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Forbidden Love (Angel x Sasuke),part 1

Fan fiction by Sasuke_Fan17 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Angels POV:
Angel is a cheerful girl,who likes to skate with her Inline skates. She did it one day,as she fell in a portal. She got Cat ears and a bushy cat tail. And she got a Ninja outfit,which is a lilac T-Shirt-Jacket,a pair of black hotpants and high heeled sandals. Soon she saw all black.
Sasuke's POV:
Sasuke was taking a walk,until he found the wierd girl. She has got cat ears and a bushy tail. Her hair is blueish-black and long. He took her with him then and headed back to the southly Hideout from Orochimaru. "Who is this?" Kabuto asked the young Uchiha. "Hn.I don't know",Sasuke said nerved. "Just leave me alone."
Angels POV:
Angel woke up in a bed three days later. She wondered how she came here. Suddenly a guy came to her. He was almost as tall as she was. "You are awake,that's good,hn",he said. He had got blueish-black hair like she has and dark eyes.
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