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lv2rt posted on Oct 25, 2011 at 10:52PM
Hello all,

Well, we are in the fourth season of Merlin. For many of us there have been ups and downs, interesting episodes and great scenes as well as not so good episodes and cringe worthy scenes but that’s the way with television shows. In fact, it’s usually what the producers, writers and studios want with a show…something for everyone; the wider the audience the better.

But producers, writers and studios can’t always predict what the audience wants, what they would enjoy and what they would miss. It’s hard because there are sometimes millions of us and only a few of them. That’s why it’s always important to let them know that you enjoy the show in a more personal, direct way.
Respectful, specific, carefully written letters, emails and phone calls are the only ones that get attention. People love to hear they are doing well; no one wants to be disrespected, shouted at, cursed at or disparaged. Productive feedback never includes these things. Kind words pointing out what you would like to see (not what you don’t want) is always effective.

For those of us that wish to let TPTB know how we feel about our favorite couple, I’ve put together a few addresses and a phone number as well as a link to feedback online. Sometimes it’s important to praise what they have done to ensure that they continue as well as let them know scenes of your favorite couple is just as important to your enjoyment of the show as well.

For those that are not sure what to write, even though you would like to write something here’s a generic letter that should help you put our own thoughts together. If you’d like you can also use this letter directly, copy and paste, however, please only use it once so that others can use it without it being the only letter everyone sent.

Dear __________,

I would like to thank you personally for such a delightful show, Merlin BBC One. It’s storyline, characters and cinematography are stunning. You have developed a programme that has an excellent cast and I look forward to watching the show each week.

I am also a great fan of several of the relationships between the characters; this includes the dynamics between Arthur and the Knight, Merlin, Arthur and Gwen, Gaius and Merlin and even the changed dynamic between Morgana and those that live in Camelot.

In addition what made the show very important to me is the fact that although Morgana’s personality had to evolve into the woman filled with revenge, Guinevere (Gwen) was written in a way that gave me hope. Unlike the most known parts of the Legend, she might be the one female character that wasn’t turned into someone to loathe but love.

So far, I like the way you have depicted her but what is also bothersome is now the lack of Guinevere scenes. She is a very important part of the Legends and to see the love between Arthur and Guinevere is something all of us need to see. It gives the show joy and light and warmth and hope for wonderful future for them. Of course in any relationship there is angst but without misunderstandings there can’t be love and without sorrow there can’t be joy.

Balance is the key and no one relationship should be mutual exclusive of the other. For me, I’ve watched Arthur and Gwen fall in love and to not see that continue on scene would be heartbreaking. They are the light in the very dark world of Camelot. They create hope for the future. In addition, a new generation of young females will be given a new version where they can see a woman of morality and virtue, kindness and just as heroic as the males.

Thank you so much for a wonderful show; I shall hate to see it end.


Here is the contact information I have. As I get more from others or what I'm able to find I will update this post.

It's important that not just a few of us do this. So please everyone write at least one letter if you are not inclined to do anything else.

Many blessings,

1) Johnny Capps
43-45 Notting Hill Gate
Notting Hill
London W11 3LQ

2) Merlin
Primrose Studios
109 Regent's Park Road
London NW1 8UR

3) BBC Audience Services
PO Box 1922

4) BBC Wales (Cardiff)
(c/o Merlin Production Office)
Broadcasting House
Llandrisant Rd., Llandaff
CardiffCF5 2YQ

5) Email feedback page link

6) Telephone 03703 500 700 * (weekdays 9.30am to 7.30pm).

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over a year ago HumbleQueen said…
Linda!!! Thanks so much for all of your work and help on this. You know that there are many of us who have been just a little nervous about the past two episodes with regards to Arwen and while there were many good parts, we started feeling a little uneasiness about the future of our couple.

I know from spoilers that we're hoping for better days, but I'm sure sending a note won't hurt anything and could even help to ensure the producers keep on the course they've promised.

I'll send out something tomorrow and I'll send an email too.

Thanks again. I hope others will join in. I've loved this show so much and I hope what happened in the third episode won't be repeated. Maybe hearing our voices will help.
over a year ago EPaws said…
Bang on!
over a year ago vegalily said…
Thanks for finding this information and for the great advice on how to approach it! I will send an email and letter as well. :)
over a year ago lv2rt said…
All of you are very welcome.

Nanna, I'm all for "better days" as long as what's coming is not cut or reduced as well.
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over a year ago BradAngeleyes said…
Ladies, ladies, I don't mean to put a dampener on all this and I think it is a good idea to write and make your feelings felt, but I thought we were told by someone (maybe Dale) that there would be Gwen scenes a plenty to come. I somehow don't think that they will recall the cast to film more Gwen and Arthur scenes just to keep us happy.

