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Guide by Cheng_Cheng posted 4 days ago
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How To Roleplay!

1.) Ways of Roleplaying Part 1: Basics


For example, if you want to do the action: sits down on the chair

You can use asterisks: *I sit down on the chair*

You can use minus signs: -I sit down on the chair-

You can use tildes: ~I sit down on the chair~

The punctuations above are just a few ways to indicate actions, keep in mind that there are still many other ways.


For example, if you want to say: I am going outside

You can state the character’s name and a colon:
(character’s name): I am going outside

Or you can use quotations: “I am going outside”

Those are just a few ways to show that a character is speaking, other people might have different ways.

Putting Statements and Actions Together
Review by GVentola posted 6 days ago
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You may wonder why I seldom give bad reviews. Well, if an anime is really bad or unlikeable, I usually don’t finish watching it, therefore it cannot be considered to be one of “my” anime series!

Anohana-The Flower We Saw That Day—Six childhood friends have grown apart since one of them met an untimely death. But now that girl, Menma, is back, appearing only to Jintan in a physical form. She eats, she sleeps, she picks up things.
    Jintan was the leader of two other boys and three girls going by the name of Super Peace Busters. Besides Menma, the girls in the group are Anaru and Tsuruko. The other boys are Poppo and Yukiatsu. The old gang comes together again to help Jintan help Menma, but not being able to see her, there are strong doubts and angry accusations.
    At first, I thought everyone was obnoxious and I doubted I would finish watching. That changed as I grew into viewing the misadventures of a band of friends trapped in a bittersweet ghost story.
Review by PeacefulCritic posted 8 days ago
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Before I get started I'll like to get a few things out of the way. First of all, I'm going to make a lot of rants about this anime since it's one of my least favourite animes. Second, I am only reviewing the classic anime nothing will be judged from the manga ,crystal,SuperS, etc.(meaning only up to episode 127) This review is pretty much me having a blast ripping this thing apart one by one until an angered fan decides to give me a piece of their mind. In other words if you hate this show too, this will be an enjoyable review/rant for you. If don't you'll probably hate me. With all of that out of the way let's begin.

When I started this anime, I truly expected that I would enjoy it but, I guess I was wrong this
is actually too cheesy and predictable to be called good quality. Especially since more than half of the anime is basically action show cliches. The villains try to get control,destroy kingdoms or anything else that is a generic and evil goal. The heroine/hero falls in love with a attractive person, and ends up with that person. The villains usually have no depth apart from being evil or the villains decide they don’t want to be evil...