Both Kai and Anna nodded) So you two will be patrolling. I don't want you near the deal so I've hired two more mercenaries who will be added to your little duo.

Anna: (She jumped jump quickly and stormed over to Matsumoto's desk before Kai could stop her.) HANG THE FUCK ON?! YOU DID WHAT NOW?! THAT WASN'T IN OUR AGREEMENT YOU JAPANESE BASTARD, WE CLEARLY SAID WE'D WORK ALONE.

Matsumoto: (He merely smiled at her which caused her to shiver) And this is the whole reason why I decided to hire some more people. It's clear you can't restrain that dangerously short temper of yours and Kai can't keep you on your leash. (He clicked a button on the intercom that was fixed to his desk) Send them in.

A minute or so later the new help entered the room. One was a huge mountain of a man. He had black dread-locked hair and dark skin. His eyes were not visible behind a pair of tinted sunglasses and he wore a grey tank top and a baggy pair of green camo cargo trousers. The person standing next to him was a fair bit shorter than the other man, his head was covered by a black hood and a mask that only left his eyes and the bridge of his nose visible. He wore a short-sleeved black jacket and a pair of black trousers. His neck was swathed in a white scarf that was wrapped around his neck at least twice and draped down to his lower back. He carried a single sword on his back that was too short to be a katana but too long to be a wazikashi blade.

Matsumoto: (He stood up and walked around the front of his desk) Kai, Anna meet your two new partners (He pointed at the large man) Eric Jones, also known by the alias "Fingers" and (He gestured to the smaller man) Nova.


I'll submit there character profiles at a later date.
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Nicholas turned backwards as he saw Jeffrey and Mary coming back from the trees. "There you are Jeffrey. Come on, I need more training." Jeffrey stared at him serious. "No you dont." Nicholas was surprised. "I told you I cannot help those who cannot help thenselves." Jeffrey grinned. "From a moment I otugh you might be the one. But now... You're just like the others. You dont have the will to protect thos who love you. And those you love in the same way." Nicholas felt like if a knife had struck his heart. "What..." he was bruptally interrupted. "Even tough you and Mary are linked the two of you doesnt even seem to care about each other. You two are linked, but still... I just cant understand." Jeffrey turned back. "I knew it... It was foolish of me to come here... I'll be leaving." Nicholas ran close to him. "Come on Jeffrey we need you! I need you here!You ahve to train me so I can" "So you can what!!!!?? You're weak!! Icant see justice in you being the last Wind survivor." Nicholas got shocked after hearing that. "Thats it. Im leaving right now." As Jeffrey walked out of the village Mary ran to Nicholas to see if he was ok. Sebastian got up. Even tough Nicholas was angry at him, he coudlnt bear to see him treated like this. "Damn you Jeffrey!!! I warned him that you were nothing but an egotistical pig!!! But he believed in you!! And that's how you treat him!?" Jeffrey turned backards. "Weaklings dont deserver the help I have to offer." As he said so he walked close to them and grabbed Mary bi her arm. "What the-" "Im bringing her whit me." Nicholas got up. "What the fuck you think you're doing!?" "You arent strong enough to protect her. She is the key to allthis, and if you can offer the slightest chance of her dying, I'll take her whit me." Mary tried to free from his grasp. "And there is nothing you or Mary can do about it." Nicholas kept staring at Jeffrey. "Leave her alone... She has nothing to do whit this!!!!" Jeffreykept walking pushing Mary whit him. "Leave her I tell you!!" Jeffrey stopped. "Or what?" "Or I'll force you to." As he said so he waved his hand and his katana appeared. Jeffrey let Mary go. He unsheated his balde slowly. "You are weak. You cant defeat me." "We'll see about that!!!" Nicholas ran to Jeffreyswinging his sword. Jeffrey however dodged the fatal blow. As Nicholas was going for another strike, Jeffrey blocked it and kikced him, making Nicholas fall in the ground a few feet backwards. He placed his lefthand on his stomach as he felt the pain. As Mary tried to go for him Jeffrey stopped once more. "Lets go." he said. "Stop this!!! You will not take her from me!!!" screamed Nicholas panicking. Sebastian ran to his help. As he got up he stared at Jeffrey. "Iwarned you Nicholas. But dont worry. I'll take care of him." "Stay out of this!!" As he said so Sebastian turned to him. "You cant possibly think you can defeat him alone do you?" Nicholas got up barely. "Jeffrey!!!!!!" Memories of his past surfaced. The day his parents were murdered.He wasnt capable to save them. He was always a weakling, he could never protect the ones who were dear to him. "My entire clan... Was murdered because I didnt had the power to protect them..." The memoriesof his father dying right in his eyes, the panick he felt that moment. N pain in the world could be greater than that. "My parents... They died because of me..." As he said so he looked at Jeffrey who let Mary go once more.

--------------------------------PLAY MUSIC-------------------------------------­

"Nicholas!!!!" she shouted. "If I cant bring you to stop this nonsense... I'll kill you!!!!" A vortex of wind started running around his body. "I'll wont let you or anyone else, take anything more from me!!! I'll wont let you take Mary from me!!!!" As he said so he ran to Jeffrey. Jeffrey at his hand barely blocked the attack but was sent flying at a tree, due to the speed and brute strenght of the attack along whit the wind. As he got up Nicholas was already on him ready to strike. Jeffrey dodged as the sword clahsed on the ground. Suddenly the tree was split in half. "He didnt even touched the tree whit his sword... It was pure wind..." Jeffrey got up. "I cant win defending and unning . I have to get the upper hand." he said to himself. He ran at Nicholas striking fiercely, however Nicholas dodged the attacks and blocked one. As Jeffrey was ready to strike again, Nicholas released the air pressure around him, and explosion made of pure air, sending him flying backwards. Jeffrey landed on his feet however he felt a vortex of air in his stomach whit sent him flying once more, as he fell on the ground whit his back. He got up quickly once more as he barely dodged a wave of cutting air. The same, sliced a bit of his ceek, as blood started running trough it. It wasnt a deep cut, but still, he couldnt believe it. Nicholas ran to Jeffrey ready to strike whit a fatal blow. "Jeffrey!!!" He jumped as to attack from above.As he fell whit his word ready to strike, Jeffrey stood firmly ready to parry the upcoming unavoidable attack. "C'mon!!!" shouted Jeffrey. As both sowrds clashed a sound of metal was heard deafening those around. Jeffrey felt as if gravity was 10x stronger as the ground under him started to crack. He felt the winds puling him down. He then smiled and as his eyes glowed he counterattacked sending Nicholas flying back a few feet. As he fell on the groun before he even got the chance Jeffrey's swordwas at his neck. "Stop it, before you die." Nicholas stared deep in Jeffrey's eyes. "Never. I'll die before I lose someone precious to me again." Jeffrey the smiled. He sheatd his sword and gave Nicholas his hand. "What-" he tough. "I said I couldnt help those who cannot help thenselves. This isnt what I see here." Nicholas completely surprised tried to say smething but he passed out. "Oh.. I guess I brough him to his limit..." Mary ran to Nicholas. "Nicholas!! C'mon answer me!" Jeffrey loked at her. "Dont worry.He'll be back in no time. Besides you knew I didnt had the intention to break you and him apart did you?" Sebastian came closer to him. "Jeffrey you asshole. Why didnt you told me or her before?" Jeffrey turned to him. "I couldnt. I had to let you guys on the blank, so your reactions could be as closer to the truth as possible. If Mary didnt cried in panick asking for his help, he wouldnt had got mad anyway." Sebastian grinned. "You sick bastard." Jeffrey smiled. He turned to Mary. "It seems he really feels something for you, if he got that angry when I threatened to take you from him." Mary turned to him. "Will he be ok?" "Yes he will." Mary turned to Nicholas nce more. "He as completely emotionless when I met him..." Jeffrey sat on the ground. "Probably some traumatic event destroyed his heart. But when he met you, bit by bit his feelings are coming back. By staying clse to you, he feels who he was and who he should be. He fears for you, and this somehow stopas him from showing his true emotions and intentions. He just doesnt want you to worry for him thats all. However emotions suprressed for so long can be a danger. This wrath he feltfrom the moment I threatened you... It could be a great weapon but also a great weakness. We'll have to teach him to control his emotions so he doesnt lose it." He got up. "C'mon. This guy needs some rest. Tomorrow morning, he has more training to do. And you too young lady." "What?" "You two will train together." Mary felt curious. "Why?" Jeffrey tough for a bit of the best way to explain it to her. "You twoare linked in body and soul. You two are the same, sharing different bodies. Thats all. But in essence, you two are the same being. This said, your powers complete one another. Meaning that when the two of you fight separated, your powers are cut in half. But when fighting together, you two fight like one. And this is your greatest strenght. Thats why I'll train both of you from now on."


There you go guys. Hope you liked it!!
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Name: Fingers aka Eric Jones

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Height: 6"5'

Weight: 225 lbs

Hair: Black. He has messy deadlocks that hand down to the upper part of his chest and back. He wears a hair band to keep it out of his face.

Eye Colour: Brown

Species: Human

Appearance: Eric's most notable feature is his dark skin. He wears a white hair band to keep his hair out of his face and normally he wears a pair of dark lensed sunglasses. His work attire is not much different to his casual gear. He wears a tank top (varying degrees of colour but grey when out working) and a pair of shorts (Either jean shorts or coloured cargo shorts. Black cargo shorts when working) And finishes his attire off with a pair of white trainers. He is a large guy mainly due to th bulk of near pure muscle beneath his clothes.

Personality: Eric is a very friendly guy. He helps anyone out of any situation he deems worthy of said help. However provoking Eric is a simple task but a dangerous one. He has a very fiery temper. His speech is much like that of a street punk mixed with a gangster. He is a hand-to-hand fighter. He doesn't use any fancy martial arts but instead a mixture of boxing and street fighting which makes him not only incredibly unpredictable but also a fearsome opponent up close. He will use anything as a weapon if given the opportunity but he uses two gloved gauntlets as his primary weapons. They're fingerless gloves that have titanium panels that run down the back of the gloves and wrap around his forearms. Were the plates end on his knuckles are small yet sharp spikes.

History: Eric grew up in Brooklyn. During school he ran a business that involved him getting what the buyer wanted as quickly as he could. This is where he acquired the nickname "Fingers". He used a various number of contacts and even stole from places himself to get these items. In his teenage years he joined a gang that controlled a small portion of the Brooklyn Streets. In a matter of a few months since he joined the gang controlled most of the streets of Brooklyn. Some of the fights were brutal street wars however after a while to save the excess bloodshed, the gangs organised back-alley brawls. Winner took the turf. Eric never lost a fight. He maintained his business of acquiring goods for a price but the goods ranged from a book or some jewelry to cars, weapons and even at one time a case of uranium. Matsumoto hired him out on one job to get him a gun. Eric got him the item within 2 days. Matsumoto then hired him there and then to be one of his hired guns.

Powers: Eric is able to manipulate the earth around him. He does this by making a heavy impact with the floor and sometimes the walls and changes the landscape to his advantage. Sometimes casing spikes to tear towards his opponent other times trapping people inside cocoons of earth.

From: Brooklyn, New York-Earth

Works For and why: Himself and Matsumoto. The why? Money of course.
Name: Fingers aka Eric Jones

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Height: 6"5'

Weight: 225 lbs

Hair: B
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Name: Nova (Real name, unknown)

Age: ?????

Gender: Male? (Maybe a girl, no one actually knows)

Height: 5"9'

Weight: 160 lbs

Hair: Black. It's long but tucked under a hood.

Eyes: Dull Yellow

Appearance: There isn't much to say in the way of appearance with Nova. He wears a hood that cover most of head apart from his face and then wears a mask that covers everything but his eyes and his forehead. He wears a black jacket that covers the whoe of his upper body and wears a pair of loose plain black trousers. He also wears a pair of black matial arts shoes. He also wears a white scarf around his neck. He has a ninjato (A short Katana) strapped across his back. To give you the full picture. He looks like a ninja with a hood and a scarf.

Personality: The most noticable thing about Nova is he doesn't speak. His communication is action based, such as shaking/nodding his head. The looks he gives people or when he writes something down on a notepad he has with him. This can be difficult to understand considering he can only write in Japanese. He isn't agressive, hyperactive, moody but calm, cool and collected. He has no problem killing anyone and doesn't care how he does it. As a ninja he can litterally use any weapon he gets his hands on but prefers the nijato he carries around on his back. As well as being an accomplished swordsman, he is also an accomplished martial artist and a lockpick.

History: Unknown until he met Eric during an assassination job. Nova had been shot and Eric removed the bullet himself. He cared for Nova until he was back to full strength and has had the small guy (or girl) following him around ever since.

Powers: Nova's abilities are strange to the point where he can control any gas freely. This means he can make an area stupidly hot or stupidly cold, remove air from an area completely and even more outstanding walk in the air or dissappear from view. And all this can be done by moving the molecules of gasses around him to achieve a desired effect.

From: Unknown. Most likely Japan-Earth

Works For and why- Matsumoto. To stay with Eric.


No need for a picture. You can probably guess what he/she looks like.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
After Mary and Nicholas had were asleep and Jeffery was where ever he goes at night, Sebastian had gone out into the woods. Even though he saw the need for Jeffery's spectacle, Sebastian was still pissed. True, if Mary and himself had been warned they would have acted differently. But Sebastian was still angry. He was quite a ways away from the village when he stopped. Before he could think better Sebastian fist lashed out, hitting the tree in front of him. The supernatural force caused the tree to splinter. Suddenly there was a loud crack and the tree started to falling towards the left.

"Oops." said Sebastian as he quickly got under the tree. Surely it would have smashed him. But Sebastian caught it before it fell all the way to the ground and making a loud crashing noise that would wake everyone up. Sebastian set the tree gently down on the ground and sighed.

"My, my! What incredible strength!" Someone said. Sebastian turned to see a teenager standing behind him. A small beam of moonlight caught the his face. He was about the same age and height as Sebastian. His hair was white and he had green eyes. Sebastian created a light so he could see more of the mysterious person.

In the light Sebastian saw him clearly. His skin was fair and wore a white shirt and shorts. On his hands there were white finger-less gloves. His fingernails were painted white with black runes on them.

"Dante, thanks for coming." Sebastian said.

"Oh, its not a problem. I always enjoy helping friends." Dante replied. Sebastian had met Dante in an alley two weeks ago. Sebastian had saved him from some gang that was trying to kill him. Although Dante didn't really need saving for he was doing just fine holding them off with his strange knives, that was until someone tried to sneak up behind him. Sebastian had jumped from the rooftop he was on and killed the person. Dante never told Sebastian why the gang wanted him dead but they became friends.

"So what help do you need?" Dante said.

"Well I thought that we would need more people if the Thrae agents find us. Your abilities could be useful."

"Ah, I see," Dante said. He lifted up his left glove a little bit exposing his palm. On his palm there was a black circle with a six-pointed star tattooed there. On the inside of each point there were strange symbols. Dante lowered his glove, "How many people do you guys have?"

"Three, well five if you count Jeffery's friends. But I don't think they will help with the fighting." Sebastian replied.

"Interesting, when will I meet everyone?" Dante asked with glee. His eyes were lit up with excitement.

"Well you can meet me." A voice said coming to the right of Sebastian. It was Jeffery. He had his sword raised at Dante and looked over at Sebastian. "Who is this?"

Sebastian looked at Jeffery, his eyes impassive. Sebastian knew that Jeffery would show up. "He is a friend of mine. I have asked him to help us with our endeavor."

"Why didn't you tell us you were inviting him?" Jeffery said accusingly.

"Why didn't you tell us that you were inviting your friends?" Sebastian said. He turned back to Dante who still looked excited. "Come on, lets go to the village. I will fill you in on whats been happening." Sebastian went back to the village with Dante following him. Jeffery stared after them then went back to patrolling the forest.
I hope its fine if I add another character. If not I'm fine with getting rid of him.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
It's perfectly fine! I should have a post up within a day or two.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Name: Dante Astral

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye color: Green

Hair Color: White

Species: Human

Appearance: White shirt, white pants, white finger-less gloves, white painted nails

Personality: Dante is usually a happy person. He hardly ever frowns or gets depressed. His mood is always light and care free. Most enemies find his optimistic mood unnerving. Even in the face of death he always has a small grin on his face. Dante also is very observant, things don't often slip by his gaze, except for that one man in the alley. Dante has considered that event his greatest failure.

History: Dante grew up in a town that was full of gangs. At the age of twelve he joined one. He stayed with them until he was fifteen. One day the leader of the gang asked Dante to come see him. The leader somehow found out about Dante's powers and asked how the leader could get them. When Dante told him that it was impossible he tried to kill Dante. Dante used his powers to kill the leader but the gang attacked him. Dante fled from the gang but was cornered in the alley where he meets Sebastian. Even though he is from a gang, he doesn't cuss.

Powers: On Dante's body there are several marks: his fingernails, both his palms, and one on his chest. The runes on his nails can either create needles which he can throw at people or turn into claws. On his palms, a knife comes out of each one. When he doesn't need them anymore they turn into a white mist and flow back into his palms. He can only have one knife from each palm. Oh Dante's chest there is the same symbol that are on his palms. From here he can make a sword. With the sword from his chest, Dante can create black beams of energy. Dante is a skilled swordsman.
Strangely, Dante is also able to enter the spirit realm.

Where are they from: Earth

Who do they work for and why: Enjoys helping Sebastian
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Name: Dante Astral

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye color: Green
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Here is the knife
Here is the knife
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
And here is the sword. Except the gold is silver and the red is black
And here is the sword. Except the gold is silver and the red is black
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Great characters introduced by KOVIP3R and ShadwHunter. I really think they're a great addition tot he story.

