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Frozen - Olaf
Frozen <3 Olaf
Frozen <3 Olaf and Anna
Winx Club Girls
Winx Club Layla
Winx Club Flora
Winx Club Roxy
Winx Club Tecna
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The fans pick: Meh... Not really. I didn’t believe in that sort of thing back then.
Meh... Not really. I didn’ t...
Yes! And I wanted to be...
The Anime Boy! <333 :DD
The Anime Girl! She looks waaay better! <333
The fans pick: Yes! It was soooo AWESOME!! I LOVED IT!! :D
Yes! It was soooo AWESOME!! I...
No, but I want to!/ No, it's...
1. Image!
4. Image!
The fans pick: Yes!!! I wish Kanade could've stayed with Otonashi!
Yes!!! I wish Kanade could've...
No, it didn't have an effect...
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LightSoul99 said …
I got a new piano!!! YAY!!! xD xD xD
But it's actually a keyboard piano but still!
I get to play songs on it! <3

I'M SO HAPPY!! XD Posted 1 month ago
LightSoul99 commented…
I'm thinking of playing Frozen's Let It Go! What do you think?? >.< 1 month ago
wishey said …
You are awesome Annie :) Posted 6 months ago
LightSoul99 commented…
Awww!! *gives you a MASSIVE hug EVER!!!* U are too, wishey-chan! :D How are you?? I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in ages =< but turns out I'll be having my exams in the first wk of November :/ I hope you're well wishey!! =) 5 months ago
wishey commented…
Well, I'm sort of fighting with my BFF, but other than that, I'm pretty good. Good luck on your exams!! 5 months ago
MimiBlue said …
Hello fellow fans~! I am sooo sorry about my absence in my spot. Lately I haven't been on coz of school and exams. I had created an account for mewhich was dandelion-heart (on the "Best Contributors" list butting suddenly deleted my account - or something that caused the account to be deleted.vso I created this account MimiBlue. If you like, you can add me to your fanlist again ^^,
I will be adding some stuff in here for the time being now so.. Thankies~!

Annie-Chan ^^ Posted 9 months ago
RoleplayCraz98 commented…
It's okay as long as your with us I happy!!!!!!! Love hearing from you!!!!!! 9 months ago
rileyferguson commented…
And your account is gone. Probably banned or suspended :( 9 months ago
LightSoul99 commented…
Sorry guys! Darn it, that stupid thing or whatever did something to my MimiBlue account!! DX Grrrr! Darn it.. I'm on this account 'kay guys 9 months ago