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Solitare and Risk
Solitare smile
Solitare staring
Solitare talking
Solitare from Thou Shalt Not
That Face ^*^
Sasuke Uchina
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neji_lover said …
Hello fans! As you all know, The World Ends With You is a game created by Square Enix, so I created fanpages for the characters, so if youd like, you can join them!
Joshua =
Beat =
Shiki =
Neku =
Rhyme = Posted 3 months ago
SketchWreck said …
L as the icon of this club; HE'S THAT AWSOME!! Go L! Posted 6 months ago
ANIMECUTIE54321 commented…
awww that sucks i just got that message about the polls but did L win? 5 months ago
ANIMECUTIE54321 commented…
See he is so cool the only reoson i found this place cause he is the cover photo!!!! 5 months ago
SketchWreck commented…
YuP, Go L!!! 5 months ago
big smile
celeste0502 said …
Yay! Izumi, zen, Jin, etc! I love these guys! Posted 9 months ago