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BLAMargera123 posted on Jan 25, 2011 at 01:04AM
Feel free to generate your own assassin to share with others! you can get the chance to talk about your assassin to others. :)

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over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
Name: Makarov Petzraz
Born: Feburary, 12. 1892 Moskow, Russia
Alias: "The Lunar Wolf"
Affiliations: Assassins
Description: He is Very Muscular. has Brown Hair with A Beard. His Attire Is White with a Jacket with wolf pelt, wears a belt with a belt buckle that shows a werewolf howling at the moon surrounded by the assassin insignia, and has a Sash that has wolf pelt attached to it for a Cape.
Weapons: Twin Swords, Hidden Claw, Crossbow, and Smoke Grenades.
Kills: 36
Language: American, Russian, French, Italian, and Japanese.
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cobradude3010 commented…
Name:Gabriel Born: may 17th 1110 manchester england Nickname: Shadow in the light Affliations the assassins story: he lived in acre during the crusader occupation he had a simple life until the assassins led by Altair attacked acre Gabriel in defence of his brother (a knight templar) took on altair and was defeated within 10 seconds of combat later that day Gabriel followed alatir back to maysaf secretly as he arrived altair turned and reviled he had known Gabriel was there all along Gabriel constanly tried to escape maysaf but one day during a templar attack on maysaf Gabriel saw the evil of the templar order and joined the brotherhood.description: Black robes single hidden blade 2 short blade throwing knives sword Brown hair no facial hair about 6 foot 2 inches . kills contracted 58 pleasure 148. languages english italian spainsh russian french arbic over a year ago
over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
go on dont be shy.
over a year ago raichujack said…
Name : Jack Furriello
Born : April,4th, 1981 Venice,Italy
Nickname : "The Demon"
Affiliations : Assassins
Description : He is very serious.He has black hair with a shaved beard. His guns Represent his demonic Anger with a dual Pistol and 2 Bloodless spears with four smoke bombs and poisons and a crossbow,his jacket has a demon with a dual pistol in his hand and same on his belt but on the back of his jacket is a flaming skull

kills : 940,894,786,989,644
Language : English, Japanese, Italian
over a year ago raichujack said…
also his notoriety is WANTED Dead for 100,000,000,000
over a year ago wolffangjustin said…
name.justin saldarriaga
bron.october 2,1880
description.very nice preson.never gives up.wears mostly hoodie mostle normally assassian.but wears wolf maskwhen wearing hoodie no one nows his face.and he has black hair.wopens hidden baled,hidden gun,hidden posin kinfh boosts,and capians sowerd.

over a year ago wolffangjustin said…
ps.killed a very inporant person in this time a person who endid salver art that time if you find out leave a comment ill chack and if you do get it good for you
over a year ago PeinUchiha13 said…
Name: ???
Alias: Zero
Born: Jan.12 , 1990
Affiliations: Assassins, Aqua of The Gods, An
Story: Was an Member of An Ancient Brotherhood that founded "The Fountain"(Lake) of The Aqua of The Gods which brought Godly powers like Undying. He Was the First recruited to the Black Ops Agency And he Quickly rose to the top Of the Black-Ops and was offered to Be The Supreme Leader Of the Brotherhood but declined. He is now wanted in All Over The World. He wears a Black hooded and sleeved Cloak lined red, Pure Black robes, Black Leather Belt, Black boots. He has 13 throwing Knives, Two Hidden Blades, Twin Scimitars, a Flamberge and A Longsword Cleverly Hidden in his Clothing and all of them were Forge With A Secret Metal that was as Moderately light and hard as diamons and never Dulling. He was also was about to kill Osama Bin Laden but He was Late for 3 minutes.
cowennat000 commented…
name suggestion: Renzo Allesandro over a year ago
over a year ago PeinUchiha13 said…
He aslo Assassinated 665 But The supposedly 666th Person was suppose to Be Osama Bin Laden but seeing story above you'll know why.
over a year ago WarriorsFan98 said…
Name: Serio Fortuna
Born: April 17, 1320: Florence, Italy
Death: May 19, 1400: Berlin, Germany
Nickname: "Blade in the Crowd" or "The Silent One"
Affiliation: Assassins
Kills: (Contracted:) 735 (Free Kills:) 921
Languages: Italian, Russian, French, English, and German.

