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Opinion by LightSoul99 posted over a year ago
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Just a random short story I wrote because I was bored, hehe.
Enjoy it, and feel free to read! :)

He sits in his chair, his shoulders slouched as his body slumped against the wood. It had been a year since the incident happened and yet, he still feels the shuddering shock of it paralysing him whole like it only happened yesterday. His eyes, once filled with content and life, now shone with a glistening darkness and misery, his face, before was stretched with a glowing smile, his cheeks clear and rosy-looking, now revealed a boy who had a face that was washed clean of emotion and replaced with an empty void that surfaced him.

It was all his fault. A voice whispered, almost silently, in his head. But he also took himself for the blame as well. He could still recall the way his best mates, Riley and Will Berchis, insisted that he come with them to a party they were invited to. Seeing that the boy, Adam is his name, was sixteen-years-old at the time, Riley and Will were told not to take too many drinks at the place if they were to take care of him.
Opinion by LightSoul99 posted over a year ago
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Dedicated to my best friend who has been there for me in my darkest times. In memory of Rover who always stood by my side since I met him. I'll miss you very much buddy - I will think of you always and carry the memories that you left behind with me and my family. I hope one day you'll be with us again, dear friend.

Endless love, countless kisses and massive cuddles.


I write the words

But I don't know how to start

You are and always will

Be close to me and not far apart

I hope it's not too late

I don't want it to fade away

Because I don't know

How long you'll be with me on this road

In the name of the Lord

I pray that this poem finds you

Happy and well

Rememebr me as your best friend, your pal

I will for the dog who put me out of the blue
Opinion by LightSoul99 posted over a year ago
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[i]Some people don't know it, some people don't wonder
Some people don't get curious, others don't bother
But we all know that He is always there
To give you sweet dreams, love and so much more than we can dare
He is the one who saw you at first sight, the one who strums you to sleep every night
He's always there to give you courage, the one who can give you the skills and the knowledge

He's there to wake you up, I'm sure he laughs when he sees your lips drool with syrup
He's always there next to you, he loves you very much, one of his golden rules
He's there to keep you company when nobody else can, can give you strength to make your stand
He hears you when you pray, he will put you on track if you are being lead astray
He's always faithful and kind, he's someone you can trust with your heart and mind

He's always there to help you in times of need, he'll keep you out of harm's way indeed
We are nothing without him, we wouldn't be here today if not for him
Opinion by LightSoul99 posted over a year ago
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One thing we shouldn't be worried about is that we are accidents.
We are all different in God's way; no one is equivalent.
God conceived you in his mind, planned when you'd be born and your birthplace.
He prescribed every single detail of our bodies,
Deliberately chose our race, our hair, our skin.

We were created for God's purpose.
He determined the natural talents we would possess and our uniqueness.
"He knows us inside and out, he knows every bone in our body;
How we were sculpted from nothing into something."

He thought of us before he made the heavens and the earth.
For the reason he made us was to express his everlasting love.
God thought of you before you thought of him first.
He wants us to be with him in heaven - in eternity - up above.

All the miracles he made, I'll never forget.

You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life will never make sense.
Opinion by LightSoul99 posted over a year ago
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A/N: This is the story I'm working on in wattpad ^^ feel free to check it out - a lot of people really want to read it :D haha. I'm working on Chapter 2, for your information c:


Brief Description

[i] "Kayla..."

His voice was as breezy as the whisper of the wind and huskily deep in a way that made my heart race one-hundred miles per hour. I could listen to his voice all the time, every day and not get tired of it, actually. The lightest of touches came in contact with the top of my hand, making sparks of electricity shoot their my body. How could one boy - wait a sec, make that the troublesome delinquent - effect me so much in half a month?

I look at him, feeling a slight blush creep on my skin as I saw how his deep green eyes were looking at me intently. "Y-yeah?" my voice came out as a mouse's squeak and I widened, humiliated to the point where I could go and lock myself in the school bathroom.