TBC we need to remember that this a programme primarily aimed at children and teens and they like all the magic, mythical beasts, Arthur's pants falling down and sword fighting. The romance is loved by the adult females, so we are high-jacking a kids show and starting campaigns because there isn't enough romance in it, think about it.

We are only into Episode 4 so there are still 9 more episodes to go. Who knows, we may find that from Episode 7 onwards (just random number) we will be inundated with Gwen and Arthur scenes/episodes, every episode dealing with some aspect of the romance/relationship - public announcement, engagement, wedding, maybe even Gwen announcing to Arthur that she is carrying his child, which would surely be the Season finale to end all finales!

We are fans and are acting like fans in the true sense of the word, fanatical.
over a year ago kbrand5333 said…
I agree with BA. I do want more scenes, yes. You all know that. But it is very early in the season. I am willing to have faith that my patience will be rewarded. If I'm wrong, I will be the first to admit it, but I have faith that things will come 'round soon enough.
over a year ago vegalily said…
Oh, I agree, BradAngeleyes. What I liked about lv2rt's post was the emphasis on the positive comments. We don't know how much email/mail they receive supporting what good they've done with Arthur/Gwen and that's what I'm focusing on in dropping them a line.

I too believe that there's more for A/G ahead and if it's as awesome as you've described, another part of the fandom might be unhappy, so at least we'll have this info to let them know what we've appreciated and what we appreciate in the future.
over a year ago kwayland said…
I will work on a letter tomorrow, Linda...thanks for putting this together...they need some gentle pushes in the right direction...why not at least, to be safe.
over a year ago HumbleQueen said…
That's where I am with it. I'm thinking things are going to look up the rest of the season, but I've been wanting the opportunity to write and this is the perfect time. According to Linda they're probably still making cuts and edits and I'm pretty sure they have been hearing from certain other elements of fandom, so why not hear from those who love Arthur and Gwen also, just to make sure they keep aware that the couple has a caring following? That's how I'm approaching it, stating my appreciation for the couple, and how I can't wait to see them work through everything on their road to coming together as rulers of Camelot. Hopeful that Gwen's character will be explored and trusting she'll continue to be a person of honor and integrity. I want to sound excited and expectant.

I know, Lorna, as I said to you the other day, I was really disappointed about the whole thing last week, but now I feel better and even hopeful again, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to write the producers a nice letter to let them know we're here. This is much better than the whining and ranting among ourselves. And as Linda suggests, I hope no one who writes has a complaining spirit, but is positive in tone.

I'm thinking this is a very good thing and can do little harm if we approach it right, but could maybe by some small chance help a bit, even if it's just one small scene that doesn't get cut in the final analysis.
over a year ago lv2rt said…
That would be wonderful Kwayland.

Vegalily, that's exactly my point.

Just to reiterate, ladies and if there are gentlemen here, the idea is not to browbeat or rant or even mention the horrible fact that Arwen scenes were cut in 4X03. That should never be mentioned. The idea is to praise them for the wonderfulness of the show. We all like it, right? If not I doubt we would be here.

My daughter once worked for a call center. Her job was hard because basically she had to please people who wasn't very happy with their phone or they wouldn't have called in the first place. Her job paid a wage but all the callers she assisted would get a text message at the end of the call asking them if she was helpful. When she received a positive rating she received points that added up to a bonus. Sometimes those bonuses were more than her regular paycheck.

The point of that story is even if she was helpful and did her job if she didn't get positive feedback she didn't get more money in her pay. That is the idea behind this. This is really not a letter campaign. And it sure is not a request to express complaints or grievances. This is not aimed at rants to TPTB. In no way should there be anything in the letter that is disrespectful. The idea is to tell them directly that you enjoy the show and state exactly why.

Everyone wants to hear that they are doing a good job. Everyone wants to know that the viewers enjoy the show. There is nothing wrong in complimenting a waiter/server that provided good service or thanking the bus driver for picking up you or giving the mailman a friendly thanks. That's all this is.

I am very aware that there are to be more Arwen scenes and I'm looking forward to them. But in all honestly the only reason for my writing letters is that its important that if they are even thinking about cutting more already written and shot scenes that are Arwen related that they stop and think twice about it because there are those of us that find them just as enjoyable as others who find Merthur scenes enjoyable.

I as well as several others had the thought that this is a children's show and why should we really care but there is a bigger issue for me. I'm a woman that have read and watched tons of Arthurian Legends versions. Some I kind of liked some I didn't. But after I did some serious soul searching I discovered that there is a very important reason to write.

