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The fans pick: Arthur
The fans pick: Come on. Something about "the man I am inside."
Come on. Something about "the man I am inside."
I don't believe evil's in this girl's heart
The fans pick: When Arthur sees that Gwen and Lancelot have feelings for each other~2x04
When Arthur sees that Gwen and Lancelot have feelings for each other~2x04
In 2x10 when Gwen doesn't realize Arthur is enchanted
The fans pick: Merlin {He's the Founding Ship Member}
Merlin {He's the Founding Ship Member}
Morgana {Queen of Heart Vision, anyone?}
The fans pick: Their scenes together (inc. all kisses, conversations, etc.) ♥
Their scenes together (inc. all kisses, conversations, etc.) ♥
The Angel & Bradley Chemistry ♥
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Arthur and Gwen Wall

HumbleQueen said …
Hello, hello, HELLO, my dear sweet Arwen fans. This is Nanna coming by to say how much I miss those fun days with all of you and how enjoyable it was discussing Arwen here at this place. You helped me feel young again! Well, I miss Arwen, as we all do, and I am at Pinterest a lot so I started a board for them. It's secret now, but I hope to make it public at some point. Hope all is well with each one of you! Hope every now and then, like me, you watch an episode for old times sake. Posted 1 month ago
VampyreFey commented…
Nanna <3 I come to fp from time to time, and it was so nice to hear from you again! Ah the good old days were the best. Miss you! <3 1 month ago
HumbleQueen commented…
Miss you too, Izzie sweetie! 1 month ago
MISAforever commented…
Aaa hello!!!! <3 <3 It is so good to hear from you! I too miss the good old days. And the spot may not be what it used to be, but my Merlin/ Arwen obsession is strong as ever. I am rewatching, always, and Tumblr is great source of my daily fix. :D I am not familiar with Pinterest but I am glad whatever it is, you are promoting our Arwen. And I hope to hear from you again. Sending you hugs and kisses!! xxoo 1 month ago
HumbleQueen commented…
Hugs and Kisses back Joppa!!! I am still at tumblr too and see you and reblog you now and then. While I have other things I do, I make sure to put an Arwen on whenever I can. After coming here, I decided to do some rewatching so I'm doing Season 3 right now! Take care, dear! 1 month ago
VampyreFey said …
I really miss these two :( OTP forever <3 Posted 5 months ago
MISAforever commented…
Me too!!! I've started re watching... so sad now to see them in s1... 4 months ago
VampyreFey commented…
I know :( I need to do a re-watch soon just to get my A/G fix. 4 months ago
HumbleQueen commented…
I too! And I miss all of you too my dear sweet young Arwen friends. Take care and God bless from Nanna. :) 1 month ago
FlightofFantasy said …
I miss Arwen. :(
Think I might have to rewatch the whole show so I can get recharged on my 5th favorite couple of all time. :) Posted 10 months ago
MISAforever commented…
I have that in plan as well but don't have courage! 10 months ago
HPMad commented…
It's gonna be too painful :,( 10 months ago