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Opinion by QueenOfTheDaze posted 1 day ago
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Why I Like Em~

Villains give You the
pleasure in when watching anime as to such when the anime solely focus on the main character which is mostly the hero. I'd Have to say there are times when the villain(s) drift away from there purpose or sometimes partner up w the hero to kick azz .

But here Some Villains Beyond Evil

5. Aizen(Bleach)
We start off the list with one of the most badass anime villains. To tell you the truth I used to hate Aizen at first. But over time I grew to love him as both a badass and a villain. Plus he is way better then Ginjo. The reason his only #15 is because he wastes half of the episode talking and that's really annoying to me.
But still Aizen's calm personality and awesome zanpakuto busts him to number 5 on my list.

4.Vicious (CowBoy bebop)

He didn't have any superpowers, and he wasn't out to conquer the world, but he was what every good villain needs to be -- a major challenge for the protagonist to overcome.
News by QueenOfTheDaze posted 4 days ago
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Idk If Anyboydy Got The Memo Yet But Their Making A Live Action Movie On Attack On Titan . Too Juiced T^T!!!! But The Sad Part Is It Won't be Aired TillSummer 2015 ?! Noo Thats Too Longgg >.<

But Here's The Basic Info
The two part live-action feature series, planned for summer 2015 has cast
Haruma Miura
Hiroki Hasegawa (the upcoming live-action Jellyfish Princess, Why Don't You Play in Hell)
Kiko Mizuhara (Norwegian Wood, Helter Skelter)
Kanata Hongō (Prince of Tennis, Nana 2)
Takahiro Miura (live-action Space Battleship Yamato)
Nanami Sakuraba (Twin Spica)
Satoru Matsuo (Thermae Romae )
Satomi Ishihara (No Longer Human, Sadako 3D)
Pierre Taki (Linda Linda Linda)
Jun Kunimura (Audition, Kill Bill)
Shu Watanabe (Kamen Rider OOO)
Ayame Misaki (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters)
Rina Takeda (High Kick Girl)
Shinji Higuchi, a key Daicon/Gainax member, who made a significant contribution to Evangelion - was special effects director on the '90s Gamera trilogy and director on the 2006 version of The Sinking of Japan, and more recently, the director of Studio Ghibli...
Fan fiction by SymmetricalKid8 posted 7 days ago
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()=L <>=Misa \/=Light -=no one ~=Everyone
(Doing some research on his PC)
<Hey L>
(Hi Misa)
<Where's Light???>
(Yanks on chain)
(Right here)
\Hi Misa/
<Hi Light>
-A wet trumpet like sound is heard-
\Who um broke wind um no way to make that sound right/
<Stand in utter shock>
(Gets back to work)
<Still in utter shock>
\That wasn't me/
<I AM A LADY!!!!!>
(Hmm..What is it)
<Did you...>
(Did I what?)
\Did you fart?/
<He couldn't have>
-Another low pitched tuba like sound is heard-
\Alright who had spoiled beans for breakfast?/
<In utter shock again>
-Heard multiple times again-