Opinion by LightSoul99 posted over a year ago
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Mom you’ve given me so much
From the love you gave, to your warmest touch
You’ve always been there for me
Even after the times I said things that I didn’t mean
You were the one who taught me from me right from wrong
The one who did the best hairstyles when my hair was long

The gentle hand that held mine when I was hurt
You’ve been through the times that made me leap and the ones that we worst and best kept discreet
I thank the Lord that He’s blessed me with someone like you
Someone who encourages her child and tells her to stay true
I thank for the times I thought you were my number one best friend
The times we laughed and cried
Ones where we had to have one another’s shoulder to lend

A hug and a kiss just to get on
When things in life go terribly wrong
So on this day I’ll shower you with all my love
Just to repay all the debts that you have done
I’ll give you the best Mother’s Day spent with your daughter
Opinion by LightSoul99 posted over a year ago
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This poem is dedicated to SG the girl who has a strong heart and a lovable, warm soul <3 Maria, keep shining your light coz you’re everyone’s best friend on here and you’re loved by them too.=)
I hope you like this poem because every word that I jotted down is true.=) <3

When the sky is dark and the tides are rough
When the last leaf has fallen from its branch
She doesn’t back down without a breath
She stands on her own two feet despite being defenceless
Though she may look weak and goes out like a wreck
She is no doubt like a soldier in armour and crest

She’s like the whisper of the leaves in the summer breeze
The sun shining behind the mountain peaks
The words she says that escape her mouth
Sometimes makes me think she’s a lion ready to pounce
But despite those words that always seem like you’re crushed
They always find a way to cut off the fuss

She’s the hand that rescues you from the depth
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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I watch the clouds in the sky from my windowsill slowly blanket the earth with layers of snow. The glass under my fingertips feel like ice and my breath fogs the window pane as the night folds in, casting a long shadow looming over me all the way up to my bedroom wall. I can hear the shadow whispering its malicious words in my ear, the words drilling into my already-broken soul like an old tape recorder repeating itself over and over again. Its calling to me ... provoking me ... toying with the feelings I didn’t want to feel in my bones.
I feel like a small lonely dandelion, floating away with the wind. The rain is my friend as it grants me growth and food, the sun is my brother for it has helped with my nutrients and the wind is my saviour as it carries me away, saving my petals from getting wrecked.

When my heart is full of love, I’ve never felt more alive than ever. All my worries are but small fragments from my heart and soul and mind and all of my fears fall away like withered petals. I am free from all things that have been emitted upon me, like a sinless angel who falls under God’s laws from the Bible in Heaven. The...
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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It took a long time for me to realize just how much he still loved her
hearing those three words roll off my tongue made me feel like a splinter
I couldn’t tell him anything, who was I when I felt like I was sinned?
the times I spent with him were priceless...yet I cherished every bit nevertheless
the breathtaking flames he left burning on my lips through my first kiss
he said, “We’ll stay together okay? Just like you wished,”

My reply to him was that I loved him to the point where I would break
but I couldn’t deal with the painful consequences of what came next
would there ever be a time when nothing was a mess?
for her sake, it would the final decision I would have make
it took a lifetime for me but I know that I have to move on
all the ties, the threads that held us both together, led me here
the love that girl had for him never stopped beating....I knew she won
the battle for the man we both love has finally been cleared
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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If you haven't read this poem in this club called Dream Diary, you can read it here :). Hope you like it - it's the best poem I've ever written! <3

You should know that bullying hurts
It starts with one word, one word you blurt
Fat, ugly, worthless. These are the words they hear
Don't you know you're their biggest fear?
Day by day, you torment them
It takes a while for their hearts to mend
All they ask for is one true friend
But you just want to make their life end, make that one wish go away
You bully them till they can't breathe no more
Who are you trying to satisfy this for?
Everyday they wake up with regret
All they want to do is forget
The words, the names, all that you've said

