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Fan fiction by SasuNaruLover1 posted over a year ago
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Rin & Naomi got their suitcases as they prepared for the long trip to Kyoto. Rin was packing some socks & his toothbrush when he heard Naomi scream. "NAOMI!" Rin screamed as he dropped everything, and ran to her. "The last time I heard that scream was when she was..." He thought as he reached her room. Kicking open the door he screamed for her, but saw nothing but an open window, and her glove on the ground by her bed. "RIN!!!" he heard her scream from the window. As he looked out the window he saw Naomi hanging on the ledge with one hand. Rin pulled her up quickly, and held her in his arms quietly. "T-Thank you so much Rin..." Naomi said as she held tight to Rin. "Are you okay? What happened?" Rin asked her curiously. "I'm fine...I just...Tripped..." She said quietly. "Well, okay. Let's go then. We are gonna be late." Rin stated as he got up, and started walking to his room. "Naomi are you comin--" He stopped short as he saw Naomi get up, take a few steps, and start falling backwards. "Naomi!" Rin said as he ran over, and caught her. "You are not okay!" Naomi grabbed his hand, and got up. "Start walking." She demanded. The confused Rin listened to her orders, and started...
Fan fiction by SasuNaruLover1 posted over a year ago
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Tonight Naomi & Rin went venturing out in the woods at midnight as always. For some odd reason though tonight was different...Was it from the rain? Was it because Rin wasn't feeling well after falling from that cliff 6 months ago? "Who knows?" thought Naomi as the sun was surrendered to the black moon. Rin was watching Naomi glow even with no moonlight. "She's daydreaming again." he thought as he waved his hand infront of her face. Naomi didn't awake, but instead hit the ground screaming. Rin jumped down next to her trying to calm her down. "Naomi! Naomi! Come back to me Naomi!" This was a normal thing for Rin, but it has never been this bad. "This is bad...Naomi! Nao--Nao-NAOMI!!!" Rin screamed as Naomi started crying, but then her pure tears become stained blood. "Naomi hang in there!" Rin kept screaming as he carried back to her grandparents house. "Rin! Are you & Naomi so early?" Naomi's grandfather said as he opened the door. "HELP HER!!! You have to come help Naomi! She's crying blood! "Rin screamed. Her grandfather did not move. Rin screamed in his face "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! HELP HER!" Rin started to cry after that. Her grandfather stayed completly calm as he said...
Fan fiction by shyangel12 posted over a year ago
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"How did we get out here?!" Asked Kaori.

Orihima looked over the edge. "There's no boat around, how did we get this far out?"

Mei was behind the 3 of them, watching them.

"Don't you remember how you got out here? You and Mei were brought in the room." Serie exclaimed.

Orihima turned to Mei. "I don't remember, do you? I DO remember waking up in a room but nothing else."

"I remember..." Mei choked out. Her voice was eerie and kind of scary.

"What do you remember?!" Asked Kaori.

Mei smiled.

Serie walked around Mei. "Why are you acting so strange?"

Kaori stepped closer. "Mei, are you ok?" After that, Mei grabbed the back of Kaori's hair and shoved her face into the water.

"NO, I'm not ok! You're the whole problem!" Mei screamed.

"Oh my gosh! Mei, let go!" Serie screamed.

"STOP MEI, STOP!!!" Orihima yelled. They were threw back against the wall and pinned there. "Ahh! Let me go!!!"
Opinion by shyangel12 posted over a year ago
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Serie and Kaori woke up in a dark room. There was 2 men infront of all the windows and 2 doors.

"What the?" Asked Serie.

"Where are we?" Kaori asked. One of the men sniffed but noone answered. Suddenly 2 men burst through the door. They were holding Orihima and Mei with their hands behind their backs. Orihima struggled while Mei stood there, with an angry look on her face.

"What's going on?! Let us go!" Screeched Orihima. The men threw Orihima and Mei down while they walked back through the doors.

"Do you think they're some of the demons?"whispered Kaori.

Mei looked at Kaori. "No duh, stupid."

"Mei, what's the matter with you? You've been acting pissed of at the world ever since that fight," Orihima said.

Mei looked away. She was trying to hide the fact she was about to explode with anger.

