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List by deathding posted 3 hours ago
fan of it?
Here we are again..... SHIT.
(So if you haven't seen part 1 yet, then I strongly encourage you to for obvious reasons. The link is here: www.fanpop.com/clubs/anime/articles/250505/title/death...1-2)

(I hope you enjoy part 2! :D I know I won't, JESUS CHRIST.)

#10. Demon King Daimao (2010)

You know, I've seen bad. I've seen REALLY bad, and I've even seen some of the most god-awful things of all time, but none of those even compare to this perverted piece of shit. I already reviewed it on here, but I don't think I described how much I downright HATED this show as much on that article.

This is one of those anime that I honestly have NO positives for. NONE. NADA. ZIP. ZERO.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my original most hated anime ever, Demon King Daimao. And trust me when I say that THIS FUCKING THING is the LAST thing I would've wanted to watch on a peaceful Sunday morning.
Opinion by El_Noire posted 1 day ago
fan of it?
Dragon Ball, popular Manga and Anime series written/drawn by Akira Toriyama. We all know of it, heck, most people freely admit it was their first Anime, their childhood. And let's face it, we all wished at one point in our lives to go Super Saiyan or use a Kamehameha, right?....Right?....


Anyway, if you've ever watched series like HunterXHunter, Naruto, or One Piece, series that were written/drawn by people who freely admit Akira Toritama's famed story was their inspiration, you may have noticed that while it is indeed incredible in it's own right, Dragon Ball has a pretty bad and repetitive plot by today's standards.

I mean, every season is, "Threat appears, threat defeats everyone else after a long drawn out fight, Goku appears, struggles, but saves the day." The only fight that didn't follow this formula was Gohan Vs. Cell, and even then, Goku was crucial to forming the "Father-Son Kamehameha" that would eventually take the bio andriod down. My point is that Dragon Ball, while it was a great series, lacks the plot that many other series have, and that's what makes it sub par for most modern anime viewers who didn't grow up with...
Opinion by Windwakerguy430 posted 3 days ago
fan of it?

A young boy, who has gone to name himself Ey, was adopted by a rich family and was able to live with them, along with their two sons, Josef and Giovanni. Josef quickly became friendly toward Ey and easily became a caring older brother. Giovanni, on the other hand, saw Ey as someone who would prevent him from inheriting the family fortune. Giovanni then did everything in his power to make everyone despise Ey, going so far as to kill anyone who refused to believe the lies Giovanni gave to everyone. Soon, Ey was so angered, he beat Giovanni, badly injuring him, as Giovanni planned, as this made him and Ey’s parents decide to disown Ey. However, before they could take him back to the orphanage, Josef took Ey and ran off with him, as he still cared for Ey. Years later, Giovanni ended up poisoning his parents in order to gain the family fortune, passing it off as heart attacks and became rich, as he planned. However, he was unsatisfied, as growing up with Ey made him develop a sadistic side, and he enjoyed making Ey miserable. He used his money to find Ey, and when did, he murdered Josef in front of him, making Ey as miserable as possible, making him push away...