There is a new generation of young females and males that have never been exposed to these tales. The fact that over and over again each version of the Legends have continously been so misogynistic for hundreds of years that it is just shameful. There is a new generation of young females that deserve a version that depicts at least one woman in a much better light. It's completely unfair that the males are romantic heroes that are loyal and moral and upright and sacrifice their lives for good while all the women are depicted as evil, immortal, disloyal and murderious, all of them were the villians of the stories.

What I see with this version is a direction toward a much better treatment of at least one of the women. That's Gwen. That needs to remain. She is the last hope for a new view of the Queen to be. Gwen is one woman that can be respected and admired. That's something extremely worth writing a letter for if only to encourage that continued treatment in the eyes of a new generation of females and males.

I'm hoping those that are having seconds thoughts as we did will write and encourage TPTB to continue in that direction. That is a good thing, a very worthy cause and worth the time and price of a postage stamp.
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over a year ago MOPENDRAGON said…
LV2RT...Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!! For taking the time to draft a sample letter of appreciation to TPTB at Merlin, for providing all of the contact information and for the heartfelt words expressed in your most recent post...I concur completely.

For myself I am a 40-something African-American woman from New York City and I only learned of the existence of Merlin & Arwen, about 2 months ago and I have been captivated ever since!!! I was about to do research myself to try and locate the contact info you just provided because I feel so compelled to write a letter of appreciation to the creators of Merlin.

Just the other day I was expressing to friends that I really wanted to get Merlin's viewership increased in the U.S. particularly in the Black & urban communities. Without a doubt, Arwen has a large African-American female fan base that I know has the potential to grow exponentially. Selfishly, I desire the U.S. viewership of Merlin to grow because I want all females and specifically females of color to see the positive image and wonderful character of Gwen/Angel Coulby on their tv screens. Look I'm not a young girl but this interpretation of Queen Gwen as a Black woman/woman of color has simply warmed my heart and made me giddy like a school-girl!

So thanks again LV2RT and I will be sending & e-mailing my letters of appreciation forthwith.

over a year ago Melisey said…
Thank you for this information. If the rest of the season turns out badly for Arwen. I will see what I can do.
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over a year ago HumbleQueen said…
Linda, you expressed yourself so beautifully, and I do really appreciate that. So glad you brought up that we shouldn't mention our complaints about 4x03. I had decided not to say anything about that. I think this is a wonderful thing, and mopendragon I see you just joined this month so obviously you're new. Welcome and I appreciate your heart. I live on the east coast also and few people around here know about the show. I'd love to campaign to get the word out about it and already decided I'd mention that in my letter.

I think we may not all have the same reasons for writing, but I think the positive depiction of Guinevere in this version is something we most definitely should commend the producers for. Knowing some of what is going on behind the scenes in a negative way regarding her is all the more reason why I want to have a positive voice on her behalf to TPTB. Also, I have other reasons I won't go into, but all of us love Gwen and we are SO excited about her journey to be queen.

Someone just posted teasers for the coming episode and it looks like the romance will be reaching a crisis. That's exciting so now I'm looking forward to the episode. The whole episode sounds really great,though. Glad to see Arthur being tested and there's going to be a battle! Hope we see some epic stuff.

Started my letter and I hope to get it in the mail today!! Now I feel good about Merlin again!
over a year ago lv2rt said…
Did anyone see the comment at the end of the article "10 Teasers for His Father's Son episode coming up. If not, here it is.

Nicholas Scott · Rantoul, Illinois

Arthur, y u no sleep with Merlin? I demand the homo-eroticism to continue at full pace! Curse you Gwen! Curse you Arthur!