"Look, we need to get out of here so just focus on this," Serie whispered. Serie took no bull shit, she was scared, hungry, and wanted to get out of this place.
Opinion by shyangel12 posted over a year ago
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Hi! This is my version of Konoha, only that this is highschool and there's a new student, Sayu. NOTE:THE WHOLE SASUKE THING NEVER HAPPENED ON THIS ONE

Sayu Mitsuki has always been the pretty and awesome girl to be friends with. But now at her new school, she has to deal with the cheerleading skanks (Sakura, Ino, and TenTen). The nerds (Temari, Gaara, Shino, and Rock Lee). And of course, the jocks (Sasuke, Kiba, Naruto, and Shikamaru. She becomes friends with outcast, Hinata. But, does she find love when Sakura and Ino invite her to a party that later leads to 7 minutes in Heaven and spin-the-bottle? Or is it just a prank from Sakura and Ino? Check it out to find out and comment if you think you'll read!

Fan fiction by shyangel12 posted over a year ago
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"Oh, come on, I said I was sorry!" Yelled Ren as they all were walking home.

"Not good enough!" Replied Kaori.

Sora looked back at Mei who was far behind and thinking to herself. "Are you angry?" He asked her.

She looked up at Sora, red-faced and fuming. "Of course I am!!"

Kaori, Orihima, and Ren looked back at an embarrassed Mei.

She sniffed. "I'm going home alone." She walked past the others.

Orihima grabbed her arm. "Wait, I'm coming too. Kaori are you coming?"

"Um, not right now, I have to go see someone," she answered. Orihima and Mei left, leaving Ren, Sora, and Kaori.

"So, how did you know how to fight that good?" Sora asked walking behind Kaori.

"Umm...just lots of training and stuff..." Kaori said.

Ren stopped at his and Sora's house. "Come on, Sora! See ya, Kaori."

"Bye," she said.

Sora looked at Kaori. "Guess I'll see you at school tomorrow."
Opinion by shyangel12 posted over a year ago
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"Now, no need to be afraid of us," one of the men said.

"What do you want," Kaori asked and Orihima pulled her over.

"Well, isn't it obvious? We want to get rid of you. You shouldn't even be worrying about these humans anyway," another said.

Mei glared and slammed her fist into the ground causing the ground to raise up and throw one of the men back.

"Mei!" Orihima yelled angrily. Sometimes Mei coudnt control her temper. She had ruined everything Orihima had planned.

"That wasn't very smart," he said as he kicked the ground and burst up. Soon, he had gone out of sight.

"Where'd he go?!" Asked Kaori panicing.

Orihima looked up and gasped. The sky was turning black.

Kaori screamed as he hit the ground beside her and threw her to the ground, making her skid across the concrete.

Orihima put out her hand and then flipped behind the men and threw a gust of wind at them.
Fan fiction by DestinyGirl posted over a year ago
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Hi!:) Serenna here, and this is my first Dragon Ball Z fanfic!:D I'm super excited because I grew up with the show and now it's airing again where I live so I've gotten back into it and have a few fanfics in mind for it but this is the first! Plz be nice because this is my first time writing a DBZ fic so here we go!

Summary (Full version): Five millenniums ago there use to be a great and well-known race known as the Dragonite's. They were people who could change from a dragon into a human form because they were halflings—half dragon and half human. What transpired this was that pure-blooded dragons had the power to change forms as well, and most of them lived on a planet called Earth. But one halfling, or Dragonite, grew up in hatred and wanted to take control over all of the mighty dragons and he caused a war. One mysterious, powerful Dragonite girl stood against him. And with her unique ability she sealed both her and him up within the Earth.
Opinion by shyangel12 posted over a year ago
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Three girls are walking down a sidewalk when they see 2 boys running from a group of boys.

"What the hell?" Asked Orihima staring at the boys.

"That's right, you have a reason to be afraid of us! Don't ever let us catch you flirting with our girlfriends EVER again!" One yelled as the group walked back across the street.

Mei and Orhima walked past Kaori as she stood there, staring at a black haired boy and a brown headed one.

Ren (brown headed one) popped up behind her and poked her on the shoulder.
She turned around and squeeled at Ren behind her and jumped back and bumped into Sora (black head) making him and her tumble down into a ditch.

"Ow!" Squeeled Kaori as she bumped into a tree.
Sora stumbled up dizzly and then shook his head and looked at the black haired and blue eyed girl on the ground.

"I'm sorry, we didn't mean to scare you like that," he said as he helped her up.

Fan fiction by shimmer29 posted over a year ago
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Coral (sea hag)
I noticed that these things are getting short. Can you guys help me out? thank! ^^

(Next day)
(At school)

Bella walked inside their homeroom. Richie and Travis were the only one's there (and her other classmates) Pablo is no where to be seen.

R,T: hello Bella.
B: hi! (gives a fake smile)
R: are you okay?
B: yeah why wouldn't i?
T:you're shivering
B: (gulps)

Suddenly Pablo runs to the door.

