Season 2 (2008-2009)

35     1                         
Demir returns from Paris and proposes marriage to Asi and is accepted. The new district attorney Namik arrives in town to deal with the murder case of Jamal Aga.
36     2                         
Ghaleb tells the police that Demir was at Jamal Aga's house the day he was killed. Ihsan learns that Demir had followed Aslan that day to hold him back, but on Süheyla's request Demir didn't tell the police the entire story.
37     3                         
Leyla goes back to Istanbul. Demir is under observation. Neriman is convinced that Demir and Aslan have something to do with the murder of her father. She is strictly against her daughter Asi ever meeting Demir again.
38     4                         
Evidence has cleared Demir from any suspicion. However, Ali, who is still in love with Asi, tries to harm Demir and even works with Ghaleb.
39     5                         
Asi and Demir's wedding day nears. While they want to keep the wedding small, Neriman overrules them and proposes a grand celebration in memory of her father's wishes. Demir learns that Ghaleb has found Zeynep's whereabouts in Istanbul. In an attempt to save her life, Kerim and Demir go to Istanbul. Ali manages to falsify evidence in order to point towards Demir as the murderer of Jamal Aga.
40     6                         
On Asi and Demir's wedding day, Demir is arrested. The murder weapon that Ali put into Demir's house is found there. Ali is more than happy about Demir's arrest.
41     7                         
Asi suggests that Demir should think about the possibility of pledging guilty in order to reduce the sentence. Demir insists on his innocence and is disappointed by the lack of confidence and no longer wants to see his wife.
42     8                         
Demir's innocence can be proved and he is released from prison. When Asi learns that he wants a divorce she is disappointed and saddened.
43     9                         
Asi tenderly cares for Demir after his fall from a horse. The accident seems to do their marriage good while things between Kerim and Defne get worse.
44     10                         
Asi disapprovingly observes that Ali gets closer to Melek in order to be near her. The devastated Defne sees Kerim with another woman.
45     11                         
Asi decides to cultivate an organic farm. Asi and Demir can gradually overcome their quarrels. Demir who hears of Melek and Ali's liaison, forbids them ever to meet again.
46     12                         
Asi and Demir reconcile while Defne decides to divorce Kerim. Süheyla and Namik's constant meetings entail rumors of a love affair in town.
47     13                         
Asi starts planning and working for her organic farm. Unfortunately, Demir's planned new manufactory seems to pose a threat to her plans.
48     14                         
For Asi's sake, Demir proposes looking for a new area to build the manufactory, and initially succeeds in convincing his new business partner Zafer until Ali once again interferes. He is still grimly trying to damage Demir and even gives Zafer a hint that the way to apply pressure on Demir is through his wife. When Demir declines to work with Zafer and Ali, Zafer orders to kidnap Asi and thereby force an involvement. Demir fears losing Asi whose life is in danger. In order to find her, he is even prepared to work with the mafia.
49     15                         
In an attempt to save Asi, Ali puts her in even more danger. Asi tries to tell him off and thereby accidentally hurts him who is then immediately taken to hospital.
50     16                         
Demir accepts Ali's business proposition only on the term that Ali keeps his distance from Melek. Ali accepts Demir's terms with no intention of keeping them and proposes marriage to Melek. Faten and Kerim divorce because she believes that he is cheating on her.
51     17                         
Demir learns that his father might still be alive. The Kozcuoglus gain a new family member as Gonca (Asi's Sister) gives birth to a daughter.
52     18                         
Ali openly tells Asi that he only proposed marriage to Melek so that he could be near her. Asi is shocked and angered. She doesn't know whether to tell Demir who is vigorously against a match between his sister and Ali.
53     19                         
Demir is able to locate his long-lost father Haydar in Syria. On Melek and Ali's wedding, Demir happily brings his newly found father along.
54     20                         
Haydar's unkind behavior towards Asi is based on his prejudices against her family. Kerim gets jealous at Zafer's advances towards Defne
55     21                         
Despite being newly married to Melek, Ali still tries to get closer to Asi. Consequently, Asi gives Ali an ultimatum to leave her house as soon as possible. Melek witnesses this scene and draws false conclusions. Namik declares his love for Süheyla and proposes marriage.
56     22                         
In a farewell letter, Melek explains that she is convinced that Ali and Asi have an affair, and consequently drowns herself. Devastated, Demir leaves Asi and everything behind without even wanting to listen to the wrongly accused Asi. She is not even able to tell him that she is pregnant. Eventually, Asi gives birth to a daughter.