But who'll go next? I already posted and I dont want to post again, at least until a few more posts are up.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
I want to post but I don't want it to be another meaningless one.
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Well I can help you whit the posts if you want KOVIP3R. Anything you need just message me.
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I'm not really sure on Mary's powers so I was kinda waiting for Link to post. I suppose I could write a side post or something....
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Yeah me too. Problem is, Link is really busy these days. She didnt even answered the PM's I sent her. But I dont blame her. After all, an entire month in the hospital, and then having to go back to school so soon, really get us busy (this never happened to me, but you get my point) KOVIP3R had an excellent idea in ich I'll start working on, but if you want just post wantadog. You could make like Jeffrey trying to train Nicholas and Mary but Mary refuses to fight on the training because she is afraid the group will deserd her (even tough they wont) and then Jeffrey gets suspicious about what she's hiding, and then as soon as he tries to get information out of her, Nicholas get between her and him, stopping him from doing anything he planned on (after all he's her guardian). Just an idea that came out of the blue here wantadog. But if you like it, you can try a post if you want. Let's just hope Link is back as soon as possible. But for now, we'll have to figure things on our own.
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I'll try to post sometime this week. I could either do a flashback about Sebastian and Shusetsu or could do a back story on Dante.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Probably best to do the back story. At least that way we'll get a feel for the character.
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I'll be posting later tonight using KOVIP3R's idea. I think I have somehting formulated so expect a really great and big post!
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Ok. I'll have something up withing the next.....3-4 hours. I'm gonna do another post about Jeffrey's past.
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ok well that was a fail. my internet went nuts. NOW I should have something up soon.
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----------------------------PLAY MUSIC-----------------------------

Nicholas opened his eyes. He looked around him. "Where am I?" he asked himself. Suddenly he smelled smoke. "Oh God..." He ran and ran as fast as he could. Suddenly he forgot about everything. His heart was racing and then... He finally arrived. "No..." he said as he saw his village in fire. He ran to it calling for his parents and friends. He went inside the few houses left. Calling for everyone he could. He then saw a trail of blood on the ground coming from his house. As he entered inside... He saw blood everywhere. He coudlnt believe it. Everyone was gone. He entered inside, searching for anyone's sign, specially his mother and father. He kept calling and crying in fear. Until he finally decided to run to the forest. Not far from the village he saw multiple bodies. He walked to them."No...this cant be happening..." He said to himself walking whitout knowing what to do. And then he saw someone. "DAD!!!!" He ran to his father. He kneeled next to him. "Dad everything will be okay!! I'll... I'll heal you!" He clapped his hands and a golden light was formed (yup he has this unique ability, in case you guys didnt knew) As he was moving for his father chest, which was, massively hurt and bleeding, the light dissipated. "FUCK!! I cant... I'm sorry father... I... cant..." He started crying ansd sobbing. He was already 15, but he semmed like a little kid. His father turned his head and smiled. "Dont worry son.. When... the time comes... Nothing can be done..." Nicholas then noticed that his father was hugging a dead body. It was his mother's. "No..." he said to himself. "Dont cry..." his father said still smiling. "She died... happily... because you... were safe... and I too shall die happy..." He looked to his father. "But I dont want you to die!!! I dont want mom to die!!! I dont want anyone to die!!" His father gigled as blood came out of his mouth. "I'll kill myself if you die! I have no other reason to live than you and mom!!" His father suddenly got angry and grabbed him by his jacket. "Never, ever say that again..." His father coughed blood, dirtying Nicholas's jacket. "You... my son.. you were always... the mostspecial of us... I alays... wanted only the best to you... ut listen... I cant hide your fate... from you anymore..." His father screamed in pain. Nicholas movedclose, in order to hold him before he fell. "You.. the sole reason we sent you out... The only reason we didnt wanted to have you close... Is because e knew this was going to happen... And I... I never regretted our choices... You... have a destiny to fulfill." Nicholas got angry. "Stop it!! My destiny is to protect my clan!! tTo protect you and mom!!" His father gigled. "There is... someone..." Nicholas really opened his eyes as he heard this. "Someone that needs you...More than even myself... Or your mother...A piece of you... Someone you have to protect... She is the key to everything... And only you can protect herfrom the dangers...that she will encounter... only you will be able to comfort her when the time comes... Because she is you... and you are her..." His father coughed again. His ife ending whit each breath he would take. He waved his fingers and his sowrd appeared. Nicholas stared at the sword. "No... I... can't..." His father smiled. "For some reason..this swordwas always attached to you... The elders used to say... that this sword chooses it's owner... So it's time for it's rightful take it..." Tears were running from Nicholas's cheek. "Please dad...I've been alone for so long...Since that day... I never had anyone but myself... I..dont want to be by myself anymore..." His father moved the sword forcing Nicholas to take it. "I'll always be whit you...always..." As Nicholas got the sword, his father's hand slipped limply off the blade and whit a soft thump, hit the ground. Nicholas let a shrill cry of grief escape his lips as he hovered over his parents. The flames growing and shifting spreading farther and farther into the small village. He looked at the sword. He felt as if a blade had struck his heart, and killed all of his emotions. He whipped his eyes and got up calmly. He then grabbed all bodies, one by one and buried then, the last ones, his father and his mother. Whitout saying a single word or showing any emotions, he buried then. He grabbed his sword and walked out of that place, promising never to come back again.


He slowly opened his eyes, and saw Mary next to him sleeping in a chair. As he tried to move he felt a pain in his back. "Ouch!" he said. Mary woke up instantly, and as soon as she sa him awake, couldnt hold the smile her lips were showing. "Nicholas!!!" She got up and ran to him, hugging him as hard as she could. "Thank God, you're back!" She said. Nicholas tried to say something, but he simply didnt. He smiled only. As she sat next to him he looked in her eyes. "Thanks Mary... I'll never make you worry again." Mary blushed and looked to the other side. Nicholas simply smiled. Then they heard someone coming trough the door. "Sorry for not knocking. But we have some training to do." "Jeffrey..." said Nicholas. "Im sorry I had to make you pass trough all that but, if I had told them, their reactions woudlnt be so fresh, you understand what I mean?I had to know if you were capable of helping yourself... and her." He walked outside the house. "I'll wait for you outside." He then looked at Mary. "You too lady."


Nicholas waved his hand and materilaized his sowrd, as Jeffrey unsheated his. As they were both on fighting positions, Jeffrey looked at Mary. "Hey you. Come here." he said.Mary stood there, like she didnt heard a thing. "Mary you need to cooperate. I tough I had explained to you. You two are one. If you dont fight alongside him, you'll never be able to fight at your full potential." He walked closer to her. "Since the day you wandered inside that house you've been acting misteriously. What happened? I see your eyes and hair arent the same either... Something changed... And you dont want to show us..." Jeffrey said. "Stop..." said Mary. As Jeffrey tried to say something else Nicholas got in the middle of them. "Stop it Jeffrey." he said. Jeffrey remained serious. "You dont want to show us your powers... I guess this means, you dont want us to see them because... they changed...Aint I right?" Nicholas moved closer to him. "Stop it." he said once more. Jeffrey ignored him. "I see your point but hiding something as this might put your own life at danger meaning... you'll be risking his life." Nicholas moved his sword to Jeffrey's neck. "Stop it." Jeffrey looked at him. "I'm helping the two of you. I tried training you alone, because I tough that it was your role. And yes it is... But since you two are linked, I figured out, you'd work better fighting together.You see, you two can share reflexes, emotions, and even memories or pain. Meaning whatever both of you leanr, the other learns also. She will never be able to control Wind, just as much you'll never be able to do... whatver it is she does now... But your fighting skills whit sowrd, or bare hands... The fact is that you two can fight as one in the battlefield, and this is your strongest point. But you have to understand her powers, and she, yours. Thats why if she doesnt show us her powers, this training cant go any further... And we will all be doomed." Nicholas took his sowrd out of Jeffrey's neck. "You have a point... But I cant force her to do something she doesnt want to... I would be destroying my duty as her guardian." Jeffrey walked backwards. "Well then I gues thats it then." Mary turned to him. "You're leaving us?" Jeffrey turned his back. "Im no longer needed here. "Wait!!" shouted Mary. "I'll do it..."


"How far is it?" asked Kai. "Just a bit more..." said Matsumoto, his voice showing no emotion. Anna bit her lips. "Dammit this is too far away! Coudlnt you had arranged at another place?" she said anrgily. "Dont say anything Anna!" said Kai. Matsumoto just looked at her. "Shut up and do as I say." they suddenly were in a clearing whit 3 persons in the middle of it. Matsumoto walked closer whit a grinn, as Anna, Kai, Eric and Nova followed him. "Did you brught it?" asked one of the misteryous man. They were using masks, as if in a way to not be discovered their true identitites. Matrumoto didnt cared about it. "The suitcase." Eric gave it to him. Matsumoto landed it to the misteryous trio. As the 3 persons opened the suitcase, they gave them another one. Matsumoto grabbed it and opened it. He smiled and closed it, any other member, whit Mtsumoto not seeing what was inside. "This was a pleasant negotiation... I hope to meet you another time..." They scheduled another meeting to gain more of thos materials and went to their left. "Why cant we just go from the ay we came?" asked Kai. "That would be far to expected, in case we are being followed. Better safe than sorry." After a few minutes of walking Anna held Kai's shoulder. "What is it Anna?" he said, boredom coming out of his voice. "There...3 persons... a man, a boy and... a girl..." Matsumoto looked behind him staring at Anna. "Thats why Im proud of having you here... eliminating your rage-attacks." he said sacarstically. "What should we do?" asked Kai. "We should go get them. They seem different form ordinary guys, and they are on the same trail as us. Who know how long they've been following us?" said Anna. "IF they're following us." said Kai. Anna got angry over what he said but got interrupted by Matsumoto before she could even say a thing. "Better safe than sorry... right?" they knew what that meant. "I'llgo first... Take this..." he gave the suitcase to Eric. "You and Nova are to protect this.Just join the fight if nedded. Anna and Kai, you two stay whit me. I'll deal whit them personally."


As Mary was about to show her power, a brush moved. Nicholas and Jeffrey pointed their swordsas a misteryous man came out of the woods. "Who are you?" asked Jeffrey. The man kept walking closer to them. "I said who are you." Jeffrey said again, but to no avail. The man took one of his black gloves out. The misterious man was smiling. Suddenly a shot was heard, hitting Jeffrey's sword, whit flied out of his hand. The misteryous man ran to Jeffrey. "Oh shit!" Another shotwas heard, and this one, was going for Mary. However Nicholas jumped to her front and deflected the bullet. "Jeffrey!" he shouted. As the hand was almost making contact whit Jeffrey's neck, it suddenly stopped. The misteryous man stopped smiling. "Geez you guys cant do shit without me can you?" Jeffrey looked to his back and he saw Sebastian grabbing his sword. "You..." Sebastian went closer to him, giving him his sword. "Who are these strange people?" asked Sebastian. "They?" asked Jeffrey. A woman and a man came out of the woods also. "Boss what should we do?" asked the woman. The man, looked at then intently, landing his eyes on Mary. "Kill everyone... Spare those two... I want to know something." Anna grabbed her handguns and Kai his sword. As the woman was about to shoot, Jeffrey ran to slice her. She dodges jumping backwards "You two run!!" Mary tried to get into the battle but Nicholas held her by her hand. "Dont." he said.She looked at him and looked down. "You have something to do." he said. She looked at him. The two of them truned their backs and then a large man, and a small one were there. "Where ya think you're going, kid?" said the black man. As he was going to punch Nicholas, Dante appeared kicking the man on his face. He flew a few feet landing on his back. The little man ran to his help. Another wo guys were whit him. "Hey Edgar... Jeffrey's friends are in trouble." the skinny man said. "Yup. I guess we should give them a hand." Dante looked at Nicholas. "Go now. We got your back." Nicholas ran holding Mary by her hand, pushing her whit him. "Jeffrey looked backwards. "Well seems like it's 3 vs 2. hat should we do?" Edgar ran closer to him. "3 vs 3 now." Sebastian grinned. "I'll take the boss. You take the boy there, and Edgar, you take the woman." Jeffrey turned to him. He wanted to ask how he was so sure of this tactic, but Sebastian seemed so sure, he decided to give him a vote of confidence. "Ok then." Dante moved closer to the skinny man. "So what do we do?" The skinny man looked at the black man. "I'll take the big one. You take that little one whit the sword." "You sure?" "Yep." The boss of the group awalked closer to them. "Just put down your weapos. You have no chance here." "Never." said Sebastian. Kai looked at Jeffrey. "You and me then... you'll regret it."


Nicholas and Mary kept running like there was no tomorrow. "I think we are safe now." said Mary. "Just keep going." said Nicholas still pushing her. AShe was tired, and he could feel it, but for her own safety, they shouldnt stop now. However as they ran, two people appeared in front of htem.Nicholas was competely surprised, astonished of what he saw. "Found you..." the man said laughing. "Burke?" Nicholas asked not believeing his eyes. A girl came out from a tree close to Burke. "Alex?" asked Mary. "There is no way out now..." said Burke waving his hand, materializing his spear. "I told you it wasnt over didnt I?"


There you go guys. Sorry if I portrayed anything wrong here but I did the best I could. Anything just tell me. I divided the battles, so each one of the involved, post their respective battles. But according to KOVIP3ER idea, Mary's group is outmatched byt Matsumoto, and thats why they start tracking Mary's group, inserting them into the story. Thats it. There you go guys. Hope you like it.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Matsumoto placed his right hand in his pocket and thumbled about with something. He then pulled out a long cigar, biting off the end and spitting it out.

Matsumoto: (He turned to Kai, with a leering smile) Would you hand me your lighter please, Kai?

Kai headed over and placed the small metallic block in his hand. Matsumoto flicked it open and placed the bright yellow flame against the end of the cigar, maintaining a stoic stare at the three men standing in front of him.

Jeffery: (His brow twitched with impatience as he watch Kai take a cigarette from his pocket and light it with his lighter as well, taking a slow drag on it) Are you mocking us? You think we're not worth your time or something?

Anna: (She started forward, leveling her gun with Jeffery's head a few meters away.) Don't take that tone with me kid or you'll have no fucking brains left really quickly. Understand?

Jeffery was about to speak but Matsumoto spoke first.

Matsumoto: (He looked through his sunglasses at Eric who also wore shades) You still got the gear?

Eric: (He lifted the suitcase as Nova brushed him down to get the dust off his back) Right here.

Matsumoto: (He walked over to Eric, completely ignoring the three men who were their opponents) I'll take that.

Jeffery: (He was now the one to start forward) Don't ignore me...


Matsumoto: (He walked past the three again and into the trees calling back as he did) Eric, Nova, Kai and of course Anna. Kill these three impetuous little freaks of nature and do it as painfully as you can make it.

At the mention of this remark, Anna snickered. Nova and Kai both remained silent and Eric just cracked his knuckles.

Kai drew his other blade and made his move, closing the distance on Jeffery before he could react and quickly sliced into his right arm, cruelly ripping it back, its serrated edge tearing even deeper into his flesh. Jeffery yelled in pain and looked down at his arm watching blood pool beneath his clothes and spill down his hand.

Anna: (She laughed as she watched Jeffery bleed) Oh the kids bleeding, hahahaha. Look at him, he can't believe it.

She leaped back as Jeffery's blade swung past, exactly where she was standing. Kai dashed towards Jeffery again swinging hard and accurate strikes at him, and Jeffery blocked each attack as it came. Kai maintained the flurry of attacks before dashing past Jeffery, reversing his grip on his right sword and stabbing it backwards, narrowly missing Jeffery who had swung around and sent his blade careening towards Kai who rolled side ways and flipped backwards aiming to kick Jeffery but only managed to clip his chin. The contact however knocked Jeffery backwards in the waiting grasp of Eric who picked the boy up and held him in a vice-like bear hug. Dante and the skinny man started forward until two bullets were fired in front of them by Anna.

Anna: (She waved one of her pistols at them) Move another step and Eric here will crush his rib cage and believe me, its never a pretty sight when that happens. Blood pours out of their mouth, their breathing becomes quite shit and they usually have bones sticking out of their chest as well.

Dante: (He clenched his fist hard and ground his teeth in anger and frustration) You're monsters. How can you do this to another person?

Anna: (She smiled wickedly) Quite easily as it happens. After a few years on the streets, you learn a few things. (She turned to Nova) Show them!

Nova bowed to her then he was gone.

Skinny man: What the....

That was as far as he got before he started gagging and choking.

Dante: (He spun around noticing Nova standing next to the skinny man, hi hand glowing a ghastly green colour) What the hell are you doing?

Eric: (He had to shout over Jeffery's agonised moans as he squeezed harder around Jeffery's midriff) He's probably replaced the guys air in his lungs with some other gas, right Nova?

Nova nodded.

Eric suddenly yelled as Jeffery finally freed himself by kicking Eric in the crotch and catapulted himself at Nova, although he hadn't even recovered his breath yet. He swiped out at Nova but the mysterious person disappeared again. Jeffery then moved briskly to avoid Kai's blade as it whizzed past him, burying itself in the earth. Jeffery took the chance and ran at Kai, stabbing out at Kai and was amazed to see the older man flip himself up to balance on his blade handle vertically with one arm, before bringing himself down and striking Jeffery in the back of the skull with the pommel of his other blade as he returned to earth.

Dante then charged at Kai, striking out with his own blade. However Anna stepped in front of him and quickly raised her left pistol. It ended up against Dante's head.

Anna: Just try it!


Got to love open endings.
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Oops. Didn't notice you posted...........oh, and Jeffrey is older than Kai. He is 25. Kai is 23
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After Sebastian had left with Dante, Jeffrey had continued to patrol. As he did, his mind once again wandered to the past. To her…

“So what’s up? I’m Jeffrey. I was sent here to help you apprehend the “criminals.” Jeffrey Watson spoke calmly and clearly to the person in charge. He wore a uniform that seemed to be one or two sizes too large, had a bit of stubble on his chin, and basically looked to be one of the most pathetic looking men he had ever laid eyes on. He waited, a bit impatiently, for his response.
“Uhh…well…we have some criminals.”
Jeffrey rolled his eyes. “Wooow. That’s so rare. Now how about some REAL info, eh?”
The man gulped. He knew about Jeffrey. There were rumors about him. Terrible rumors. “Uh-uh-uh-uh t-there’s 5 of them and they all are armed to the teeth. They aren’t too bright, from what I read, but they have to be pretty resourceful to be able to pull this off, right?”
“Not really. They could be following a plan conceived by someone else. Now what are the orders pertaining to their capture?”
“uh…um…dead or alive sir.”
“Okay, dead it is.” He ignored the feeble, stuttering man and placed his palm on the ground at his feet. He let out a pulse of energy, which began to search out the “criminals” It didn’t even take a minute, of which the man behind him managed to ask what he was doing over 200 times. “Just shut up. They’re over there.
About…two miles away. They’re all dead.”
“But….but how?”
Jeffrey didn’t answer him. He didn’t feel like explaining it to someone who was already dead. He cut the man’s head off before he could annoy him some more. “Annoying fool…” He barely glanced up as a woman walked up to him. She placed her hand on his shoulder. His eyes flicked to the sun tattoo on her thumb. “So you were watching.”
“…ya. I was.”
“I hate this. I hate these damn orders.”
“Then why are you still here?”
“I don’t want to stay either.”
“Why are you still here?”
They looked at each other and smiled. “Well as long as we’re cold blooded killers, we might as well go check the sights.” She nodded, and didn’t say anything. The two left the body lying on the ground, it’s head a few feet away.

