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Angel Coulby and Bradley James

Article by atoz55ok posted over a year ago
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I would like to take this time to congratulate Angel Coulby and Bradley James for their performances in Merlin.

They took me on a journey of so many emotions, I laughed, I smiled, I cried, I was angry, I was sad, I was happy, angsty, I have been in love with Merlin’s Gwen and Arthur since Season 1.

I have seen the growth of these two amazing actors from the first time they were on screen to now, and this year has been outstanding for both.

Despite the way some of the episodes have been edited, directed, written and promoted, both have done brilliantly, especially Angel, with the little amount of episodes dedicated to her, I have admired her not only for her talents as an actress, but also know that her resume states that she can sing, and dance, this woman is classy and sassy, she gets hate, and yet she still smiles. I have been very impressed with the growth of Bradley his range this year has been amazing, his comic timing, the drama, the angst, have been brilliant, I believe this season is his best, and as for Angel, who to me has always been brilliant, I am glad that the show gave her screen time to show the acting range she has.

I therefore believe that the brilliant performances they gave us this year deserves accolades, awards and standing ovations, not because of their popularity or because they look good, but because of THEIR ABILITY TO ACT, and when two people can take you on a journey of emotions like Angel and Bradley have done, this year especially, THAT is what you call ACTING, that is the RECOGNITION they DESERVE.

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Angel’s pic - credit starry-eyed and unsure who to credit for Bradley’s pic thank you both

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Would like to credit, but thank you

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Totally agree with all you've said, yes, they do deserve to be applauded for their excellent acting talents. They have us laughing one minute and leave us heartbroken and crying the next, that's a rare talent amongst actors, who can usually do one or the other well. These two do both brilliant.

As you say, Angel in particular has done so well with the little time she has been allotted and every performance is a great performance. The hatred that has been thrown at her is totally unjustified but she has carried on giving her best for us all. People hate because they want to be that person, are jealous of how they look or how they are, so the haters are 'wannabes'. They want to be her, but never will be, there is only one Angel Coulby.

Bradley is just Bradley, comic genius but also able to pull it out of the bag when he has to play a serious part, which draws us in until we are feeling his every emotion. When an actor can have you literally rolling on the floor at his comedic performance, that is something. When an actor can grip you and make you feel angst or heartbreak, that is also something. Being able to do both is a very rare talent indeed.

It shows how popular they are by the wide range of peoples from around the World who worship them, they are a global phenomenon. I can totally see them going on to great things after Merlin ends, which is a day I am so not looking forward to, not thinking of the end just yet, can't envisage my life without something amazing to look forward to on a Saturday evening, it will be a great loss.

They are both so talented and whoever chose them for the part certainly knew what they were doing, they've given us the greatest gift.

Keep on being great, both of you.

Sorry, I only intended to say a few words, but a few words are not enough to describe these two, it’s an impossibility.
posted over a year ago.
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ArwenRule said:
totally agree with all you said xxxxxx
posted over a year ago.
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nsk said:
yep i agree <33
posted over a year ago.
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Nasty_Nat said:
posted over a year ago.
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itsastart said:
Just beautiful ladies, and from the heart.
posted over a year ago.