My life was being destroyed, that I was certain. It wasn’t long ago that my life seemed almost dreamlike but it had to be shattered. My five year old daughter, Megan, collapsed at school signalling the start of my nightmare.

What happened in the next few months still terrifies me greatly. It wasn’t what was wrong with her which terrified me (as the doctor’s had no idea what was wrong with her) but it was the waiting to be told the potentially devastating news.

My husband, Lancelot, had tried to re-assure me but it was little use. He wasn’t a doctor, medic or even a nurse. Every time he tried to comfort me with soothing words I would inevitably snap at him. It definitely didn’t my daughter’s health or even my marriage. However, after a series of tests, we finally got told that Megan was anaemic. Apparently, it could be treated hence the reason for being at the hospital.

My mind suddenly shifted back to the present when a person walked into Megan’s room that I didn't know.

The man, who couldn't be older than early thirties, had light blond hair and striking blue eyes. I couldn't help notice that he was handsome.

“Hello.” The man told both me and Megan, smiling as soon as he had come up to the bed.
Megan smiled widely at the man, who I assumed to be doctor given the white garment he was wearing.

Megan didn't normally take to someone straight-away and the fact she had with this man was interesting.
I nodded at him, wondering what he wanted.

“My name is Dr. Arthur Pendragon.” He continued, smiling.

At the sight of him, I couldn't help but wonder if his smile was permanently attached? I certainly hoped not!

After a couple of seconds, he turned his attention on Megan who timidly introduced herself to him, which I couldn't help but smile at.
Dr Pendragon then looked at me, and had seemed to realise that I still hadn't spoken and was obviously feeling embarrassed.

I, too, felt immensely rude and I immediately began to introduce myself to him.

“ I'm Gwen du lac. I'm Megan’s mother.” I told him, simply.

He nodded at me but I couldn't help but feel that he already knew who I was.

Dr Pendragon, now that the introductions were over, took Megan’s folder out and flicked through. He obviously wanted to know Megan’s medical history which was good sign he wasn't incompetent.

I was still curious as to why he was here. We normally had the same doctor, a Dr. Granger, who was in his mid-fifties and who had the most god awful jokes possible. I liked him despite his jokes, as he amused Megan greatly.

“Erm, I don’t mean to be rude but where’s Dr Granger?” I asked him, tentatively. I was aware that he could easily take offence to my question and I really didn't want that.

At my question, Dr Pendragon yet again smiled at me. He hadn't taken offence and I was glad.

“Since, little Megan here is only in for a check-up and Dr Granger’s busy, I've been asked to take over Megan’s case for the next couple of months….” He explained to me, still smiling.

As he explained, I felt slightly embarrassed which no doubt was visible as I felt my cheeks heat up.

Megan who had noticed her almost non-existent role in our conversation tried to get my attention by pulling on the sleeve of my dress as my hand had been dangling over her bed.

Dr Pendragon then returned his attention back to Meg’s notes, leaving me to answer her.

“Mummy, Mummy.” She was saying, hurriedly. Megan’s face was flushed with her sudden exuberance.

I quickly looked at her enquiringly saying: “Yes, honey?”

What I had expected her to ask, I don’t know but her words made me feel sick and I knew exactly why.
“When’s daddy coming to see me?” Her fragile voice seemed to pierce me right to my soul as it reminded me of how fragile my marriage really was.

Myself and Lancelot had been in love for a while before we had married, and when we did it wasn’t long before Megan was born.

To say we were blissfully happy was a complete understatement. Our marriage hadn't been perfect before Megan had become ill there were still problems like Lancelot working too late but unlike now, they were easily smoothed over.

I had no idea when Lancelot was going to visit her. He had said he would tonight but I wanted to believe rather than not.

Lancelot loved Megan dearly as he was a devoted father yet he wouldn't come if he thought the way it was between us would affect Megan.

“Soon, sweetie, soon.” I told her, simply.

My voice sounded hollow and at that moment, I was glad that she was still a child. If she was an adult, she would be able to tell I was uncertain as Dr Pendragon had done.

As soon as I had said it, he turned his attention back to me with an expression of sympathy on his face.