Arrested Development A True Ensemble Cast

DiddywithP posted on Feb 06, 2007 at 11:54PM
One of the many beauties of Arrested Development is how each character not only steals every scene but also does it in a way that sets up the other characters for their home run. Not one character is better than the others are. They are all flawed. The closeted Tobias, his aloof wife, and his lying and scheming daughter perfectly compliment the criminal George Sr., his controlling alcoholic wife, 11-year-old trapped in a man’s body son Buster, and his failed magician playboy son Gob. Even the seemingly collected Michael is not without fault as he could be the most self-absorbed character in the entire show.
I can watch any of the seasons and become totally mesmerized. There is always something that you did not catch before or a line you may have missed because you were laughing.
This is truly one of the greatest ensemble casts in the history of television and it is a shame that they were broken up.

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over a year ago rodthemod said…
Yes, this show really deserved a wider audience and greater popularity.

And re: the quality of the ensemble, did they ever win the ensemble award for tv comedy that is handed out at the SAG awards (I think that's who does it, or was it the golden globes?)
over a year ago spiderweb12 said…
what you said about rewatching eps is so true, there are so many jokes u dont notice till the 2nd or even 3rd viewing.. *sigh* i miss baby buster :(