Another personal opinion about gorgeous boys. :P I want to say, that not every hottie in here is a human boy, but for those who watched Bleach it aint nothing new. I know, that you will disagree with most of my opinions, but if you wont like it, you dont have to read it. :D So please enjoy all these handsome males:

20. ARTURO PLATEADO: most of you dont know abot him nor didnt I. He is from video game Bleach:Shattered blade. To me, he comes very similiar to Grimmjow, so I think he is kind of hottie. He is calculating strategist and also ruthless warrior with an unrivaled lust of power. ˇHe has got a hole in his chest and a hollow mask on his right cheek. His turquoise hair is sorta sexy, but I dont like his yellow eyes. Thats why he is at the twentieth place.

19.URYU ISHIDA: well, to be honest, I dont like that type of guys like: skinny goat. He is too frail, but it doesnt mean, he isnt hot. His father is hot too, so why not him? The one and only Quincy, with beautyfly coloured hair (I dont like that haircut, but colour is nice). He has got really interesting and meaningful eyes and those glasses looks cute on him. Plus, he can sew you a beatyful dress :D

18.YUMICHIKA AYASEGAWA: Hes not the manliest of them all, but he still has a miracle inside him. He has something, that will forces you to know him better. He may seems kinda narcissistic, but he is that kind of guy, who will tell you how beautyful you are every day. He is hiding his true power of zanpakutou, so he is the man that can surprise you :P. He looks sexy in his younger days.

17. KEIGO ASANO: all right, not everyone thinks, tahn he is hot or handsome, but I found sort of sexephile in him. He is overrly-dramatic and extremely hyper-active boy (kinda like Naruto), but he also is a perfect exwmple of a typycal Japeneese teenager. You can find a little pervet in him, but he would never horm ya. He is that kind of guy, that can make you laugh, whenever he want to.

16.SZAYEL APORRO GRANZ: so hard name and so hard personality. He is very intelligent and intellectual. What else would you expect of an Espada-scientyst. Sometimes, he can be a little sadictic, but with his pink hair, he looks like an innocent angel. He is kinda high (185cm. tahts perfect). He aslo has a nice figure with his 67kg. He knows, how to be original. Why else would he wear different close, then all male espadas?

15.COYOTE STARRK: this comes to me more like american name, than japanees, but ok. He is the typical example of all those hotties from romance novels. He is high, muscular and his body has got just the right shapes, for the perfect manly figure. Hes got blue-grey eyes and wawy, shoulder-lenght hair. Gorgeous, isnt it? If hes not, then you must be blind. :P

14.KISUKE URAHARA: tall, slim, eith a figure of athlet....what more do you want? Well, yes, he looks like a Shagy from Scooby Doo, but whots bad on him? His traditional japaneese wooden sandals are incredibly cute (and makes him look higher). Maybe, if youll be a good girl, he will borrow you his amazing fan. And who knows, what hidden powers does he have, as an ex-shinigami captain.

13.UKITAKE JUSHIRO: I simply adore white hair! And that his is so long and cute...he simply has an amazing hair (I would want those too). He is so tall. Unfortunataly, he is mostly ill :(. At least, you can take a good care of him. You can play a game, where he will be a vampire, becouse sometimes he cough up blood. But really, he is very nice and wise man, that will never be pissed of because of you, or anything else.

12.ICHIMARU GIN: ok, peaple, hate me, kill me, but I wont stop thinking hes hot. He is kinda pervert, but damn I like it! When he opened his eyes, the World found, that they are bright-sky-blue. Gorgeous colour, dont ya think? He is one of the most mysteriou shinigami in Bleach. He knows how to hide his personal things and feelings (like, when that happened with Aizen and Tousen), so watch him properly, if he isnt playing at two sites, with another girl!(or boy :P)

11.SORA INOUE: yes, Orihimes older brother. Theyve got sexephile in their family, why else would be every Inoue so hot....I know he is death, I know he was a hollow, bot I would bet on that, he is the most gorgeous soul. His hollow form was also one of the best. He is so self-sacrificing. He has raised Orihime up and he did it perfectly. I want to have such a great and sexy brother!

10.ASHIDO KANO: his pesonality is very serious, becouse of his mental scars, when his teammates died. He is so dark, so mysterious and mystical. He will fascinate you, with his every single move. We dont know the stengh of his zanpakutou, but we know the strengh of his beauty. I cant find any mistake at his look. He could be a male-model.

9.HANZA NUKUI: I cant help, he seems to me realyy lika Hatake Kakashi from Naruto. His light-purple hair is so wild, so beautiful. He has a strong sense of honor as a warrior. Well, what to say about him? Like everyone, hes got hes good and bad sites, includin those in the middle. Hes got his own destiny and very special personality.

8.TESRA LINDOCRUZ: his name sucks, but his look fuc%s...damn it, hes so hot.Who doesnt love dirty-blond hair? And that his looks especially yummy...He looks like a hot pirate with that eyepatch and that mark on his cheek. However beautiful he is, he is so adored by Nnoitra, that it is bad, crazy and tottaly out of mind. But propably of one day, he would feel the same respect to you.

7.BYAKUYA KUCHIKI: do I need to explain it? Who doesnt think Byakuya ist handsome, hands up and youll be shot. Hes got kinda womenly zanpaktou, but it doesnt mean, he isnt strong. He may seems a bit cold at the beggining, but as the time pass, youll know, that he is full of nice feeling and wont let you die. He also is very popular and comes to me like a celebrity.

6.KAIEN SHIBA: hes dead....but it doesnt change that, his damn hot. He had so youdhtfull apierence and you wouldnt be bored with him. You must fall in love with his raven-back hair and green eyes. He had a tatoo of the Shiba clan on his arm. He was outspoken and very ethnican man, adored by many members of 13th division (including me).

5.SOSUKE AIZEN: fifth place for a ex-captain of the fifth division. He has changed alot, when he stopped wearing glasses and chanced his hairstyle. He beceme so damn attractive, adored by everyone. Every single part of his body and face are saying:"I want to make you part of me!" Dont you want to became an espada, after seeing the leader?

4.RENJI ABARAI: witch girl doesnt love long-haired boys? Especially with such an amazing shade of red. His personality is so dynamic and he will make you laugh with his cocky scenes. He also can be very serious and determinated fighter. He is perfect for girls that loves tatoos. Renji has got a lot of them. They look so hot at his sexy body.

3.HISAGI SHUUHEI: how coul Kubo Tite assumed, that no one will like Hisagi??? I cant undarstand it. Hisagi is so damn gorgeous. Hes got many activities, that keep him busy for all day, for example: guitar practise, editorial duties, mission and many more things. He is tall and lean-built man. His 69 tatoo and three scarfs make him original.

2.GRIMMJOW JEAGERJAQUEZ: damn fuc%king hot, sexy, gorgeous, handsome, beautyful.....He is all you want. Of course, he is so brutal, violent, sarcastic and impulsive and he really has a short-temper, but just look at his gorgeous sea-blue eyes and hell make you fall for him. I love blue. And Grimmy-kun has got blue everywhere, including his hair. He will tell you whotever is on his mind but Im sure, than he can find a real cuttie in himself.

1.ICHIGO KUROSAKI: most of you will disagree, but nothing in the whole World can discourage me from hes SEXY hot incredibly beautyful etc. body and face and hair and all...hes perfect! Incredible but yes, he is. He will protect you, even if he will die for you. He knows, when to be serious and when to have fun. Hes not only gorgeous at the oudside, but at the inside too. That why hes my all time number ichi (one).