Everyday when they walk down the hall
You kick, you laugh, you taunt
You just want them to be a weakling, to fall

You want me to be gone
I don't think I can go one no more
Fan fiction by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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Ashling Sparrow
Ashling’s Story–


15th June, 2012–

Dear Diary,

I’m sure you know that my life is practically hanging on the end of the thread. What I mean by that, is that my soul is just one black hollow of pain. I wasn’t asked to be born into this world where people like my family start to take no notice of me. Even when I stand right in front of them, they just look right through me like I’m invisible. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember that I don’t bother counting the many days I’ve been this way.
I can only ask one thing– why me? No one can answer that.
Like I said before, I’m practically going to fall off that thread within seconds and fall straight into my death.
Have to go to school now.

Fan fiction by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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Anna Stone: Six years old
Her Worse Fears. A/N: I'm finally writing a story in my spot so I hope you like this as much as I wrote it! PS: This is the story I used for my English practice exam! ^^

Everyone waited patiently for the doctor to come out, some of them dreaded with a mixture of fear and utter stress. I was one of them. “Anna, are you okay?” I felt a small hand come on top of mine that was on my knees. I turned slightly to my little cousin, Izzy Grace. Her eyes were red from constant crying and her pale cheeks showed dried tracks of tears. I nodded and squeezed her hand. “What about you?” Izzy shook her head, her shoulders trembling.

“It’ll be fine, Iz. There’s nothing to fear,” But even with those words lingering in the air, I couldn’t convince myself with them. The door to the operation room opened and ten heads snapped up to see a man in a long white coat. He was the doctor. As he walked up to me and my family, a hospital bed was taken to a room down the long white hall. “Are you Ms. Gray’s children and grandchildren?” he asked my family. My mother who sat next to me,...
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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[Verse 1]
She used to be in love with him
From the moment she danced with him
For the first time in her life
She thought she was living the perfect fairytale
That was then, but when she found out she was bailed
Her heart fell, all her love for him stopped
Like Snow White who fell in a deep sleep from the apple’s first bite
Yes, ‘cause you can tell from her face that she’s over him
Trust me I know, ‘cause she’s me

Yeah, these things happen from time to time (time to time)
These are things that are like challenges, which come and go
Yet even if I’m saddened inside, on the outside I feel like I’m soaring high
High with my outstretched, angelic wings

This ain’t the end
There will come a time when he will pay
‘Cause I’ll forget your name
Your voice and your frays
No tears aren’t gonna fall from these childlike eyes
So let this song become my last lullaby
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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You’re Not Alone

Verse 1:
She stood in the pouring rain
Her face wet with the tears that have faded away
Clinging to her drenched coat
With her feet in her boots completely numb with cold
At this rate, she feels like she is all alone
Because everything she once had for long
Now faded forever gone

Even through the times when she was on the verge of going insane
She would close her eyes and clasp her hands together
Before she whispered God her prayers
Hoping He would miraculously have them answered
So the burdens and pain she had kept would finally go away

“You’re not alone,” an angel told her
“Your lost soul will be taken from you, to Hell where the Devil sits with his unresentful aura that burns.”
Alas, she knows that she will have a better, blessed life
In a place where she will be accepted by our Lord Jesus Christ
Yes, that’s right – it’s a placed called Heaven
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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~Precious Memories ...~

They’re sometimes gone from the mind
They’re sometimes hard to find
But it doesn’t mean they’re completely gone
It could come back to you if you were reciting it, acting it or maybe even if you’re singing a song

People want these precious things

These things such as precious memories
Even someone like me has these precious memories

No matter if they were painful ones or memories of tears, they will all put a smile to my face, placing me in ease

I wouldn’t lose them

I don’t care if someone tries to kill me, puts my life to an end
So long as they don’t take my memories away
Days come and go as time goes by

And we still live under the same pale blue sky
New memories build in peoples’ minds from time to time

Some sad, some happy ... some even lacked and even lazy!
Yet some people tend not to keep their memories
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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The Pain You’ve Caused ...

