Anime Dark and Light: Time Space Rip (Naruto X Fairy Tail)

Blaze_of_Ares posted on Jun 16, 2012 at 11:38AM
6 months ago, the Dark Guilds declared war on the guilds. Fairy Tail is the master guild while for the dark guilds it’s the Time Space Guild. The Time Space guild attack Fairy Tail to unleash a portal to another world.

Chapter 1-3: Page 1
Chapter 4-9: Page 2
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over a year ago killer24 said…
Whats it a bout? Dude
over a year ago Blaze_of_Ares said…
Chapter 1

“Master, Cana at Fort Shudder needs reinforcement” Shouted Jake came barging into the war room. Gosh he looked terrible but what can you expect, he just came back from a battle. His clothes torn, his hair grey hair was messy and uneven and his beard was too long. No one will judge you if you mistake him for a hobo. “Okay, thank you Jake. And you might want to freshen up too” I said calmly
“Yes sir” He left.
“Airo, who do we have that ready for attack” I asked
“We have-” He stopped
“Something wrong Airo?” I asked
“Nothing sir. We have Astous and 30 more wizards ready at command” I realize why he had stopped. Astous was his brother and he just lost his father. I can’t feel sorry now, we have a war going on.
“Send them right away!”
“Roger Master” Airo went off. “Now, leave me for a moment” They all leave. I sat on my chair alone in the war room. All I could hear was the groaning of injured wizards from the infirmary next door. Being the guild master was hard especially when we are in war now. Being Fairy Tail’s master I have to control all the guilds on our side. We are losing this war, the dragon slayers have gone missing. I am so far the last of Fairy Tail’s Divine three*. We needed help but we don’t have it, we don’t even have S-Class wizards with us. I felt like losing hope and giving up but I can’t. I am their last hope, everyone is counting of me, I can’t let them down. I went into deep thought. 5 years since master died, and then Mira took over. 6 months since…the execution. That dreaded day. I blacked out.

“W…w…what’s going on?” I asked, still half knocked out. I shake my head. I looked left and right to see my friends and other wizards I do not know. We were in shackles, chained to a giant stake sticking out from the ground, each. They were probably hundreds on them, all of us chained.

“Master, master” Jake was shaking me from my shoulders to wake. “Master!!!Master!!!”
“I’m awake, I’m awake” I said and he let go of me, he looked better. Cleaned shaved, combed hair and fresh new clothes.
“You did it again Master”
“I know, I guess it’s just a trauma or a side effect”
“Master, Jet and the other wizards from Aidendrill are back” He informed me “They are pretty beaten up”. I walked out with Jake without a word. Wizards poured in from the main entrance. Some wizards went to the infirmary and some passed out the second they entered. But one stood at the entrance, looking down with his hands dangling in midair. He had grey spiky hair and a muscular body. I went over to him. He looked strangely familiar.
“Come on, we’ll help you” I promised.
He looked up at me.
“WHAT???” A wizard shouted
“IMPOSSIBLE!!!” Another wizard complain. I studied him. It was Elfman alright. His scared on his eyes, his muscular body and everything else. I reach out my hand to touch his face. He then grabbed my wrist, on his hand I saw some tattoos from his wrist down. I realize that they weren’t tattoos but rune magic symbols. “TAKE COVER!!” I shouted, remove his hand. I ran and so did everyone. BOOOOOOM!!!

*Fairy Tail’s Divine three includes Omen Redcliff, Alek Valentine whom now work for Zeref and Blaze Phoenix who is missing. They were called the Divine three by Master Makarov as they have Divine power which they do not show.
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over a year ago usuitakumi77 said…
big smile
His story is cool.I love it bro.Hey killer it is cool dude.Anyway i love it so much bro.
His story is cool.I love it bro.Hey killer it is cool dude.Anyway i love it so much bro.
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over a year ago Jennifer0 said…
(awesome! cant wait til my characters get mentioned. Also hope they get a nice battlescene! ^_^ Chimera Magic for the win :D)
over a year ago parras2 said…
big smile
post the next chapter soon
over a year ago Blaze_of_Ares said…
Chapter 2

“arrgh…...” I groan in pain. I barely woke up. I was being dragged across the guild. I look up to see Jet dragging me. He cut his orange hair short probably to lessen friction for maximum power when running. Maybe it was my imagination or I’m just still half knocked out but I thought I saw a scar across his face. I looked around to see the guild in chaos. We were being attacked. A guy dropped next to me while I was dragged. He was wearing a purple T-shirt with a guild insignia on it. It was a half clock half moon sign in black. It was the Time Space guild insignia. They are the Dark Guild’s leader. I blacked out again.