Story: Born a child with nothing to his name, Serio had to fight his way to power. His mother died at birth due to unknown complications. His father vanished when he was at the age of fourteen. 7 years later: He was walking along the streets of Florence when he was grabbed by a hooded man. With a blade at his throat, he recognized the man instantly: his father. His father gave him many florins, and told him to go to the blacksmith shop. There he met a family friend who gave him a butcher knife, the first one he ever wielded. He walked back to the alley-way where his father grabbed him only to see his father on the ground, bleeding. He ran to his father's side. As his own father was dying at his feet, his father whispered to him, "Son, oh my dear son, please take my blade. The one on my wrist. Then take the rest of my florins and go to the Tailor's shop and ask for Silvio, he will tell you what you ne--" It was too late. The last words Serio told his father were "Requiscat en Pace, mi Padre." He went to Silvio, who gave him a stylish, jet black hood. He also gave Serio a blood red cape. Silvio told him to go back to the blacksmith, so he did. The blacksmith gave him knives, a crossbow, metal armor, and the Sword of Altair, his great great great grandfather (there may be more or less "Greats" I kinda lost track). Serio climbed to the top of the highest bell tower in Florence. He met his uncle, brothers, sister, and grandfather. The Assassin's initiation ceremony was held, and ever since that day the "Blade in the Crowd" has killed many people, and met many others. He held a household in Rome after 7 more years as an Assassin with his lovely wife and fellow Assassin Lerina Salim, who hails from Masyaf, the birthplace of the Assassins.
over a year ago WarriorsFan98 said…
Here's Serio: (Yes its paint, and its sucky)
over a year ago WarriorsFan98 said…
big smile
Again, here he is.
Again, here he is.
BigSkaa33 commented…
eziorip-off much? over a year ago
cowennat000 commented…
It's better than I've done over a year ago
over a year ago Gamer4Life97 said…
Assassin: Antonio Frechanco

Born: August 3, 1459 in Florence, Italy

Died: February 16, 1534 in Rome, Italy

Reason: Heart Failure

Story: Antonio was born a peasant life. His whole family was poor and hardly had the money to feed. When he was 2,his father was called to join the army and one year later, his city was attacked. His father died in battle and his family fled the city for 5 years. When the returned, everything was different. Soldiers from Tuscany were everywhere. Spitting, tripping, mocking, and hitting innocent civilians. After 11 years of being under Tuscany Order, They sent Antonio, just at the age of 21, to get help from Rome. He spent a full year in Rome, being trained... as an assassin. The next assassin in his ancestors. the Romans agreed to help, and asked Antonio to lead them. It was a major surprise attack for the Tuscany soldiers. They fled the city in a matter of days. It has now been 5 years since the return of their order, but Tuscany has planned a revenge attack. With Florence's rebuilt new army, the Romans at their side, something seems to be missing. A secret army. Antonio finds people to join his Army of the Night. His Brotherhood. Taking after what his Great Uncle, Ezio, did. His army is bigger then planned. Over 100 shadows at night... waiting.. for their next prey.. let Tuscany take it's chances... it won't last long with these assassins of the night around...

Antonio's motto:He who bleeds under my blade,will surely know their fate.

(Antonio was an assassin until his mid 40's cause of spine trouble.)

Contract kills: 43 (His only got about 2 contracts every other month)

Tuscany guard kills: 139

Antonio married Rosalia Lucancie, raised two kids; Romeo and Lucilia Frechanco

over a year ago Gamer4Life97 said…
Antonio Frechanco
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Antonio Frechanco <br />
over a year ago fienze said…
Name:Fienze Auditore

Born:1456 Florence Italy

Equipment;smoke bombs flash bombs crossbow 25 bolts arm pistol poison blade double blades poison dart with the poison blade hook blade

