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Review by nexis13 posted over a year ago
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Interview with the Vampire.... The Vampire Lestat....Queen of the Damned.... just a few of the books that i have owned and read and reread from an author i can say is the best ever...

Anne O' Brien Rice is just one of the best authors i can say that makes you feel you were one with the characters in her beloved masterpieces....

If i were to be told to list down my favorite Authors i would not hesitate to put her in my #1 list first. Of course one would ask why when there are other authors who are better...

That may be true but what Anne Rice has that captures me that no other author can do is that she makes her characters come to life... the scenery may be from another world but you can feel being one with the characters...

My all time favorite and first book i have read from her is The Vampire Lestat... i was just 9 years old then and i have read it and even memorized a few quotes Lestat has said..

Until now i still admire her and her way of writing...
Opinion by djlee6 posted over a year ago
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It might just be me, but does anyone else think that the way the books are portrayed poorly?
Let's start with 'Interview with a Vampire'.
Loius was made off to be sedated in his expressions. Just because the character is being done by Brad Pitt doesn't mean that the director couldn't snap him into shape! Pitt's major save was the way he pulled off Louis's awe and confusion.
However, my major problem was 'Queen of the Damned'.
Several of the characters were removed. There was no mention on how vampirism began, no mention of the Twins. How can they do a movie if they refuse to use the plot?
And going onto the characters...
As much as I dislike Tom Cruise, he did a marvelous job displaying Lestat's attitude and sexuality. He was able to pull off the air of charm of smugness that makes us fall in love with Lestat in the first place. Townshed down plays the attitude, making Lestat seem lazier and more dependant.
Marius was successfully shown as a teacher, but a lot less graceful and the look was off.