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LinkKinuzuma13 posted on Mar 14, 2012 at 04:59AM
Earth. A normal world, and supposedly, the only planet that could sustain life in our solar system.

Thrae, the mirror opposite of Earth, and also the only planet sustainable of life in their solar system.

These two worlds were thought to be mirror opposites. This was realized when, in the year 1923, a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and started to cause trouble. He was a delusional man, somewhat crazy, and very Schizophrenic. He was mumbling all day every day, saying something about a Place named "Thrae".

When they brought him in, they managed to get him to talk about his home and what it was like over there. He told them, not only the name of the place, but it's weaknesses.

The man that had ended up on Earth, went by the Name of Dalton McFarly, and he was forever preserved in history as the man who led to the discovery of life on other planets. But, as the years passed, the Scientists could never find Thrae, and gave up. Thinking that it was all a lie, they threw away all records of the project they called "Mirror World", and threw in the metaphorical towel.

Now, in present times, it has happened again! A young girl by the name of Mary Beth Coleman, has appeared out of almost nowhere and has started to cause trouble. Now, the Solid Recon teams from Thrae are after her, for she has found out a terrible secret that involves both of their worlds. While on earth, she encountered a boy named Nicholas Mahrino, who saved her from certain death.

They met several allies on their way, and are now almost begging to be found by staying in the same place. Sebastian, Jeffery, Shusetsu, Nicholas and Mary Beth are all people with intertwined fates, and are the only hope of survival for both worlds. But how can those worlds survive if they are constantly trying to exterminate their saviors?



Human ~ The most common form of intelligence within the Universe, and are extremely mediocre in some cases. Humans are capable of being intense fighters and can have been blessed by God with "Strange Powers".

Solid Recon ~ Contrary to popular Thrae-an belief, they are a species in and within themselves. Solid Recon members are all genetically mutated humans with special powers. And example of this, is chains protruding from their hands, or flimsy blades that snake from their throats.

Clannad ~ These are primarily only found on Thrae. Clannad's are what the members of "Clans" are called. They are sometimes blessed with the powers to control certain elements of nature, such as Wind or Fire. However, The Elemental Clans of Wind and Fire have only one Heir left. The last of the Fire, is Burke. The last of the Wind, is Nicholas.

Other ~ For the Unknown. Those with powers beyond perception and understanding, go in this category.

Now down to some ground rules.

1. I will not allow you to bash and or insult other members of his forum. If you do so, you will be required to apologize or risk being kicked out.

2. I will not allow you to kill other peoples characters without first getting their permission. And, If you don't have their permission, i will ask you to edit the post so that they do not die. If you don't you will leave.

3. This forum is meant to be written like a story. No posts that describe single actions, like, "Joey turned his head and sighed". none of that, please. Write them like you would write a book.

4. PLEASE, HAVE FUN! This forum is here for your enjoyment, and you all come here for fun, to have fun, and to read other peoples work! It's all fun and games until the action starts, then it's just EPIC.

Have fun Role Playing, and please, If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Now for the Character sheet:






Eye color:

Hair Color:


Appearance: (what do they wear)




Where are they from: Thrae or Earth?

Who do they work for and why:

And that's it. But, no copying. I have had trouble in the past with people copying things from other manga and anime, and it just makes me mad. If you copy, I'll confront you about it no questions asked. And if you deny it, You'll be kicked out. Just warning you!

Now, Character List:

Mary Beth Coleman ~ LinkKinuzuma13

Nicholas Marinho ~ Leleu2

Sebastian Grey ~ ShadowHunter15

Jeffery Watson ~ wantadog

Shusetsu ~ Zordaik

Eric, Nova, Matsumoto, Kai, Anna ~ KOVIP3R

"Non-ownable" Character List:

Alex Mayfield

Salthazar Biunez(Now deceased, Will be revealed at a later time)

Danielle, the Solid Recon Second in Command

Burke, the Fire Elemental

Have fun Guys, and remember the rules!

