Cerudays posted on Apr 11, 2012 at 06:00AM
Any Shimeji you'd like to share?
I'm trying to find a Teto Kasane one online... if anybody knows were I could get one, I'd love you forevermore.~

Here's an adorable Mikuo+Miku shimeji I found... there are directions.
Also, 7-Zip is an extremely helpful program for this. xD

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over a year ago Sasukes_Gurl said…
Shimeji are those little fellas that run around your desktop right? I love those xD I found all the ones I have by just searching on deviantart.
I love my Hinata one and my Portal ones :) I also found a few Kingdom Hearts ones which are so cute.
over a year ago Cerudays said…
Yup those are them! :)
I have my Hetalia shimejis that I love, with a few vocaloid ones.