Artemis' POV
I was finally out of the Med-Bay, but I'm sure I would re-injure my arm tonight. Tonight was when the Team was going to ambush Cheshire. This is not going to work, I thought. I looked over at Wally who was slipping on his mask. It's sweet that he cares though. "Well, now that you're Kid Flash," I whispered quietly. I kissed his lips. "What? No kiss when I'm just Wally?" he pouted. "Baby, you expect too much." I laughed, heading away from him. "Wait, where are you going?" he called. "You expect me to get jacked up again with no weapons?" Wally smiled at me. "It wouldn't happen, Artie." I silently cursed. He's too confident.
I ran into my room and grabbed my quiver. There's my baby. "So, I see Wally is taking the initiative to get revenge for you at all costs." said a voice. I turned around. "Yeah Robin, he is. It's really sweet, but I wish he would remember that I'm not completely defenseless." I commented turning to face the ground. "Well, just for the record, if anything suspicious goes down..." I froze in fear. "I'll be there for you." I faced Robin again. "What?"
"I'll be there for you no matter what. You're like a sister to me." the young hero said. "Aww!" I exclaimed, running over to him and hugging him. "Oh come on!" complained a voice. I saw Wally. "No hug for me? The wonderful boyfriend who is going all out to get revenge? The wonderful boyfriend-" I pulled away from Robin and kissed Wally. Hard. "How's that for a thank you?" I smiled. "COME ON!" Robin groaned. "That's nasty!" There was a knock on my door. "Are we ready?" asked Aqualad, in his dignified tone as usual. "Yes." We said in unison. "Who's ready to kick some butt?" asked Robin excitedly. I rolled my eyes. These guys were so confident. Too bad they didn't know the truth....