Are you a Demigod Am I A Demigod?

percylover22 posted on May 08, 2010 at 07:30PM
i think i may be a half-blood,i read the percy
books,and i have all the symtyms,(not really)also,i think my teacher tried to kill me,but it
might of been a dream,and a wacky 16 going on 17 year old male with black hair and green eyes
came up to me telling me a story about greek gods and demigods and a camp,im really freeked
out and x-cited at the same time,i have to go 2
this summer camp this year,wow!!!!

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over a year ago bellamay said…
ooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy­yyy­yyy weird um good for you
over a year ago vlad_todd_fan said…
over a year ago Corgilover183 said…
That's funny bc I had sorta the same dream but I was sitting in a pasture and this guy that looked like chiron without the horse body was teaching me stuff about the evolution of Greek gods and chiz and I asked him y the fudge do I need to know this and he was like you'll need to know this sooner than you think. I'm learning bat American history in school right now. Not world history. We got off the Greek god subject last! WTF will I need it for this year...can I get an answer plz
over a year ago fmiddlebrook said…
i had like the same dream... i think it was a dream... i hope it was but its a reaccuring dream and i kinda have adhd but no dyslexia. i think i might be a demigod too because i have noticed that i am different from other people. i think i might the daughter of poseiden or was wierd when my l.a teacher started to be a usual part of the dream like he was my well... teacher or some thing. we did world history last yr in 6th grade bc we had the wrong books so wen we the new 1 it was 2 late to be able to get to the greek stuff.
over a year ago tman99 said…
i sorta had the same dream only it wasnt a teacher
over a year ago kitkatkandybar said…
i am a demigod if u are one to i am you sister. i have been claimed a while ago
over a year ago awsomefrost7 said…
woah i had the same thing and one of my teachers act weird always staring at me plus i have ADHD dislexia so yah and i had dream that i was claimed i think i was in my sleep by poseidon and theirs a real camp half blood and i am scared most of the time my dreams are real so im worried
over a year ago addmett said…
Dude I had this dream (true story) and it totally gave away the rest of the book I was reading (the last Olympian) I took a tun of demigod tests and it said I'm a daughter of posiden and that I was a demigod then I had like this recurring dream and this man with dark hair kept giving me advice. Also I have been tested for ADHD and I have it. Then I keep like hearing this deep voice in my head helping me get good scores on tests. Weird??? My favorite animal is a horse and last time I was with one I had my lesson canceled because the voice told me to drive home. And the next day the horse was bucking someone and like my trainer told me she was like this the day I could of had my lesson!!!
I am so a demigod you know you don't have to have ADHD and dyslexia.
9 months ago DemigodCast said…
Me to I have had numerous of dreams. First my dreams teach me a whole crap load of greek mythology. I truly think I'm AdHd. I have weird dreams of me and these two other people doing quests it's weird. I need help really bad. But I think I'm a Son of Hades, I'm serially eat k like in my mind. Sometimes when I look at somebody I see them grow old and crumble to dust. I don't know what's happening.
9 months ago DemigodCast said…
Sorry on my tablet can't spell right. But I'm serially dark in my head.