I can see that your eyes have been crying
Your lashes show that they have been wet
From your heart, I can hear the ache in its heartbeat
Your heart is where the pain and melancholy has been kept
Feeling all alone
Is like when you’re standing at a cliff and you’re about to fall

This is what you feel
The pain, sadness and torture you have caused
Is like water running in the middle of a field
No one can force it
No one can stop it
It’s like your life has no meaning to it
This is the pain you’ve caused
You’ve made yourself collapse to your knees
Made yourself fall

Your body is small and fragile
Sitting there with no one to talk to
You have a long life ahead of you though you’re still a child
Little did you know that you would be broken soon
So be prepared for the worse
For what may come of this curse

This is what you feel
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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♪ Save Me ♪

[Verse 1]:
I can feel it coming
The feeling of pain creeping in me
It’s almost too much to bear
It’s hard to keep still when you’re not here
Because life without you isn’t fair

If you knew me like how you’d know a book
You might know that sometimes I feel like I’m collapsing to my feet
Falling endlessly through shards of glass, crumbled and beat
You can tell just by the way I look
My black hair cascading my face with my brown eyes full of hurt
Try calling out my name and your voice will take the pain away
It will bring me back and I will wake up in your arms with your face showing relief
Only then will I know that you were able to save me

[Verse 2]:
Even if you’re here, you probably think that I don’t show much fear
But no matter what it is, I still feel loneliness
But I try to hide it from you with the peaceful smile on my face
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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The Real Me

I’m standing limp in the dark
My skin is all bruises and cuts
I can feel the pain in me, pushing away my other feelings away
To others, when they’re angry, I think I bring them down
It must be annoying, I guess
I sometimes wish I had left
But it’s not going chase their sounds
Because I know that people treat my differently
And it hurts when they curse words at me

Confiscated pain
It’s what I have gained
With the people going at me, it’s like I’m in a game of war
People could think ‘What a bitch!’ but not say it to my face
They might whisper, “What a piece of shit,” behind my back
I’m thinking that must be the case
But that’s not the real me
So please … if you’re out there
Help me
If you really, truly, care

Thinking of losing myself
The thought of it, puts me at ease
Being through different variety of pain
It feels so right because of the tears I had shed
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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.:From the Ashes:.
A/N: My second song! <3 Yay! :D
Enjoy and comments welcomed please! <333
God Bless,

♪ From the Ashes ♪ by Annie Frauen

It was torment, it was painful, it was merciless
Her eyes saw it all
The people who fought through it, she saw them fall
She was one of the twenty or so people who survived
The tears and sobs that she cried in her life of lies
Was all she left behind

Ohh … why?
“You’re the one who died.”
Those words suffocated her till she was on her knees
The wind that used to comfort her, even when she sleeps
Now blows fiercely like they’re flames of wings
And she has tried to keep it out, like the wind is raging with horrific words
The winds, the screams, the blood and the pleas … all those murderous and petrifying flashes
They were all from the ashes
Article by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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AnNiEwAnNiE's NoTe: This is my first ever-in-my-life song that I've written! Please comment and if you think it's bad, go ahead and say it 'cause I know it's just your honest opinion :).
I hope you've liked reading my song anyway and I've worked hard on it too! :)

When I am walking everyone is far behind me
Still, I keep walking with my head held high even though tears start to prick my eyes
"You're always strong," says the voices of the wind
My heart stings even though I have a smile on my face
But I know this is life so I have to live through it
I wave as I begin to bid my goodbyes

Though I carry grave pain that's been forever in my chest
No tears shall fall from my eyes no will my sad smile show
I know that everyone is brave in their own way, even if memories start to flow
I know that I am brave too and strong
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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His brown eyes were sparkling with happiness and joy
His hair was jet black and dashing, spiky and his eyes were dark chocolate brown
He was just a little boy before he started to play with toys
Before he met me, I guessed he was happy as can be
I could imagine him whispering to his friends
Fiddling with his pens and enjoy teasing the girls
Sometimes I can't read his expression, when he looks at me, I get uncertain
Just by being held by his gaze puts me in a lovey-dovey daze

