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Fan fiction by SymmetricalKid8 posted 3 days ago
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AHHHH! It is a breath of fresh air to make my HUGE return to FANPOP-SENPAI! I give hugs to all! Enjoy the VEEERYYYY LONG awaited second part of my FIRST EVER FANFICTION!

Karin sat in class, very highly distracted by these "transfer students". She couldn't help but wonder about the new kid's teeth, only vampires had teeth that sharp....at least, as far as she knew. Maybe he was another non- human race? Who knows?
'I'll have to confront them...' She thought.
'No...I'll talk to Maki first....that's the more sensible path to go..."

And talk to Maki she did.

That afternoon, at dismissal, she talked to Maki.
"Maki...did you notice how sharp the new kid...uh Soul was his name...right? Anyway, did you notice how sharp his teeth were?" Karin asked.

"Yeah....what's up with that?"

"It seems...suspicious...what do we do?"

"Well....what can we do that's completely inconspicuous?"
Opinion by Windwakerguy430 posted 4 days ago
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Light: (Watching Attack on Titan) What the hell can that guy do that I can’t
Eren: (Kills a Titan)
Light: ………… (Writes Eren’s name in the Death Note)
Eren: (Gets eaten by a Titan)
Light: HA HA!
Eren: (Transforms into a Titan)


L: (In laptop) Okay, hello everyone. I’m L, the world’s greatest detective. Who are you all
Soichiro: I am Soichiro, but you will all call me Chief, no matter what. I am the chief-
L: Of course
Soichiro: And… actually, that’s about it
Aizawa: I’m Aizawa, and I am rarely taken seriously because of my suit
L: Yeah…….. Your suit
Matsuda: I’m Matsuda, and-
L: Yeah, I don’t care. Anyway, I have gotten information that criminals have died from morning to evening on weekdays. This could mean Kira is actually a student. Possibly a student who is popular, has brown hair, and could quite possibly eat chips in the most epic way possible.
Opinion by Windwakerguy430 posted 13 days ago
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Light: Hello, I name is Light Yagami, and I kill people….. let me start over
(Please Stand By)
Light: Hi, I’m Light. I kill people- Goddamnit
(Please Stand By)
Light: Hi, I am Light Yagami. I like murder- FUCK
(Please Stand By)
Light: I’m Light Yagami. That’s all you need to know. End of story.

Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA5rwZEDm78

Light: (Looking out the window when he see’s a notebook fall from the sky) …… The hell is that? Mr. Teacherman, may I be excused
Teacher: NO!
Light: ‘Kay
(After class)
Light: (Picks up the notebook) OOOOOHH! A depressed emo’s diary. I wonder what’s insi- (Opens book) There’s nothing inside. Shit. What good is reading a diary when there’s nothing in it
(Walks home, and realizes he is holding the Death Note)
Light: ……… Well……. Guess it’s mine now
TV Anchor: This just in, the notorious child puncher, Siogaga Mitsu-something has struck again, and kidnapped a group of kids at the local elementary school. Can no one stop this heinous act?