Story: in 1456 Fienze audtiore was born in florence Italy his dad and mom name were divalent marsia they both love him in 1514 he was 17 working for his uncle but when he was done working he went back home and his father and mother were dead his mother was hung and father stab to death 8 times before his father died he said take the this gift as his father spoken and avenge are death. he said so Fienze grab the suit and kill them he went venice and to find them he paid courtseans to distract them he killed one but the other tried to escape but he call his guards to for his signal to attack Fienze but had sense they gurads would be right there so he shot him years later in 1535 he was getting old he had to find out about the templars so he went rome to find them he find the pope and his son ceasre he killed them both but in 1566 he left rome with out telling anybody they throught he was dead so every body was said he was with the 15 century middles east
Name:Fienze Auditore<br />
<br />
Born:1456 Florence Italy<br />
<br />
Equipment;smoke bombs flash b
over a year ago hellwarriors said…
Name:Enzo Drano

Born:1458 Romanga Italy

A little boy name enzo he was a smart little boy he would work with his dad in blacksmith making weapons for knights they fight for there lives Enzo made his self stiletto knife to protect him self from a fight in 1465 he was 18 still working for his father .but one day his father went out to deliver goods but he was walking and enzo heard a loud scream it was the templars stabbing him with butcher knives it was terrible soon as enzo ran over there the templars started to flee away from his father.them his father reach out his hand said go home and the secret dresser and get the suit and equipment his father said he ran home to his mother and said dad is dead and his mother cried he opened the secret dresser and grab the suit and equipment his suit was black and had a red belt shoulder guards and crossbow and gun also a double and poison blade
and an old Syrian sword built and 1200 12 century eastern then he met with his brother and sister in a tower and romanga and they leap of faith off of it his grandpa said spend his 35000 florins wisely enzo shook his head ok grandpa i will so leap of faith off the tower
over a year ago Colin2k41 said…
Name: Robert of London
Born: 1170 London, England
story: Born in London Robert was the son of middle class parents. his father died when he was eleven of drowning on a fishing trip. Growing up he admired King Richard and hated Saladin learning of the crusades he joined the Templar Knights. When he returned home and his mother found out about him bein a tmplar and taught him about his ancestors and later on would be an assassin of england. Later on he moved to Masyaf and helped Altair overthrow Al Muali. He then moved too jerusalem and now stays there.
over a year ago Crazygamegrl said…
Ada-Maria De La Crux
Born:1995 Oriente, Cuba
story: Born in Cuba, this sexy female assassin had a rather rich childhood, ruined by communist laws in Cuba. The soldiers took her parents away, while she hid under her bed, clutching a chest half the length of her body. As the soldiers passed she waited until the general left. As the general headed out the house she crawled out from under the bed and saw a note, it read:
Dearest daughter,
if you are reading this, something bad happened to us,
in the back of this letter there is a code, which will say who you stay with for a time, until you learn your calling, of course.
Ada-Maria looked in the back of the paper, and there were codes, similar to Charles Darwin's code, as she translated the code, she learned that the chest had to be opened with her father's belt buckle. Inside, she found a suit, a rather revealing one, a double hidden blade, poison, a letter stating who she was staying with, and a book depicting her family's signature assassinations and moves.
As she read the letter from the chest she learned she had to stay at Alejandro's house. Alejandro was a crush of hers, and his dad was a friend in her dad's line of work. as she put her suit on she realized it was the suit her father gave her, saying it was for a rainy day. Now she knows what he means. As she ran to Alejandro's house, she felt the need to do some parkour, her favorite sport. When she parkoured her way to Alejandro's house, she came upon a man. The man was chasing after her, holding what looks like a gun, and catched up to her, saying to wait up, as that was Alejandro, after what puberty done to him. He offered a home to stay.
Ada-Maria is a child prodgidy in being an assassin, yet she never knew. After 3 years gearing up and training, she set out to kill the upper ranks of the army one by one, as came up to the general, she was raising her blade, and was promptly shot by the general in the legs, imobiling her, while Alejandro swung through the window, shooting a crossbow in the general's spine, paralizing him. Ada-Maria dragged herself in for the kill, and stabbed him in the throat with her hidden saw, decapitating him.
Ada-Maria had 6 kids with Alejandro, and is spending time with her mom, whom she freed,and is still alive today.
over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
big smile
heres another assassin:
Name: ????
Born: March, 25. 1890
Alias: "die Ruhe Morder" (The Calm Killer)
Affiliation: Assassins
Description: He is very Calm, He wears black nazi boots, black pants, a large white overcoat with a hood, black gloves, and a red sash that has the assassins emblem on it but has a swastika sticker on it to stay undercover.
Weapons: Dagger, Luger P08 Pistol, and Hidden Blade.