Jeffrey snapped back to reality. “Damn memories.” He had toyed with the idea of leaving Nicholas and Mary-Beth, if only to get away from these damn memories. He wanted nothing more than to forget, but that was his punishment. To forever be haunted by a single choice. He couldn’t leave them either. Because then he’d be plagued by guilt over leaving them. Against his better judgement, he had grown…fond of them. They were like one big screwed up family. He sighed and went to return to the village. There was nobody here and he had one more thing to get done before training tomorrow. Call it a…just in case.

(*Current time*)

Jeffrey rubbed his head. This guy was good. There was no time for fooling around. Kai merely stared at him, waiting for his next move. His eyes glanced at Anna. “Remove your weapon.”
Anna snorted. “Sure. Because I’m real scared of you. Face it. You’re outmatched.”
Jeffrey just sighed. “Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.” As he spoke, her weapon was bathed in a golden light. Before she had time to react, the weapon began to melt. She yelped at the pain as the gun became too hot for her to hold. Kai intervened and attacked Jeffrey, who merely disappeared and appeared behind him, his blade at his neck. “Once.” Kai growled and dodged the attack and responded by sweeping Jeffrey’s legs out from under him, but as he prepared to attack again, Jeffrey shot into the air. He landed on the ground a few feet away. “Phew. So dangerous. Might have hit me that time.” Kai didn’t react to the taunt as he launched himself at him. Jeffrey’s eyes followed as he nimbly dodged each strike. He slapped Kai’s blade away and blocked the other one with his own sword, then slammed his foot into his chest. Kai went flying backwards. Jeffrey calmly pointed at Nova.
“GET AWAY FROM THERE! WATCH OUT!” Kai shouted out. Nova didn’t need to be told twice as he barely evaded as several swords stabbed into the ground where he was standing. Another Jeffrey was suddenly behind Nova and slashed down at him. But several shots rang out and shot the Jeffrey in the chest. The second Jeffrey fell to the ground and dissipated into light. The first Jeffrey merely smiled. “What was that about being “outmatched” Because it seems you’re the one that’s outmatched.” Kai was back up and attacked him viciously. Jeffrey dodged the attacked easily. He had a read on him. He was a skilled swordsman, but Jeffrey was clearly better. He created a sword of light in his hands and began to fight back. The two of them fought at a speed which most would find impossible to keep up with. The large man slammed his fist into the ground and the ground at Jeffrey’s feet became bumpy, throwing off his aim, which saved Kai from a fatal blow. Kai took the opportunity to stab at Jeffrey, but he leaned backwards and dodged the strike. Kai smiled. He was defenseless in that position. He stabbed at Jeffrey, but two ropes wrapped around his sword. The ropes were bright yellow. Two more Jeffrey clones were holding the ends of the ropes and stopped the blade, allowing Jeffrey to put a bit of distance between them. Kai didn’t respond and several shadows wrapped around the Jeffrey clones and smothered them, causing them to fade. “I see. So you have light powers.”
“And you have shadow powers.”
“What of it?”
“Oh nothing. It’s just good to know what your opponents powers are.” Jeffrey looked around. This was tough. Any one of these he could handle easily. Even two of them if he needed, but as it was, this wasn’t looking good. He charged Kai again. Kai blocked the strike, but was blown backwards from the force. Dante blocked an attack aimed at Jeffrey from the big man and the two exchanged looks. “All right. Time for our second wind. You , keep that big guy occupied at all costs. Edgar! You take care of the woman, I’ll handle this guy.” Dante just nodded and attacked Eric. Anna raised her weapons at him and was about to fire when a hand on her shoulder stopped her. Edgar smiled. “Come on, don’t get ahead of yourself. You can’t be worrying about them when I’m fighting you. He slashed at her with a knife, but she managed to dodge. Kai and Jeffrey once again exchanged looks. Kai frowned. “You know you have no chance.” Jeffrey just shrugged.
“Neither do you. By now you must know I’m the better swordsman.”
“If you want to believe that, then fine.” He attacked, this time much faster than before. His blade was blocked by Jeffrey’s. His other blade came down and Jeffrey dodged the hit by flipping himself around so that he was standing on Kai’s arm. It didn’t matter that he had to let go of his sword. He just materialized the sword in his hand. He was knocked off by Kai, who attacked him viciously, but Jeffrey foresaw every move and reacted accordingly. “At least you’re getting a little better.” He spoke like a mentor, as if he were merely in a sparring match with a student. Kai didn’t respond. He continued his relentless assault and Jeffrey continued smiling. Though he put on a front. He had not battled a serious opponent in awhile. He was a bit rusty. When the two finally paused in their fighting, both had sustained injuries. Kai had two large gashes in his chest and right leg, while Jeffrey had the wounds from before plus one more on his palm, which he got from grabbing Kai’s sword to create an opening. Neither showed any sign of fatigue. Jeffrey frowned. He needed to end this quickly.

(Meh...sorry if it's all over the place. I had to rewrite to fit K0V's post. Hope this is okay. I tried to mainly focus on Jeffrey and Kai and leave the rest to everyone else.)
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Agonized screams tore through the air as Nicholas and Mary stood, facing Burke and Alex. They swiveled their ears in the direction of the sound. Mary nearly choked on her own disgust and worry, while Nicholas clenched his fists, glaring at Burke.

"You have something to do with those men back there, right?" he accused, pointing a small finger at Burke. The man shrugged, and then smiled deviously.

"I have no Idea what you're talking about." was his simple reply. Alex smirked a bit.

"Mary. Long time no see." she said quietly.

Mary Beth snorted. "It's been a week, dipshit." Alex recoiled, her face displaying her fairly obvious anger. She strode heavily on her heels as she stomped over to Mary Beth, and took her by the collar. Nicholas grabbed the handle of his blade. Mary held up her fingers.

"Shut your mouth!" Alex screamed, shoving her into a tree as she spat. "You bitch! You have no right to traipse around like you did nothing wrong! You're going to ruin this world!"

Mary Beth glared into Alex's eyes. "You have no Idea what you're talking about." she said bleakly. "There is nothing about this that you can possibly understand."

Nicholas began to slowly unsheathe his sword.

Alex moved her hand to Mary's neck, tightening her grip. "I understand completely. You want to destroy this world. You led me on that I wouldn't suspect anything!" she yowled, beginning to strangle Mary, who remained straight faced. Alex suddenly loosened her grip, unaware as to the reason for Mary's calmness.

{Play First Song}


Nicholas unsheathed his sword and threw it, handle up, to Mary. She caught it and swiftly spun to Alex's other side. Alex pulled out a dark knife, and parried, sidestepping Mary's initial strike. Alex lunged for Mary, using her shoulders as a kind of ladder as she leaped over her and flipped. She landed on her feet easily, and sprang at the other girl. Mary shouted in surprise as she watched her friends seemingly new skill and prowess in combat unfold before her. Alex suddenly drove the knife into the back of her neck, causing Mary to flinch away from her. Alex pushed away from her, thinking she was victorious. But she was not. Mary suddenly appeared behind Alex, placing her left hand on her lower back, while she She whipped the blade around with her right, halting it just before it made contact with Alex's neck. The other girl froze, in fear of being beheaded. Burke cried out in protest and sprang forward to help his protege.

Nicholas stood in his path, however. "Another step, and she loses her head." Burke huffed in frustration. Alex stood completely still. Mary held the blade with the utmost precision and stillness.

"You... would have killed me, given the chance....?" Alex asked her quietly.

Mary shook her head. "I don't want to kill you. And I never will." She smiled a bit. "It's quite the contrary. I want to save you, Alex."

Alex stood, quite shocked. "What?"

And with a flick of her wrist, Mary had thrown the blade back to Nicholas. He quickly parried a blow from Burke, that was clearly aimed at Alex. Mary shoved Alex back, turning and using herself as a human shield. Burke stood, with Nicholas between himself and his two targets. His face was red with anger.

Mary tightened her stare, furrowing her brows. "You were trying to kill her..."

Burke exploded. "She promised me!" he screamed. "She promised she wouldn't!"

Both Mary and Nick glanced back at Alex, who was shaking against a tree, staring in fear of the three people that stood before her. Nicholas glared at Burke. Burke glared at Alex. Mary Glared at Burke.

The three of them stood for what seemed like ages, before May finally made a break for Burke. She raced towards him at full speed, leaping over his confused head, and landing directly behind him. She swept his feet from underneath, causing him to fall to the side. He dropped his spear, which slid a few feet from him. With his weapon out of reach, he was at their mercy.

Mary walked up to him, standing over his large form. Nicholas did the same. He took Burke by the collar and hoisted him up, propping him against a tree.

"Why did you attack Alex?" Nicholas asked.

Burke remained silent.

"Dammit, I'm asking you a question! Now answer me!" Nicholas shouted. "I wont ask again! Why did you attack her?!"

{Play Second Song}

But Burke merely smiled, and Mary saw it too late to warn Nick. A blade of cold steel flashed in the moonlight before Nicholas cried out in pain and collapsed to the ground. At the same moment, Mary felt an immense pressure build up in her ribs, and she too collapsed, screaming in sudden and intense pain.

Burke bolted in Alex's direction, causing her to scream. Mary looked up in time to see him pick up his spear, and then slowly begin his advance. Mary cursed under he breath, and shakily got to her feet. She held out one finger, and watched as it began to glow with an otherworldly light. She came in contact with a solid force, and ran her finger down it's length, a small trail of light was left in it's wake. She slowly slipped her hand into the invisible curtain, and tore it open down it's length. A small area was now shown, looking as though a small piece of the sky was now floating right in front of her. Nicholas' eyes were wide as he saw he step inside and then close the Rift behind her. She looked back, seeing a sheen of sky in front of her face. It seemed as though it was a translucent curtain that was separating her from reality and keeping her within the Rift. She turned to Burke.

Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. He was taking large and painfully slow steps, while Alex cowered in fear. Mary raced to them, realizing just how close Burke was. She tore open a rift in front of Alex, just as Burke brought his weapon down in a powerful arc.

Nicholas and Alex both let out a screech of surprise as they watched the head of the spear collide with Mary's upper right shoulder, slicing it down the length of her torso. A trail of blood followed the blade as it was drawn out, spilling from the wound in an arc. She collapsed backwards and onto her rump, watching as Nicholas rammed into Burke and shoved him away from Alex and Mary. They crashed to the ground, Nicholas spitting in his face and hissing with pain. He too felt the same pain as Mary, just as she did with him.

Nicholas unsheathed his blade once again, and laid it on Burke's neck. "Last words...?" he asked breathlessly. Burke glared at him, and then at Mary.

"Goddamn you two." he muttered.

"Ugh... n-no...!!!" Mary shouted.

Nicholas saw it too late, for the blade was already entering his body. The spear jutted from Nicholas's small frame, like a giant sliver. Mary watched in horror as Nicholas dropped to the ground, a pool of blood forming around him.

Mary began to shake, in anger and despair. She quickly charged Burke, who was standing a few feet away, weaponless. She raced towards him at top speed, dragging her finger across the fabric of space and time, ripping it open. Burke sent a fireball towards her, but she quickly opened the Rift, letting the power be absorbed, and then sealed it once more.

Burke growled in frustration, and then removed his spear from the dying boy. Mary became even more infuriated.

Burke lunged, suddenly taking hold of her arm, and dragging it in a ragged circle. She suddenly found herself on the ground, pinned by the larger man.

He shoved her face into the dirt. "What the hell, little girl?!" he whispered. "Why aren't your powers the same as the last time?"

Mary managed to move her hand enough to draw a line, and slit her fingers through it. While he ranted about her new powers, she smirked as sh found the object she had been looking for. She managed to turn her head away from the ground, enough to be able to speak.

"Burke." she said quietly. He had angrily snapped to her, shooting her a quizzical look.

"Chew... on this!" she shouted as she brought her right arm up and out of the rift, bringing with her a strange sword. That swords blade sliced through his chest with ease, catching him off guard. He released his grip on her shoulders, and leapt back, holding the slice on his chest. He let some of the blood spill into his palm before glaring at Mary with pure malice in his eyes.

"You bitch!" he said, seething with anger. He shot another fireball at her, forcing her to roll to her right. Consequentially, she slammed into a tree, and Burke caught up to her. However, before he could do anything, Mary Beth rolled underneath his legs, and leaped into the air.

she twisted her body, bringing the blade around in a full arc and sliced through his back. Burke lurched forward, using the tree to stop himself from toppling over.

Mary stood at the ready, but all of a sudden, Alex and Burke were gone. Mary lowered her blade in great confusion. She began to look frantically around the area for their forms, trying desperately to find them.

And suddenly, her lungs burned with a kind of unimaginable pain. She began to take small and shallow breaths, getting more and more painful as time passed. The edges of her vision began to darken, and she did the only thing she could think to do. She quietly made her way to Nicholas' body, and took off her jacket, slowly and painfully. she wrapped it around his wounded chest, and let her hand fall to the ground. The last thing she saw were a pair a dark shoes approaching.

They belonged to a hooded man...
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The second song to go with the post above! ^^^^^ :)
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Sebastian silently followed Matsumoto. After the man had walked into the trees, Sebastian erected a invisible barrier and decided to follow him. Sebastian had been following him for sometime before Matsumoto stopped.

"You know, I don't like being followed." Matsumoto said removing his gloves. He then turned around to look in Sebastian's direction.

"Well that's too bad. I enjoy stalking people." said Sebastian. He waved his hand and the barrier around him dissipated. Upon seeing him Matsumoto adopted a weird look on his face.

"What?" Sebastian asked staring back.

"You're the biggest freak out of them all." Matsumoto said referring to Sebastian's friends. "You look like a wanna be Grim Reaper."

Sebastian laughed and said, "I've met the Grim Reaper before. He doesn't like me much." He tilted his head a bit remembering his several run in's with the Harvester of Souls.

"Oh, shut up." Matsumoto said as he quickly crossed the distance between him and Sebastian. His bare hand made contact with Sebastian's throat and Matsumoto smiled wickedly knowing what was about to happen. But nothing did. Sebastian stood there unharmed looking at Matsumoto quizzically.

"Was I supposed to die just then?" Sebastian asked. Matsumoto backed away from Sebastian dumbfounded.

"You... That should of.... What the hell?" Matsumoto stared at Sebastian. Sebastian laughed, this guy had no idea who he was dealing with.

"Your powers are interesting," Sebastian said, "You can drain away someone's life force just by touching them."

Matsumoto eyes widened, "How do you know?"

"Your aura, I can sense it through your aura." Sebastian replied.

"What the hell are you? A vampire? You have no life force." Matsumoto started to look scared. Sebastian smiled at his questions.

"Possibly." Sebastian said, "I could also be a zombie or a ghoul."

"Quit screwing with me!" Matsumoto said angrily.

Sebastian laughed again, "Fine but right now with your powers you cannot kill me. I would like to make you a deal. If I spare you, then you must take your associates and leave."

Now Matsumoto smiled evilly, "Well as it so happens you can't kill me either."

Something dark formed in Sebastian's eyes. "There are things worse than death."
Dante nimbly dodged one of Eric's hulking fists. Dante needed to be careful for he would also have to deal with Nova. That guy, or girl, was dangerous and always seemed to be concerned for Eric. For now Dante continued to dodge Eric's attacks.

[Eh couldn't really think of anything for the last part. If there is anything wrong tell me :)]
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Kai looked up at Jeffery, noticing the smug grin on his face. He didn't show it but it infuriated him to see him act like this was some game. All the taunts started to wear away at his calm temperament. He was angry with the ass-hole in front of him and he was going to make him regret he was that over-confident.

Jeffery: What's the matter? Want to give up or something?

Kai: (He decided to break his silence) I'm just deciding how I want you to die. I was going to spare you an agonizing death but that cocky mouth of yours has changed my mind.

Jeffery: (He smiled at Kai, a mocking smile as he retorted Kai sarcastically) Oh I'm so frightened.

Kai didn't respond instead charged forward, a lot quicker than he had been beforehand. Instead of striking out with one of his blades, he shoulder barged Jeffery, knocking the wind from him and sending him careering backwards. Kai then lunged forwards thrusting both blades forwards at Jeffery's midriff. Jeffery however rolled sideways narrowly evading the blades but his brief moment of relief at evading the lethal manoeuvre turned to shear pain as he watched Kai flip on the handles of his blades and bring down a bone breaking kick to the stomach. The little bit of air that had managed to get into Jeffery's lungs was driven out of his mouth as well as some blood.

While this was going on, Anna was quickly pumping rounds from her one remaining gun at Edgar who nimbly dodged the bullets watching them thud into the earth. He then noticed what he'd been waiting for, Anna having to reload. He leapt at her, striking out just as she discarded the empty magazine. She fell backwards to avoid the knife and rolled backwards, head over heels loading a fresh magazine into her gun and fired two quick rounds one missing whole sale, the other struck Edgar right on the knee cap. Anna watched the man fall to the ground roaring in pain, blood starting to pour from the wound before firing a further three rounds at Dante who was busy trying to attack Eric who was parrying the strikes with his gauntleted hands. Dante manged to back away from Eric, in turn not getting hit by the bullets.

Eric: (He looked over at Anna, a look of annoyance passed his face) I don't need you to interfere with my fight bitch. Just finish your bastard off and then help your boyfriend, while I rip this little shits limbs off.

Anna: (She stuck the middle finger of her free left hand up at Eric) Fuck you ass-hole. When we get back to HQ I'm gonna pump you full of lead.

Dante: (He smiled at Eric) Well you two don't get on well, do you?

Anna: (She looked at him, giving him a look that even stopped him smiling) Shut up you little whelp or would you like me to rearrange that face of yours?

She turned, finding that Kai had suddenly been flung back, landing at her feet.

Kai: (His eyes radiated a deep fury that Anna had only seen on a few occasions. All of them not ending well) Fuck, I'm going to kill that bastard if its the last thing I do!

He leapt up again and charged towards Jeffery who swung his blade at him. The blade came within an inch of Kai's throat before Jeffery realised that Kai was gone. He looked all round him even above himself and couldn't see hide nor hair of the man. He suddenly cried out as he felt Kai's blade tear through the back of his left knee and another strike opened up his back close to the spine. He looked around and still couldn't see Kai. Then he saw Kai's blade come up from the ground and impale his thigh before it quickly withdrew, disappearing into the ground again.

Jeffery: (He couldn't fathom how Kai could do this) what is he doing? Where is he?

Anna: (She kicked the downed Edgar hard in the head and stamped down on his left leg, which had the bullet wound on it) Basically ass-hole, Kai has entered your shadow. Good luck trying to hurt him, that won't be happening anytime soon. When he does this, he wants to make a person suffer and he's done that many a time, sometimes quite horribly. Made good watching though.

Jeffery: (He screamed in agony as one of Kai's blades impaled his left hand and the other impaled his right shoulder) He can enter shadows? Argh...fuck that hurts.

