*Beauty and the Beast*
Gwen: I saw what you did earlier. The people owe you a debt of gratitude.
Arthur: The people owe me nothing. My father is still going to impose the tax.
Gwen: Will he not be persuaded?
Arthur: Not by me. He can't stand the sight of me.
Gwen: That's not true. The King loves you.
Arthur: You should have heard the way he spoke to me.
Gwen: I'm sure he was angry but you're still his son. Everyone appreciates what you did. They know you tried and they won't forget that.
Arthur: Maybe he's right. One day I will be the King of Camelot. I cannot be a friend to the people as well as their ruler.
Gwen: That's not true and you'll prove it when you become King. You've a kind heart, Arthur. Don't ever change. Not for anyone

*The Witchfinder*
Gwen: Arthur, you've got to stop this!
Arthur: I can't, Gwen. You know I can't.
Gwen: Merlin has proof that Gaius is innocent.
Arthur: My father has already passed sentence. There's nothing I can do.
Gwen: You can do the right thing, Arthur Pendragon! You can show some faith in a loyal friend, or you can stand by and watch an innocent man die.
Arthur: Guinevere...
Gwen: You did it once before to my father. Are you really willing to let it happen again? And you can stop looking at me like that, I know I'm only a servant. I thought you were a prince. So start behaving like one!

*Sweet Dreams*
Gwen: What is it, Arthur? You look like you have something on your mind.
Arthur: (Sighs) You read me like a book. I have made a fool of myself, that's all. That's...everything.
Gwen: I'm sure that is not true.
Arthur: You have a good heart, Guinevere, but I'm afraid it is. I have made...a gesture, and it was not well received.
Gwen: You're sure?
Arthur: Pretty sure.
Gwen: Then you are wrong.
Arthur: You are very close to the lady in question.
Gwen: Your token was much appreciated. But the situation is delicate and it is not always easy to express what is really in one's heart.
Arthur: You think there's hope?
Gwen: There is always hope.

Arthur: Guinevere, you will wish me luck?
Gwen: Will I?
Arthur: Haven't you heard?
Gwen: Oh, yes, I've heard. Though sadly not from your lips. I wish you could have been more honest with me, Arthur (Leaves)
Arthur: What's she talking about?

Arthur: Have you come to wish me good luck? I really don't think I need it any more.
Gwen: No, Arthur, I have not come to wish you luck.
Arthur: Well, honestly, that's rather rude.
Gwen: Then let me make amends.
(She kisses him and once unenchanted he returns the kiss. When the kiss is broken, Arthur feels the physical pain of his fight wounds and realizes that there's something going on)
Arthur: What am I doing?
Gwen: You're in a fight. To the death. You're losing.
Arthur: But...
Gwen: (Stroking his face) There is no time to explain. Just... live for me, Arthur. That's all I ask right now.

Arthur: Merlin, if anything should happen to me, look after Gwen. The world may think she is just a servant, dispensable, but she's not dispensable to me.

Arthur: I'm sorry for... what I put you through.
Gwen: No. You have nothing to apologise for. I, too, have caused my fair share of hurt.
Arthur: You must believe that my feelings for...Vivian... were not real. I've never loved another.
Gwen: But one day you will. One day you will find your real princess. One day you will be King of Camelot. And I cannot be your Queen.
Arthur: You don't know that.
Gwen: I am as sure of that as you are.
Arthur: Things may change.
Gwen: Well, until they do... (Bows) My lord.
(Arthur leaves)