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over a year ago Leleu2 said…
I think I'll join this, I think the idea and plot are really good! However I still need to think of a character. Could you send me a message later, showing me the character sheet? Thanks in advance!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Okay, Leleu! Thanks for joining! I edited the description so now it includes the character sheet! Have fun!
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Name: Mary Beth Coleman

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2

Weight: 115 lbs

Eye color: Emerald Green/Hazel

Hair color: Golden-blond, it sometimes changes colors depending on how much time she spends outside in the sun.

Appearance: She wears a light gray jacket with turquoise trim on the sleeves and pockets as well as her collar. She wears dark grey athletic pants with two turquoise stripes on either side of her pant legs. She has black and grey tennis-shoes and wears her long hair down all the time. Her hair reaches down to the middle of her back, with a few inches between the ends and her waist. People see her as the athletic girl in school, because of Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, tow sports that she is very good at and captain of both teams.

Personality: She is very lighthearted and funny. she jokes around a lot and sometimes goes a little far. But she means well. On the outside she appears strong and able to do anything, and most people believe that she can. But she fluctuates, sometimes feeling amazing, and the next moment she can shift from that to the complete opposite. She is, despite her mood swings, a very strong a charismatic person at heart and always wishes to be the one solving their problems while keeping her own bottled up. She can be very rebelious at times, and often has trouble hiding her hatred towards some people.

History: She had just turned 10 when she had been adopted by a scientist, who had been on the verge of discovering a pathway to a different dimension. He had never paid attention to her, regardless of whether she was his adopted kid or not. She often defied him, saying that she could do what she wanted, and that he wasn't her real dad so he couldn't tell her what to do. One day, he discovered that the secret had been one specific mirror, but it needed the touch of someone with Magic Blood. When Mary Beth touched it, the day after getting her death shot, she touched a mirror, and was sucked into our world, Earth. and landed in Ames, Iowa. She was almost hit by a car many times because she had landed in the middle of the street. She hid until nightfall and met Alex under a streetlight. (this adds up to current times)

Powers: She can control Stardust, and use it to create extremely sharp cutting edges on any metal surface, as well as create tiny blades out of the stardust and MAKE swords from the stardust. She is very good with swords, and has a natural instinct for using them, rather than her bladed Discus, which will become her secondary weapon later on.

Where is she from? She is from Thrae, the city parallel to Ames, Sema.

Who does she work for and why? She works for nobody at the current moment.

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Name: Mary Beth Coleman
<br />

<br />
Age: 14
<br />

<br />
Gender: Female
<br />

<br />
Height: 5
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
*may i join and add some pokemon ppl*
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
What do you mean by "add pokemon people" ?
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Name: Nicholas Marinho

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 1,81m (I dont know how much it is in pounds:( )

Weigh: 70kg (he is thin)

Eye color: Light Brown, almost honey like.

Hair color: Brown

Appearence: He wears an white and blue jacket, whit a black shirt under it. He wears jeans,and some white sneakers. His hair is straight, but a bit 'rebellious' if you understand what I mean. He also always carry his sword on his back, since it's very precious to him.