Why do I feel hesitant?
Am I supposed to feel pleasant?
I feel happy when I'm with him though but I'm sad also
I have dreams and I wonder what they mean
I hate to say that I could love him but I doubt that he loves me
His brown eyes will be all I can remember like the last time we first chatted in early September
Is is wrong to feel this way even if it was just for a day?
I don't know why
But I do know that I care about him and I could be daring enough to risk my life for him
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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Time flies as I begin to say goodbye
Though I have this pain that's in my chest
I still wish you the best
It happened in the early winter days
When the snow flaunted and the children came out to play
You were just cruising along on the snow
And as soon as I met your brown eyes
I started to glow as I start to sigh
You're too handsome for my vision

As the time flies by and the seasons start to change
You're still the reason while I'm still breathing
It may amaze you, possibly even surprise you
But for me, it's true that I can't put it in words that could make your heart soothe
My heart starts to beat when you are close
Especially when I need you the most
Now that you're not around
There's no sound

But I am happy that I got to know who you really were
Even though I knew that I had lots more that I had to learn
I loved you with all of my heart
And I still do
Opinion by malmcd posted over a year ago
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Tell them my story long after I'm gone.
Tell them my dream's and wishes and hopes.
Tell them how I tried to help the world.
Tell them how I gave up.
Tell them you help me through.
Who brought me down and chewed me up.
Tell them about every scar I have.
I like the one on my wrist that's from my cat.
To the one my arm because I became sad.
Tell them about how I was talked about.
And stabbed in the back.
Tell them my crushes and friends I hope I get back.
Tell them how I help you through,
The fights,
The burns,
The scars,
The bully's,
And yourself.
Tell them how I was there for you.
And how I'll be there for them.
Tell them even when hope is lost,
there's always light at the end.
So don't give up now.
Tell them I always have out a hand.
And to reach for me before it's to late.
And to tell me when your felling like your in a bad place.
Tell them that I didn't believe I was beautiful and how I hurt.
Opinion by malmcd posted over a year ago
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My feet keep on going but my heart tells me to stop. All I want to do is run. Run away from this mess I got my self into. It all happened so fast the anger the tears the blood. Then all I heard was the bullet fly through the air and hit skin then move slowly into the flesh and then the final bang it hit the heart. The one thing that keeps you alive. All never forget his face when I killed him. All I saw was shock and fear and one big question hanged over his head. Why?
I just wanted to keep running afraid I could hurt more people in this mess. Ones I loved and cared about, like how I killed him. The rain started to pour down her face she liked it because it hid the tears that were now streaming down her face. All she could down was run. She keep running and running until her bare feet tripped over the other foot. She fell straight on her face. Hard. The blood started to flow out of her nose making the water on the ground around her seem to be like cranberry juice. She just turned over on her back and let the blood slip down her thought. Hoping that she choke right there and just die. All she wanted was to be died. There was no point of living any more she new in the end...
Opinion by anniewannie posted over a year ago
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That's the word that scaries her the most
Whenever she hears it, her purple eyes go wide with fear that could freeze your bones to stone

She has never told a lie
Because she's afraid that she might just die
Bruises and cuts scar on her face, arms and ankles as she gazes up at the wide, crystal blue sky that stretches hugely around the world

She's always bullied at school and she never gets to say, "I'm sorry", when she makes mistakes
Or when she's at home, she's never treated like the other girls in her school except treated like a slave for her parents' sake

She feels lonely when she's alone
Angry when her parents demand things of her or take control

Her very soul
Fragile and full of both ultimate torment and ceasing fire that burns within her
She feels like a piece of doll
Waiting in the corner to play with her owner

If you looked closely at her, especially at her eyes, you will only see emptiness surrounded in her violet pupils