I woke up again. I looked up as Jet was being tackled by a Time Space wizard. “Jet……” I reach my hand out to attack but they disappeared in battle, leaving alone laying on the ground. I drop my hand. I picked up a piece of cloth with the Fairy Tail insignia on it. I tried to get up but something hit my head and I got knocked out….again.

I woke up and looked up now being dragged by Jake. Again, his clothes were torn. A Time Space wizard then jump out of nowhere above me, hurling like a meteor, straight towards Jake. But he punched the guy and the guy flew backward hitting his comrade. Jake dragged me to the infirmary and put on a bed. He gave me some water to drink. Then he went out to fight. I saw the some other wizards, laying on the bed. They were all pretty beaten up. Some got burn, some were freezing. And I saw one got stab in the chest with a sword. These wizards fought, they fought and end up here. I just got knocked out by an explosion and I’m lying in bed??? The guild master of Fairy Tail got knocked out by an explosion and is lying on the bed in the infirmary, no way. I stood up and went to fight. I drank the water and walked out of the infirmary.

The guild was in total chaos, it was like there was an earthquake followed by a twister then a hurricane. The guild was filled with people laying unconscious, huge pieces of concrete from the ceiling and walls. Magic circles and blood everywhere. I had to do something. I looked at where Elfman once was. To my surprise there was a portal there and wizards poured out of there. The portal…..that is how this all start but where is Elfman. I took a closer look and below the portal on the ground were blood and the feet of Elfman Strauss, only his feet. Blood was everywhere. It was horrid. I got angry, seeing my comrade’s death and I did nothing. I shut my eyes and shoot lightning from my hands to the portal. After a few moments of anger I calm myself. I open my eyes and the lightning disappears. There at the portal stood a man.

He had dark purple hair, spiky and long. It reached his back. From the back he probably look like a black porcupine. He was 2 meters (About 6.6 feet) tall. His eyes were light blue. They were enchanting, I felt drawn to him looking at those eyes but I control myself. He was wearing black tuxedo with a black cape. Sadly I recognize him and he is not an ally. Zorak Derva, master of the Time Space Guild. He was the enemy’s leader, what was he doing? There was a mini portal in both of his hands with were pointed at me. I wonder what those portals were for. Then I realize it. ZAP!!! I was blown away with my own lightning, hitting a wizard behind me. Luckily he grabbed me so I don’t hit the wall, faint and got humiliated in front of everyone. I stood up. I wasn’t harmed by it as I’m immune to my element which one of them is lightning. I was still dumbfounded by the appearance of Zorak. I kept my cool and look at him, looking calm as if we were old friends meeting after a long time.
over a year ago MyBlueDragon said…
big smile
this is so good that there isn't a word that can explain how great this is.
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over a year ago Blaze_of_Ares said…
Thanks guys, tell more people about this ok. Even if they don't like anime or Naruto or Fairy Tail
over a year ago Blaze_of_Ares said…
And please comment about how it is
over a year ago Nico-di-Angelo said…
Bobby this is great, and i'm not just saying this because i love you. You have a true talent for writing. Its realy creative and it keeps the reader intreged. I like the plot. I love how you capture the readers attentio within the very first sentence in both chapters. The way u speak of the details is amazing. Im always speech less when i read ur writing :)
over a year ago Blaze_of_Ares said…
Thank you Isso
over a year ago miyuchan7 said…
it's awesome ^^
over a year ago _Aphrodite_ said…
big smile
Its very very very very amazingly cool, ur a great writing Bobby ^_^
over a year ago Blaze_of_Ares said…
Chapter 3

“Zorak Derva” I announced. The allied wizards were all shock. Not many people have seen Zorak, only those whom he likes or those that defy him. “What do I owe the pleasure?” I asked
“Omen Redcliff, long time no see. I am here to pick up a friend” He said with a smirk with his deep yet gently voice. No wonder he had many followers, his voice was gently and seducing.
“And who might this friend be?” I asked still keeping calm. I wondered what he meant. Who is this friend? Do we have a spy? Form which Guild?
“Oh, he’ll be here soon” He spread out his hands and a magic circle begin to form from his left palm to his right palm. It was orange

“PROTECT THE MASTER!!!!” A Time Space Wizard yelled. I knew he was up to something….something bad. I shot lightning at Zorak again but one of his wizards blocked the shot and got hit. The wizard was toast, literally. 1 billions volt of electricity isn’t pretty, well not for him it isn’t. I charge at Zorak, dodging his wizards. I jump to punch him but someone stop my punch in mid-air. He held my fist. I then went to kick him and he blocked it with his other hands. I push myself off of him with my leg to see face to face my opponent. His was muscular. Really big and buff. He had jet black hair which was cut short military style. He had green eyes which were kinda cool if he isn’t going to kill me. He was wearing a green tank top that was too small for his huge body and he was wearing camo pants.

