Hi!:) Serenna here, and this is my first Dragon Ball Z fanfic!:D I'm super excited because I grew up with the show and now it's airing again where I live so I've gotten back into it and have a few fanfics in mind for it but this is the first! Plz be nice because this is my first time writing a DBZ fic so here we go!

Summary (Full version): Five millenniums ago there use to be a great and well-known race known as the Dragonite's. They were people who could change from a dragon into a human form because they were halflings—half dragon and half human. What transpired this was that pure-blooded dragons had the power to change forms as well, and most of them lived on a planet called Earth. But one halfling, or Dragonite, grew up in hatred and wanted to take control over all of the mighty dragons and he caused a war. One mysterious, powerful Dragonite girl stood against him. And with her unique ability she sealed both her and him up within the Earth.
After seven years of peace from the Cell Games, the mysterious girl, Ryoko, awakens and enters the tournament that the Z-Fighters have entered too. Ryoko must tell them her past as the evil tyrant begins to awaken to reign evil once more upon the Earth. But will they help her, especially when the Supreme Kai is involved?
• No Buu Saga, this takes place instead.

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Five Thousand Years Ago...

Earth was in complete war. Wildfire spread, and destruction was everywhere.

A powerful, bloodthirsty dark dragon roared while many Earthlings lay dead and forgotten on the battlefield along with a few mighty dragons and halflings.

One girl stood, her spirit defiantly against this powerful evil being. Her hair shone crimson against the flames, its long glory a veil around her, fierce scarlet eyes shone, and pale shimmery skin had bruises and gashes covering its surface. Her clothes were ripped, and blood splotches could be seen in places where there were still open wounds. She panted against the smoky, dry air-—completely exhausted but she now knew what had to be done.

Suddenly, the dark dragon shot a powerful energy blast toward her and she quickly jumped high up in the air to evade it. Grabbing a hold of the black choker around her neck that had a small blue orb attached to it, she appeared in front of her enemy and held the orb out in front of her and directly at the dark dragon. She began charging a special kind of energy within it, and when it started glowing, she threw it at the beast who shrieked as all of its energy was being drained and taken in to the small glowing orb.

Once its energy was drained completely, the now red orb instantly went back to its master and made a new choker around the girl's slender neck. While at the same time, the dark dragon changed back to his human form. A man with long black hair, crimson red eyes, and olive-toned skin.

"My—my power..." he whispered angrily in a rough voice, his hands balling into fists on the ground as he looked up to the girl. "What have you done?!"

"I've taken your energy away, now you can barely move much less fight." She said confidently, but the man only smirked. (A/N: Her voice sounds like Saya's off of Blood+)

"But I can still change back into my dragon and end you!"

The girl sighed, already knowing her fate but not the kind of fate he was talking about.

"I know. And that is why..." She held up her hands and made an ancient hand sign known only to her people that meant 'seal'. "That is why I'm sealing you and your evil into the world, here and now!" Her velvet voice rang supreme, and then a blinding bright light washed over them and the Earth before trapping them deep inside it.

"NO!" The man shouted, but it was too late.

Just like the brave girl, his fate was sealed.

............................... *

Okay, I know that was EXTREMELY short but that was just the prologue - introducing the story to you guys. Chapter One will be WAY longer! And always, plz review!:)