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VampyreFey posted on Oct 02, 2011 at 10:55PM
Stacey and I were just discussing the need for a banner and icon change, considering we've had this one for quite some time now. We also have a bunch of season 4 scenes which are now capped and out. If you are interested in submitting a banner and icon, you may do so.

This forum is open for two weeks

If you wish to make a banner/icon request to someone who you know makes wonferul fanart, that's fine. Just tell them to post it here because I need all the submissions so that I can make the pick where we can vote on which icon/banner choice we want.

*EDIT*: We are planning on changing the icon for starters, so just post all your icons. I'll add them all to a big pick and ask you all to vote on your favorite :)
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