As Dante turned to look at what was going on he got nailed with a stupidly strong punch that sent him sailing back into a tree. Dante struggled to his feet relatively slowly, placing a hand on his face and gazed the blood on his hand before groaning again as Eric shoved his fist into Dante's stomach, actually throwing Dante back through the tree he had hit a moment ago.

Anna fired her gun in the air, halting proceedings.

Anna: (She looked over at Jeffery who seemed faint from the blood he'd lost) Kai get out here, we're leaving.

Kai materialised and sheathed his blades as he walked over to Anna. Jeffery got to his feet, his blade raised and looked as if he was going to attack Kai.

Kai: I wouldn't do that if I was you (He pointed over to a figure in the trees)

Jeffery gasped and lowered his blade. It was Nova, with Mary over his shoulders.


Matsumoto raised his fists, it looked as if he was about to strike Sebastian who also readied a fighting stance before a faint buzzing sounded. It came from Matsumoto's pocket. He pulled out a phone. He flipped it open and listened to the man who was on the other end of the line.

Matsumoto: Alright, stay on for a second. (He looked up at Sebastian though his dark tinted shades before he spoke) Looks like you'll get your wish. I'm gonna be leaving and so will my guys. (He saw Sebastian relax but his face was awash with confusion) And that's 'cause we've got one of your friends...a girl if I'm not mistaken.

Sebastian: Mary?! (He looked urgent and to Matsumoto's glee submissive) Please just let her go.

Matsumoto: (He smiled wickedly) I don't think so. We'll take her with us. You try and stop us, she dies, you follow us, she dies...You piss me off and she dies. Get the picture?

Sebastian nodded.

Matasumuto: (He placed the phone back to his ear) Alright get her to the car. Tell Nova to keep her under for as long as possible and Kai...if you botch this up you will regret it.


Sorry to cut the fight short but Link gave me a chance I couldn't miss. Besides, villains win this round, you guys may win the next.............
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Cool post! Just one question KOVIP3R... What about Nicholas? Was he also taken? Or is he still dying on the ground? I kinda need to know this for my next post.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Still dying.
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Oh I see. Very well then. I'll be posting in a few hours guys.
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Nicholas was in a blank space. "Where am I?" he asked himself. He looked around him for any source of life besides himself. He walked and then started running. He was desperate. He was all alone. Again. e then saw the glance of someone. A girl. "Mary?" he asked himself. He ran to her calling for her. But as much as he ran and ran... He could never reach her. Until he finally, miraculously, found himself right in front of her. She was smiling at him. He smiled back, being happy about neing close to her. But his happines didnt last long. He felt an immense pain in his chest. He looked down. Blood dropping out of it. He placed his hand only to watch as blood ran all over it. His vision began to blur, as he saw someone taking Mary away. The figure of that man he saw earliler. The man whit the black gloves. He tried to walk but as soon as he took a step, he falled to the ground screaming. He felt the last inch of life burning inside him, desperately, fighting for survival. But there was nothing he could do. He layed on his back, and suddenly viewed himself in the ground, a pool of blood around him. He slowly moved his head and his eyes, looking for any sign of Burke or Mary. "Curse him..." he said remembering what happened. He was impaled. By Burke. He treid to get up but the pain was intense. He could feel his life draining out. "Dammit... I... Cant die like this..." as he said so, both of his hands glowed whit a golden light. He moved his hand close to his wound but then... The light dissipated. "Dammit... I... Cant even do this..." He alwasy had this power. But he could never use it properly. Even in the rare occasion he managed to stop the light from dissipating, he would use an excessive amount of vital energy, for healing almost nothing. "Dammit... dammit all." He muttered to himself. Blood spilling out from his mouth as he spoke. He soon remembered his dream. That guy... the one whit the black glasses... Mary was everything to him... Memories of his past invaded his ind once more. His family, his friends... All killed, becausehe wasnt strong enough to fight for them, to protect them...He trained to avenge his clan... Until he met her... From the moment he met that misteryous girl, his life recovered it's meaning... He was finally accomplishing what he could not, all those years ago. But now... Even her was gone... And all because of him. Tears came out of his eyes as he cried. He already had his heart struck once, bleeding and sucking away all emotions and feelings. He never tough he would feel like this once more... But now... He as feelling it again. The same pain as before, if not, an even stronger one. He felt an incredible rage over himself, and an extremely despair for what they would do to her... If she was even alive. "I... failed once... I once more..." His hands glowed whit the golden light once more. He moved his hand closeto hsi chest once more. "Work this time goddammit!!!" The light then glowed stronger. Fragments of golden light entered his wound. It slowly sealed, and healed completely. After a few minutes he was breathing normally. He got up. He looked around, whit his emotionless, sight. He walked over to his sword. He grabbed it and sheated it. He looked around and then started walking. Until someone grabbed him by his shoulder. "Where do you think you're going?" Nicholas turned around only to see Sebastian. "I'm going after them." Sebastian held him, as he tried to walk away once more. "You'll die." "I dont care." Sebastian held him even stronger. "I'm not letting you go. It's suicide!" Nicholas turned to him. His sigh demonstrating not a single shred of emotion. "I dont care." Sebastian got surprised.He never saw Nicholas act like that. "You and Jeffrey should not follow me." "What?" asked Sebastian. "I brought you guys up to this. I cant keep risking your lifes over a responsibility of mine." Sebastian tried to hold him to say something else, but his hand was slapped out of his shoulders. "Leave. Now." Sebastian stood still. "I'll wont." Nicholas stared at him, his face not changing at all. "Why?" Sebastian looked down. "I have my own reasons." Nicholas turned back. "It's not a good reason." As Nicholas started walking away, Sbeastian shouted. "Wait!" Nicholas turned back. "If you go you'll die." "I already said I dont care. Mary is all that matters." "You stubborn fool. She'll die if you die." In the moment these words were capted by Nicholas's ears he turned to face Sebastian. "What?" "The link between you two is a life link. You two share your lifes, and your souls. All these years, you two were separated, whch means that the link wasnt strong enough. But now... You two met each other and as a result the link has grown stronger. A life link has two characteristics... Firs, it gets stronger and stronger, as long as the two linked stay close to each toher, and it weaknes as long as the two linked stay separated. In a separated state, one can feel nothing for the other. But in a close state, the pain, phisical damage, and even emotions, are passed to the other. In a close state, you can even feel the other who's linked to you, and pinpoint exactly where they are. But independently of the state of the link, the death of one eans the death of the other. And the second characteristic... Is that the two linked can cooperate as one, as if they were literally one person. Meaning that in your case, you and Mary are both eachother's extension, both in life and power." Nicholas stood still, revealing his amazement. "What do you mean?" Sebastian placed one of his hands on his forehead, as if he was talking whit a child. "This means that if you go, and die, she dies, Therefore, all your effort will be for nothing. In order for her to live, you have to. It's that simple. Besides, we all want to go whit you. Each one of us, whit our own reasons. But we all want to happen. Mary may be your responsibility, but the world, is each one of us responsibility. And I'll wont seat still, as long as billions of lives are at stake. Besides, we need you to pinpoint Mary's location. Only you can sense her, and only you can find her for us." Nicholas stood in amazement, but not demonstrating a single shred of it. He was like a lifeless body. He remained still. "How do you know all of this." Sebastian showed a small grinn. "Your aura. Besides, you two are not the first linked couple I see." Nicholas remained silent. "I never imagined I would see this side of yours Sebastian." Sebastian laughed. "Neither I this one of yours. Geez you seem like a zombie now." Nicholas turned his back. "Is that your idea of a compliment?" Sebastian walked closer to him. "Who said it was a compliment?" Nicholas let out a single 'tsc' out of his mouth. "What did you mentioned about you seeing another linked couple?" Sebastian got serious. "There used to be more like you. All dies. As a result, you and Mary are the last of your kind, and the last owners of the life link." Nicholas turned to him, staring deep at his eyes. "Who are these guys?" Sebastian turned to his right, as if he wanted to avoid the conversation. "I dont know... All I know if that hey're dangerous... Very dangerous. Besides their boss threatened me. They told me that if I did anything to piss him off, they'd kill Mary... I gues that's a message for each one of us." Nicholas looked up to the moon. "Sure it is." Sebastian got closer to him touching his shoulder. "Let's get back. Make a plan."


Jeffrey was on the ground staring it frantically. In fact he was imagining how strong could Kai be. He was by far the supreiros swordsman. But that other man... Even tough he didnt had the phisical prowess of Jeffey's he was better at spending his own vital energy, and using his special skills. Believe it or not, they were on equal ground. "Dammit..." said Jeffrey quietly. Dante and the others in the other side of the clearing, resting from the fight. As soon as Nicholas and Sebastian came back Dante got up and also did Jeffrey. "You're ok." said Dante. "Yup." replied Sebastian whit a little smile on his face. Jeffrey walked closer to Nicholas. "You ok kid?" Nicholas didnt replied. He instead laid his hand on Jeffrey's shoulder. A golden light shining in his hand. The same effects as it happened before, completely healing Jeffrey. Sebastian stood in amazement. "What was that..." asked Jeffrey. "I never saw anything like that." said Sebastian. "Where did you learned that? It is completely different from any kind of healing skills I know... And believe me, I know a lot of them." Nicholas turned to him. "I was born whit it." Sebastian didnt changed the looke on his face. "Oh I see... One of these cases then huh?" Everyone turned to Sebastian. "What?" Jeffrey grinned. "You bastard." Sebastian grinned back not saying anything. "Well I'll goahead and heal those other guys." said Sebastian. "We should get moving as soon as everyone is patched up. God knows what they'll do whit Mary." said Jeffrey. Nicholas tigheed his hand. "We need to think of a plan. We just cant go on like this. We would all die. We were actually lucky this time around." said Dante. "True." said Edgar as he then screamed in pain from the bullet being removed from his left leg. "Oh come on, dont be such a sissy." as he said so Edgar got angry at Sebastian,but he just grinned. "We should separate them from one another and fight then individually. When they're together thats the problem." said the skinny man, recovered from his damage. "Yeah I agree. From what I saw in the middle of the battle, is that Kai and Anna, are partners, and they work really great together. As for Eric and that hooded man... or whatever he is... They are also quite a pain in the ass.They have really different, intriguing powers... But their leader..." said Jeffrey. "He's mine." said Nicholas. "What?" asked Jeffrey. Sebastian got up. "You shouldnt. He can suck the other peoples lives. Thats why he wears those black gloves. I can fight against him whit ease." Sebastian said. "I dont care.' said Nicholas. "Will I have to explain it all once more!?" Nicholas remained still. "Idont care. He was the one who captured Mary. He is the one behind it all. He is the cause she is going to suffer now... All those others were just following order...Even if they have the reason to do so or they're just mercenaries... It doesnt matter. A single bit. I'll go for their leader. And I'll kill him." he said, completely cold. "You all can divide your rivals in the way you want. But their leader is mine..." Nicholas waved his hand, his sword dematerializing into pure air. "His head will roll..."


There you go guys! Actually, Mary is the only person that when close to Nicholas makes him back into what he was, before all these events. If by any reason, she is separated from him, he becomes emotionless, and goes for the one who's the cause of it, doesnt matter the way. While Mary is separated from him, he migth do everything he believes necessary for saving her. The reason for his cold-blooded behavior, is because she is all he have now. He believe it was his fault his entire clan was killed. And now, he'll do everything, not to fail in protecting the one he loves again. He is now back to what he was before he met Mary. At least, until he manages to rescue her.
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Several hours later, night had fallen. Nicholas had forced them into marching constantly and without breaks the entire time. He was definitely different. Jeffrey stood on guard as everyone slept. They may have been healed, but they needed the rest. Nicholas had wanted to keep going, but the large bump on his head was proof of what happens when you try and force Jeffrey to do something. Before Sebastian went to bed, Jeffrey had given him orders to knock out Nicholas if he showed signs of losing it. Jeffrey sighed. He needed to get this done before the others woke up. He strode past Dante, Sebastian, and Edgar, all of which he hoped were fast asleep. He stopped when he was right beside Nicholas. The kid looked angry even in his sleep. Jeffrey knelt beside him, looking at him.

Jeffrey: “Sorry kid, seems you’ll need to do this without me. Nobody brings a broken blade to a battle, I’m a broken blade. I’m not as good as I used to be.” He wasn’t sure why he was explaining himself to the unconscious man he had knocked out 2 hours prior. He just…felt like he should. “I won’t be coming back. Remember the little bit I was able to teach you and for heaven’s sake, stop acting like such a jerk.” Nicholas’ response was a slight twitch. Jeffrey decided to take that as a “yes” instead of a “fuck you.” He grabbed his blade and placed it beside Nicholas’. “A gift…an apology.” He had spent years perfecting that sword. There wasn’t a force on either world that could break it, and it had some other neat tricks, but Nicholas wouldn’t be able to use those. He stood up and was about to leave when someone coughed behind him. “So you were awake after all, Edgar.”

Edgar: “Yes. You’re leaving? Why?”

Jeffrey: “I’m leaving.” Jeffrey ignored his other question. He had no answer for it.

Edgar: “That’s…just…how could you? They need you! They can’t do this without you! You’re their best hope at getting Mary back alive!”

Jeffrey: “Nicholas can handle it.”

Edgar: “Nicholas couldn’t handle cutting an onion, let alone this!”

Jeffrey looked at him. Edgar had some very interesting ways of putting things. “You’re wrong. Nicholas is an incredible fighter. He may be inexperienced, but I would trust him with my life.”

Edgar: “But will you trust him with Mary’s?”

Jeffrey didn’t answer. He looked up at the stars. “You know that I’m a double edged sword. If they stay with me, they’ll end up dead.”

Edgar: “It never stopped you before.”

Jeffrey: “Ya…it didn’t. I’m sorry Edgar. Can you-”

Edgar “Say no more. I’ll help them out. I’ll even get the big guy to help out too. You forget that I have a score to settle with that gun chick. I need to show her what real speed is.”

Jeffrey nodded. “Thank you.” And with that, he was gone, traveling back to Thrae.

Edgar looked at where Jeffrey had disappeared. He wondered what could happen that would make Jeffrey leave these people. Jeffrey never backed down. Something had changed. Something must have happened to Jeffrey that he didn't know about. Was is because he lost? Was all of this because he failed to kill that swordsman. He forgot his name..Kai, was it? He turned back to Jeffrey's sleeping comrades...former comrades. "This is gonna take alot of explaining. Maybe I should just stay quiet about it."

Jeffrey reappeared in a familiar setting. It was a small town in Thrae. A town where a bunch of kids would go around stealing stuff to make a name for themselves, or just to tick off people, Jeffrey never knew why he did it. Specifically, he was in an alleyway which had buildings whose roofs gave the perfect view of the city. An old hideout. The place brought back so many memories, he was feeling pretty nostalgic. He saw a dumpster nearby and walked over curiously. He wondered if it was still there. He pushed the dumpster away and saw what he expected. Over 30 golden plaques. Each plaque had the name of one of the kids in Jeffrey’s old gang. All of them looked kinda the same except for three plaques, which were platinum and connected by a large silver heart. The first said “Jeffrey” The other two plaques had been burnt, the names melted off, but Jeffrey already knew whose names were on there. He turned around to look at the woman who was holding a gun to his head. “Well…this is a pretty sucky hello.”

???: “Oh shut up. What do you want?”

Jeffrey shrugged. “This is my home, is it not?”

???: “It isn’t. You lost the right to call this place your home when you became a killer for the Solid Recon.”

Jeffrey blinked at the words. She knew right where to jab to bring out the guilt. “I suppose some forgiveness is too much to ask, eh Anne?”

His former comrade just shook her head. “You should ask the families of the people you slaughtered. You shouldn’t have let that girl talk you into it.”

Jeffrey’s face hardened, draining of all emotion, at the mention of the girl. “Ya…seems I make a lot of bad decisions.”

Anne was curious. “Did you make one recently?”

Jeffrey: “Ya.”

Anne blinked and removed the gun from his head. “You look pathetic. It’s like you’re already dead.”

Jeffrey: “Well there’s a good reason for that.”

Anne: “So what happened?”

Jeffrey shrugged and explained everything that had happened since he joined Nicholas’ group. Afterwards, Anne was sitting down, looking at him thoughtfully. “Hmm…”

Jeffrey: “Hmm? Hmm is all you have to say?”

Anne: “I’m wondering if there’s more. So you mean to tell me that you lost one battle and ran like a coward? That’s not the Jeffrey I know…knew.”

Jeffrey: “I didn’t run. I…I would just hold them back. What point is there in bringing a broken blade to a battle?”

Anne: “Let me guess, you used that excuse to justify you leaving them.”

Jeffrey: “Well they were asleep so it didn’t have as much as an impact as I had expected.”

She burst out laughing. “Ha! You had to sneak out at night? What are you, some man cheating on his wife?”

Jeffrey snorted, he had to admit, it was a bit funny. “Ya, well I didn’t want to risk them talking me out of it.”

Anne: “So you had doubts?”

Jeffrey: “Maybe one or two, but what I don’t doubt, is that I wouldn’t be any use whatsoever in there rescue mission…at least…I think it was a rescue mission, either that or Nicholas went bonkers.”

Anna: “Who’s to say it wasn’t both? Bonkers tends to work, it does for you. And you’re right. A broken blade is useless, but a blade is only broken if there is no chance of repair. I’d say you’re more of a dull blade, and a dull blade…a dull blade can be sharpened to be an even more deadly weapon than before because it’s wielder has learned from his mistakes. So what’s it gonna be, Jeffrey. You gonna run from this Kai fellow and let some kids take on the responsibility, or are you gonna learn from your mistakes, and do it right next time?”

Jeffrey considered what she said. It was true, but would he really be able to get back his killer instincts? The ones that had faded away over the years. He looked at Anne, who seemed eager for him to leave. Made sense, she hated him, and she wasn’t the only one. He looked at the burnt plaques again and sighed. “You’re right. You always were smart.”

Anne shrugged: “Not smart enough, otherwise I would have told Edgar that you were planning to join the Solid Recon.”

Jeffrey: “Well nobody actually “Joins” the Solid Recon. They’re not something you can join. All I used to be was someone who was put in charge of commanding them.”

Anne: “Same thing, idiot.”

Jeffrey: “Goodbye, Anne. I’ll see you sometime.”

Anne: “Don’t even think for a second that I ever want to see your cowardly face again. I still hate you for what you did. Are you going back to your friends?”

Jeffrey: “If all you do is hate me, then I’m pretty lucky, and no, I'm not.”

Anne: “What does that mean?”