57     23                         
Five years have passed. Asi and Demir have long been divorced. On their way back to Antakya, Süheyla and her husband Namik have an accident. This brings Demir and Kerim once again back to Antakya, leaving the Kozcuoglu family in dismay. Especially when Demir, by mere chance, meets Asya without knowing that she is his daughter.
58     24                         
When Demir learns that Asya is Asi's daughter, he suspects that she could be his daughter. Especially since Asya was wearing the gold necklace that Demir gave Asi a couple of years ago as a symbol of his love and which Asi gave her daughter as a reminder of her father. Therefore, he decides to stay in Antakya in order to find out who Asya's father is.
59     25                         
Despite Demir's belief that Asya is his daughter, the Kozcuoglu family keep declining this. Süheyla takes matters into her own hands and commissions a DNA-test. Demir, however, wants to hear the truth from Asi.
60     26                         
Cornered, Asi tells Demir that Asya is his daughter. When Demir and his family overwhelm Asi and her daughter with their over-eager behavior, she decides to leave town for a while.
61     27                         
Demir discovers Asi and Asya in Syria. Angry at Asi, he wants her to experience for herself what it is like to lose a child and decides to take Asya with him without informing Asi where they are.
62     28                         
Demir who has found out where Asi and Asya are, seizes the opportunity and takes his daughter Asya back with him to Turkey.
63     29                         
For their daughter's sake, Asi and Demir decide to deal politely with each other. Asya is overjoyed to have Demir in her life. He can't wait to tell Asya that he is her father. Zafer wants their relationship to take the next step while Defne is confused by Kerim's presence. Kerim starts planning to convict Zafer who is still involved in dubious businesses.
64     30                         
Asya seems to be ready to accept Demir as her father as he gradually grows dearer to her. They make their first boat trip with the ship that Demir had built with Asya's help. Süheyla wants Demir to be happy and believes that her nephew and the new doctor, Inci, might be a nice couple. Meanwhile, Kerim's plan doesn't work out as intended when Zafer receives a tip in the last minute.
65     31                         
Demir learns of his illness and decides not to instantly tell Asya that he is her father. He is no longer able to keep his illness a secret from Kerim who is devastated at the news. He tells Süheyla of Demir's illness.
66     32                         
Asi realizes that she still loves Demir who has also never stopped loving her. Nonetheless he tries to keep his distance because of his illness until he hears that Asi went to see him in Assos three years ago. Süheyla tells Ihsan of Demir's cancer. Meanwhile, Zafer tries to find out who has tried to convict him.
67     33                         
To help Demir, Süheyla, Ihsan and Haydar go to Istanbul for bone marrow transplant compatibility tests. The test results, however, show no compatibility. Namik and Neriman misunderstand the situation and suspect an affair between Süheyla and Ihsan. Kerim and Defne's love starts blossoming while Zafer begins suspecting Kerim as the man who tried to put him in prison. Aslan makes an effort to show Inci that he is attracted to her.
68     34                         
Demir doesn't want Asi to know about his illness. When he has to go to Istanbul to receive a chemotherapy, he asks Inci to accompany him. Doubts spread into Asi's mind whether their love has still a chance. Before going to Istanbul with Demir, Kerim asks Defne to marry him again and she accepts. The jealous Zafer can't watch this inertly and kidnaps Kerim.
69     35                         
Asi cannot understand why Demir has to suddenly go to Istanbul after declaring his love for her. This time, she does not want her pride or anything else to come in between her love. Therefore, Asi decides to go to Istanbul and openly talk to Demir. Her suspicion that Demir and Inci have an affair is reinforced when she arrives in Istanbul. Saddened and disillusioned, Asi returns home and is finally told the truth when Ihsan tells her of Demir's illness. In the meantime, blinded by jealousy Zafer dies in an attempt to kill Kerim.
70     36                         
Asi immediately wants to return to Demir after hearing that he has cancer. She is able to give him courage and hope by declaring her love for him. Moreover, she can also convince Demir that they have to finally tell Asya that he is her father. Asya is overjoyed about the news that Demir is her father. Kerim and Defne marry a second time and decide to move to Istanbul where Defne wants to open a restaurant with specialties from Antakya.
71     37                         
In the final episode of 'Asi', Asya's wishes one by one come true. Thanks to his daughter, Demir can overcome his illness. Demir accepts Asi's marriage proposal and they marry once again in a private ceremony on the beach. Aslan and Inci also marry and have a grand celebration in the garden of the Kozcuoglu plantation. The pregnant Defne and her husband Kerim move to Istanbul. Demir, who has promised to build a tree house for his daughter, can now keep his promise and starts working on the tree house. Asya is delighted to see her father and mother happily together and she is able to help them forget past pains.