I know Ari is from Boca and that she likes the Panthers but I don't know if she is a baseball fan.
We all know Ariana is an amazing artist and I think she would be PERFECT to record my new Baseball song "It's A Baseball Kind Of Day"!!! I wrote the song last year, recorded it with my voice (kinda country) and put it on YouTube with a powerpoint for each of the 30 Major League Baseball Teams plus "Hometeam". Last month, I went back into the studio and had some kids record my song and I now have new 2015 versions on YouTube (check em out) for the 10 MLB teams that should be in the Playoffs---I'm working on the Marlins 2015 version right now cause I live in South Florida just north of Boca.
If you are a Baseball fan please check out my song---if you don't like Baseball an just love Ari please check it out an let me know what you think!
I love Baseball (since I was like 4 years old) and don't care about $$$---I think Baseball fans will love my song and that Ariana Grande is the ABSOLUTE PERFECT young artist to bring this song to the public and make it a Sports standard.
I'm also going to contribute 10% of any $ I make from this song to charity (either a Baseball charity or one of Ari's choice)because will all have to give something back.
Baseball needs more young fans and I believe that Ari could become the "face" of the new , young sports fan!!!! What do you think?????