Kills: 109. Biggest Victim: Adolf Hitler
Language: English, Finnish, French, Russian, and German
Fun Fact!: This assassin actually killed adolf hitler. he caught him outside the Fuherbunker then killed him.
over a year ago BlackAssassin said…
Name: Vergaso Kara
Born: October 31, 1992
Died: October 30, 2011
Cause: Shutdown of the organs
Alias: (Swift Blade) or (Raven's claw)
Affiliation: Assassin
Description: Has blue black hair, red wine eyes and takes after his mother's looks. Wears the white hood with the red inside, a black T-shirt with a torn angel wing graph, shredded up jeans, red leather belt, has a black dog collar to hide the scar, black converse and the Assassin's emblem tattooed on right hip.
Personality and history: Has a very happy personality than he should and acts like how a everyday person does. But the truth is, is that he doesn't remember much of his past due to too much emotional and physical trauma to his body that left nothing but scars. So when he is in a battled situation his eyes run stoplight red and becomes a completely different person. Parents died and older sister gone missing.
Weapons: Hidden Blade, Hidden Handgun, Throwing knives, sometimes carries a leap pipe. His kicks to any parts of the body can fracture bones or cause internal bleeding. (Red Eye Mode)
Kills: 91
Language: English, Italian, Russian, and Japanese.
Mother: Assassin
Father: Black Market
over a year ago Hades223 said…
Name: Amati Vivaldo
Born: December 12, 1438 Venice, Italy
Alias: Stealth Fighter
Aliance: Assassin
Description: Tall, and skinny with brown eyes and jet black long hair. He where's a white cloak, with his hood always up, and a white cloth covering his mouth. He's strong, and buff. He rarely talks except to his employers and his leader.
Personality: Cold and closed up. He doesn't socialize well.
History: He was born into an assassin group called The Chaos Assassins. His parents were killed at a young age and he swore vengance to their killer. He trained for twenty years till he was twenty-six. During his training he excelled in rank until he became he deputy of the Chaos Assassins' leader. After he was deputised he went out to find his parents killer. He found him in the outskirts of Damascus and killed him, by stabbing him repeatedly and then casting into a river. Sick with what he had done he drawed into himself and rarely spoke. He also came up with his own code.
1. Do not kill inocents unless hired to do so
2. Never give your true identity away
3. Always protect your Assassin bretheren
He began to deal with black market dealers, and cruel evil men. Especially slave herders.
Weopans:Short blade, many throwing knives, poisons, a chain that he throws up to catch something then swing to another place, daggers, and a hidden blade.
Luanguage: English, Italian, Chinese, and Russian
over a year ago SECONDSEEYER said…
name: Sage D'doreans
alias:servant of the reaper
aliance:the secondseeyers
description: 5'10, 219lbs. He has dark yellow eyes and midnight black spiked hair. He takes orders only from the reaper, and doesn't talk much
personality: dark and mysterious, not very social.
history: he comes from a line of assassins known as the secondseeyers, his father was the first one, but he was killed right in front of Sage, when he was a boy. He eventually betrayed the Reaper because he refused to free his fathers soul from damnation, ever since he has dedicated his life to hunting down the leaders of the nations of earth, in belief that they are wicked and greedy, and will kill anyone in his way.
weapons: Judgement, a sword that kills your soul when it cuts into you. massacre, a double bladed jet black claw attached to his arm. And Hellslinger, a small device on his wrist that causes a single jet of fire tooken from hell to burn his enemy's souls.
place of birth: Isle D'doreans, a small world destroyed millions of years ago.
kills: 1,052,863
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over a year ago SECONDSEEYER said…
ok, here is Sage D'doreans.
ok, here is Sage D'doreans.
over a year ago ShadowBlade6 said…
Name:Lucius Revendorsa
Born: July 26, 1654 Nottingham, England
Died: October 13, 1746 Masyaf, Syria
Alias: The Shadow
Aliance: Assassins
Discription: Average sized, skinny with blue eyes and blonde hair which goes down to the bottom his neck. He has a bit of wolf skin on his shoulder on his left. He generally has his hood up and a black cloth covering his mouth. He wears a necklace with a wolf on it. He is agile and quick. He isn't very chatty but does talk.
Personality: He acts like a everyday person does but when he is on the battle field is merciless and cold hearted.
History: He was born into a well off family of templars, but due to him being quick and agile they casted him out for being imperfect so he had to fend for himself and steal. One day he stole from a blacksmith and nearly got away but he got caught but some assassins found him recruited him into the order. When he was 28 he met another assassin called Emilia Canoy and they fell in love and married. Moved to Masyaf when he was 67.
Weapons: Hidden blade, Hook blade, Scimitar, Throwing knifes.
Wife: Emilia Canoy
Children: Richard Revendorsa, Thomas Revendorsa and Racheal Revendorsa.
Name:Lucius Revendorsa
<br />
Born: July 26, 1654 Nottingham, England
<br />
Died: October 13, 1746 M
over a year ago jason_bio_wolf said…
Name : Burnout Hamachi Azamakie-Hayabusa
Born : february,20th, 1212 ???,???
age : 29
Alias: Gosaku hamachi(bro) Danni azamakie (bro) Sakura haruno (wife)
Aliance: ten Ninja assassin Swordsmen of the Mist,Assassins,ninja,ANBU,akatsuki assassins,

