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People reaction to anime haters

Opinion by Sasunaru120 posted over a year ago
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1. I follow them home then stab them in the spleen, that'll teach them to hate something I enjoy.

2.Well first I'd try to argue that there are a lot adult anime if that doesn't work and they're just stupid I'll lol.

3.I explain the general themes found in Black Lagoon and Hellsing then ask them how much they liked the latest Disney/Pixar flick. (knowing they've seen it)
Shuts them up every time.

4.They piss me off, so I just ignore them as much as I can.

5.i just leave them be , its pointless to change some1 mind when that person doesn't wanna change

6. I firt mention that anime isn't only for kids, kinda like Pixars movies. I tell them about the mature animes like Higurashi, Elfen Lied, Kara no Kyoukai etc.
If they don't change their mind after that, I just let them be. You can't simly change the ignorant haters

7. I give them the 1 sentence explanation of "It's just a different creative medium" if they're still hatin' i either show them something like Higurashi or leave just leave the ignorant people be.

8.Show them what Anime can do and cartoon can't.If they wanna hate,they better hate Anime to the worst.I don't like people who hate Anime without knowing anything.

9.First I ask them why they think its childish and if they don't have a reason (which they usually don't) I ignore them and go on with my day.

10.i will just ignore them because if i will talk with them and say anime i will recklessly gonna punch him for teasing anime because they dont know about it

11.lol true, ignoring them is the best solution.

12.haters gonna hate.
let them be

13.It just means they're missing out on some entertainment. Sure if they're particularly vocal and especially ignorant then it's annoying but if they have no knowledge to back up their claims then they aren't worth listening to.

14.i punch em hard in the face lol ........

15.Well i've only been bullied in sixth grade about it but just ignore and don't give them a reason to bully you be near friends and keep yourself busy

16. love Anime So go to hell.

17.I can't hear them over the sound of how awesome something I watch is.

18.Normally I throw a massive rage and stomp on their brains with steel toe-capped boots. But sometimes I just murder them.

19.Basically, this. I mean, what difference does it make? If they don't like it, they don't like it. Plain and simple.
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So true XD anime haters are the worst
posted over a year ago.
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Simmeh said:
If you want adult themed anime that doesn't involve hentai or immaturity, then Monster is the anime for you.
posted over a year ago.
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yep, just let the stupid people be.
posted over a year ago.
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I really need to write the artificial for my blog clearing up misconceptions concerning anime.

But we, unfortunately, live in a world where animation is seen as inferior. Even the Oscars give animation its own category since "As if an animation could possibly get Best Picture."

But I would argue that animation is artistically superior to live-action. Now only can animation do everything live-action can do, it can eve do things that live-action simply cannot do (think of all the expressions of emotion an anime face can have). And not only that, but the animation is an art form in itself (the painting kind of art form).

So animation is not only a more open form of writing artistic expression, but it is also a visual type of artistic expression.
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago