Serie and Kaori woke up in a dark room. There was 2 men infront of all the windows and 2 doors.

"What the?" Asked Serie.

"Where are we?" Kaori asked. One of the men sniffed but noone answered. Suddenly 2 men burst through the door. They were holding Orihima and Mei with their hands behind their backs. Orihima struggled while Mei stood there, with an angry look on her face.

"What's going on?! Let us go!" Screeched Orihima. The men threw Orihima and Mei down while they walked back through the doors.

"Do you think they're some of the demons?"whispered Kaori.

Mei looked at Kaori. "No duh, stupid."

"Mei, what's the matter with you? You've been acting pissed of at the world ever since that fight," Orihima said.

Mei looked away. She was trying to hide the fact she was about to explode with anger.

"Look, we need to get out of here so just focus on this," Serie whispered. Serie took no bull shit, she was scared, hungry, and wanted to get out of this place.

Kaori stood up and looked around. "There's like 10 men in here..." she thought to herself. "I wonder if we could fight them off...No, I doubt it. 4 against 10? That wouldn't work...but...it IS worth a TRY."

"What are you thinking, Kao-chan?" Asked Serie.

Kaori bent down and whispered the group her plan...

To be honest, Mei hated it. Infact, right now she hated Kaori. She decided on her own skills and didn't give a crap about the others.

Serie walked over to the door and opend it. 2 men walked over and grabbed her by the arms. She flipped over them and kicked them in the face.

2 down...

Orihima and Kaori ran over to a window and opened it, causing 4 men to come running at them. Kaori shoved 1 against the wall and then knocked out the other one with her heel. Orihima put her hand on one's chest and blew him back but then the other grabbed her from behind. Kaori knocked him in the head and he fell over.

4 down...

Mei was surrounded by 4 men. All much bigger than her. She hit one in the face but then he shot back and grabbed her leg. Serie ran over to Mei and knocked one of them out.

"NO!" Mei screamed. "Just let ME take them! I can do it!"

The 3 stepped back and watched as Mei was constantly being hit in the stomach and kept getting trapped when she tried to run.

Kaori stared at her nervously and finally gave in. "Come on, we have to help her."

"Agreed," Orihima exclaimed and they stepped in and fought them off. They had defeated them all. They jumpe out the window and noticed that they were in the middle of the ocean! They were on a small island.

"Holy shit!" Screamed Serie.

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