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Opinion by cutiepie0310 posted 4 days ago
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*Face Everything and Rise(Papa Roach)- Fairy Tail
*The Fallout(Crown The Empire)- Guilty Crown
Shadows Die(BVB)- 07-Ghost
Machines(Crown The Empire)- Fairy Tail
Do My Thang(Miley Cyrus)- Fairy Tail girls
Another You(Of Mice & Men)- Guilty Crown
Save Yourself(My Darkest Days)- Guilty Crown
Save Yourself(My Darkest Days)- Red Data Girl
Fight the Silence(For Today)- Sword Art Online
*Over Overthinking You(Christina Grimmie)- Shugo Chara Amuto
*One Too Many(New Medicine)- Fairy Tail ova
Leave Me Alone(The Veronicas- Bokura Ga Ita(Ithink this one is already made-not sure)
Kick *ss(Egypt Central)- Black Rock Shooter
In Another Life(The Veronicas)- Fairy Tail Jerza
Hello Heartache(Avril Lavigne)- Bokura Ga Ita
*Down(Jason Walker)- Bokura Ga Ita
Fashionably Late(Escape the Fate)- Zero No Tsukaima
Billie Jean(Michael Jackson)- Uta No Prince Sama
Do My Thang(Miley Cyrus)- Uta No Prince Sama
Opinion by PCD12 posted 10 days ago
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Ever since her breakup a couple days ago, Erika has been acting weird. Whenever I mention Andrew, she would look at me and say, “Don’t mention that asshole to me,” then walk away. And before Erika hung up the phone, she told me that she was going down to our high school and not to follow her… but when someone says something like that, I can’t help but follow them. I saw Erika enter the school and slowly followed behind her, making sure she wouldn’t see or hear me. All the lights were off so it was kind of hard to see where Erika was, and that’s how I lost her. “Great…” I whispered. When I was about to head toward the direction of where the bathrooms were, I heard someone yelling. It was Andrews voice. “Erika! What’re you doing?! Put the knife down!” Then came Erika’s voice, “Why should I, Andrew? You never gave a damn about me. The only reason you dated me was not because I was the only girl who had free time after school… but because you date my friends behind my back!” I ran to where the voices were coming from and hid behind the wall. Andrew was standing with a shocked expression and Erika was in front of him, holding a knife in her hand. She...
Opinion by Windwakerguy430 posted 23 days ago
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So, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It's a time for joy, and happiness, so, what better way to celebrate it then to crush all that happiness and bring sadness instead...... Wow, when I say that outloud, I sound like a real jerk. Anyway, the rules are simple, only one anime per franchise, I had to have seen it, and, it had to have at least moved me in a way. So, with that, lets start the list. (Warning. This list contains massive spoilers for anime. Read at your own risk).

10: Nagisa's Death from Clannad: After Story - Now, some of you may want this to be higher. Please, hear me out first. This is very sad, because, right after Nagisa gives birth to hers and Tomoya's child, she then... dies. This is where Tomoya just loses it, as he and Nagisa have known each other for a long time, and had even married. It even goes the extra mile to make the viewers tear up by showing us past clips of the past. Hell, Tomoya even says how it would have been better if he and Nagisa should have never met, just so he wouldn't be sad. So, why is this only number 10.......... BECAUSE THE ENDING IS FUCKING GARBAGE! THEY RUINED IT BY MAKING HER COME BACK TO LIFE, AS IF WERE WATCHING A FUCKING...