Jeffrey: “Oh nothing, anyway, see you later.”
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Mary woke up incredibly slowly. Her lungs burnt as if they were on fire. She gagged as she tried to rub her eyes awake. Her throat was incredibly dry and sore. She looked around, trying to find out where she was, however when she looked around it looked as if she was in an ordinary room, albeit a rather fancy looking room. A large 4 poster bed, an en suite bathroom and a large television just to name some of the features. However Mary also noticed there were no windows so there were no possible avenues of escape available to her.

She slowly got to her feet and then a sickening pain hit her, she looked down at her right side where Burke had hit her, to her surprise the wound was bandaged. She wished she had been out cold on the bed instead of sprawled out on the floor, her back was a mess and she had a nasty cramp in her neck. she was about to throw herself on the bed when she heard raised voices from outside.

???: (The voice was male and had an accent that Mary couldn't distinguish) Look just let me through, I'm only going to...

???: (This was also a male voice but this sounded distinctly Japanese) The boss gave me orders not to let anyone pass and see the prisoner....

???: (The other man interrupted him the voice seemingly more agitated) OK then as your superior I ORDER you to get the hell out of my way before you try breathing through a slit throat. Understand?

Mary then leapt onto the bed as she heard the frantic jangle of keys and the hasty unlocking of the door as she watched through squinted eyes as a young man walked into the room and place a tray on the table next to her. The smell of food nearly made her leap up and start shoveling it down her but she resisted the temptation. That was until the man spoke.

???: (She watched him cross his arms though his face was hidden because of a mixture of his height and the position she lay in) You can stop pretending you know. I heard you throw yourself on the bed, I know your not asleep.

Mary: (She sat up, sighing. Frustrated that she'd been caught out.) Well you got me. So what do you want?

???: Well I want you to eat for starters. That injury wasn't exactly a flesh wound and the fact you've been out for two days would make you hungry, would it not?

Mary: (She looked up at the man, surprised to see him smiling) Urmm, yeah.....Wait...TWO DAYS?! What the hell did you do to me?

???: Don't blame me, that associate of mine who did that.

Mary: (She glanced at the open door) You didn't answer my question.

???: (He shook his head) The less you know the safer you'll be. (He turned around to grab the tray but turned back just as Mary was about to bolt) I'd forget about escaping if I was you. Not only would I stop you, but my partner would shoot you as soon as you step outside the door.

Mary however didn't listen to a word, instead she made a run to the door, just making it past the man who made a grab for her legs. Mary made it out the door only to find that a gun was leveled to her forehead. The person holding the gun was a woman with white hair and was a fair bit taller than she was. Mary immediately tried to grab the gun, but the woman pushed her back with the barrel and smacked her across the head with her free hand while Mary was still off balance. Mary stumbled into the waiting embrace of the man who lifted her off the ground. At this point Mary proceeded to struggle vainly. The woman placed the gun against her head and proceeded to shout.

???: Don't you dare keep struggling you little bitch or I'll blow your fucking brains out. (She quickly raised her gaze at the man who started backing off into the room) And you can stop being such a nice guy. I'm having to spend my time off watching you and this little shit when I could be drinking or going out having a nice time and you so kindly suggested I stay behind and help.

???: (The man sounded nervous to Mary and she didn't blame him. She was actually a little frightened of the woman) Yeah well that's only 'cause me and you get on so well. I mean how many times have we actually been mistaken as...


Kai quickly shuffled into Mary's cell setting her down on her bed.

Kai: (He took a deep breath, relieved to be out of harms way. He turned to Mary who was also relieved to be out of the woman's sight) Alright....Please just eat your food and for the love of god, don't try and run off. Anna would flip if you tried escaping again and I don't want to see someone as young as you with a bullet in your brain.

Mary: (She looked away from Kai) Yeah whatever. I could take her on no prob...

Kai: (He interrupted her) No, you'd have a problem. The only reason your alive is 'cause I had to persuade our boss to keep you alive. Anna however would have no problems killing you. She's done a lot in her time on the plane and most of it wasn't pleasant.

Mary: (She picked up the tray and began placing some of the food in her mouth to sate her growing hunger) I'd still beat her.

Kai sighed and turned to the open door and walked out. He popped his head around the door for a quick moment.

Kai: I'll be back to check on you in a few hours. Just keep yourself out of trouble.

His head swiftly darted back around the door and the door closed. Mary heard the door lock behind him...
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Mary Beth huffed as she sat on the bed, keeping her eyes on the doorknob. She focused completely on that for about five minutes, before finally giving up and hanging her head.

"I thought for sure I could open rifts with my eyes..." she whimpered. As she shamefully sat on her crumpled sheets, she began to shove more food in her mouth, to satisfy her persistent stomach. She would shove, chew, swallow, repeat. This went on for about six minutes. She finally flopped down onto her bed with a content and happy sigh. But her happiness didn't last long. Mary sat bolt upright once more, placing her head in her hands, drawing circles in the comforter of the bed.

"I really need to get out of here...." she whispered to herself. "But I can't use my powers. I'm still too weak..." she said, glancing at her bandaged wounds. She sighed, and began looking for a corner where the carpet would come rather loose.

She walked as silently as she could over to the southwest corner and began to yank on the fuzzy stuff. No luck. She cursed, and tried the Southeast and Northeast corners as well, with the same results. Only one corner left. She prayed to whatever God there was, and gave it a good pull, watching as the glue that held it down stretched, tensed, and snapped, setting the corner free. She fell back onto her arse, and blinked. That actually worked?

But she didn't sit ans speculate about it. She began to tear the carpet back even further and rip boards from their nailed holes. Eventually, she had made a hole large enough to slip through, and dropped down into it. She landed squarely on her feet and looked around, seeing nothing and hearing nothing but drips of god knows what. What really hit her hard, was the smell. It was the smell of rotting human flesh.

She pinched her nose and gagged, covering her mouth before she spewed. She dared not breathe until she knew she was well out of range of the stink. she followed her eyes, which had then adjusted, down a damp and fairly greenish-black corridor. It seemed more like a sewer than anything. But she kept wondering why on earth she wasn't hearing any water or sewage of any kind. Normally, the flow whatever it was could be heard, even from the streets. But down under was a different story. It's almost like an abandoned subway, but without the trains, tracks, benches, etc.

She decided that she needed to find a light source of some kind before she could continue. Mary Beth began to look for just that. She felt along the walls, the low ceiling and the floor, but she found nothing. As she was wiping her hands on her torn and tattered(not to mention bloody) jacket, she tripped over something. As she stopped herself from falling, she felt the gears of some sort of contraption. Mary Beth grimaced as she searched the walkway for the object she had tripped over, finally feeling her fingers touch cold, hard metal.

She yanked as hard as she could, hearing it creak and then snap into position, sending the gears into perpetual motion. She saw her shadow appear as lights throughout the place were slowly turned on. Though, years of decay and neglect had left them covered in an odd green substance. She slowly turned around, letting her eyes adjust to the odd but bright light. She held a hand in front of her eyes as she looked around, reducing the glare. But when she looked down, her jaw dropped and her nose flooded with that smell all over again.

A seemingly endless stretch of dead and decaying human corpses lined the middle of the supposed sewer, filling up the area where water should have been by a margin of overflowing. In fact, there was a human hand not to far from her feet, a head not to far from that, and a string of guts hung from the low rafters of the contraption she was standing on. Mary Beth looked on in horror and disgust at the scene that lay before her.

Just what kind of company did that Matsumoto guy run anyway?

She could hardly contain her stomach fluids, as they came rushing up every time she happened to see another dismembered body lying on the walkway. She wanted to vomit. Everything about that place was wrong, from the ceiling to the floor and down under.

Mary Beth's legs became wobbly and her head began to spin, possibly from lack of clean air, or the thought of being one of the many helpless people that had been mutilated and then thrown down a hole to rot. She sat down quietly, crying tears of silent grief for those people.

She swore a quiet vow of revenge, to make Matsumoto pay for what he had done. She stood up after some time, eventually continuing down the same path as before. She was determined to make it out of there, determined to stay alive and join up with the others again. She wanted that desperately.

Mary Beth huffed a sigh of relief, as she felt a sudden rush of fresh air and warmth spread across her skin. She made her way to a large opening in the wall, sensing further darkness ahead. But the ground sloped up. She followed her feet, trailing the slope, until she saw a light penetrate the ceiling. She raced towards it, thinking it could be a means of escape.

She had been right.

Mary Beth lifted up the sewer plate, to have her face blasted with the cool feeling of AC, and he musty smell of a basement. She quickly lifted herself over the edge, and put the lid back in place. Mary had ended up beneath the floorboards, and was listening as frantic footsteps pounded the floor above her head.

"Find her!" a man screeched. His voice was thick with an accent, it sounded Sanasch to her.

"Find her, find the prisoner!" he repeated. "If you don't have her within the hour, you'll regret it!"

Mary Beth heard a much smaller man approach him. "Sir, what is so important about that girl?" he asked. The larger man stomped his foot like an angry child.

"She is the key! The Key to Kagami Sekai!" he shouted. "Now get the fuck back to work! And call Anna and Kai back here. Find Nova and Eric as well!"

Mary Beth's stomach churned. "Kagami Sekai" is a Sanasch word... she thought. Kagami Sekai means Mirror World...

Then... he knows who I am?!
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
OhGod, I have to post now. :)


Nicholas woke up. As he did he placed one of his hands on the back of his head. He remembered everything. Jeffrey had knocked him out. "Damn him..." he said. He looked around for any sign of Jeffrey. "So youre awake huh?" Nicholas turned around, seeing Sebastian. "Where is he?" asked Nicholas. "Who knows? He left this for you tough." Sebastian pointed a finger at Nicholas left side. He looked only to see a golden sword. "What... This is... his sword..." Nicholas grabbed it, looking at it. He felt an immens powerful energy flowing from it. But it didnt mattered. He felt an immense hate and anger consume his heart. That meant that the one he believed, the one he gave his word, wouldnt abandon then... Had left... "Damn you Jeffrey!!! Damn you!!" he punched the ground a few times. Sebastian merely stared whit a serious face. "I told you we shouldnt had trust him." Nicholas stopped pucnhing the ground. "Shut up." he said. He got up, holding Jeffrey's sword whit his left hand. "We need to keep going." he said. He started walking however Sebastian stopped him."We need to think of a plan. Whitout Jeffrey our power is cut in half." Nicholas shoved him away, and kept walking. "I dont care." he said. Sebastian got angry. "Dammmit Nicholas! Listen to reason for once in your life!!" Nicholas stopped. "We are not too far from her. I can sense her presence." he looked back to Sebastian. "You're free to come whit me. Otherwise, dont get in my way." he said placing Jeffrey's sword on his back. Now both swords, his Katana, given by his father, and his new sword, the one Jeffrey gave him, strapped on his back as an X. "We have to think of a plan." said Edgar who had just listened to the discussion. "Those guys are no amateurs. If Mary is whit them, she'll be locked somewhere. And worst of all... She might not even be alive." he said. Nicholas looked at him. "If Im alive she is." he said. Nicholas suddenly felt his heart racing. "What is it?" asked Sebastian. "She' danger..." said Nicholas. Dante got up. "Sebastian your friend is losing it. He is a danger to the group and even to Mary. Remember what Jeffrey asked you?" Sebastian nodded. As he walked closer to Nicholas he said something very quietly, for only Nicholas to hear. "Listen it's not personal ok?" said Sebastian. As he was going for a blow on Nicholas backhead, he jumped. falling on his back, rolling, getting back up on his feet whit his katana in hand. "What the hell Sebastian!!?" Sebastian went for a fighting stance. "I'm sorry. But in your menatal state you're being a nuisance, and a big trouble for us. For our sake, for Mary's sake, you have to calm down. Or we'll make you." Nicholas gritthed his teeth. "Anyone who stands between me and her will DIE!!! DONT GET IN MY WAY!!!" Sebastian simply replied. "You see? Thats what I'm talking about." In the blink of an eye, Sebastian as already close to Nicholas. Nicholas tried to slice Sebastian, whit an upper attack. Sebastian made a barrier and puncehd Nicholas on his stomach, as he flew a few feet backwards. He fell back on his feet, but Edgar was behind him, holding his knife. Nicholas barely dodged the attack, which cut his right arm. He felt his right arm getting dormant. "What the hell?" he asked himself. They were clearly going to try and knockout Nicholas. They were his friends after all, they wouldnt try and kill him off. As Edgar came again, Nicholas parried it whit his own sword. He then felt a presence behind him. It was Dante. "I'm sorry." he said to Nicholas. He felt an immense anger consuming him. "FUCK YOU ALL!!!" he concentrated air all around him, and then released the pressure, causing the air to blow everyone away. Dante hit a tree, Edgar fell on his back, Sebastian flew but managed to maintain himself up in his feet. As he looked to where Nicholas where... he saw nothing. He stared fractically all around him, searching for his friend. "Damn it!!! He managed to get away!!!" he shouted. "What do we do?" asked Dante barely getting up. "We have to go after him. He'll end up putting his own life in danger!!!" Edgar got up. "And?" Sebastian stared at him, angrily. "You dont get it do you!!? if he dies... Mary dies!!!!"


There you go. Kinda short, but I'll make a longer one next time. :)
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
[A few minutes earlier]

Matsumto was busy filing documents, keeping track of his income and paying wages (Even mob bosses need to do that) when one of his subordinates burst in. He was a rather short man. In fact he was the one Kai had threatened when delivering Mary her food. Matsumoto looked up from his paper work. He noticed the nervous expression on his subordinates face and instantly assumed something bad had happened.

Matsumoto: (He put down his pen an placed his gloved hands together) What's happened?

Man: (The man shuffled nervously before actually responding) Urm...The girl....she....she has....escaped sir.

Matsumoto: (His expression changed so quickly the man couldn't believe it) WHAT?! Find her!

The other man stood there dumbfounded until Matsumoto shouted at him again.

Matsumoto: Find her, find the prisoner! If you don't have her within the hour, you'll regret it!

The man turned to walk away but then turned back around again.

Man: Sir, what is so important about that girl? (He watched as Matsumoto stamped his foot out of sheer impatience.)

Matsumoto: She is the key! The Key to Kagami Sekai! Now get the fuck back to work! And call Anna and Kai back here. Find Nova and Eric as well!

The man rushed out. Matsumoto listened as the man barked out his orders to the rest of his men. There was a relatively large number of them in the mansion and grounds. One girl wouldn't be too hard to find and escaping was out of the question. It would be like trying to escape from Alcatraz. Once the place is locked down its like a prison. Matsumoto smiled. The game of cat and mouse he thought has begun.


Eric and Nova at this point were searching around the mansion having received their orders from Matsumoto a couple of minutes ago. Eric walked through the fancy halls with Nova tagging along behind him. They didn't speak for quite a while until they came to a split in the corridor. Off to the right would take a person upstairs, while to the left would take a person down to the basement level.

Eric: (He turned to Nova hands inside his pockets) Looks like we're gonna have to split here.

Nova quickly whipped out his notepad and quickly scribbled down something on it. He showed it to Eric, 理由.

Eric: (He took a quick look at the pad) Why? It'll be easier to find the girl that way. Though we can kill her if we find her, an option that Matsumoto gave us. (Nova nodded. Eric started making his way down the hallway to the stairs) Happy huntin'.

Nova walked down the stairs, scarcely making a sound. The basement of the mansion was not only large but packed full of various goods. Nova didn't know what was in most of them, having only been here a few days. However the mountains of goods and crates made the basement like a maze, Nova decided to pick up his pace, heading down certain routes and opening doors to rooms he came across, having no luck in finding Mary.

He had been searching for the best part of half an hour before coming to one of the last rooms. Nova placed his ear to the door and heard some shuffling around from behind it. He opened the door incredibly slowly and stuck hi head around it and was surprised (and secretly glad) to find Mary on the other side, huddled in the corner thinking. She looked up at him and a quick flutter of fear crossed her face. Nova walked in and closed the door behind him.....
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So whos going next? I had a post made, and I think it wiould be good to use it now, but I need to make sure, someone is not going to post first.
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I'm not planning to post yet. I still need to figure out exactly what I'm planning to do with Jeffrey XD
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You could post if you wanted to. Im not going to until tomorrow.
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But I dont know what will happen now. I have my idea, but I dont know if you and KOV already have something in mind. So I guess I'll wait for another post.
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Nicholas was in the front of the gates of the big mansion. He felt Mary presence inside it, even tough he didnt knew where exactly. Everytime he rememered that man he would feel an infinite rage consume him. He unsheated his katana, slowly as Mary's face appeared in his mind. He had to take her back to him, and his friends. And that man had to die. He would kill him. No matter what. He imbued his sword whit Wind, moving it vertically, so fast, that the movement was invisible to the naked eye. As he did so the gates were opened, and he calmly walked inside the mansion grounds. His face showing no expressions or feelings at all, even tough inside him, he felt a wrath greater than anything else. He kept walking, ignoring the ruckus, as Matsumoto's men were running all over the place looking for Mary. "She managed to escape..." he said to himself. A man noticed him. "Hey you!! Get out of here!!" the man shouted. Nicholas ignored simply continuing his way into the mansion. The other men around all pointed their guns at him. He kept walking. Until one of them shot. As fast as lightning he blocked the bullet which was sent flying, almost hitting one of the other men. He then threw his katana at the man who shot him, piercing his heart. The man just stared at his perfurated chest. Nicholas then waving his hand, made his sword dematerialize into pure air, materializing back into his hand, as the man fell down, dead, a pool of blood forming around him. The other 'soldiers' tried to shoot him as well. As the bullets were almost touching him, he released the air he was pressurizing, making a big explosion of wind, sending all men flying, hitting the ground uncosciously. He kept walking, until he saw one of them crawling. The man turned to him. "No please! Dont!" Nicholas simply ignored and continued waling, sparing the man's life. He kept walking to the main entrance of the mansion. "That man will die..."


