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anefi posted on Apr 25, 2009 at 07:40AM
Dear Anne fans....
I realy like the books
I read Anne of Green Gables last week, in Indonesian languege
Now I want to see Anne in movie, but I can't find the DVD in my country.
I try to buy in but filed, because I never buy by online shop.
Well I realy want to have the movie, so if you have a help, I'm so thanks much..
you can contact me at:

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over a year ago jalicefan15 said…
sorry I can't help I have never been able to find the movie. I did see it as a play.
over a year ago sarah7581398 said…
the movies are amazing!link Gilbertt
over a year ago jewelora said…
big smile
I just have the animotion which made by japan in 1979.The language is Japanese and the caption is chinese