Teacher: Pablo you're late!
P: I'm sorry I woke up a little late.
Teacher: it's okay please sit down

Pablo takes his seat next to Bella.

Teacher: attention class we have an exchange student so everyone be on you're best behavior. She's from Antarctica. Everyone be nice. Her name is Coral.

At the sound of the student's name, Bella spaced out.

(in Bella's mind) It can't be... I won't accept it... could she find me this fast... It can't be the same girl I know!
Fan fiction by shimmer29 posted over a year ago
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Hey! ^^ sorry it took so long i had school, my fan fiction account pictures to download i'm not even done with my project yet!. I hope you all forgive me and now continuing the story:

(After school)

P: hey Bella!

Bella ignored the call of her friend. She continued walking. Pablo chased her and grabbed her arm.

P: what's wrong with you?
B: why should i tell the likes of you!
P: Bella can you tell me what's wrong?
B: you wouldn't understand.
P: why didn't you sit with us during lunch?
B: oh like you would be interested in that!
P: i am cos' i'm worried about you
B: why bother being worried about me there's plenty of fish in the sea

Pablo wondered why would she make a water-related excuse but he let it slide.

P: just listen to me what made you like this?

Bella's head suddenly ached. A message was being delivered to her. A sea hag is getting to her head. The message is:
Article by shimmer29 posted over a year ago
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sorry it took me a while to make this. After all there is school. So here it is !

(At school)

T: hey Bella!
Bella looks at the direction where Travis called her
R: where ya been?
P: what he means is why didn't you go swimming with us.
B: i felt a little... shy (nervous voice)
T: why?

Before Bella could speak the bell rang which soothed her.

B: I'll see you guys at class k?
R: i guess but-
B: great see ya bye!
P: what's wrong with her today?
R: do you feel what i feel Travis?
T: yes love and concern is-
R: tensioned in the air which could only mean one thing.
R,T: Pablo's in love!!!
P: am not now hurry up and get to class!
R,T: oh we forgot!!!

The boys run to the classroom.

Teacher: boys you're just in time. Be thankful you're not late!

The boys apologize to the teacher. Then they sit down.

P: what's with you Bella?
Article by shimmer29 posted over a year ago
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The day of the field trip

Teacher: all right class have fun at Venice Beach!

The whole class is excited (besides Bella)
Everyone gets off the bus

R: aren't you excited Bella?
B: yeah! I'm psyched!
T: great! you should go change.
P: yeah we're already wearing swimming trunks so we'll just take our top off.
B: okay I'll go to the changing tent now.

Bella is talking to herself again while she puts her swimsuit on.

B: great! just great! it was nice of the boys to help me out but, I can't go out there! I knew coming back was a bad idea! but... why? why did I come back...
Bella remembers when she was young and when she first saw Pablo.
B: that can't be! I mean... he broke his trust towards me!

T: Bella are you done?
R: you're taking a lot more than what I expected.
P: are you okay in there?
B: yeah I'm coming out now.

All the boys are shocked to see Bella. their mouths were slightly open.
Article by shimmer29 posted over a year ago
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At the swimming pool

Bella is trying to calm herself down.

B: okay Bella you can do it no sweat. it's just a little water! oh what am i saying?!?! have i gone mad if i go in there I'm done for! i have to think up something fast before the guys get here! but what?!?! come on think!

Suddenly a voice snaps her out of it.

P: hey Bella!
R: ready for your lessons with us?
T: here my sister let you borrow this.
B: thanks i don't know what to say.
R: don't mention it!
P: you ready?
B: uhmm... what if i drown! or i become noxious in the water! or maybe even
P: Bella! calm down.
T: don't you take a bath?
B: everyday of course!
R: then it's just like that except it's deeper and wider and you're not nude and you're with us and
T: all right blabber mouth that's quite enough of your little nonsense.
P: come on get in your swimsuit.
B: i can't you can say i'm a little conservative.
Article by shimmer29 posted over a year ago
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They were all at class. The teacher had an important announcement.

Teacher: attention everyone! we have a school field trip to the beach.
R: all right!!!
T: yahoo!
(the class starts cheering and yelling)
Teacher: calm down everyone! please sign all these forms so you can get started.
P: hey Bella, are you coming?
B: yeah sounds like fun but, I'm not going swimming.
R: why is that.
B: uhmm... i don't... have a... swimsuit!(nervous voice). Yeah! that's it!
T: you can borrow my sister's she doesn't use it that much.
B: oh... thanks i guess...
P: why "i guess"?
B: cos' i... uhmm... can't swim!
R: we can teach you!
P: yeah we're really great swimmers.
B: uhmm... geez... thanks guys...
T: no worries!