Personality: Very good and gentle. He loves to read even when he has other things to do, since he believes that reading, makes us better. But that just on the inside.Due to a traumatic event on his life, he tends to be very shy among other people, specially girls. Every time one comes to talk whit him he blushes and becomes nervous. This is because he was always the nerd one on his school, and the boys always bullied him for this, thus the girls would never want to talk whit him, instead of the athletical boys. He wanst born whit an amazing iq, however he has one thing that most people lack: perseverance. Every time he decides he'll do something, he never stops until the end. Thus, since he always wanted to be the best in his class, he became intelligent whit time, reaching more than 200 points of IQ. He can solve most math and science problems, and puzzles that feels hard for other people he can solve in seconds. He also knows a fighting style that was taugh by his father, who were part of an very unique family. He actually feels cold on the outside, not trusting strangers, but when he decides that he likes someone, he'll do everything to bring then happines,and protect then from evil in any manners possible. However people need to gain his trust first, and believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Backstory: He was the part of a family know as the "Air elementals" due to their unique ability of controling the air. However Nicholas was born whit the amazing capability of using divine powers to heal himself or others, along whit the clan's normal ability to control air. They then decided to teach him their style of fighting whit swords. Whit time he learned to control elemental powers, being able of creating weapons of air, flight... They used to live on a small community, whit some few houses, resembling a residential neighborhood whitout any contact whit the 'world', since people would clearly call then freaks. There were 20 of them in total having 4 houses there. However just as any kid, he had to learn things. They teached him everything until he was 10 and then he was sent to the same city where Mary Beth would land some years later, Ames. He never wanted to, but it was needed. His clan, tough him everything till now, why would he need to go away to study?It didnt made sense. He was always a very good boy, having a free personality. However at school, he would always be bullied and tormented by the older boys. Due to this traumatic event on his life he developed a very close personality only trusting his family and true friends (which were very far away, and also, he never had friends in school) . After finishing high school whit 15 years old, he decided to go back to his family's house. Just as he did no one was there to be found. They all suddenly vanished, leaving behind nothing. It was like they had simply evacuated the place. After some walking he found the bodys of everyone in the middle of a forest. His father, still barely alive told him that this was the reason they sent him away for study... They needed someone to keep the clans blood to pass their abilities down to the newer generations, and Nicholas should be the one to do it, since he was the most amazing of all of them. He cried and from that moment on, until the end of his life, he swore to find the one who murdered his entire clan and also protect everyone that he truly loved. He then grabbed his father's sword and began his quest to find the murderer of his family. This event made him even more close to strangers as he feels awkward in their presence.

Powers: He can control Air, making it into any form, from tornadoes, to weapons made of air. He can also fly if he wants to. He also has the amazing ability of making his body into pure air, thus becoming immune to any types of attacks, but since this requires an immensely ammount of power, he thinks twice before doing so, since after this skill, he cant use any of his powers. He can also imbues his sword whit elemental air, thus making it 10 times sharpier than normal, allowing him to make fatal strikes at his enemies, thus making him capable of attacking from amazing distances, shooting cutting air at his enemies. He can also create an infinite beam of air, that comes out from his hands. He also has the capabilty of using divine powers to heal himself or others. Of course, during the RP he'll become more powerful.

Where is he from? He was born in Earth, he used to be part of a secret bloodline no one knows it's story... Yet. He lived in a small community of people from the same clan as him. It is believed that his clan was originated in another dimension and then was banished from it,being sent to Earth for an unknown reason.

Who does he work for and why? Nobody at the moment.
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Name: Nicholas Marinho
<br />

<br />
Age: 17
<br />

<br />
Gender: Male
<br />

<br />
Height: 1,81
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Just imagine his hair brown and his eyes light brown. instead of the black in the picture. Also, I may change his backstory later, maybe... Im thinking about it...
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Nice job Leleu! :) I think when we get one more person we can start
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
As she hit the solid pavement, Mary Beth had to try hard not to scream in shock. As she lifted her head, she heard a screech. She covered her ears as she cowered in the middle of the street. The car horn sounded over and over again, piercing her ear drum with each echo. She stood shakily and looked around her, the people staring in shock at the girl who had just fallen from the sky. Some pointed and laughed. Others stared at the sky and then at her. She felt her face become hotter than normal, her eyes beginning to narrow. Mary Beth covered her head with the hood of her jacket and walked out of the street and around the corner of the building. She slid to the ground, her mind trying to make sense of everything that had happened. She kept thinking that she was dreaming, but it couldn't have been. she felt that cement. She felt the tears running don her face. She wiped them away, angered. If only her father had told her why she had to stay away from the mirrors. She snorted at the thought of that skinny man being her adoptive father. She had been brought up by him, but the only things she ever got out of him were food and a place to stay. She hated him. He never did anything for her. The only reason she was able to afford new clothes, or new ANYTHING for that matter, was because she had a job that payed well, but it was hard work. Sh came home after school and went straight to it, never staying long enough to eat. She stood suddenly, her hood falling from off her head as she looked around. Night had fallen as she reminisced about her old life.

[Play music]

Underneath a street light, she spotted a girl. She was slightly taller than Mary Beth, and her clothes were rather skimpy for the kind of weather that Mary Beth felt. She stood silently, staring into the light, her eyes glistening. She turned, her eyes resting on Mary Beth, who fidgeted uncomfortably.

