"Dawn of a New Era!"
Dawn feels Ash does not respect or acknowledge her, and both argue with one another throughout most of the episode. Hoping that in doing so Ash will come to recognize her abilities as a Trainer, Dawn challenges Nando to a battle. In the end, after Nando manages to explain to them that their argument is baseless, Ash and Dawn exchange apologies, thereby strengthening their new friendship.

"Setting the World on its Buneary!"
During a particularly bad hair day, Dawn becomes self-conscious and refuses to let Ash or Brock see her until after Piplup is able to address the issue with BubbleBeam. Her problem remedied, Dawn next asks a hygiene-illiterate Ash if he would like his hair done too.

"Mounting a Coordinator Assault!"
Dawn comments on how awesome Ash looks when making his appeal in the Jubilife Contest.

Dawn in the cheerleading outfit she wore to cheer for AshO'er the Rampardos we Watched!
Dawn dons a cheerleading outfit while she and her Pokémon cheer for Ash. Ash is thus able to find find the confidence necessary to winning his first gym badge in Sinnoh. Neither Misty, May, nor Iris ever went to such lengths in any of Ash's battles, instead choosing to more passively sit on the sidelines when cheering. Dawn reprises her role as Ash's cheerleader twice over series' run.

"Tanks for the Memories!"
Dawn witnesses Ash leaving to train with his Pokémon and follows out of curiosity. Later, Dawn finds herself inspired by Ash's training, but, reflecting upon her recent Contest failure, suddenly begins crying. Ash, upon noticing Dawn's tears, asks whether she is okay and whether she has something in her eyes, the latter inquiry an (albeit faulty) assumption to which Dawn quickly agrees. Eager to avoid the possibility of having him worry over her, Dawn immediately follows this exchange with an invitation to snack on ice cream. A hungry and clueless Ash eagerly accepts.

"Lost Leader Strategy!"
Dawn attempts to convince Maylene to take up Gym Leading again, perhaps finding herself able to relate with the Gym Leader's confidence issues. Dawn admits to Maylene that she wonders if her Contests are holding Ash back, suggesting the possibility that she may worry for his success almost as much as she worries for her own.

"Enter Galactic!"
Ash asserts that his victory over Maylene owes to the training Dawn undertook with Buizel when it was still in her possession. Dawn quickly blushes and responds somewhat sheepishly, "Well, lets just say that I was going to do anything I could to see an awesome Gym Battle between Ash and Maylene!"

"Our Cup Runneth Over!"
At the episode's start Dawn comments on how Ash does very well in training his Pokémon and notes that "Ash is incredible!" *

"Pruning a Passel of Pals!"
Dawn is proud of Ash because he and Buizel, by turning the opponent's Ice Beam against it, successfully pulled off the Aqua Jet-Ice Beam combination, "Ice Aqua Jet." Dawn had previously attempted to perform this combination with Buizel in A Stand-Up Sit-Down!.

"Cream of the Croagunk Crop!"
In another scene, Dawn becomes so frightened by the numerous advancing Croagunk that she clutches Ash's arm and hides behind him.

Ash and Dawn exchange their first high-five in Mounting a Coordinator Assault!Dealing With Defensive Types!
When Byron's Gym assistant exclaims that Byron has the upper hand during Ash and Byron's gym battle, Dawn angrily objects, "I am telling you you're wrong! Ash is going to win it for sure!" thereby revealing how confident she is in Ash's abilities.

"Hold The Phione!"
When Ash asks Dawn which Pokémon she will use in the upcoming Pokémon Contest, Dawn responds with a wink, slyly asking him, "Well who do you think I would use?"

"Old Rivals, New Tricks!"
Dawn states that she wants to enter Ambipom in the Sandalstraw Contest so that it might win for both her and Ash.

"Uncrushing Defeat!"
Ash, upset over his Pokémon team's injuries, runs off. Dawn, concerned, attempts to follow but is stopped by Brock. Nevertheless, Dawn later puts on a complex show for Ash, trying hard to improve Ash's mood and self-confidence. While Ash is initially oblivious to the Dawn's motivations, Nurse Joy soon informs him that Dawn went through so much trouble solely on behalf of him and his Pokémon.

"Gone With the Windworks!"
When Ash, Dawn, Brock, Khoury, and Lyra are trapped in a storage room at the Valley Windworks, Lyra asks Dawn if Ash is her boyfriend. Dawn quickly denies this, expressing not only bewilderment but shock and defensiveness as well. Lyra nevertheless continues drilling Dawn on the subject, pointing out what she believes constitute Ash's strong points. Dawn appears to ponder some of Lyra's statements, perhaps realizing that Lyra has put him in a light she hadn't contemplated before.

"A Rivalry to Gible On!"
After Ash falls into a Trapinch's Arena Trap, Dawn becomes worried and scolds him for endangering himself. While the two argue, Lyra looks on and thinks to herself how nice it is that both Ash and Dawn care for one another as much as they do. Later, Dawn is once again startled by Lyra's talk of romance, although this time Lyra discusses the possibility of dating Khoury herself.

"A Grand Fight for Winning!"
After the conclusion of the Grand Festival, Zoey asks Dawn if she would like to accompany her back to Snowpoint City. Dawn declines, saying she has something to do. Zoey assumes that this "something" is cheering for Ash in his upcoming battles, an assumption that Dawn soon confirms is correct.

"Memories are Made of Bliss!"
As Ash and Brock prepare leave the Sinnoh region, Dawn initially proclaims that she would like to accompany Ash to his hometown in Kanto now that her Contest run has concluded. This plan is quickly derailed, however, when an opportunity for Buneary in Sinnoh presents itself. Near the episode's conclusion, as Ash and Brock walk away, Dawn calls out for Ash one last time, prompting a startled Ash to turn around and see her right arm raised high above her head. The two high-five for the last time. The camera pans down to show Pikachu and Piplup high-five and then hug one another. Dawn begins to cry as the boat departs but, upon hearing Ash yell words of encouragement, regains composure, quickly running after the boat and waving alongside a tearful Piplup.