(Skipping classes)
(At the cafeteria)

Bella is talking to herself.
B: what am i gonna do! if i so much wet my feet... I'm done for!
Suddenly Travis calls out to her and she snaps out of it.
Article by shimmer29 posted over a year ago
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Pablo already forgave Richie after so many years. They went on with their lives but Pablo still remembers Bella. He keeps her necklace in his pocket all the time and he never leaves home without it.

One day he was at school, he was on the soccer team and he really enjoyed playing with his friends.

R: that was a great practice game guys
T,P: yeah it was!
T: let's eat together okay?
R,P: sure!

(At the cafeteria)

P: did you guys hear about the new girl?
T,R: yup
T: do you think she's gonna be one of those nerds?
R: or maybe the diva kind.
P: maybe a plain jane.
(All boys imagining the new girl combined of all the things they said)
They all burst in laughter.
R: wow what a mess!
T: not the best thing we imagined.
P: sure hope she's not like that!

(The next day at school)

P: hey guys!
R,T: hey!
P: is the new girl here yet?
R: nope.
Article by shimmer29 posted over a year ago
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One day at Venice, Italy, 3 boys were playing at a boat their names were Travis Richie and Pablo

Richie: row faster Travis!
Travis: I'm trying! so stop screaming!
R: I am not screaming. Screaming is for girls i am shouting
T: whatever you say...
Pablo: (sneezing)
R: i guess those girls are gossiping about you again
P: i guess so
T: uh guys!
R: what?
T: watch out for the wave!!!
(All boys shouting)

The boat flipped over. Travis and Richie managed to get up, but Pablo was stuck at the corals. Pablo was almost out of oxygen until he saw a girl with a tail of a fish. It was a mermaid. When Travis and Richie were on land again they started looking for Pablo. The mermaid put Pablo on land so his friends would find him.

T: there he is!
R: Pablo! Pablo! are you okay?
P: I'm fine. I saw a girl with a tail of a fish and she saved me and then.
T: okay we think you're a little delirious maybe we should go home.
Fan fiction by LunaShay posted over a year ago
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Note-I haven't wrote in awhile,so the characters have most likely changed.And that crying fit in the last one..Well,Yosuke doesn't cry over cheap things now.XD


Shozo sits in the street and watches Yosuke go.He sighed,then got back up to his feet.His friend started looking at him.
"Boss,where do you think you're going?"he asked,with a curious yet horrified look."If you're thinking about following them,I don't think that would be smart.You heard what he said,didn't you?'And if anyone wants to mess with us again,it will be your last time!Got it?'You'll be de-"Before he could finish,Shozo turned around and gave him a cold stare.
"No one makes a fool out of me.Besides,I haven't seen these kids around school before,and I don't remember two new kids coming to school.."He turned to where Yosuke and Naomi had walked away,then turned back to his friend."I'm going to follow him,and when I find him,I will get my revenge!"
Fan fiction by LunaShay posted over a year ago
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Naomi is walking down the street to the school when she hears a voice.


Naomi gets a mad look on her face and looks back to a fat guy all in black with curly orange hair.Two guys were around him with the same clothes.Naomi looks mad and truns around slowly.

"What did....you call me?"Naomi has a creak in her voice.

"Look,pipsqueak,just give us your lunch money and we wont bother with you for the rest of the day."

Then,suddenly,he gets kicked in the face,sending him to the other side of the street,crashing into a house.

"DONT CALL ME PIPSQUEAK YOU BASTARD OR YOULL BE FEELING MY FOOT IN YOUR ASS EVERY DAY!"Naomi has her fist clutched in front of her.The guy gets up and starts running towards her.

"YOU BASTARRRDDDDDD!!!!!"the guy starts running up and when he tries to punch her,she goes to the left and kicks him into his friends,making them all crash into the building.She satnds there and looks at him.
Fan fiction by LunaShay posted over a year ago
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Naomi takes off her clothes and goes into the lake.While shes in their,she washes her clothes off.She sighs.

"Hey,at least i won the bet,but i have to be naked in a lake....."She takes a deep breath and goes under water to get the slime out of her hair.

*I dont know why i stay here.Im treated horribly.*

She comes up out of the water and looks around.

"I just want to be normal.....theres no point in staying here and fighting monsters...."

-Do what you want to do-she heard her sword speaking to her from the shore.

"I cant.Obaasan will hunt me down like a hunting dog.Besides,Fenikkusu,i cant run away.I would have nowhere to go."

-How about a friends house?-

"A friends house?Oh,gooood idea theres one little problem with that though...."She takes her sword and washes it up."I dony have any friends!"