Matsumoto was impantient whit the situation. "Dammit. How can a girl escape from my grasp so easily?" he asked himself. He kept walking back and fourth, in a straight line, until he heard the sound of an explosion. He looked trough the window only to see a boy, in a white and blue jacket, holding a katana in his hand. The boy just kept walking into the mansion. "Who is this?" asked Matsumoto angrily. He tried to remember that boy. He knew he saw him somewhere. He then remembered. "He was whit ther back then...". He suddenly heard gunshots followed of agonizing screams. And then... The door to his room was destroyed. The oy simply walked inside. Matusmoto merely smiled, deviously. "Who are you? And what do you want?" he asked. Nicholas was staring at him, whit fixed eyes. "I came for Mary..." he then raised his balde pointing it at Matsumoto. "And your life." he said, completely cold-blooded. Matsumoto just smiled. "Oh? That girl?" He grinned. "Is she so special, to deserve such a nouble sacrifice?" he said. "More than you can even imagine." Nicholas replied. Matsumoto got serious. That boy was pissing him off. "Iguess you dont know who you're dealing whit." said Matsumoto. "I dont care." said Nicholas. "Just tell me where Mary is, and I'll make sure to kill you, whitout feelling any pain." Matsumoto stared at him. "No can do." Nicholas's face slowly turned, showing his anger and hate towards that man. "I already lost to much. I promised myself I wouldnt lose anymore. Yet you appear, taking what's most precious to me... You'll pay whit your life!!!!" The boy rushed towards Matsumoto, who got taken by surprise. Before he could even do anything Nicholas's sword was at his throat. And then... A balde stopped it. Nicholas got kicked backwards, hitting his back on the ground, as he quickly made his way back to his feet. "Dont worry boss. I'll take him from here." said Kai. Matsumoto was now more pissed and angry then ever. "Dont kill him..." he said. Kai turned to his boss. "What?" he asked. "I'll drain his vital energy, and fell the agonizing screams of his life, burning away, as I take it. I'll be the one to erase him for this world." said Matsumoto showing fixed eyes over that boy. "DONT GET IN MY WAY!!" Nicholas shouted at Kai. Kai rushed at him, ramming him itno the wall, which broke, Nicholas was sent flying at the room behind it, crashing on some shelfs, which falled over him. "Once you're done just take him there.." said Matsumoto to Kai. "Roger." "You have the permission to do whatever necessary. Dont worry. I can afford any damage." Matsumoto quietly made his way out of the scene, as Nicholas got up. "You're not going anywhere!!!" as he rushed at Matsumoto, Kai parried his blade once again. "I'm your opponent. You want to kil him? You'll have to kill me first." Nicholas got even more infuriated as he saw an obstacle to his objective. "SO BE IT!! YOU'LL DIE ALSO!!!" he said striking at Kai again, who once more parried the fatal strike, jumping backwards.Nicholas rushed at him, going whit a vertical slice, from upwards. Kai blocked it, grabbing Niholas by his colar, and tossing him down. The ground crakced and Nicholas fell over the crater, to the first floor. He got up quickly, as if the pain was nothing. As Kai fell, prepared to end it, Nicholas sidestepped, his blow. Kai hit nothing but air, as Nicholas simply tapped his chest. Kai tough for a second what was that he felt. He suddenly felt an incredible of pressurized air, into Nicholas palm. As soon as he tapped, the air was depressurized, and Kai was sent flying, hitting the wall, breaking it. As he fell he got up, angry. How could he-" he was bruptally interrupted, ans Nicholas was already face to face whit him, an attack going for Kai's head. He wouldnt be able to dodge in time. However before Nicholas could finish him off, gunshots were heard. Nicholas leaped backwards, spinning in the air. As he touched the ground he looked to his left side, only to see a woman whit two handguns pointed at him. He felt blood on his cheek. A bullet had almost hit him. She then shot more times, Nicholas quickly deflecting, all bullets. As Anna was about to reload her weapon, he pointed his left hand at it, shooting wind at her. She barely dodged it, as the wall behind her was completely destroyed. She gazed at such destructive power. She rolled, quickly reloading her guns as she jumped in the air dodging one more shot of piercing wind, shooting three more rounds. Nicholas waved his left hand up, creating a barrier of air. As the bullets entered in contact whit it, they changed direction, going upwards, passing trough the crater, and hitting the roof. Nicholas barely dodged Kai's attack, and as he did he felt a strong punch at his back, wich made him fly, crashing bruptally into the ground. He got up quickly as he dodged another attack from Kai. He saw a big man, whit gauntlets. "So this is the brat huh? I'll have some fun squishing you." he said bumping his fists. Kai turned to him. "Boss told us to let him live. He wants his vital energy." Eric laughed. "He was able to piss off boss like this? Well then I guess we got no choice." Anna simply pointed her guns in Nicholas head. "I dont care what the boss wants!! I'll put a bullet in his head, no matter what!!" Nicholas put up his fight stance from the unique style of his clan. All 3 stood in amazement. "Then come on!!! I'll kill each single one of you, if thats what it takes, to kill that bastard and take Mary back!!!!" As he said so, Nicholas was surpirsed to see Kai so close to him. Kai went for a middle hit, trying to slice, Nicholas in half. He parried the attack and tried to leap backwards but he couldnt. He looked down, seeing ropes of shadow, emanating from Kai's shadow on his ankles. "Got you." he said whit a smile. Kai then ducked, only for Nicholas to see a hand coming to his face. It hit Nicholas,in full power, as he flew, breaking the all, falling on the courtyard of the mansion. He opened his eyes slightly, as his nose bleed as he saw Eric faling on top of him, ready to strkike him at full force, whit gravity at his side, to make things worse. Nicholas then throwed his sword, whit flew past Eric. The man simply laughed, thinking that Nicholas had missed his target. However, Nicholas dissipated into pure air, as Eric hit the ground, creating an enormous crater. He turned to look up and he saw Nicholas, this time on the advantage. "I have you now!!!!" he said as he fell in full speed, whit his katana, ready to kill Eric. However He got hit in the chin by Kai, and was sent flying, crashing in the ground once more. as he 'ounced' on the floor. Anna fired a couple rounds on him, but he managed to use his vital energy to fly away. He Then landed at full speed, trying to cut Kai in two. Kai simply dodged, and Eric hit Nicholas on his stomach. Blood coming out of his mouth as he crashed on the ground once more. As much as he tried he couldnt get up anymore. He was too injured. He could fell he had broken two or more ribs. He was breathing forcefully, almost not being able to maintaint consciousness. Anna walked closer to him, pointing her handgun at his head. Kai stopped her. "Dont." he said. Anna got angry. "Shut up! This brat gave us lots of problems! Look what our little fight did to our HQ! He doesnt deserve living." she said. Eric walked closer as well. "I'll take him to boss." Nicholas tried to get up but Anna stepped on his chest forcing him down. He screamed in pain. "Just shut up and stay quiet you asshole!" she said. "Anna it's enough" Kai said. She started to walk inside the mansion once more. "Where ar e you going?" she heard a voice saying. She turned to her left and saw the man she fought whit some days back. "You..." she said. Eric turned to see the man, but then he saw Sebastian right in front of him. He jumped backwards, as he clearly was scared, as he did not expected that. Kai simply stood where he was. He then suddenly felt an hot energy around him. He looked down to Nicholas who had a golden light on his hand. All of his wounds, being healed. Kai eye's were wide at the realization that the boy would still give him some trouble. Nicholas got up, a bit tired from wasting to much vital energy. Sebastian walked closer to him. "You stupid! You have a suicidal wish to come here all by yourself!!?" said Sebastian angry at his friend. "Just shut up." said Nicholas. Sebastian turned to see Kai. "He was able to best Jeffrey. You think you're capable of fighting him by your own?" Sebastian asked. "I'll make him pay... For trying to stop me..." said Nicholas. "I'll go find their leader." Nicholas held him. "His leade is mine. I guess I told you that." Sebastian slapped his hand out. "Stop acting so selfshily! I'll go and take their boss. I'll wont kill him, as I want to ask him a few questions. After it, you're free to do what you want whit." Nicholas nodded. As long as he was the one to take the live of that man, Sebastian could do what he wanted to. He turned to Kai, as Dante went for Eric and Edgar for Anna. "So it's just you and me now... I can feel you didnt healed completely tough..." said Kai holding his sword whit one hand. Nicholas hated to admit, but Kai was right. His ribs, werent completely healed, and a not to strong punch, would be enough to break then again. But he wouldnt let that happen. He then decided to use that... He moved his left hand to grab the other sword that was strapped to his back. He slowly unsheated it, revealing a golden balde. Kai's eyes got wide, as he saw that weapon. It was clearly Jeffrey's sword, the man he had fought against, before. Kai laughed. "So he left you like a coward dog, as soon as he lost to me, leaving behind his sword for you? Pathetic." Nicholas got even more infuriated as he heard Kai mocking his former friend. Even tough he was angry at Jeffrey, he qwas sure he had his reasons. "Shut up... And face your death." Nicholas said holding both swords as an X in front of him. "I swear, you'll not live to see the sun rise once more."


There you go. Hope you guys liked it! If theres anything I messed whit, just tell me and I'll fix it.
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Ack, the fighting has started already XD I must speed up my plans for Jeffrey XD

Awesome Post, by the way XD
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*Shortly before Nicholas arrived at the mansion*

While Nicholas was busy losing his mind to his fury, Jeffrey was taking a calmer approach. He didn’t really have a destination in mind, but he figured the closer he got to the base of operations for the Solid Recon, the sooner he was likely to find the person he was looking for. Sure enough, when he was about 25 miles from the city, she came to him. He sensed the powerful attack coming and leaped out of the way, barely dodging a fatal blow. He tried to see past the smoke the attack had created and his eyes widened as he saw another attack coming from the smoke. He once again leaped to the side, now creating a sword of light which he held at the ready. He spun around, slamming the blade into an oncoming attack, the attack destroyed his light sword with ease and slammed into his gut. When it did, he realized two things. First was that the sword was still sheathed, and second was that he was gonna puke. He landed hard on the ground, rolled over, and retched on the ground. He stood shakily only to have a sword at his neck, still sheathed, but she didn’t need to unsheathe her blade to kill him. He lifted his hands in the air and slowly turned around to face the woman who had attacked him. As expected, he saw the woman he expected to see. She had long blonde hair, wore golden colored armor, and wielded a sword similar to his own, the one he had given to Nicholas. He wondered how Nicholas was doing with that sword, it was particularly hard to use due to it being heavier than normal blades. Jeffrey had always considered that to be inconsequential, he never had need of a lighter sword. He usually could beat anyone with any weapon, that is, except for this girl. She always managed to be somewhere between 20-30 times stronger than him at his best. He himself had trouble imagining anyone who could be that strong. He smiled, a bad move. Her blade pressed harder into his neck and he winced. She was certainly beautiful, she put other women to shame. He sighed. “Hello…” He said, smiling. She didn’t respond so he tried again. “I can imagine I am probably not the person you want to talk to right now…”

“You think?”

He gulped. “Heh heh…uh…ya. Um...anyway…how are you?”

She shrugged. “I was fine until this really putrid smell floated in. I hated the smell so I went to investigate and looky here. I found a large pile of manure walking towards my city.”

Jeffrey gave a nervous chuckle. “I assume this pile of manure has a good reason to be here.”

“It had better have one.”

Jeffrey sighed. “Listen, Ar-”

“I already told you that you are not allowed to speak my name ever again.”

Jeffrey sighed again. “Listen. I need your help, and I know what you’re gonna say, just…hear me out, okay?”

The woman stared at him for a minute. “Fine. Speak.”

Jeffrey nodded. “I’ve lost my edge. I’m no longer as strong as I used to be…I’ve…become weak. I need your help in returning to the way I was.”

She glared. “And why on Thrae would I ever help you return to being that…that…monster!”

Jeffrey also glared. “BECAUSE! Because I need that power to help my friends! They’re lost without me! Earthen swordsmen are defeating me, and I need to be my old self, the powerful swordsman of Thrae. The swordsman who only ever lost to you!”

She laughed, but not out of mirth. “HA! You expect me to believe you are interested in helping people now?”

“I’ve always wanted to help people!”

“That didn’t stop you from letting thousands of people die!”

“I had to! I had no other choice!”

“You could have chosen to save them!”

“Then you would have died! I couldn’t let that happen! You are too important!”

“Oh so now I have to live with their families thinking that I am more important than their sons and daughters?!”

“You’re more important to me…and now I have more people who are important…people who I NEED to protect. People who are worth any sacrifice. Would you like to know their names?”

“Don’t you dare try to-”

“Nicholas, Mary Beth, Sebastian, Dante, Edgar.”

She glared, now a look of pure hatred in her eyes. “So you got Edgar involved in another of your schemes.” There was silence as the two powerful Thraean swordsmen glared at each other. Jeffrey was determined to get her help. Finally, she took the sword from his neck. “There is an old cave a couple hundred miles away from here. It has been known to accumulate immense amounts of energy of all elements, including light. I can’t guarantee that it will return you to your former self, but it might, and I say MIGHT, be able to augment your powers. Although nobody who has ever entered the cave…nobody who has ever gone there has ever returned with their sanity. They all come screaming about ghosts and monsters. That’s all the help you will ever get from me…goodbye, Jeffrey, never come here again. You are a monster who shouldn't be allowed the escape of death, live a long life, haunted by those whom you senselessly slaughtered.” And with those harsh words, she left, disappearing in a flash of light. Jeffrey stared after her, he smiled. “Goodbye, Ariana.” He sighed once more and set off in the direction of the cave she told him about.

(Okeedokee....there we go...)
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So who's next?
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I was supposed to post mine tonight, but I'm doing something deathly important right now. I'll have it up within 24 hours.
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Sebastian chased after Matsumoto but quickly lost him. Sebastian stopped in a hallway and focused. He started to use his pale eye when his dark one caught a glimpse of something. Death. It was coming from under the building. Sebastian quickly found his way to a door that led to a tunnel like basement. Here there were bodies everywhere. Sebastian breathed in deeply. From the smell he could tell that some of these bodies had been here for long time.

"This is going to be easy!" Sebastian's eyes lit up with a gleeful malice.
Dante dodged one of Eric's hulking fist and counter attacked with a left hook. Erich blocked, throwing his right fist at Dante's midsection. Lithely Dante jumped up onto Eric's large arm. Dante then quickly punched Eric in the nose, breaking it. Blood gushed from his nose.

"You little shit!" Eric yelled in rage. He punched the ground causing the ground to rise up in a spike at Dante.

"Whoa!" Dante said and barely avoided the spike but was hit bu Eric's left fist. The hit winded him and he fell to the ground. Eric smiled with satisfaction and went to deliver the final blow to Dante's skull. But before his fist came in contact Dante splayed his fingers out at Eric. His fingernails flared up a ghastly green color. Eric yelled in pain as ten needles pierced his body in his arms, legs, and chest. Dante quickly leaped up and kicked Eric in the side of the head. The attack caused Eric to stagger backwards. After regaining his balance, Eric yelled again in outrage. He punched the ground and sent a wall of spikes toward Dante.

"Take that you little bastard!!!"

Dante's eyes widened. Crap, he thought.
"Hurry! We must find her!" A guard said to others. They were still searching for Mary when they saw someone slowly shuffling towards them. They raised their weapons at the figure.

"Halt!" The leader said. The figure took no heed and still continued to walk towards the group. One of the men looked down at the figure's feet and saw it was tracking blood.

"Have it your way!" The leader shouted, "Open fire!" Bullets sprayed into the figure, causing a large blood spatter. The men stopped when they needed to reload, thinking that the person had fallen. But the man who noticed the bloody foot prints felt a cold tickle on the back of his neck as his hairs raised. He looked over at the figure and screamed. It was still walking strait towards them. It had reached the leader now.

"What the he-?" The leader was interrupted when the figure grabbed him and bit into his throat, a black smoke drifted from the figure's mouth into the leader's wound. The leader silently screamed and his men turned to flee. But awaiting them as they turned was a whole mob of the creatures. With this many the smell was unbearable. They screamed and opened fire once more at the creatures. But the firing was futile. The monsters overtook the men biting into each of them. Soon they were all dead. The zombies then shuffled away, leaving the bodies. Suddenly the leader's body started to twitch. Then it stood up, dead. Then one by one the rest of the men stood. They were all walking now in different directions. Sebastian appeared behind the newly created zombies. Sebastian loved this necromancy spell. When ever a zombie bit someone and killed them, the prey would rise and walk, as one of the undead. Several movies and TV shows had modeled the zombie virus after this spell. Sebastian laughed gleefully and continued the search for Mary and Matsumoto.
Eric's attack had caused a lot of dust to rise up into the air. Eric waited for the dust to clear and see the little bastard's body pierced by his attack. Eric had to admit that using his powers over the earth inside the mansion was kind of stupid for he could bring the place down on top of them. Just then Eric felt a pocket of cold air behind him and saw a faint a green flash. Something sharp poke him in the lower back near his spine. The poke had caused him to slightly bleed. Eric turned his head slowly and saw Dante standing behind him, unharmed, with his daggers out. His left dagger was on his back and the right one went up to Eric's throat.

"Was that attack supposed to kill me?" Dante said with a dark smile.

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Kai's eyes never left Nicholas as he drew his other blade. Kai couldn't understand the reasoning behind leaving such a fine blade in the hands of some kid who didn't have any spectacular skills besides that weird style. Kai took a deep breath and exhaled. He the started spinning the blade in his right hand almost lazily while throwing his left blade in the air and catching it so the blade now faced down his left arm.

Kai: (His voice was remarkably level considering he had been fighting for a few minutes) I'm only going to ask once kid. Leave and you and your friends can leave in relative safety.

Nicholas: (His face contorted in anger as he responded to Kai) Shut up! I'm going to kill all of you and take Mary back with me.

Kai: (Nicholas was wide eyed as he literally saw Kai appear in front of him) Well then, I'm gonna have to waste your young life.

Kai whacked the side of Nicholas's neck with the base of his left blade, causing the boy to stumble to the side before he received the same attack to his solar plexus driving the air from him. As Nicholas bent over Kai drove a powerful knee into Nicholas's chest actually lifting him into the air before being brought down with an axe-like kick to the base of his spine. Nicholas cried out in pain, blood spraying from his mouth along with the little air he had managed to inhale into his lungs. Kai pressed his foot incredibly hard into Nicholas's back as he surveyed what was going on around him.


Anna had her back pinned up against a wall, getting increasingly infuriated with having to constantly evade Edgar's knife while not being able to fire off a single bullet at the man. She gritted her teeth an waited. Suddenly Edgar thrust his knife forward at her and Anna leaned to one side intentionally taking the blade in her right shoulder and grabbed hold of it with her free right hand and placed the barrel of her gun against Edgar's forehead. Edgar looked up at it near cross eyed before swinging his head to the right (Anna's left) and kneeing her in her stomach. Following that, he ripped his blade from her shoulder causing her to cry out in pain. she ran behind a partition wall as quickly as she could. Quickly ripping the sleeve off her jacket, which pissed her off even further, she made an improvised bandage for the wound. She drew her other pistol and threw herself round the corner firing as many bullets as she could as fast as the guns firing mechanism would allow. Edgar ducked behind a table, then quickly realising that that in itself did not provide a reasonable amount of cover against a gun that put a fist size hole in the wall, he darted towards the one thing she wouldn't shoot at. Kai. Nicholas managed to see what Edgar had in mind and immediately grabbed Kai legs to stop him from moving. Edgar then placed his blade at Kai's throat and slid behind Kai. Anna stopped dead.