Reply · 3 · Like

This is exactly what we are faced with and you can be sure they are telling TPTB their feelings. The word DEMAND is very telling here. And Gwen is hated because of it. Why would anyone hate Gwen when she is not in the way of any preceived homosexual eroticism between Arthur and Merlin? They hate her because they believe she is keeping Arthur from having a homosexual relationship with Merlin. If we say nothing our voices are mute.
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over a year ago Melisey said…
That is true. I never thought of it that way. If all they hear is people wanting Merlin/Arthur than that is kind of bad. Maybe we do need to voice our opinion.
over a year ago Bonne-Bell said…
This could explain all the slash fanservice scenes we have been getting in the latest episodes. I agree that we need to voice our opinions as well just so they know that there are fans who have a passion for Arwen. I will write and send in my letter.
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over a year ago Melisey said…
I think you are right Bonne_Bell. It seems like Merthur fans are pretty load. So the writers seem to be throwing some bones at them. Hence all the immature scenes. Which partly makes Merlin and Arthur seem forced right now. They will never have anything more than that. because with this the writers can still pass off as boys being boys. But I still think it is fanservice. Though is I was a Merthur fan. It would not be what I would want. It is not sexy at all. Just a bit immature.
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over a year ago Bonne-Bell said…
I agree, it is immature and it's ruining the chemistry between Merlin and Arthur and the development of their relationship. I would like more maturity for them, especially now that Arthur is king. I also find it to be a diservice to the growth of Merlin's character especially because it's usually coming from his end. For instance, in last week's episode he's the one who magicked Arthur's trousers off him in front of his council members and then proceded to wrestle with him to get the key. How are we supposed to believe that Merlin is going to develop into a wise, advisor of the king when he continues to act like an idiot? And people get mad at Arthur for not taking him seriously. I wouldn't have blamed Arthur if he threw him in the stocks for that.
over a year ago lv2rt said…
Nanna, that's correct.

They have only just stopped filming, the editing and production has to be done putting the scenes together and adding the music and many sound effects. That takes time and they can still cut as many scenes as they wish. In fact by cutting and pasting enough scenes they can basically change the whole message of the episode or episodes.

I'm not saying we need to organize an "occupy the studio" move but I will say that if you wait until the end of season in hopes that they will do the right "thing" you may discover that they didn't and now it's too late. Of course they still may do what they want but at least they did it knowing that we are here and are just as loud as Mr. Nicholas Scott from Rantoul, Illinois.
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over a year ago Melisey said…
Bonnie-Bell I completely agree with everything you wrote.

lv2rt. I will write them an email. Because I think you are right. They may alter another Arwen episode. We should at least show some Arwen appreciation.
over a year ago EPaws said…
over a year ago Bonne-Bell said…
Alright, forget the letter. I'm sending an email. It will get there quicker.
over a year ago lv2rt said…
Mel - thank you so much.

Bonnie- You are very right the sooner the better. In fact, because this is a show geared to children there's not much that TPTB can really do in way of creating some kind of homo erotic scenes other than having them rolling around on the floor or sleeping in the same bed together or even having Merlin remove Arthur's clothes thourgh magic. They have to go with the immature because if it was the way some really want it, children can't watch it. Some adults will not be able to watch it.

All of what was shown in 4X04 has to be shown though innuendo to those that are looking for homo erotic Merthur like Mr. Scott and go right over the head of children that are watching. To give Mr. Scott what he wants they had to completely remove Gwen. That TPTB can do, have done to a great deal in 4X03 and did completely in 4X04.

But what I see is a writing that is definately pandering to a specific viewer base. A base that has already been very vocal from season 1. In fact, an LGBT organization has sent at least one letter praising them for their homo centric version of the legend and encouraging them to continue this.

We do not have an organization that will write a letter on behave of a hetero sexual relationship with Gwen and Arthur. In fact we are resting on the belief that there is no need to make our voices heard because we are taking such for granted. We believe that we are in a position of morality and logicality.

While I want to believe that too I can't. I've been here before. I've seen it many times and I've watched things change so quickly that it's shocking and in fact illogical yet it was played out right in front of our eyes. It took effort by many two years of writing and calling and emailing of thousands of people to get it back to where it should have been and still there are those on message boards that believe the fans that changed the show are only a small group of people that forced their will on all. Now that's logical but it's true.

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over a year ago vegalily said…
Catching up with everything, including the 4x05 spoilers. Lv2rt, you've eloquently stated all the reasons why it's important for us to write in to support Arthur and Gwen as well as Gwen herself with positive comments. Agree with it all.
I sent my email yesterday and I just thanked them for choosing to do something different with this Arthur and Gwen as this show is truly unique in that way, as well as what I loved about them and the show in general. I'll do the same in my letter.
over a year ago leona21 said…
I saw the post on digitalspy with the 10 teasers. For some reason I couldn't sign in and not sure why.I just wanted to show support for Arthur and Gwen and add the brilliant skills of Angel Coulby. Someone else mentioned Colin's acting too. I will try again though.
over a year ago leona21 said…
Oh, forgot to add that I will also draft a thank you letter about Arwen giving all positives and how grateful we are etc. I will see what other ideas I could write and express my feelings about them.
over a year ago lv2rt said…
Thank you so much leona. Of course I'm hoping that no one feels that anything here is pressuring them to do anything they don't feel the need to do. It's a personal decision for sure.
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over a year ago HumbleQueen said…
Sent my email and my letter is done and I'll mail tomorrow. Couldn't get out of the house today. Also, made this Tumblr post: