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The fans pick: Haruhi F. (OHSHC)
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The fans pick: Sure ^_^
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ChadKumada said …
I've started to add information about the cross dressers in a comment for some of the pictures that I have posted. This includes Name, Series, Actual Gender, Cross Dresses As, Frequency, Reason, and Reaction. I don't know if anyone else is interesting in adding this information to other cross dressing pictures, but the photos that I have included this for have the keyword "profile" on them. Posted over a year ago
ChadKumada commented…
link to all photos with profiles on them: link over a year ago
LidiaIsabel commented…
that's a nice contribution:) over a year ago
ChadKumada commented…
thanks! one thing about anime cross dressers is they usually have interesting situations. over a year ago
big smile
LidiaIsabel said …
Oh my! I love the Ciel icon!!!
He looks so cute as a girl♥♥ Posted over a year ago
viktoriya773 commented…
Thanks! I was not sure If I should pick him or not, cuz his not an official Crossdresser...! over a year ago
Moosick said …
Joined! :D It's a nice club, I'll try to add some things when I have the time. Posted over a year ago
viktoriya773 commented…
Thanks do joining! :D over a year ago