Ariel Lin announced yesterday that she will be decreasing her workload; she will no longer be filming anymore dramas, and has no plans for releasing a new album. The media asked if it is due to her love life, but Ariel denied it and explained that it is because she does not want her brain cyst to recur, “I realize that my body strength has declined greatly. I still like acting a lot, but I feel that I should continue to chase my dreams under a healthy condition. Furthermore, I want to have more time with people who are important to me.”

Ariel has been off screen for three years due to being diagnosed with a brain cyst, which was surgically removed. She came back in April and began filming GTV’s upcoming drama, “I May Not Love You”. But due to the hot weather and her weak metabolism, working overnight has caused her to have tonsillitis. Thus, her mom requested for her to not work so hard.

Ariel said yesterday that family is the most important thing to her, “You will go through different stages in life. I entered showbiz when I was 18 due to my family’s financial needs. I’ve been working for 10 years without complaint, but after 30 (years old), I want to shift my focus to something else.”

In the past, many female stars would announce decreasing their workload due to love relationships. The media learned that Ariel’s boyfriend often visited her during her drama filming, so they asked if the “family” and the “important people” she spoke of included her boyfriend. She laughed, “I want him to understand more about the nature of my work. Nonetheless, your ‘other half’ means your future family.” Although she did not speak openly about her boyfriend, her words were enough to prove their relationship. However, Ariel, who likes to keep her life private, added, “I’ve satisfied everyone’s expectations for many years, so regarding this (marriage), I might be more selfish.”