This is another of my character articles
I hope you enjoy it.

Ariel is unique among the Disney princesses thanks to her red hair and for being a mermaid.
She has been called a "fully realized female character who thinks and acts independently, even rebelliously, instead of hanging around passively while the fates decide her destiny."
She has aslo been said to be a template for future Disney heroes and heroines.

She was desinged by Glen Keane that has said to have based her on his wife, the actress Alyssa Milano and female model Sherri Stoner.

Her Personality
Can be described as confident, curious, adventurous,smart and romantic but she can also be seen as obsessed and a bit stubborn.

But the thing that distinguishes her the most is her fascination with the human world and its culture.
Its what can be seen as her best and worst quality since it´s part of why she falls in love with Eric.
But the thing thats her biggest flaw is her bad judgement, she is not stupid or irresponsible she just makes bad Choices.

Her Appearence
She has red flowing hair, big blue eyes and a hourglass figure, her tail is a greenish color named Ariel after her.
She has been named the most beautiful disney female but i don´t agree, i see her as cute not beautiful just because she looks so young with her big eyes and head.

Her Wardrobe
My favorite of her clothes

At first when Ariel is a mermaid, she only needs to wear a seashell bra. When she becomes human, that is all she is wearing. The rest of her beautiful body is naked. Scuttle gives her the remains of sails to wear as a dress. For dinner with Eric, Ariel wears a full-skirted pink and white gown with pink high heels and dangling pearl earrings. For sleepwear, Ariel wears a pink nightshirt. During her tour through the kingdom, Ariel wears a light blue frock with black heels and a black bodice, along with a blue ribbon in her hair. After King Triton permanently turns her into a human, Ariel is clad in a long sparkling blue dress. At the end of the film, Ariel wears a white wedding gown trimmed in green ribbons and white dress shoes with a gold crown and a floor-length veil

My Favorite Moments

The Little Mermaid will never be my favorite movie but its still very good and here are some of the moments i like.
The song "Part of that world" is just beautiful and i like the caves design.

Then we have the scene on the beach with Ariel trying to walk and Scuttle trying to figure out the obvious.
Then when Eric and his dog Max come to the beach it just get better.
In short its a funny and a little cute.

Then we have the song "Kiss the Girl" i just love the romantic atmosphere and great music.
Another thing i like about this scene is that she is so close to her goal and it gets taken away in the last second, its a clicé but it still builds up the excitement.

I hope you have enjoyed my little article and i really want your honest opinion on it =)