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CF_the_Kid2 said …
This show used to scare me when I was little. Good show to watch around Halloween though. Posted over a year ago
fansfunsz said …
a little yet Posted over a year ago
PatriceGforce commented…
I really got hooked with this show eversince I saw “The tale of Twisted Claw” I really, really love this episode! And since then, I always wait for this show in Nickelodeon channel! The intro song of this show is kinda creepy and makes me ran haha! The Midnight Society is really great and I have a crush at Gary back then lol! But the best episode I’ve everseen is the “Tale of the Pinball Wizard” ! the kid who got addicted into computer games until he got entered to game and fight for the villains! So much for spoilers but I definitely love this show! I have a DVD boxset of this show which I purchased at link. The quality is good and the episodes are all there from all Season! Are You Afraid of the Dark has been a part of my childhood and everybody love this show that time. It’s really scary and entertaining at the same time. over a year ago
fansfunsz commented…
ok over a year ago
fansfunsz commented…
hi hello nice to met u over a year ago
BlakeRokz said …
i love it !!!!! ts awesum Posted over a year ago