Edgar: (He sounded triumphant in his success) Alright missy. Put the guns down and slide them away and I won't slit his throat.

Anna: (She looked at him with a smirk on her face) Kai?

She fired her gun at Kai and watched as Kai easily used his right blade to deflect the bullet that was going to miss him by an inch straight into Edgar's side, blowing a hole in his right hip.

Nicholas slackened his grip with what he saw enough for Kai to brutally kick his face, sending him careering through one of the walls, past Eric and Dante.

Eric looked back at the smaller man with a reasonable sized smirk on his face.

Eric: Do not think for a second that my powers are restricted to my fists.

He stamped his foot causing a solid lump of earth to fly into Dante sending him flying and away from Eric. Eric then followed up by hitting the ground with his gauntleted fist causing the ground below Dante to throw him back to Eric who caught him by the collar with one arm. He then placed his other hand against the ground and created a small hole, just big enough to fit Dante up to the chest into. He placed Dante rather roughly into the hole his arms being held down by some rock restraints that trapped his arms to the ground around the hole and the hole reduced in size to hold Dante tightly in place and then slowly got progressively tighter....
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Nicholas tried to get up but the pain was too intense. He couldnt even move his legs properly. They were shaking. But not only from pain. But also from fear. He smacked the ground as he watched as Kai merely walked closer to him. His blades in the ground behind him. He wathed as his entire group was being defeated. Again. But this time there would be no turning back. They would die. And it was all his fault. He couldnt protect his clan. He couldnt protect Mary. And now his anger torwards Matsumoto made him put his friends life on the line. "Damn it... Damn it all!!!!" he shouted. Kai merely kept walking until he reached Nicholas. "You're pathetic. You're nothing more than a weirdo whit a pathetic fighting style that suits for nothing. In fact, you might be feeling very bad now knowing you marked a grave not only for you but your friends also right?" Nicholas managed to look at Kai. His facial expression showing a rage torwards him, that Kai's hair even got up. But he only grinned. That boy as already at death's door. He couldt do anything. Besides his blades were completely out of reach. "You see. I'll do this as quick as you dont suffer. As for Mary... We'll take good care of her. Dont worry." When he heard that, Nicholas eyes got wide. He gritthed his teeth, as a golden aura surrounded him.

-------------------------------PLAY MUSIC--------------------------------

"I'LL WONT ACCEPT THIS!!!" Kai managed to jump backwards as Nicholas immediately got up, swinging his katana at Kai. He stood in confusion. "How did the katana went for his hand? It was several feet away!" kai said to himself. He also noticed that Nicholas was still weak from the wounds he had sustained. Even tough he healed himself, he was still hurt. He had the upper hand. Nicholas ran at Kai, attackign him rapidly. They exchanged blows, parrying each otehr's attacks, whit an atack of their own. They kept like this for 15 seconds until Kai sidestepped, going for a fatal strike on Nicholas chest, whit his blade. Nicholas released the air pressusre, creating a massive explosion, as Kai flew some feet backwards, succsefully landing on his feet. Nicholas rushed at him. Kai was about to parry his swing, but... "What?" he said to himself as he noticed something different. He barely evaded the swing from Nicholas's katana, and then a slice of wind came out of it, cutting everything on it's way. Kai was relieved but at the same time worried. He had survived but there was more from where that came from. Nicholas imbued his sword whit more elemental wind. He turned to swing at Kai once more. Kai ducked, as the slice of wind passed cutting everything in it's way. The trees around the mansion, falling down, the crushing sound being heard by everyonein the battlefield. Kai then grabbed Nicholas by his jacket and pushed himself against his enemy's body. Nicholas felt an incredible amount of pressure as he was sent flying a few meters backward. He landed on his feet, but Kai was already on top of him. "He'll wont let me open ofr an attack." Nicholas tough to himself. He evaded Kai's fatal blow, whch was going for his neck. He then saw an opporutity to atack once more, but Kai ducked, rolling. His feet touched Nicholas's ankle and he fell on the ground. Kai got up as fast as possible and went for a stab on his enemy's heart. Nicholas rolled out and as Kai was about to jump on him again, NAicholas pointed his hand at him, shooting a vortex of air. It hit Kai, sending him flying away, breaking another wall. Kai got out of the smoke, and came for a blind attack. Nicholas easilydodged and... he completely pierced trough Kai's heart. Nicholas smiled at the sight of his falling enemy. But... there was something strange. "Where... is his blood" he siad to himself. Suddenly Kai dissipated into shadow. "What?" Nicholas muttered to himself. Another Kai came for him. Nicholas parried his attack, but another one was coming from his left. He waved his hand. It shined whit that golden light. The golden sword that Jeffrey gave him, dissipated into golden light, and reappeared at his left hand, successfully parryin a fatal blow. He then singed his sowrds, leaving the two Kai's completely open, as he sliced trough their necks. He immediately dcked as he saw a blade an inch from his head. Another Kai. He cut this one in half, and it also dissipated in shadow. "DAMN IT!!" he shouted in frustration. He jumped backwards as another Kai appeared behind the one he recently 'killed'. He touched the ground and as soon as he touched the ground and looked up, 10 Kai's all around him coming at him. He imbued his katana whit his wind powers, and his golden sword, whit his golden energy. He spinned in a 360° and slices of the wind mixed whit slices of the golden energy, slahsed trough the Kai's shadow clones. Nicholas was then surprised as he noticed a shadow near him. He looked up only to see another Kai falling from the sky, to get him. He prepared to counter'atack and then... He couldnt. He was entrapped by shadow ropes. "What?" he asked himself.He tried to move but to no avail. Two Kai clones were holding his arms, as other shadow ropes came from the sahdow of the Kai clone which was falling to deliver the final strike. Nicholas concentrated the air around him, and then depressurized it, creatinga big explosion of air, destroying the ropes and the Kai clones that were holding him. He then parried the atack of the falling Kai whit his katana, as he slashed him in half whit his golden sword. He dissipated in shadow once more. He then once the sadow dissipated notiec another Kai in front of him. "Got you." Kai said. Nicholas then knew it. That was the original. However before he could attack him, he entered in Nicholas's shadow. Nicholas stood in confusion, as a blade came out of it, piercing his right leg. He screamed in pain as the balde pierced, and suddenly dissapeared back into his own shadow. Another one, for his left elbow. And then his chest, however, evading any internal organs. Kai only wanted to inflict pain in him. "He plans on torutring me!?" Nicholas said to himself. An ethereal voice echoed from his shadow. "I tried to make this be no painful for you. But you gave me no choice." Nicholas kept screaming as the blows kept coming. Until he jumped. "It's no use. Your shadow ill followyou wherever you go. And I'll be there to keep my stryke." However... Nicholas didnt came back to the ground. "So you can fly them?" kai said. Nicholas was surpriesed as he saw Kai's blade coming out of the shadow,torwards his direction. He parried it whit his katana, ready to counteratack anything whit his golden sword, which even tough heavier, was stronger. Kai came off from his shadow in an unbelievable speed, grabbing his sword on the air, and striking at Nicholas once more. Nicholas parried but Kai came whit another one. The sheer strenght of his attack sent Nicholas flying back to the ground. Nicholas however managed to land on his feet. He felt an intense pain on his legs, as the gravity along, whit the brute strenght from the blow he received, almost broke his legs. Suddenly Kai fell at his front grinning. His blade coming to Nicholas neck.And there was no way he could protect himself from that. He felt a glimpse of his life passing trough his eyes. All his misadventrues, all the things he passed trough his life. It was like Kai's sword was coming at his neck., at slow motion. And when it was almost touching his neck...It went no further. Nicholas noticed a figure in front of him. A familiar figure. "Im' sorry kid... I'm sorry I left you behind... But I'm back. Dont worry." Nicholas's eyes were wide at the person he was staring at, and so did Kai, however whit hate in his eyes. "Jeffrey!!!?"


There you go guys. Hopeyou enjoy it!
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It didn’t take long for Jeffrey to find the cave. This had to be it. It was the only cave in the area. Jeffrey looked inside the cave, but didn’t enter yet. It appeared to be a normal cave, but what could be so special about the place? He spent the next few minutes pacing in front of the cave, not only trying to gauge any danger, but also thinking back on everything that had happened. He sighed. “Might as well.” He muttered under his breath as he calmly strode forward, into the cave.

It wasn’t as exciting as he expected. It didn’t look any different from the inside as it did from the outside. It was getting darker the further he went in, but he just created a ball of light which illuminated the dark cave. He looked around as he walked. It also seemed to be bigger and deeper than he had thought. The walls were seven feet away from him on both sides and the ceiling was twelve feet above him. Normal cave dwelling creatures could be seen scurrying from the light. Worms, rats, and bats could all be seen. Jeffrey continued like this for several minutes before stopping. There was a barrier in front of him. It was so deep it was no wonder Jeffrey hadn’t sensed it. There was no light in this area. Jeffrey curiously examined it. It wasn’t dangerous, judging by the amount of power it was giving off. It seemed to be old enough that it’d die anyday now. Jeffrey prepared himself, and walked through. The moment he did, he felt pain in his head. He looked left and right and saw that the color of the cave had changed. It was blue…no…red, no, now it was yellow. “What the heck?” Then he heard a roar and something large and scaly appeared in front of him. Jeffrey stood up and created a sword in front of him. It roared at him, but Jeffrey stood his ground. It lunged at him, but Jeffrey stayed still, on a hunch. As expected, it passed right through him. “Illusions? Pretty fancy techniques for such a drab cave. Let’s see what else this place has to offer.” He continued on his way, and came up to a fork in the cave. “Well, this is disappointing. I was hoping for something harder.” He separated the light orb into three and they floated down the paths. They soon returned. According to the info they gathered, the path on the right was the correct one. Jeffrey reformed his light orb and walked down the path. Two minutes later, he came out of the tunnel, but it was in the exact same place as he started. “What the…grr.” He sighed and walked down the next one which yielded the same results. He did the same process on the last path with no luck. He glared at the three paths. He frowned. Maybe these weren’t defense mechanism’s, but were actually tests? If so, the only other way was back the way he came, right? Suddenly the pain erupted in his head again and he fell to the ground, screaming. After a few minutes, it faded. He felt calmer, clearer, more in tune with…something. He stood up and walked over to the center of the room and blasted the light orb at his feet, directing it to slice through and create a hole. As expected, he fell through it and into a cavern. The cavern was huge, but there couldn’t possibly be anything like this underground or else the Solid Recon would have known about it. If that were so, then how did he get here? He frowned. This was different than he was led to believe. He had thought people came out screaming about monsters, but he hadn’t seen any REAL monsters, not yet anyway. He walked around the area, exploring and looking for some sign that this place could help him, but he found none. He eventually uncovered what seemed to be rusty old blade. It was incredibly dull from wear. Jeffrey looked at the blade, something about it caught his eye. He remembered what Anne told him and he formed the light into the tools he would need to sharpen the blade. So he went to work, slowly working on the blade, restoring it to it’s former glory. When he was finished, he looked at the blade. It was incredible. It seemed to fit his hands perfectly, as if it were made for him. He smiled.

“What are you doing?”

Jeffrey’s head snapped up and he looked around for the sound. “Who’s there?”

“Don’t be alarmed, little guy. I’m not here to hurt you, just test you.”

“Test me?”

“Indeed. What was that power you were using earlier?”

Jeffrey was hesitant to tell the voice anything, but he also couldn’t see the harm in playing along. “I used light powers.”

“LIAR! How dare you so blatantly lie and so feebly too!”

Jeffrey got mad. “I’M NOT LYING! See!” He summoned the light orb and increased it’s brightness, while also making it form a snake.

“I never said I doubted that you were using light, but you do not use light powers. Now it is your turn to see, young Jeffrey.” Before Jeffrey could respond, thousands of two-dimensional objects seemed to light up around the room. They did so three, or two, or sometimes just one at a time, but soon all of them were lit up. Jeffrey looked at the ones near him and he was shocked by what he saw. He saw the symbol for the Stardust clan, and the Wind clan, the fire clan, water clan, all of the various Clannad symbols and colors seemed to be in this room. Where on Thrae…or Earth…was he?! “Do you see?” The voice asked Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was still shocked. “See what? What is all this? Why are the Clannad symbols all here?”

The voice seemed to chuckle. “They are here because this is the origin of the various races, or at least…as close to the origin as it could be. Look.” Suddenly the floor lit up, revealing a huge symbol. It seemed to be all of the colors at once. “That…is the symbol for a race known as the Rift Walkers. They are not the strongest, or the weakest, or even the smartest beings in existence, but they have a useful destiny and that is why they get to be on the floor. The history of all races is in this cave.”

Jeffrey knelt down and examined the symbol. He could see faces, and names. Were these all of the members of the Rift Walkers? What on earth was this place? He then noticed something, and walked over to it. He knelt down to read and his eyes widened. It was Mary Beth. “It can’t be.”

“Oh, but it can. I know all of you. Like I said before. This is-”

“The origin of the races, I get it. This seems more of a library then a place of beginnings though…”

“All books have a beginning, and they have an ending. A library is the perfect place of origins. It compiles information for the reader to learn.”

Jeffrey looked up. “Who are you? It seems to be the only question that you refuse to answer.”

“I…am not something that can be called by name. I am the embodiment of hundreds of thousands of sealing spells.”

“Then you must have been sealed for a reason.”

“Indeed. I was sealed so that I could wait. Wait…for you.”

“Me? Why me? I’m just a light elemental.”

“No you are not, you are one of a long extinct species. You only think you are an elemental due to the birthmark on the back of your neck.”

Jeffrey reached back to touch the marking. “How do you know about that?”

The being sighed and the Rift Walkers symbol disappeared from the floor, instead, the Light Clan’s symbol was there. “You are not on this.”

“You could have intentionally removed it.”

“I didn’t. Do you see now? You aren’t a light elemental. You are something else. You could say that you are what the Clannad used to be. They used to be a powerful race. They still are, but what they used to be was so incredibly strong that it put the Clans of today to shame.”

Jeffrey was skeptical. “But?”

“But…they were too strong. They would have ended up destroying themselves with war, and greed, so they decided to stop these powers and turn the Clannad into something different. They sealed their powers away so that this would never happen again.”

“And I am one of these…Pre-Clannad?”

“That sword is proof. It’s one of their most powerful weapons. If anyone else were to hold it, their mind would be destroyed. You are similar to the Rift Walkers. You‘re powers aren‘t easily comprehendible, which is why they took on the form of Light powers, but as you grow, you will become strong, maybe too strong.”

Jeffrey remembered what Ariana had said. She had said that the people who had gone into the cave had all gone mad. What the voice said…it made sense. “Okay…” He still wasn’t sure whether he trusted the story or not, but if this sword could give him the power he needed. He would have to take that chance. “Okay. Then I’m taking this sword and it’s powers for my own, as an inheritance.”

“To protect your friends?”

“Not just that…”

The voice was now silent. It seemed to be ages before it spoke again. “Then go.” Jeffrey smiled, and disappeared.

(Play Music.)
Kai swung his sword, intending to silence Nicholas once and for all, but someone grabbed his arm before it landed. Kai’s eyes widened and he looked at who it was to see Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: “Hey there, buddy. Miss me?” He smiled and slammed his knee into Kai’s side, sending him crashing through the grounds. Anna growled and swung her gun to fire at Jeffrey, thinking Edgar was out for the count, but he suddenly stabbed her in the arm, causing her to yell out in pain. He kicked out, knocking her backwards and yanking the knife out at the same time. Jeffrey pointed at Eric and suddenly the ground was shattered by several blasts of light, freeing Dante, who wasted no time in exploiting the opportunity to brutally attack Eric. Jeffrey looked at Kai, who had just gotten back on his feet and smiled. “What? You really think I would miss this?” He helped Nicholas up and patted him on the back. Several strands of light enveloped Nicholas, healing his injuries. “Sorry buddy. I needed some time alone. We can handle this, you go save Mary Beth.”

Nicholas didn’t need to be told twice and ran off into the mansion. Kai made a move, as if to stop him, but Jeffrey was suddenly in his way. “Tut tut, no cheating.” Jeffrey and Kai both took a stance, Kai sighed. “You know this is just going to end up like last time.”

Jeffrey: “Nope. See.” He pointed down towards where his shadow should be and smiled as it had a faint yellow outline.

Kai shrugged. “So you stopped one attack, not enough to beat me.”

Jeffrey: “Huh? Were you saying something? It’s hard to hear you over the large cut across your forehead.” Suddenly his hand flashed out. Kai tried to avoid it, but he still ended up with a large gash across his forehead. Jeffrey pressed the attack, slashing at him, seemingly from all angles. Kai blocked those attacks, but he wasn’t sure for how long. His and Jeffrey’s blades slammed continuously against each other and both of them seemed to be unaware of what was going on. Meanwhile Edgar stood up and charged Anna, who rolled to the side and fired several rounds at him, but he leaped into the air, going over them and landed on the ground already running. He charged her, and she hurriedly got onto her feet. She kept firing while she could. He seemed to be moving so fast that he would disappear for a moment, then reappear a few feet away. He reached where she was and tried stabbing her, but she leaned back as far as she could go and fired 5 rounds consecutively at point blank. He blocked the bullets like Kai did and attacked again, but she kneed him in the shin and managed to dodge. He rubbed the assaulted area and frowned. “Dirty move.”

“This is a fight. Anything goes.” she said all this while reloading.

“Trust me, I know how a fight goes.” He charged again and she prepared to fire, but he disappeared again, and he felt a blade at her back and twisted sharply, barely avoiding being impaled. But as she rolled to get away, his other hand shot out and grabbed her breast. She growled angrily and fired all the rounds in one of her guns at him. He fell back and backflipped to get back upright.

She glared. “I’m going to make you suffer for that, you little toad.”

He shrugged. “It’s a rule for living in the streets. An eye for an eye.”

She glared. “Oh that’s a good idea, I’ll take your eye.” She fired at him and he barely avoided the shot. “Whoa…sheesh. Touchy…”

Meanwhile, Kai was faring much better, or so he thought. It was still hard to get a read on this guy. Everytime he thought he could predict what he was going to do next, he seemed to suddenly change his tactic. He charged at Jeffrey, who sidestepped and slashed at Kai’s neck. Kai blocked the attack by twisting a bit and slamming one of his swords into Jeffrey’s light sword. He swung his other sword upward, intending to cleave him in half, but Jeffrey pushed against Kai’s first sword and used it as momentum to flip himself over and onto Kai’s other side. He attacked him again and again, while Kai blocked the attacks. Jeffrey sliced Kai’s arm, and Kai attacked, but he only managed to sever a lock of his hair. He stayed on guard as Jeffrey stopped fighting and allowed the light sword in his hand to fade away. He had yet to draw the weapon that was currently at his hip. He wondered where he got the new sword. It looked like a big pile of junk. He’d have been better off with the old one. They looked at each other again, then Jeffrey shook his head sadly.

