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News by yamishadow2001 posted 5 days ago
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There a lot of anime characters, but today we are going over One of the Dragon Ball characters Son Gohan: Son of Gohan
Fan: And is a fuckboi!
Oh shut up! Alright let's start
Goku and his wife Chi Chi had a son , but they couldn't think of a name if you want to know the story then look it up on YouTube ,but they chose the name Gohan then a man named Raditz came to earth to tell Goku that he is Goku's brother and he is part of a race called the saiyans then he took young Gohan and said he would kill him unless Goku joined him so Goku teamed up with his rival Piccolo then they fought to together
Fan: A got fucking wrecker!
I was getting to that! Anyways Gohan got a strange power from no where and hit Raditz so hard with a bash
Fan: Gohan use Skull bash!
Wow sooooooo original! And Goku held Raditz in a stance long enough for Piccolo to use Special Beam Cannon or and killed Goku and Raditz then Gohan was trained by Piccolo before the saiyans Nappa and Vegeta came and the Z-fighters fought the saiyan Nappa( except Yamcha because he got killed by a Saibaman)
Review by PeacefulCritic posted 13 days ago
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Let’s get this out of the way we are going to be comparing them critically. How I feel about both shows personally isn’t going to be included(Or at the very least I will try to be as unbiased as possible).What also isn’t going to be included is the second arc of sao along with both of the second seasons of LH(Log Horizon) and SAO(Sword Art Online).Now that I got that out of the way I can tell you what categories both will be judged off of and try not to spoil much.We are going to be looking at characters, story, atmosphere, how well it panders to the targeted audience,presentation, and overall scores.

Story and Atmosphere:
Both follow an anti-social gamer that’s been trapped in a mmo, but that’s as far as the similarities go. SAO is about trying to get out without dying or else they will get killed in real life because of the nerve gear.Which is totally different to Log Horizon's route when they try to make use of the time they have when they are trapped.Meaning that the atmosphere in both shows are completely different.SAO is more of an action/adventure compared to LH’s more colorful and informative manner.Now let’s get to how both execute the...
Article by NagisaFurukawa- posted 15 days ago
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Okay i wanna get this out of the way right now.
Many people think when they watch a gaming Anime like Sword Art Online it should be compared to other gaming Anime like Log Horizen and No Game No Life. But here i am gonna tell you about Dot Hack the Gaming Anime that started it in the Anime community. Click on the Link that will take you to the .Hack// Wikipedia website. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.hack That proves and shows that Hack// Roots and Hack Trilogy with Haseo and the rest of the Hack series is not Ova and Spin off series. Just cause the characters change in some seasons does not make them spin off series. That's like with Digimon each season except for Digimon Adventure 01 ans 02 the characters changed. And that did not make the rest of Digimon a spin off and ova series. That is also the same for .Hack// Just cause in some seasons the characters changed does not make the rest of it a spin off and Ova series. Get your facts straight to some people who think i am wrong on this.