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Opinion by LightSoul99 posted over a year ago
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Dedicated to my best friend who has been there for me in my darkest times. In memory of Rover who always stood by my side since I met him. I'll miss you very much buddy - I will think of you always and carry the memories that you left behind with me and my family. I hope one day you'll be with us again, dear friend.

Endless love, countless kisses and massive cuddles.


I write the words

But I don't know how to start

You are and always will

Be close to me and not far apart

I hope it's not too late

I don't want it to fade away

Because I don't know

How long you'll be with me on this road

In the name of the Lord

I pray that this poem finds you

Happy and well

Rememebr me as your best friend, your pal

I will for the dog who put me out of the blue
Opinion by LightSoul99 posted over a year ago
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[i]Some people don't know it, some people don't wonder
Some people don't get curious, others don't bother
But we all know that He is always there
To give you sweet dreams, love and so much more than we can dare
He is the one who saw you at first sight, the one who strums you to sleep every night
He's always there to give you courage, the one who can give you the skills and the knowledge

He's there to wake you up, I'm sure he laughs when he sees your lips drool with syrup
He's always there next to you, he loves you very much, one of his golden rules
He's there to keep you company when nobody else can, can give you strength to make your stand
He hears you when you pray, he will put you on track if you are being lead astray
He's always faithful and kind, he's someone you can trust with your heart and mind

He's always there to help you in times of need, he'll keep you out of harm's way indeed
Opinion by LightSoul99 posted over a year ago
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One thing we shouldn't be worried about is that we are accidents.
We are all different in God's way; no one is equivalent.
God conceived you in his mind, planned when you'd be born and your birthplace.
He prescribed every single detail of our bodies,
Deliberately chose our race, our hair, our skin.

We were created for God's purpose.
He determined the natural talents we would possess and our uniqueness.
"He knows us inside and out, he knows every bone in our body;
How we were sculpted from nothing into something."

He thought of us before he made the heavens and the earth.
For the reason he made us was to express his everlasting love.
God thought of you before you thought of him first.
He wants us to be with him in heaven - in eternity - up above.

All the miracles he made, I'll never forget.

You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life will never make sense.