"You coming?" she asked expectantly. Mary Beth shook her head flustered. The girl frowned as she looked Mary Beth over.

"U-um, what are you-" Mary Beth started to say. The girl cut her off.

"You look like your from around here. Your clothes may even be more 'in' than mine. How do you not know what I'm talking about?"

Mary Beth smiled sheepishly. "I'm not from here, actually. I'm from somewhere like her, now that you mention it..." The girl grinned, her face suddenly becoming childish.

"You even talk like your from here! No accent!" she shouted happily. Mary Beth stared at the girl as she laughed. It was confusing, all that had just happened. Was this really the world parallel to her own? It seemed exactly the same to her.

"That's great. Now, where am I, exactly?" Mary Beth asked, matter-of-factly. the girl just laughed harder before answering.

"You're in Ames of course!" the girl twirled her hand in her hair, shoulder length brown hair with no bangs. She stood confidently about two inches above Mary Beth, her eyes meeting Mary Beth's awkwardly.

"Ames?" she asked, feeling idiotic. The girl just sighed heavily and pulled her along, tugging at her jacket sleeve.

"Yah. You sound like you're from another planet. Really, it's not that hard to say." the girl stated. Mary Beth twisted her head to the side, looking around at 'Ames'.

"You have no Idea..." Mary Beth muttered under her breath.

"Hm?" the girl said, turning around. "You say something?" Mary Beth flinched.

"N-not at all."

The girl smiled. "I'm Alex by the way." she shouted, turning and leading the way. Mary Beth followed closely behind, not sure whether to say anything or just walk away. But she said something.

"Mary Beth." she said loud and clear, her voice cracking slightly. She cleared her throat as Alex swiveled her head back, smiling wide.

"Nice name! I like it!" Alex said, turning to walk backwards. "But, don't you have a last name?"

Mary Beth nodded. "It's Coleman." Alex beamed as she turned the corner, coming to a locked door.Mary Beth stood dumbfounded. "You brought me.... where?"

Alex knocked in a strange pattern, casting a nervous glance at Mary Beth to see if she was listening. But the only thing she was listening for was a response. "You'll see. My dad owns this place. This is the DJ entrance."

"Dj?" Mary Beth asked. "I was a DJ too, before I got dumped." Alex turned back, shocked.

"Dumped?! I'm so sorry!" Alex shouted while wrapping her new friend in a bear hug. Mary Beth held her breath, feeling a least one vertebrae crack. As Alex let her down, she smiled and laughed.

"That's not what I meant. I was dumped here, in this place. I don't know how to get home though." She explained. Alex listened to her strange story all the way through, the whole tim telling to doorman to shut up and be patient.

Alex grinned, her teeth showing in the dim street lighting. "For some odd reason, I believe you!" she said as she pulled Mary Beth through the door and into the night club. She was dumbfounded as the lights blinded her, her eyes taking in all the colors and strobe lights as they flashed. Alex brought her around to a turntable, shoving her forward and handing her a pair of headphones, smiling all the while.

{Play Second Song}

Mary Beth took them with a grin, her eyes lighting up as she saw the Headphones. She wrapped them around her neck and pulled the lights around the turntable down. Alex put one hand on her shoulder, smiling still.

"Keep them all riled up. At the end of the night, I'll introduce our newest DJ, alright?"

Mary Beth squeaked, her voice coming out in a shrill tip. "Newest DJ? You're letting me work here?" Alex nodded, running behind a curtain. She brought the lights down and spoke in a whisper.

"Remember to keep up with them! Don't slow down unless they ask for a slow song! " Alex said. Mary Beth nodded, her eye caught by the amount of people on the dance floor, and in the hangout area.

"Show time." she whispered, wrapping the turquoise and black headphones around her neck. The curtain unfurled, the light brought down just enough to keep her face hidden, even to those who dared get close to her. All night long she took requests, people coming up to her and whispering in her ear, but never noticing that she wasn't Alex. Very few slow songs were played, and she didn't have to speak. Alex approached her several times during her playlist, and gave her a thumbs up. It was a wonder Mary Beth could work everything correctly, much more than at all.

Finally the end of the night came, and Alex pulled out a microphone. "Hey guys!" she shouted, her voice spreading across the room.

