"Now, no need to be afraid of us," one of the men said.

"What do you want," Kaori asked and Orihima pulled her over.

"Well, isn't it obvious? We want to get rid of you. You shouldn't even be worrying about these humans anyway," another said.

Mei glared and slammed her fist into the ground causing the ground to raise up and throw one of the men back.

"Mei!" Orihima yelled angrily. Sometimes Mei coudnt control her temper. She had ruined everything Orihima had planned.

"That wasn't very smart," he said as he kicked the ground and burst up. Soon, he had gone out of sight.

"Where'd he go?!" Asked Kaori panicing.

Orihima looked up and gasped. The sky was turning black.

Kaori screamed as he hit the ground beside her and threw her to the ground, making her skid across the concrete.

Orihima put out her hand and then flipped behind the men and threw a gust of wind at them.

Kaori stumbled up as the men dodge the wind and threw Orihima into Mei.

Kaori looked around and then took a deep breath and then charged at one of the men. She took her hand out and slammed it into his stomach and flung him back.

She quickly did a flip and then kicked down on another of the men.

Mei and Orihima stood up as Kaori flash stepped behind the 3rd one and slammed him into the concrete.

"Are you ok?" Asked Orihima dusting herself off.

"Yeah, are you?" Asked Kaori.

Mei wasn't liking this at all. She was the one who was highly skilled in fighting, not her weaker friend Kaori!

Ren jumped out of a bush. "That was AMAZING!" He screamed.

"REN!" Sora yelled angrily.

"You guys were...spying on us?" Kaori asked.

"Not really spying..." Sora started.

"Just watching your every move behind the comfort of a bush!" Ren smiled.

Kaori and Orihima sweat-dropped and then Sora glared at Ren. "You blew our cover, dobe."