“Omen, meet my cousin, Nikolai Derva” Zorak proudly announced. Nikolai grunted as he nod. The magic circle of Zorak was now one tenths complete. We had no time. Enemy wizards surround me. I twist my body “Storm Dragon, Twister!!!” A twister appears around me as I spin around, sucking in and throwing out the enemy. I stopped, all the enemies were gone except Nikolai. He was standing there; arms cross, looking at me with a deathly glare.

A purple magic circle appeared above him. It descends from his head down, turning him into a purple dragon. Passing down his head, his snout appear with smoke coming out of it. Passing down his torso, his skin turned into scaly purple muscles. His hands become claws. He completed the transformation. He growled at me. He came charging at me, like a bulldozer. As he was 1 meter away from me, I raised my hand and blinded everyone. Everyone was momentarily blinded. I charge at Zorak who wasn’t blinded. I don’t why but I’m not asking. I clench my fist. Zorak smirked at me, must be because he liked getting punch. As I was about to punch him, there he was again. Nikolai push me to the side. 500lb (2226.796kg) of purple force hit me. I land on my legs and right arm. I slide back a little. I stood up. Everyone can see already by this time and were now fighting.
“You know, you m-” A guy flew past in front of me shouting WHY!!!!!
“As I was saying, you might be strong but to win a battle you need a strategy” I said. I knew he isn’t going to let me near Zorak. I looked around. Zorak’s circle was now half complete. The process seems to be accelerating by the second. He needs to be stop but I need to get through Nikolai. I looked around again and finally figured out a plan….

I inferred that he do not have any dragon abilities and only used that form for strength, speed and agility. I hoped I was right. I went on with my plan. I charged at him, dodging some falling ceiling and flying wizards. Nikolai also charged at me. As we were closing in I jumped over him and kicked him on the back of his neck. He threw his head forward. I land and kicked the back of his knee causing him to drop on his knee. I used two fingers to hit his armpit and his waist. He groaned at my attacks. You see my plan was to hit some weak points and to be fast, not very genius but I had no time to think. I went in front of him and kneed him on the forehead. He got knocked out and dropped face first. I smirked at Zorak but then realize his magic circle was almost complete. I charge at him. I run as fast as I could. I jump and aimed my fist towards his face. As I was about to punch……the circle was done. He ducked and I flew above him crashing. He sandwich his hand while ducking.

“Time Space portal, open!!!!” He shouted as he stood up while throwing his hands in the air like he was holding a hot pot. Where his hands were is now a portal glowing bright golden. The golden changed into transparency in the mid-section. Then a scene begins to appear. I see two people, both males, charging at each other on water!

One had spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing somewhat of an orange jumpsuit and he had a head band on his head, it had a sign of a blade with a spiral for a body. In his hand he held a light blue ball or was it something else. It look like those Fireballs Blaze used, but it was light blue. He was angry, I can see it in his face.

The other had black hair and red eyes. His eyes were weird. His eyes were in a shape of a six-edged start with another inside and in the middle a black dot. He was wearing a black cloak or robe, whatever they call it, with red clouds on it, well it looks like clouds. And in his hand he held lightning! The lightning was blue in colour, I’ve seen red lightning but this was blue.

I didn’t recognize them from any guild and I certainly did not recognize the symbol on the boys head. They jumped to each other, pushing their deadly powers to each other “RASENGAN!!!” the blonde haired shouted while the black haired shouted “CHIDORI!!!” Their powers collide sending an energy wave throughout the area and even through the portal! The portal even shimmered a little. Everyone near the portal was watching. I moved back a little by the massive energy by the two fighters before us.

The next thing I knew was the thunder boomed loudly and red lightning strike through the roof…..
over a year ago Nico-di-Angelo said…
Awesome Bobby ^.^ i love how i can see everything you're writing. This was awesome. Cant wait for chapter 4 My Love :)
over a year ago percabeth_forev said…
wow.... too much knockouts........violence...and..........A­WES­OME­NES­S!!­!!!­!! you rock!!!!!!
over a year ago iluvshadowo3o said…
i love your STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
over a year ago Jupiter305 said…
^^Yeah, this is some good stuff! Here comes the Rasengan!
over a year ago Sushi7777 said…
big smile
over a year ago MaaikeJonas said…
You really are a great writer! I like reading this just because you write like a real author of books! :)
over a year ago miyuchan7 said…
over a year ago usuitakumi77 said…
I love it.I cannot say my love in a word or a sentence.Anyway bobby i love it.
I love it.I cannot say my love in a word or a sentence.Anyway bobby i love it.
over a year ago IamKyon said…
So good! You have real sense of writing!
Cool! ^.^