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Arrested Development Best *blank* Love *blank* banner?

102 fans picked:
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Family Love Michael
Michael Love Marry
George Michael Love Maeby
(added by BurgGurl)
Workers Love Nellie
 kovac06 posted over a year ago
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Shandiii picked Michael Love Marry:
Though Family Love Michael is a close second.
This one is just so ridiculous, "Michael Love Marry" they could've atleast put "Michael Love Rita" which makes a little bit more sense, haha.
I'm glad they didn't though, this is much more hilarious.
Awesome pick, by the way!!
posted over a year ago.
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modegirl picked Family Love Michael:
Hahahaha I love the banner! "You're killing me, Buster!"

"Look at Banner, Michael!!" Hahaha!
posted over a year ago.
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tyleroffice4 picked Family Love Michael:
posted over a year ago.
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jamfan4 picked Family Love Michael:
this made me lmfao
posted over a year ago.
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jameswilson picked Family Love Michael:
So cute. Hah
posted over a year ago.
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monsterparty picked Family Love Michael:
Take a look at banner, Michael!
posted over a year ago.