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Fan fiction by AnimeFan66 posted 10 hours ago
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NOTE: The following stories are for a friend of mine. I just wanted to let you guys know this. Enjoy.

Valentines Spirit

In Yagami high school, romance can be seen everywhere. Imadori, the Casanova everyone knows, has always pondered through the hearts of every girl in all the classes. But his desires for them don’t last longer when Karen Ichijo comes around. Any move he pulls usually results in a giant punch, but she always makes up for his mistakes and doesn’t mean any harm.

Even the beautiful Eri Sawachika has her fair share of crushes. Almost all the guys within school try asking her out, but she rejects them as she doesn’t want to take the pressure. While this was the case she continued being pursued and for every time this occurred, she turned them down again and again. So much for good romance right?

Eri of course isn’t the only one who has to deal with the “love bug” from the boys. Mikoto’s share of romance also blossoms around this time of year. However, the biggest reason a lot of boys go for her is because she is a double D as far as her chest size is concerned. It drives her mad, but when...
Opinion by Windwakerguy430 posted 1 day ago
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Oh my god, I can tell some people are going to try to call assassins and hire them to kill me once this list is over. Anyway, I have noticed that their are some awful characters in anime. Like, god awful. Hell, I think they deserve a spot on my Top Ten HAted Cartoon characters list, but some still made the list. So, here we go, and no hate comments. This is my opinion, after all. We all have one

10: Yuka from Corpse Party - Now, I really didn't want to put her hear, but I really had to, but only due to how annoying she is. Sure, she's a kid, but my god, that can't excuse the moment where she kept whining about going to the bathroom. But, like I said, I really regret putting her here, because, well, anyone who watched Corpse Party knows why. She's only #10, because she wasn't that bad, and their are ten times more awful characters

9: Gary Oak from Pokemon - Have you ever met someone who kept saying he is better then you, so you do something better to put him in his place, only to STILL have him be better then you. That's Gary Oak. All he did was say how much better of a trainer he is and he would always be better then Ash. However, he is also lower...
Opinion by Windwakerguy430 posted 2 days ago
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Hello everyone, and today, I thought since I did a top ten favorite anime list, I should do a top ten most hated. Now, what are some of the worst anime I have ever seen. Well, lets find out. (Note, I have only seen three bad animes, so I looked online to find some bad ones. Just to let you guys know)

10: Midori Days - Now, this is an anime that just has a stupid concept. It is about a gangster who can't get a girlfriend, until one day, his goddamn hand turns into a cute girl.... Just... What. I would have let this slide if it weren't for the stupid characters and cheesy plot. Sure, it is a romantic anime, but this isn't how you do it

9: Love Hina - My god, this is one of the more obnoxious anime's on the list. Its about some pervert who is trying to hit on this cute girl. Common anime, sure, but it nevers goes anywhere. LEt me sum up the whole series in a few short seconds. Guy hits on girl, girl beats up guy, end credits. There, that is the whole show. Just add some stupid characters and your good to go