-Then lets make some.Tell your "Obaasan"that youre going out on day patrol and go to their school,anyone would except after they see how....-
Fan fiction by LunaShay posted over a year ago
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2 fans
A short girl and tall guy were going out of an old ladys house,dressed in these blue kimono type outfits,the girl holding a sword,while the guy has a blue ring on his finger.

"Now,you guys,dont get yourselves killed tonight."The old lady says.

"Ill try to protect Naomi,Obaasan."The boy says.Naomi jumps and gives him a hard stare.

"I dont need anyone protecting me,got that Yosuke.Im perfectly fine by myself."

Naomi is still giving him a harsh stare and suddenly someone hits her in the head,making her fall down and cover the part of her head she got hit at.

"Now now no fighting Naomi!Hes just saying he'll protect you if you get hurt or something,got it."She starts giving Naomi a harsh glare.

"Oh,hehe,g-g-got it,Obaasan.Ill protect him to if that happens."Naomi looks nervously at her Grandma.She suddenly hits her cane on the ground.

"All right!You guys go kill the Warui tamashī and come back safely."Obaasan demanded.
Fan fiction by demon_wolf posted over a year ago
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He then flipped you so that you were under him. He leaned down and kissed on the lips. This kiss was a lot better than the first one you two shared. You wrap your arms around his beck and make the kiss deeper. Kiba did not try and stop you from doing so. Around this time Naruto sat up and looked at you two. His mouth dropped open and his eyes went wide. He just slowly laid back down acting as if he saw nothing.

~time lapse 10 minutes~

Finally the kiss ended but only because you both were running low on oxygen. Kiba looked you in the eyes and you looked back.

“Wow that was a lot better than last time.” He said.

Yeah.” Was all you could manage to say.
He leaned back down to kiss you again, when Naruto sat up.

You and Kiba quickly move away from one other. Naruto continued.

“You two have been making out for the last ten minutes now. Could you please stop I don’t think my eyes can take any more of this! Its about time you did stop though if you didn’t you might of died from lack of oxygen!”
Fan fiction by demon_wolf posted over a year ago
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You lay there waiting for about ten minutes, when something slams itself into you.


A wet yet warm surface goes all over your face. You laugh when you realize it is just your dog, Akita.

“Akita.” You laugh. “Please girl get off me.” You say.

Akita continues to lick your face, to get her off you lift her holding her out in front of you.. You sit up and look at the door, only to not see your father but Kiba. Kiba was not wearing his normal grey fur lined hoodie, but a yellow tannish t-shirt. He was wearing the same pants though. He smiled at you.
“I know your dad was suppose to be here to pick you up, but he is still out training Sasuke somewhere. So I was told to get you.” He said.

You jump off the bed.
“Alright then. That’s fine I don’t mind at all that you are the one getting me out of this hospital as long as I get o leave I’m fine.” You say with a smile.
You walk past him and out the door, he follows a feet steps behind you. When you reach the fronts doors you stop and turn to him.
Opinion by demon_wolf posted over a year ago
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You look at the person who spoke ,
“Where am I?” You ask.
“You don’t remember?” They answer.
“If I did would I be asking?” You say sarcastically.

The person glares at you, you realize that she is a medic ninja.

“Hump, well you and your Naoko, I think that was her name, went on a mission. You met up with the Akatsuki. They got the best of you.” She said and handed you a mirror.

You took the mirror and look at yourself, your skin is pale, and your human ears are gone only to be replaced by dark brown pointed dog ears. You put down the mirror and stand to reveal a long but slim but kind of fluffy dark brown tail. Someone then walks in to the room.

“Ah so you have awoken.” The person said.

You turn to see the blonde haired Hokage.

“Yeah, how the heck did I get here? And what happen to me? I HAVE DOG EARS AND A TAIL!!!!” You say loudly.

“Calm down killer, I’ll tell you just calm down.” Tsunade said.
Fan fiction by demon_wolf posted over a year ago
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you get up in the morning and take yet another shower and then yo walk down stairs and eat some and feed Akita.You were just going to say home today. Not wanting to see Kiba because of what ur dad said. But of course that was not how it was going to go. You were walking out of the kitchen when there was a knock at the door and before you could go and answer it your father came out of the living room and said.

"I got it. Oh Mira maybe its Kiba coming to see you."

"Yeah right why would he want to see me after what you did yesterday." you say and walk into the living room and sit on the couch.

You heard him open the door and he then yelled.

"Mira its for you."

You get up from the couch and walk out into the hallway and in the doorway is Kiba and Naurto. Kakashi walked back into the living room and yelled


Kiba stared at you.

"What did he mean by that?" he asked