Nickname(s) : "The ultimate-nin" "demon king" "demon legend" "legend killer" "hell raiser""the one man army"

Description : He is that kind of ninja assassin that no one or no assassin wants to **** with in their lives.the last thing his targets see before he kills them is the devil satan or some say that survived his assassination see is chest glow like he had a evil heart and he do thats why they call him him the demon king.the reason they call him the hell raiser because through his life at 9 years-old he watched the other assassins reek havoc on villages and towns then at 13 burnout he joined the other assassins to reek more havoc then one dark foggy night there in the mist in his blue eyes he saw his crew and bestfriends assassins gets killed by higher kingdom rank assassins and black coal and red beamin swords that can be seen 2 miles away the enemy killed his friends that night,the assassins and knights surrounded him and they said "have any last words you pathetic kid and then his eye turned to rage there was no more cute blue eyes there he had blood thirsty red eyes that were ment to kill any body that looks at him he,took out his 10 foot guillotine in a blink of a eye he slashes the knights and assassain in half that leave them there dead wth no trace of evidence who killd the the higher rankers. when burnout turned 19 he found out what kingdom organization killed his assassin family,it took him 9 month at the begining of the year to get to the anarch kingdom that night he did some thing that no other assassin can do, there that night at the kingdom the clouds were black filled with smoke and ashes and there you see a hole kingdom on fire people running out the kingdom on fire and there he found his mom and dad burned to death and crushed underneathe the rubble and then he walk through the fire unharmed but he was bear chest nothin on his upper body no clothing and he was mad at him self then he attempted suicide but he never died that was the power of satan a gift from him exactly. at 27 a horrible thing happen to 20 high rank kingdoms they were all destroyed on the same night few of the was flooded,caught on fire,tsunami,tornado rushing, and horrible unstoppable hurricanes happened on the same night at 8:00pm and ended at 11:00pm and only 6 families survive the horrible destruction and there they saW the red eyed blood thirsty demon HELL RAISER " BURNOUT HAMACHI AZAMAKIE-HAYABUSA!!!! an thats why he have unlimited kills

Weapons: Hidden blade, Hook blade, Scimitar, Throwing knifes NAGINATA,KAMA,Kyoketshu-Shogei Knife,Kusarigama Knife,Ribbed Shell Rapier Companion Dagger
kills : 999,999,999,999,999,999,999
Language : English, Japanese, Italian

over a year ago jason_bio_wolf said…
burnout wanted dead for $$$$100,000,000,000,000