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Artemis x Wally Fan fiction Article

Chapter Eight: Ambushed (Part Two)

Fan fiction by SapphireCat22 posted over a year ago
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Artemis' POV
I was finally out of the Med-Bay, but I'm sure I would re-injure my arm tonight. Tonight was when the Team was going to ambush Cheshire. This is not going to work, I thought. I looked over at Wally who was slipping on his mask. It's sweet that he cares though. "Well, now that you're Kid Flash," I whispered quietly. I kissed his lips. "What? No kiss when I'm just Wally?" he pouted. "Baby, you expect too much." I laughed, heading away from him. "Wait, where are you going?" he called. "You expect me to get jacked up again with no weapons?" Wally smiled at me. "It wouldn't happen, Artie." I silently cursed. He's too confident.
I ran into my room and grabbed my quiver. There's my baby. "So, I see Wally is taking the initiative to get revenge for you at all costs." said a voice. I turned around. "Yeah Robin, he is. It's really sweet, but I wish he would remember that I'm not completely defenseless." I commented turning to face the ground. "Well, just for the record, if anything suspicious goes down..." I froze in fear. "I'll be there for you." I faced Robin again. "What?"
"I'll be there for you no matter what. You're like a sister to me." the young hero said. "Aww!" I exclaimed, running over to him and hugging him. "Oh come on!" complained a voice. I saw Wally. "No hug for me? The wonderful boyfriend who is going all out to get revenge? The wonderful boyfriend-" I pulled away from Robin and kissed Wally. Hard. "How's that for a thank you?" I smiled. "COME ON!" Robin groaned. "That's nasty!" There was a knock on my door. "Are we ready?" asked Aqualad, in his dignified tone as usual. "Yes." We said in unison. "Who's ready to kick some butt?" asked Robin excitedly. I rolled my eyes. These guys were so confident. Too bad they didn't know the truth....
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Sorry it's so short. My computer was flashing in and out and I wanted to get the second part up here so you could wonder about the third part!
posted over a year ago.
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DiamondYJ said:
It's pretty good for being so short! Now I can't wait for the third part! Man, I got so many ideas running through my head right now haha. And I love how it leaves oppurtunity for the truth to come out! It kinda makes me think like she is going to be the mole or she is being forced to get the Team ambushed. See...told you I had ideas going through my head.
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago