So we have 1000 [and counting] replies on the AG Fan Forum! Which obviously means that I have not let you down and there will be a very fun celebration week on here! To kick off the event, I've decided to give you all a little suprise and tell you what you all mean to this club. Just what amazing girls you are! So here you go

What does it mean to be an Arwen fan?
By definition, an Arwen fan, is someone who ships Arthur and Gwen from the hit BBC television series, Merlin. There are different ranges to being a fan of them: a surface shipper, a moderate shipper, and an absolute hardcore shipper!

What does it mean to a part of the amazing community of Arwen fans on the Arthur and Gwen spot here on Fanpop?

It means that you meet HARDCORE AND ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL PEOPLE who love Arwen as much as you do. How do I know this? Because I've experienced the utter love here and the big family we have created. All these fans can give you 50+ reasons why they love Arwen and 50 or more reasons why they love the Arwen spot. And that's what I'm here to do. I, Issie, am here to give fifty reasons why I love the Arwen spot! Congrats girls, once again, for making 1000!

50. Because when I first came to this spot, we were barely close to 100 fans, but in a year's time, we have reached over 400 fans!
49. Because each and every one of you contribute to this spot with your beautiful comments, gorgeous fanarts, and amazing filming pictures/videos, etc.
48. Because you are all so unique and wonderful and because of that we have been able to create a very big, happy family. It makes me cry of happiness just thinking about this!
47. Because we never argue! We merely, merge our thoughts and ideas together to create a big agreement!

...Okay, I'm going to go into individuals because I think each of you (who I see a lot) deserves a shout-out!...
46. Naima. What would the spot do without you? You are its backbone, its beauty, and what keeps it moving. You bring us to-die-for news from Pierrefonds and you are absolutely one-of-a-kind. You're smart, funny, and quick to come up with great ideas. ♥
45. Rose. You keep this spot going with your kindness and compassion. You're always there to be sympathetic or to give us a smile. And the Arwen videos you have made and uploaded always bring a light to this spot. ♥
44. Melissa. You're fun, enthusiastic, and awesome! Without your thought-out input or your fan-girly Arthur obsession, our spot would be nowhere as light as it is now! You're quick to see two sides and you are always willing to be lend out a hand. ♥
43. Joppa. You're fantastic! You always bring great ideas and you always are uploading videos, etc. You always are wonderful to talk to and are so pleasant and sweet. ♥
42. Stacey. When you came to this spot, your brilliant comments and amazing ideas blew me away. You always are fun to have a conversation with and you bring a lot of humor to this spot. ♥
41. Elena. You are on of the first fans I met on here, girl! You are amazing and brilliant! You really do so much- with your ideas on Season 4, etc- to keep this spot interesting! ♥
40. Jenny. Your ideas on the FOTM were on of the first to really start making this spot active. After that, we had a flood of more amazing fans join the spot! You're also amazing to talk to and a great friend! ♥
39. Vic. Your amazing answers to my previous BWTD contest were just one of the beautiful things about you! You have great insight about Arwen and Merlin in general! ♥
38. Ella. After my surgery, I remember you introducing yourself and you were so sweet! You still are. You always bring a smile to everyone's faces and you are a really wonderful girl! ♥
37. Zoe. Well I think it is about time, I properly introduce myself to you because we are never on on the same time. I'm Issie :D Okay, moving along- I read so many of your answers in the AG fans forum and you have amazing opinions, ideas, and thoughts on Arwen. You are also a wonderful friend! ♥
36. Nanna. You always have wonderful comments and wonderful ideas about what to do on this spot! You also have amazing thoughts on Arwen and your comments on picks are superb! ♥
35. Jazzie. Welcome to the spot, girlie! You are so awesome! You are a great friend and thanks for helping me come up with some ideas for this thing! You are so full of good ideas! ♥

...Those were just some of the amazing fans on this spot! Everyone here is awesome and very kind!...Now onward...

34. Because AG's fanbase here, is just as awesome as AG as a couple!
33. Because the spot honestly has one of the best looks on all of Fanpop! The icon and banner are epic! ♥
32. Because the spot [thanks to the fans] is my favorite spot (and many other people's favorite)on all of Fanpop!
31. Because ever fan on here keeps the spot a pleasant and welcoming place.
30. Because this spot is has the best spoilers for season 4!
29. Because of the intelligent conversations led on her through picks and on the forums.
28. Because the fanart uploaded on here are drop-dead gorgeous!
27. Because we, as fans, know how to keep a good balance of different ideas on our couple!
26. Because we are always friends to each other and are always willing to sympathize with one another!
25. Because we are not afraid to stand up for our couple if it ever comes to that.
24. Because the ideas about Season 4 that we have our so innovative and imaginitive and brilliant!
23. Because our couple is so much freaking fun to talk and fantasize about.
22. Because the AG spot grows by the day, adding amazing new people to the mix.
21. Because we know how to keep an amazing spot amazing.
20. Because our couple will be the Once & Future king and queen!
19. Because we have some of the most amazing quotes from our couple.
18. Because we know that love conquers everything.
17. Because without this spot, I'd never enjoy Arwen as much as I do know.
16. Because our love for AG and this spot is eternal.
15. Because we are psyched for Season 4 Arwen awesome-ness!
14. Because we have a profound understanding of the word epic.
13. Because the AG spot is never not active!
12. Because we know what it takes for a great, romantic build-up.
11. Because we all have the same opinions on Arwen.
10. Because wherever their story-line takes them in the next couple of seasons, we will be Arwen's personal army.
9. Because shipping has never been more fun until this spot.
8. Because I cannot express how much love this spot has reverberating through and through.
7. Because, in simple terms, you guys rock!
6. Because we have two words to say for Arwen's future: BRING IT!
5. Because we're on our way to 500 fans!
4. Because we are such amazing Arwen cheerleaders!
3. Because we know a good couple when we see one.
2. Because the fans are so dedicated to Arwen and their love for them is undying. It is never even withering slightly. It's forever.
1. Because we have over 1000 replies to the Arthur/Gwen fans forum! ♥

Well, there's my big suprise! I hope you girls like it and don't think it too sentimental. I thought that this would be a great way to kick-off our celebration!