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Withering-Moon said …
Hey annie you probably dont remember me but its Mallory ummm? Poem girl? Posted over a year ago
LightSoul99 commented…
Oh em gee!! holy cookies and sprite, mallory is that you?? oh i'd recognize that beautiful face anywhere <3 how are you?? tfta btw XD inbox me whenever okey sweetie? missed you a buuuunch!!! >w< xD hehe <3 over a year ago
Withering-Moon commented…
Yeah its really me and im doing really good actually. >.< how are you?? over a year ago
LightSoul99 commented…
Awww... that's good to hear :3 *hugs you tight* i'm alright :) just reeeeally busy with reality and life ;) hehe. it's good to see you malls c: xox over a year ago
LightSoul99 said …
Hey guys!
I'd like to say Happy Mother's Day to you all and, yes, I know it's a little weird saying that to [i]all of you[/] but for today, I will because of this special occasion for the all the mothers of the world :)

I hope everyone had spent it with immense joy, fun and wonders to their mothers today - making it special for them - and I hope today was a day they'll never forget :)
God bless you all!
Light-nee-chan ^.^ Posted over a year ago
LightSoul99 said …
I got a new piano!!! YAY!!! xD xD xD
But it's actually a keyboard piano but still!
I get to play songs on it! <3

I'M SO HAPPY!! XD Posted over a year ago
LightSoul99 commented…
I'm thinking of playing Frozen's Let It Go! What do you think?? >.< over a year ago