"Hey ALEX!" they all shouted back, the multitude of voices nearly knocking Mary Beth off her feet.

"We have a very special guest tonight!" Alex said, stepping out from behind a curtain as a spotlight shined on her. "She is one hell of a DJ!"

The crowd shuddered, and Mary Beth broke out in a cold sweat. "The guest was the DJ tonight? We though it was you, Alex!" one boy shouted, apparently speaking for all of them. The crowd cheered, boo's being mixed in.

Alex laughed into the microphone. "No, she's just that good! Everybody please welcome, your newest REGULAR DJ..." Alex paused dramatically as a drum roll sounded throughout the room.

Mary Beth stood confidently as the spotlight moved from Alex to her, her normal outfit was, well, her normal outfit. but when she had the headphones, she looked like a DJ.

"Mary Beth Coleman!!!" Alex shouted after the long pause. Mary grinned as she was greeted and welcomed by the loudest applause she had ever heard, being swept off her feet as the crowd lifted hr on their shoulders, cheering her name.

Okay... Mary Beth thought. Maybe it's not that bad }being on the other side of the mirror after all.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Second song to go with the post
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Nicholas woke up in the morning felling thirsty He brushed his teeth first, and then he remembered of that faitful day.The day everyone of his clan were killed. He actually never felt he was a part of this world. He was always a stranger no matter where he would go. The only peoplehe would ever trust were his family and friends and they didnt existed now. He lived in a small apartment near to a club, one of the most famous in Ames. A DJ, Alex was also very famous. He was never called to the parties and dance floors there. He felt like if he died, no one would even care. He spent the entire day at his apartment, watching TV and surfing in the internet. He didnt had anything to do that day, he didnt even had to go to work. He worked at a restaurant, as a waiter. However the restaurant was closed today, only to open tonight.


It was already night. Nicholas tough about going to the restaurant. "Nah... I'll just skip my job today." He was 17, seemmed like a little boy whit one exception... He had an very unique stroy behind him. He was part of an family know as the Air Elementals. Back then they lived in a place outside of the cities, never to get in contact whit the world. Back then he questioned his father about that. Now he knew why. He was all alone now. He in fact, had more friends when he was in that village, surrounded by people of the same blood. He then remembered about his promisse to make justice for his clan and fellow brothers of the same blood. He grabbed his sword. As he looked at it, there were some words on it. It was on a different language, he never knew what was written or form what country that language was. All he knew is that it was his father's sword, and it was the most precious thing in his life. He then opened the qindow, as he jumped, and began flying on the rooftops. He landed on the top of the club that girl Alex worked as a DJ. In there he grabbed his sword and began training his sword skills. His fighting style whit swords was perfect and maginificent. It was an art beautiful to watch as all of the movements were beautifully done, after all, he was taugh by his father. However just as the art of the Air elementals were beautiful, they were equally deadly each one of the strikes were directed to weak spots of the human body, meaing that it was an art of fighting made to fight multiple enemies at once, killing each one whit each blow.. All was fine until he heard the sound of a bump in the ground and cars honking. He sudenly felt that something as wrong. Just as he goes to the edge of the roof he sees a girllost in the middle of the street. She then found her way to the corner of a building. "Who's that girl?" he asked himself. He then decided to follow her by the roofs. After some time Alex came to her. "So she knows Alex?" He asked himself unaware at hat they were talking. He followed her until they entered in the club he was training on the roof before. He was really curious. Who was that girl? How did she ended up in the street? She didnt felt like if she were from here. He wanted to ask her from where she came, but he was to shy to actually do so. He then decides to get back home and sleep for the night.


Im sorry if it didnt had too many things in it but it was the only way I viewed his entry in the RP. Things will become better later Link!
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Nawww, the post was fine! I loved it! Kep it up Leleu!
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
This is Nicholas sword. Thanks for helping me whit it Link!
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This is Nicholas sword. Thanks for helping me whit it Link!
over a year ago Zordaik said…
Name: Shusetsu "The Night's Breath"
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8'
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye colour: Golden
Hair colour: Black

Appearance: He keeps his hair in a long, braided ponytail that goes down to his tailbone. He wears a dark blue, full body suit with a sash that matches, and a like coloured mask, with the only orifices in it being a small oval revealing his eyes and a hole at the back for his hair to hang out of. (Think a fully garbed ninja). Beneath his clothing, he has a tan complexion.

