I had the great opportunity to go to the expo with my friend. We left for Sydney on the Friday morning and attended the Expo on Saturday and Sunday. There were a lot of fans there, it's really amazing to see how many people actually love Merlin.

We waited in line for the group shot and we were probably waiting for over an hour. We got told that we had to be very quick and not ask for hugs etc as the Merlin panel was meant to start soon as they were already running late.

Finally it was our turn and my friend tapped Tom on the shoulder (my friend is a huge fan of Tom's) and he recognized us straight away as we met him before last year. He remembered my friend's hearing dog and told the others that he has the softest fur ever. They all got down to pat him and I told him his name. They all said hello and man did I do squeal on the inside hearing Bradley said hello to the dog. They all said how the dog didn't look so happy. I could tell that they wanted to talk to us longer about the dog but we were told to be quick so Tom asked if he could hold the dog in the photo. My friend gave him the dog and my friend told him how to hold him. Bradley then said to Tom, "Don't you know how to hold a dog." And we laughed. We then took the photo and they gave the dog one final pat and Eoin said we should stay and come to the panel and I told him that we were going to it and he said that was great.

We then made how way to the panel and had issues getting a front row seat for my friend as she is deaf and needs to be able to see their faces so she can lib read. Finally we got a front row seat for her but I had to sit in the second row and I was right in front of Bradley which was awesome.

The panel started and we greeted the boys before the MC asked for people to raise their hands if they wanted to ask questions. I put my hand straight and low and behold I got to ask them my question first. I was so bloody nervous being first. I asked Kim's question about how Bradley said that in an interview about how he felt the show ended on a high note even though from the audience's perspective Merlin failed and Arthur didn't unite Albion. As I was talking people started ohhing and stuff.

Anyway, Bradley gave me a long answer and said that he did think that the show ended on a high note and that Merlin didn't fail. He said something along the lines of Arthur having achieved everything he wanted to and that he had a great legacy of peace that he had left behind. He said to me if that was good and I nodded my head because well he made some good points in some ways.

After the panel we made our way to get our pictures before getting the boys signatures and boy was the line for Bradley long. We had VIP tickets but forgot that we get priority when queuing. We went to Tom first and my friend placed the dog on the table so Tom could pat him. He asked us when we saw him and we said Adelaide. My friend then showed him the picture she had with him and the dog from last year and he smiled and such.

We then went and lined up for Eoin and Rupert. I told Rupert that I loved his hair and somehow got on the topic of how seeing Angel's curly hair made me love mine. He said, "Oh but you have lovely hair." I then said I felt bad because people had gotten them gifts and he was like "Yeah you should have." then he laughed and said, "It doesn't matter just meeting us was great."

It was then time to meet Eoin and I sort of interrupted someone's else's time talking with Eoin but he was discussing the finale and I couldn't help it. I apologized and he said that it was okay. When it was my turn he mentioned how he got in trouble with the producers for agreeing with someone's tweet about the finale. I told him what was disappointing was that it was all rushed in two episodes and he agreed and said that was why he was disappointed because he wished they really explored it. I said it was just hard to watch because it didn't feel like real closure after 5 years and he agreed. Which makes me think Kim that Bradley's answer could not very well be his own thoughts but he just doesn't want to get in trouble with the producers.

We then went to line up for Bradley and used our VIP tickets to get at the front of the queue. However, Bradley had to go and we found out that the people at the front of the queue had been waiting for up to 5 hours. So we decided we would come back on Sunday and use our priority queuing. Plus we were staying like three minutes from the venue.

Anyway, we finally got our chance to get Bradley's signature. He seemed to be rushing a little though, which I understood after the issues on Saturday. He got to pat the dog and he actually tried to lick Bradley's face and Bradley just gave him the cutest smile ever. I wanted to ask him some questions but he was saying goodbye and so I quickly asked for a hug and he said yeah okay come here. He didn't stand up though so I had trouble reaching him.

All in all it was an amazing experience. It was an expensive exercise though. It just amazes me that people flew from the US and Asia just to meet the boys.

Sorry to Kim that this was late. I feel bad about that. But I was very busy.