“How disappointing. You are just as strong as last time.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What I mean is that you didn’t try to improve. You stayed the same way. Is this really all that you intend to be. I have already proved that I am the superior swordsman. I could disarm you right now without using any powers. You know that, yet you didn’t try to get stronger after our first fight. Where is your pride? What do you fight for?”

“I work for my employer. That’s all you, or I, need to know.”

Jeffrey’s gaze hardened. “Very well. If that truly is your way of thinking. I had thought you were a worthy opponent, one who appreciated the blade he wielded, but now I see that all you are is some pawn. Well I don’t mess around with pawns. Prepare yourself, Kai. Here I come. I’m going to show you exactly what a blade can do in the hands of one who knows what a blade truly is.”

('s that?)
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Sebastian strolled around the mansion lazily with a skeleton following him. The air smelled heavily of decay and rot due to Sebastian's walking corpses. The air to Sebastian, however, smelled great. He had been searching for Mary for a while. His corpses were also looking for her. Sebastian had just turned the corner to see someone dressed in black come out of a closet. Nova. Sebastian smiled but it faded when Nova turned around and Sebastian saw that Nova was carrying Mary. She was unconscious but unharmed. When Nova saw Sebastian, the man. or woman, jumped a bit. Sebastian sighed.

"Am I really that scary?" Sebastian asked. Nova just glared. Sebastian smiled again. He walked over towards Nova, but Nova shook his/her head. He/she pointed towards Mary and Sebastian could clearly understand. If he moved closer, Nova would hurt Mary. There was a creak when Sebastian's skeleton rounded the corner. Again, Nova seemed to jump.

"Did anyone tell you what I am capable of?" Sebastian called out to Nova. Nova thought for a second then shook his head. Damn, Sebastian thought, this may be a bit too easy. Suddenly, Sebastian felt the air around him change. It was getting harder to breath. Sebastian put a hand to his throat. Nova seemed very pleased, then Sebastian dropped his hand to his side.

"Just kidding!" Sebastian said cheerfully, "Only the living need air." Nova's surprise made Sebastian laugh. Sebastian snapped his fingers. A blur of movement came from behind Sebastian and suddenly the skeleton was in front of Nova. Up close, the eyes of the skeleton burned with a strange blue light. The skeleton's hand shot out as a fist hitting Nova in the face.
The impact made Nova drop Mary and sent him/her flying down the hall. Before Mary hit the floor, Sebastian appeared there to catch her. Sebastian stood up and saw Nova standing up. He/she seemed angry. The air around Sebastian changed again, but this time Mary's eyes flew open. She put her hands to her throat, unable to breath.

"Damn it!" Sebastian said. The skeleton appeared before Nova again but Nova was prepared this time. Nova's nijato shot out, slicing off the skeleton's head. The whole thing fell to the floor in a pile of bones.
Meanwhile, Mary was starting to turn blue. Sebastian could't do much with Mary in his arms and he didn't want to put her down. Se Sebastian did one of the few things he could do. He stared at Nova.
After being released from his rock prison, Dante wasted no time in attacking Eric brutally. Dante's fingers were twisted into claws and lashed out at Eric. The big man was taken aback by the smaller kid's speed. His attacks left Eric no room to counter, only block. Dante had managed to land half of his attacks, making gashes on Eric's face, arms, and torso. After a while Eric saw an opening. Dante was about slash diagonally downwards at Eric's shoulder. Eric's fist shot out at Dante's chest in attempt to break the kid's sternum. But Dante saw the attack coming. He jumped up and kicked off Eric's chest sending him and the man flying. Dante nimbly somersaulted and landed on his feet. Eric, however, fell to his back. He got up, swearing like a sailor. Looking over he saw that Dante's hands were no longer like claws and he was unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a tattoo in the center of his chest. The tattoo was a twelve pointed star with a symbol in each point. Dante lay his hand over the tattoo. It glowed with ghastly green light and he pulled out a sword.

"What the-?" Was as far as Eric got with that sentence. Dante had swung his sword in a wide arc, creating a blast of black energy shooting at Eric. Eric quickly jumped to the left. The black attack barreled past Eric, blowing a huge hole in the wall.

"You-" Again Eric was cut off as Dante appeared in front of him. Dante looked strange. In his usual smile, there seemed a dark malice. His green eyes looked darker than the last time they fought. And Dante wasn't this silent. What was going on? Eric thought. He kicked out at Dante. Dante blocked with the flat of his blade but was sent away. He again landed on his feet. Eric quickly took advantage and punched the ground, sending spikes toward Dante.
Dante dodged and fired a ray of blackness at Eric. Eric stomped the ground with his foot and created a wall that blocked Dante's attack. He then kicked the wall sending a large block of it at Dante.
Dante's blade became encased in the black energy, enabling him to cut through through the block flying at him. It fell in two pieces behind him.
What the hell? Was he this powerful as before? Eric thought. He could easily see that something had changed about Dante. Dante's shirt was still open and Eric could see the tattoo. It was glowing still with the green light. The symbols seemed to pulsate, making Eric's eyes hurt. Dante was about to fire an attack at Eric when something caught Eric's eye. In the center of the star, a blackness seemed to emanate from it. Eric managed to dodge the attack and saw that the blackness was gone.
I wonder.... Eric smiled as a plan was forming.
Nova smiled at the effect that he/she was causing. Mary was clutching her throat, trying to breath. But she could find no air. Nova straightened up and turned the nijato to its sheath. Suddenly Nova felt cold. Nova shook and looked over at Sebastian. He was staring at Nova. At first glance, it looked like Sebastian was crying. Looking closer, Nova noticed that it was only the black eye that had tears falling from it but there was something wrong. The tears were not tears but something back leaking from his eye. Another wave of coldness washed over Nova. Strangely Nova started to shiver. He/she tried making it warmer around him but it had no affect. Nova stared at Sebastian's black eye. Suddenly Nova now felt hollow and empty. He/she seemed to start losing feeling as well. It was so cold! Nova used all of his focus on making it warmer, almost burning hot around him/her.
Sebastian now smiled for Mary could breath again. She had almost passed out. She got out of Sebastian's hold and stood up.

"Wow," Mary said, "you saved me again. Thanks."

"No problem." Sebastian said with a smile, his eyes never leaving Nova. Mary followed his gaze and saw Nova. Nova had fallen to his/her knees and had his/her arms around them trying to keep warm. Nova was uncontrollably shivering, teeth chattering loudly. Nova fell to the ground completely and curled into a ball. Nova could feel nothing but coldness.

"What are you doing?!" Mary asked alarmed.

"Killing him, or her, or whatever they are." Sebastian replied. His eyes were steadily trained on Nova.

"This seems like torture!" Mary cried, "Stop it!"

"Why? They were suffocating you earlier. That's torture."

"Yes but whatever you are doing seems a whole lot more cruel than what he did!" Mary said looking hard at Sebastian. Sebastian thought for a second then blinked for the first time since he started staring.

"Your right." Sebastian said tearing his gaze away from Nova. The relief spread slowly across Nova, but Nova seemed unable to focus. Sebastian pulled a small, square piece of paper from his jacket pocket. It was about three by three inches large. Sebastian drew his thumb across one of his incisors. Blood trickled from the self-inflicted wound and Mary raised an eyebrow at the blackness of the blood. But she knew better than to question it. Sebastian drew a symbol on the paper with his blood. Walking over to Nova, he bent down and placed the paper on Nova's forehead. Nova's eyes instantly closed and he/she became still.

"Now what did you do?" Mary asked, slightly concerned.

"It is a sleeping seal." Sebastian replied, "They won't wake up until the paper is broken or removed."
Sebastian turned to his skeleton and with his still bleeding thumb drew a rune on the forehead of the skull. Blue light blazed back up in the eye sockets and the skeleton put itself back together. Healing his thumb, Sebastian looked over at Mary, "Come on. Lets get out of here." Together they rounded a corner and came face to face with Matsumoto.
Dante rapidly sent black bolts of energy at Eric who evaded them. Eric was waiting for the right time to get close to Dante. Thankfully for Eric, Dante decided to get close to Eric. Dante again appeared in front of Eric, his blade encased in black trying to slice off one of Eric's arms. Eric's hand lashed out hitting Dante in the side of the head. Dante yelped and tried to get away but Eric was faster. Eric grabbed Dante and put him into a choke hold.

"You know, I know of the Spirit Realm somewhat." Eric said holding Dante. Dante stopped struggling in Eric's grasp.

"What?" Dante spoke for the first time.

"You heard me. I have had to get items for people that have symbols like your's on them. I never asked my clients what they were for but I did my own research. Sometimes, if made right, one can create a gate to the Spirit Realm, a permanent gate. You seemed to have been able to do that, or someone must have done it to you." His other arm that was not holding Dante, grabbed Dante's arm with the sword. Eric then shifted his hold so that he could easily hold Dante and get a good look at Dante's chest. The tattoo was glowing and pulsing with a green light.
Dante tried to swing his blade but was unable to get room to do so. Eric's grip was too tight.

"Why do you care? Dante asked.

Eric smiled. He shifted his hold again so he could hold Dante and have a free hand. He lifted his free hand and poked Dante in he center of Dante's tattoo. Just as Eric thought, his finger went through Dante's chest. Eric's finger felt cold. He quickly removed his finger to see Dante's surprise.

"Well you see, I have learned that disrupting a gate can be very... Hazardous." Dark malice gleaned in Eric's eyes now. "Since you have a gate on your body, it will most likely be dangerous for you." Eric tapped his foot on the ground and a spike shot up from the ground. Eric caught it and positioned it on Dante's tattoo.

Dante's eyes were wide now. "Don't," He said, "This will go very bad."

"For you, it will." Eric said. He quickly drew the tip of the spike across the tattoo, cutting it. Dante screamed as blood poured from the wound. Eric threw Dante to watch and see what would happen.

Dante lay on the ground shaking in pain. "You have doomed us all." He whispered then became still.
For a second Eric thought he may have killed Dante and was disappointed. Suddenly Dante sat up. Eric was unable to see his face.

"You want to know what happens when you disrupt a gate?" Dante asked. His voice made Eric's eyes widen. It sounded as if though there were several voices speaking. "Now you shall." Dante tilted his face so Eric could see it. Dante's eyes were now black and he had a large crazy smile.
Eric backed up in fear, "What the-?"

Dante exploded into action, his clawed hands reaching for Eric's throat.
Sorry I haven't been on much. School has been insane! I hope no one has forgotten and I hope you like my post!
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Hey, I hope no one minds if I create two people who have a conflict with Burke. Here is the first:
Name: Mistral


Gender: Male

Height: 5'11”

Weight: 152 lbs.

Eye color: Ice-blue that get darker as they near the pupil

Hair Color: Black

Species: Clannad

Appearance: See pic

Personality: Energetic and confident. He is sometimes single-minded. Sometimes he is very cold and harsh.

History: When Mistral was 12 Burke had killed Mistral's family. Mistral vowed that he would seek revenge and has been seeking Burke ever since. Over the years Mistral has battled Burke a few times, and Mistral had come very close to killing him. But Burke somehow got away. After that Mistral met someone who also harbored a grudge for Burke, Faust. Together they have been searching to kill Burke.

Powers: Mistral is an Ice Clannad. He can create bolts of ice and freeze things he touches. He fire his freezing ability in a ice white rays of energy that resemble lightening. Mistral also has a two-handed double sided ax which he can summon when he wants to fight with it. Strangely the head of the ax resembles an ice white butterfly. With a command he can make the ax turn into small butterflies that look like snow and freeze whatever they land on.

Where are they from: Thrae

Who do they work for and why: His only desire is to kill Burke.
Hey, I hope no one minds if I create two people who have a conflict with Burke. Here is the first:
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Here is the second one:
Name: Faust


Gender: Male

Height: 5'11”

Weight: 155 lbs.

Eye color: See pic

Hair Color: See pic

Species: Clannad

Appearance: See pic (ignore the crown/tiara)

Personality: Calm and collected. Intelligent. Enjoys taking things slowly. Eccentric and Dark

History: When Faust was 13 Burke had killed his older brother during a job of Burke's. Someone had wanted Faust's older brother out of the way and had hired Burke. Since then, Faust had wanted to see Burke dead. But unlike Mistral, Faust only wants him to die. He doesn't care how it happens, only that it does. Upon meeting Mistral, they became close and now the both seek to hunt and destroy Burke.

Powers: Faust belongs to a Clannad that is embodied with the darker aspects of Water. Faust, himself, is able to manipulate blood. In his own body he can make himself stronger, faster, and heal. He can also control his body if he becomes paralyzed and create weapons out of his own blood. To control other people he must at have a hand print of his blood on their skin. If they have Faust's blood on them, Faust then can control that person and cause pain. If someone has shed blood (ex. If someone gets cut and blood falls onto the ground) Faust can control it.

Where are they from: Thrae

Who do they work for and why: Mistral, to watch Burke die.

If anyone has a problem with these two tell me!!
Here is the second one:
Name: Faust


Gender: Male

Height: 5'11”

Weight: 155 lbs.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
I shall have a post of what my characters are doing tomorrow!
over a year ago AnimeFan66 said…
I think I'll take an oppertunity to join this RP. I'll write my character sheet down right away.
over a year ago AnimeFan66 said…
Name: Kasey

Age: Unknown, beleived to be in his twenties

Gender: Male

Height: Vary

weight: Vary

Eye color: Green, but may also change colors when using powers

Hair Color: Not known.

Species: Human

Appearance: (what do they wear): Weares no clothing. Has fur, scales, etc. All hides in which animals are made from.

Personality: A nice, caring, heroic figure. Can be very lethal to those who question him or try to destory the world and his allies.

History: Was once a young boy but was turned into a supernatural being. His powers were gained by a massive boulder which landed on top of him and DNA particles stored inside it were transported into his blood line- there by giving him the shape shifting powers.

Powers: Has the ability to shape shift into a variety of animals, creatures, and monsters. Uses these capabilites for battle, war, and saving universes.

Where are they from: Thrae or Earth?: Earth

Who do they work for and why: Doesn't have any record with aliiances yet, but may work for anyone who needs dire help. Also protects Earth.

I don't have a picture as I can't draw Anime very well. But I hope I did good on this. I'll try to get him to be part of this as soon as there's a good moment.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Sebastian reacted to Matsumoto's presence quickly. He snapped his fingers and Sebastian's skeleton pounced upon Matsumoto before could react. The skeleton pinned down Matsumoto's feet with the skeleton's feet and the skeleton grabbed Matsumoto's wrists. The rib cage of the skeleton cracked open and closed again when Matsumoto's torso was inside. Before the skeleton finished trapping Matsumoto, Sebastian and Mary were gone. They both ran down the hall the opposite way of Matsumoto. Sebastian was running to the main staircase when he felt a large ripple that was not felt by Mary.
"Something's wrong." Sebastian said as he stopped. Sebastian could tell that there was a battle going on down the stairs in the huge mansion. Sebastian concentrated on the ripple. Then he gasped, "Oh no."
"What?" Mary asked frantically, glancing behind her to see if anyone was following.
"Dante, there is something wrong." Sebastian replied and then practically flew down the stairs. Mary followed as quickly as she could. She stopped when she saw the battle. So did Sebastian. And everyone else for that matter. They were all staring at Dante. He was standing over Eric who lay on his back unconscious. Dante's hands were claws were poised and lifted at Eric's heart. There was a strange and dark look in his eyes. No one seemed to know what was going on, no one but Sebastian. Mary blinked and Sebastian was gone and standing in front of Dante.
Dante's hand was coming down to deliver the final blow to Eric but Sebastian stopped it. Sebastian's hand gripped Dante's wrist fiercely. Dante tried to struggle free but Sebastian had a very firm grip. Dante then swung his other hand at Sebastian but Sebastian said something. Dante's hand stopped. Small golden chains wound around Dante's body keeping him from moving.
"Let us go!" Dante said, several voices were speaking instead of one.
"I can't do that." Sebastian said, "Why don't you let go?"
"After we have finally gained control? Never! This child has drawn on our powers for far too long. It is now our turn!" Dante said baring his teeth.
"Who is this we you speak of?" Sebastian said with his eyes narrowing.
"We are the ones who dwell on the other side of the child's Gates. He draws upon our power to fight against his enemies. A promise was made that we would get to feast on the souls of the fallen but it has been broken!"
"Broken?" Sebastian's eyes now looked amused, "I know of this promise and it hasn't been broken. Dante has not killed someone for a while. It has probably been a couple years since he has. Nothing has been broken."
"It doesn't matter!!!" Dante screamed. A faint ghastly green light and started to appear around him. "He has starved us and continued to draw upon our energy! We have been unable to feed and our powers are growing weak!" The gold chains around Dante now seemed tarnished. "You will not deny us our feast!" The chains were growing duller and duller. They started to loosen but Sebastian was several steps ahead. He was chanting something quickly. Dante started to thrash about and the sound of snapping metal was ringing out. Dante was almost completely free when Sebastian put his free palm on Dante's forehead. Sebastian had a calm look on is face.
"Demon Seal: Silver Ghost Mask." Sebastian drew his hand down across Dante's face. Suddenly Dante screamed. The noise was terrible. Everyone in the room could feel it reverberate deep within their bones. Then it stopped. A silver mask was on Dante's face. It had a blank expression on the mask with a pentacle etched into the forehead. Dante stood rigid like a statue.
Burke, Danielle, and Alex ran through the halls after hearing a terrifying scream. They rounded a corner to find Nova lying asleep and Matsumoto wiping dirty white shards off his suit.
"Boss, what the hell was that?" Burke asked
"I have no clue. Why don't you do what you are payed to do and find out." Matsumoto sneered. Burke was just about to reply when there was a large crash between him and Matsumoto sending dust and small bits of debris into the air. When it settled there was a pale blue wall in front of Burke.
"Oh sh-" He never finished because another crash and there was a large hole in the wall where a window hand been. In its place, a boy dressed too warmly for this season stood with his arms raised at Burke. The another boy seemed to jump up to the third story of the building from the ground. This boy was oddly dressed and had a slight smile.
"Told you he was here." The oddly dressed boy said.
"I never doubted you." The winter dressed boy said.
Burke looked between the two boys. His eyes stopped on the odd one, "Faust." His eyes then went over to the winter dressed boy, "Mistral." Mistral stared back with murderous intent.
"Hello Burke," Said Mistral, "We have come to kill you."
Burke quickly materialized his spear and Danielle flashed out her chains.
"Here we go again." said Burke, "Come at me!"
(I hope no one has forgotten about this RP)