Personality: Shusetsu is cold, and seemingly emotionless. Being an assassin, he is reluctant to form close bonds with anyone. Or any kind of bond, for that matter. He takes pride in his ability to fight, and is among the more proficient killers in the world. No one knows his true alias, and he doesn't plan on giving it away.

History: Not much is known about Shusetsu's past, other than that he was born the son of a man in the Pyramid Society, a league of beings from both Earth and Thrae. His natural excellence in body coordination, speed, and stealth were the reasons why he was accepted into the society.

Powers: Shusetsu possesses no supernatural abilities, but has the combat prowess to overpower those blessed with the powers. He is among the best in close combat, a fact proven by the amount of corpses to his name. He usually fights using a double ninjato style (A Ninjato is a special type of short katana used by ninjas in the feudal age. It's short length allows quicker strikes), but is most proficient with his signature weapon. That being a large, double headed Kama he wears on his back. Both of the heads on the weapon are capable of being swung over large distances, connected to the main shaft of the weapon by long, black chains.

Nationality: Shusetsu hails from Japan, Earth.

Employment: Shusetsu works as an assassin for the Pyramid Society. His rank in the society is Sector Three, Seat B. (It will make sense later on.)
over a year ago Leleu2 said…
So who will post next?
over a year ago Zordaik said…
I will. I want to get this thing fired up!

These damned politicians had been wandering about for hours, as though they were trying to lose anyone who might be following them. And if it were anyone else assigned to silence the group, they'd have lost them.

They would most likely walk into the trap soon, that being a deserted building that was sound sealed. His prediction proved correct, and the group of five, followed by ten bodyguards, entered the construct. Shusetsu followed them, invisible in the darkness of the night.

They had been pretty idiotic to have come all this way to the outskirts of town, to this suspicious building isolated from the rest, but that made his job all the easier. When he entered, the room was pitch dark. The politicians thought so too, and after fumbling for about ten seconds for a light switch, they realized there was something wrong with this place. However, their hurried attempts to leave the building were thwarted as the door slammed shut. The bodyguards pulled on the doors, but they woulds give in. They had been locked and were too robust to simply break down. But who had locked them? The sounds of liquid dripping broke the silence of the room. On instinct, one of the guards whipped out a flashlight and shone it on the source of the noise. He gasped in horror, as did each other member of the party, as they gazed at the mortifying scene.

The man's throat had been cut, and blood was pooling rapidly on the floor around his carcass. Then a single light came on. It was a dull light, completely incapable of lighting the whole large room, but it brightened a small area of it. In the center of the lighted area stood a man garbed in dark, almost black, blue. He began to approach them.

Guard 1: Stop! I'm warning you!

Guard 2: Back off!

Nine guns emerged from holsters, and the assassin began a blinding sprint toward the remaining bodyguards. As he passed the first two, he unsheathed his ninjatos and they dropped dead before even firing a shot. Seven left. And these seven began firing. Despite their better than usual aim, they found it upwards of impossible to hit the man that had just ended their comrades.

The politicians, however, had no intention of remaining idle and watching this spectacle of horror. They each drew their own handgun and carefully took aim at the assassin, firing at him when the next two bodyguards fell.

Five left.

Shusetsu brought back his arm and whipped one of his blades at the light in the center of the room. Sparks littered the ground of the old building before absolute darkness engulfed the area. The sound of five bodies hitting the ground followed the explosion of the light bulb. That left only the politicians. They couldn't see in this dark; their eyes had become accustomed to the light when he had turned it on, so he had no trouble gliding across the room to dice them. All went silent for a moment, then the sound of police cruisers blared in the distance. So Shusetsu began his escape sprint. So far, Iowa had been nothing but trouble for him.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Name: Sebastian Gray



Height:6' 0"


Eye color: Left-black with white pupil Right-white with black pupil.

Hair Color:Silver-white

Appearance: black pants,white shirt, and black jacket. Wears a necklace with a strange circular symbol pendant.

