Crona's Poem (Soul Eater)

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Submitted by Cerudays over a year ago

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Here is my heart
and through it is a dart
eating it is lice
I still don't get why you're nice
I draw a circle when I sit
but then you come and erase it
I don't know how to deal with this
you ruined it and my bliss
I get my pillow and make it wet
with the tears I won't regret
you do know I have black blood
it does not come from above
I have this hatred inside if me
it makes me want to bleed
everyday and every night
I want the good things out of sight
I shouldn't even breathe or blink
because my life went down the sink
so this is my poem, dull and black
because this is my life and that's a fact
posted over a year ago.