"Oh, come on, I said I was sorry!" Yelled Ren as they all were walking home.

"Not good enough!" Replied Kaori.

Sora looked back at Mei who was far behind and thinking to herself. "Are you angry?" He asked her.

She looked up at Sora, red-faced and fuming. "Of course I am!!"

Kaori, Orihima, and Ren looked back at an embarrassed Mei.

She sniffed. "I'm going home alone." She walked past the others.

Orihima grabbed her arm. "Wait, I'm coming too. Kaori are you coming?"

"Um, not right now, I have to go see someone," she answered. Orihima and Mei left, leaving Ren, Sora, and Kaori.

"So, how did you know how to fight that good?" Sora asked walking behind Kaori.

"Umm...just lots of training and stuff..." Kaori said.

Ren stopped at his and Sora's house. "Come on, Sora! See ya, Kaori."

"Bye," she said.

Sora looked at Kaori. "Guess I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"Yep, you will," she smiled.

He hugged Kaori and then walked inside.

Kaori smiled, as happy as she could possibly ever be!

She walked across the street and into an alley. She looked around for her friend Serie who was half cat, half human.

"Serie?" She whispered.

She saw a black shadow dash from under a box to where she was. She looked up at a tall girl with short brown hair and her claws hanging on the fence.

"Kaori, you're here," Serie said jumping of the fence and infront of Kaori. "Where's Orihima and Mei? They're usually with you."

"They went home," she answered.

"You walked here alone?! You know one of the demons could've got you!" Serie gasped.

"Don't worry, Serie, I'm fine," she exclaimed. Kaori wasn't really the type of person to let people worry about her. She wanted them to know she was just fine on her own.

"Yeah, now you are but what if-," a dumpster rolled over as the alley was lit up. "Oh no..."

"What is it?" Asked Kaori. She was nervous now, who was there?

Suddenly a huge shadow started to swirl around them and covered the alley.

Kaori looked around, panicing, she tried to breathe but she couldn't. The air was too thick. It felt like she was being suffocated. She couldn't move. She finally closed her eyes and fell onto the ground.

The dust disappeared and someone walked down the alley...