Personality: Secretive, observant, friendly and protective.

History:Sebastian always knew about his abilities but kept the a secret. Sebastian's father ran a little clinic from their house. He helped with girls who had gotten their shots and tried to prolong their lives. But when Salthazar Biunez found out he had him killed. Sebastian ran from the murders and hid in the basement. He finds a strange mirror and goes over to it. He accidently trips and falls through it and lands in a hospital basement.

Powers:Necromancy, healing, shields, seals.

Where are they from: Thrae

Who do they work for and why: No one
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Where am I?, Sebastian thought as he stood up, This isn't our basement. He looks around, quickly getting accustomed to the dark, to try to get his bearings. He then feels a cold presence and smiles. A ghost, perfect! Sebastian quickly removes a seal he placed on himself to hide his presence from ghosts. Since I am a necromancer, I can see and talk to ghosts, he thought. Sebastian turns around to see an elderly man in white robes.
"Hello, do you know where I am?" Sebastian asks.
"Your in Mary Greeley Medical Center of course. Strange I didn't know that I could be seen." the ghost says.
"And um... Where exactly is that?"
"Are you telling me you have no clue where you are?" ,the ghost shakes his head, "Your in Ames, Iowa. Where are you from?"
Sebastian starts to tell the the ghost where he is from and then stops when he sees the ghost look at him like he is crazy.
"Okay, where in Thrae is Ames, Iowa?"
"Your from Thrae?" The ghost asks in disbelief.
"Yes thank you! Now where am I?" Sebastian asks in relief.
"Not on Thrae." The ghost answers.
"Wh-what?" Says Sebastian,"What do you mean?"
"Exactly what I said."
"Then where am I?"
"Well if your from here how do you know about Thrae?"
"Since I am a ghost I can travel through mirrors to get to other worlds. Like this one here behind you, but you seem to have broke it." The ghost said motioning to the mirror behind Sebastian. "I was on my way to see some ghost friends of mine when you showed up."
"Why don't you use any other mirror? Why this one?" Sebastian asks.
"'Cause this one is special."
"Wow, you don't know anything." The ghost said as it was fading away. "Just be careful, there are some people who won't like you being here." Then the ghost was gone.
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I was thinking about using Shusetsu for my post. Is it ok Zordaik? And since Link hasnt been on for some time, feel welcome Shadow.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
This is my character but with different eyes and white shirt
This is my character but with different eyes and white shirt
over a year ago Zordaik said…
Go for it, Leleu.
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I'm baaaaack. I've actually been back for awhile, but I've been busy with other things like school and soccer. so yeah. I'll probably post tonight if i can help it :)
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big smile
Mary Beth flopped down on the curb as Alex shut the door behind her. She sighed, the streetlight radiating through the night, shining on her hair. She reached up and ran her fingers through her thick hair before finally huffing and getting up to walk around a bit. She shoved her hand into her pockets, looking to the night sky for answers. The only thing she heard was the sound of her breathing and her footsteps echoing in the night. She stared straight ahead for who knows how long before she heard something. A screech. She swiftly turned, seeing nothing in the darkness that surrounded the light. She allowed her eyes to meander from side to side as she looked for the source of the noise. She took a deep breath and continued to walk, her eyes closed and her ears open.

[Play Music]

"Well, well." came the deep dark voice. "A girl? Alone? AT NIGHT?" she vaulted as a large hand appeared where she had been a second before. "Just how dumb are you?!"

"You tell me!" She shouted, her voice raised to a shriek. She pulled out two metal disks, the edges devilishly sharp. She hurled the one in her left hand into the shadows, hearing screaming and shuffling as the men struggled to get out of the way. The man lunged out of the shadows, his square face visible in the dim light. He opened his mouth, flimsy blades snaking out of his throat. Mary Beth blocked them with her remaining disk, the scraping of metal against metal was deafening. She gritted her teeth and flashed under his large frame as the disc she had thrown finally returned, slamming into the mans neck, decapitating him. She caught the disc, blood splattering her hand. She turned to face the rest of the Pack, the genetically altered men of the Secret Service in Thrae.

