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Hello all,

Well, we are in the fourth season of Merlin. For many of us there have been ups and downs, interesting episodes and great scenes as well as not so good episodes and cringe worthy scenes but that’s the way with television shows. In fact, it’s usually what the producers, writers and studios want with a show…something for everyone; the wider the audience the better.

But producers, writers and studios can’t always predict what the audience wants, what they would enjoy and what they would miss. It’s hard because there are sometimes millions of us and only a few of them. That’s why it’s always important to let them know that you enjoy the show in a more personal, direct way.
Respectful, specific, carefully written letters, emails and phone calls are the only ones that get attention. People love to hear they are doing well; no one wants to be disrespected, shouted at, cursed at or disparaged. Productive feedback never includes these things. Kind words pointing out what you would like to see (not what you don’t want) is always effective.

For those of us that wish to let TPTB know how we feel about our favorite couple, I’ve put together a few addresses and a phone number as well as a link to feedback online. Sometimes it’s important to praise what they have done to ensure that they continue as well as let them know scenes of your favorite couple is just as important to your enjoyment of the show as well.

For those that are not sure what to write, even though you would like to write something here’s a generic letter that should help you put our own thoughts together. If you’d like you can also use this letter directly, copy and paste, however, please only use it once so that others can use it without it being the only letter everyone sent.

Dear __________,

I would like to thank you personally for such a delightful show, Merlin BBC One. It’s storyline, characters and cinematography are stunning. You have developed a programme that has an excellent cast and I look forward to watching the show each week.

I am also a great fan of several of the relationships between the characters; this includes the dynamics between Arthur and the Knight, Merlin, Arthur and Gwen, Gaius and Merlin and even the changed dynamic between Morgana and those that live in Camelot.

In addition what made the show very important to me is the fact that although Morgana’s personality had to evolve into the woman filled with revenge, Guinevere (Gwen) was written in a way that gave me hope. Unlike the most known parts of the Legend, she might be the one female character that wasn’t turned into someone to loathe but love.

So far, I like the way you have depicted her but what is also bothersome is now the lack of Guinevere scenes. She is a very important part of the Legends and to see the love between Arthur and Guinevere is something all of us need to see. It gives the show joy and light and warmth and hope for wonderful future for them. Of course in any relationship there is angst but without misunderstandings there can’t be love and without sorrow there can’t be joy.

Balance is the key and no one relationship should be mutual exclusive of the other. For me, I’ve watched Arthur and Gwen fall in love and to not see that continue on scene would be heartbreaking. They are the light in the very dark world of Camelot. They create hope for the future. In addition, a new generation of young females will be given a new version where they can see a woman of morality and virtue, kindness and just as heroic as the males.

Thank you so much for a wonderful show; I shall hate to see it end.


Here is the contact information I have. As I get more from others or what I'm able to find I will update this post.

It's important that not just a few of us do this. So please everyone write at least one letter if you are not inclined to do anything else.

Many blessings,

1) Johnny Capps
43-45 Notting Hill Gate
Notting Hill
London W11 3LQ

2) Merlin
Primrose Studios
109 Regent's Park Road
London NW1 8UR

3) BBC Audience Services
PO Box 1922

4) BBC Wales (Cardiff)
(c/o Merlin Production Office)
Broadcasting House
Llandrisant Rd., Llandaff
CardiffCF5 2YQ

5) Email feedback page link

6) Telephone 03703 500 700 * (weekdays 9.30am to 7.30pm).

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