"Damn girl. We'll bring you back where you belong, so you can die where you belong!" the man shouted, motioning for the men to charge. Mary Beth took up a fighting stance, her discs glowing with the blood of the man she had just ended the life of. She glowered as the first man collided with her body, knocking her back. Another came at her with his clawed fingers, attempting to rip away her flesh. She moved back in enough time to dodge, but her shirt was clipped, ripping he jacket at the front and revealing the tank top beneath. She shuddered as she felt the cold seep onto her skin. Mary Beth stumbled as the next man came, barely managing to raise her discus in time. The blade collided with her own, forcing her back again, and into the darkness. She suddenly froze, realizing that the man was about to throw something into the light bulb above him. Mary Beth realized too late what he was doing, and the bulb shattered, leaving her in the silver light of the moon. She cussed under her breath, knowing she wouldn't be able to throw now. She had little training with night throwing, much less catching. One wrong move, and she could kill herself. Suddenly a gentile breeze turned into a gale, and a boy appeared in front of her, a silver blade glowing with the moonlight.

"Step away from the girl." he said. "And I wont have to kill you."
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As he said so the men began to laugh. "Who are you to tell me what I have to do!!!? You're just a boy!! We have business whit that girl. So step away, and I'll wont have to kill YOU." As the men said the boy, didnt even moved. He was completely concentrated in the case of fight. Mary glared at the boy. She never saw him, but she knew he couldnt fight then. Normal people, couldnt defeat those men. "What are you doing!!?" she asked him, shouting. The boy didnt even answered her. "Kill him." The leader of the group said, as he pointed at one of his 'soldiers'. The selected one for the task came at him running. As the man moved his arm in order to hurt the boy, his arm was cutted off. The man began to scream, as blood fell on the ground. The boy seemed to be on the same stance. However, there was blood on his sword. Mary looked in amazement. The boy then whitout looking at her, said in a very deep voice. "Saving you." As he said so he charged the man slicing his head. The lifeless body falling on the ground. "You are... Impossible... KILL HIM!!" The leader said motioning for all of the others to attack him at once. As they surrounded the boy, he entered in a fighting stance, that no one in there had ever saw. As the men attacked him, he began fighting whit his own secret style. The men tried to slice him whit their claws, but they couldnt he was too fast for them. Every time he dodged an attack, he would give an counterattack at another one. Fatal counterattacks. Each one of his blows were directed to weak spots, and one by one they fell. Three of them runned back to strike him at distance. They opened their mouth and tossed at him lots of blades. On the moment they were going to hit him, instead of dodging they passed right trough him,like if he was made of pure air. As the man glared at him trying to understand what had happened, he passed one of his hands on his blade. The air around it suddenly became visible like if it had became part of his weapon. He then made a single movement at the paralised enemies and a piece of thin and cutting air, sliced then in half. The same air cutting a bit of the cheek of the leader. "Impossible... How can you still be alive... How... Did you came for..." He said as he looked at Mary Beth. "You were trying to kill her. I wont allow it. Get out of here. Unless you want to be a part of these bodys." As he said so the man began to dissapear in the darkness. "I'll come back... Wait for me..." He completely dissapeared. Mary seemed motionless. The boy then whit his sword on his back whitout looking back said something. "You should watch out... I'll wont be near everytime you need me... They will come back..." As he said so he began to walk. However something held him. As he looked back the girl he just saved was holding his arm. "Hey! Who do you think you are!? Stepping in the middle of other people business! Anyway...Thanks... If you werent here... I dont know what would had happened..." She then looked at his face. He blushing, he was extremely shy after all. "Im Mary Beth... So could I at least know your name?" she asked hoping he would tell her. He, still blushing, told her his name. "Its Nicholas Marinho..." As he said so Mary smiled. "Ilike that name. It's beautiful." Nicholas then turned away. "You should get back home..." Suddenly he dissapeared. Mary looked at her surroundings however he was nowhere to be found. Just like the wind, he appeared and saved her. And then dissapeared. Like a Guardian Angel...


I'll use your character on another post Zordaik. I didnt expected this. Also since this is a one minute musice I tough it suited best the short fight. And good post Link. Hope you guys like it!
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