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BLAMargera123 posted on Jan 25, 2011 at 01:04AM
Feel free to generate your own assassin to share with others! you can get the chance to talk about your assassin to others. :)

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over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
Name: Makarov Petzraz
Born: Feburary, 12. 1892 Moskow, Russia
Alias: "The Lunar Wolf"
Affiliations: Assassins
Description: He is Very Muscular. has Brown Hair with A Beard. His Attire Is White with a Jacket with wolf pelt, wears a belt with a belt buckle that shows a werewolf howling at the moon surrounded by the assassin insignia, and has a Sash that has wolf pelt attached to it for a Cape.
Weapons: Twin Swords, Hidden Claw, Crossbow, and Smoke Grenades.
Kills: 36
Language: American, Russian, French, Italian, and Japanese.
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cobradude3010 commented…
Name:Gabriel Born: may 17th 1110 manchester england Nickname: Shadow in the light Affliations the assassins story: he lived in acre during the crusader occupation he had a simple life until the assassins led by Altair attacked acre Gabriel in defence of his brother (a knight templar) took on altair and was defeated within 10 seconds of combat later that day Gabriel followed alatir back to maysaf secretly as he arrived altair turned and reviled he had known Gabriel was there all along Gabriel constanly tried to escape maysaf but one day during a templar attack on maysaf Gabriel saw the evil of the templar order and joined the brotherhood.description: Black robes single hidden blade 2 short blade throwing knives sword Brown hair no facial hair about 6 foot 2 inches . kills contracted 58 pleasure 148. languages english italian spainsh russian french arbic over a year ago
over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
go on dont be shy.
over a year ago raichujack said…
Name : Jack Furriello
Born : April,4th, 1981 Venice,Italy
Nickname : "The Demon"
Affiliations : Assassins
Description : He is very serious.He has black hair with a shaved beard. His guns Represent his demonic Anger with a dual Pistol and 2 Bloodless spears with four smoke bombs and poisons and a crossbow,his jacket has a demon with a dual pistol in his hand and same on his belt but on the back of his jacket is a flaming skull

kills : 940,894,786,989,644
Language : English, Japanese, Italian
over a year ago raichujack said…
also his notoriety is WANTED Dead for 100,000,000,000
over a year ago wolffangjustin said…
name.justin saldarriaga
bron.october 2,1880
description.very nice preson.never gives up.wears mostly hoodie mostle normally assassian.but wears wolf maskwhen wearing hoodie no one nows his face.and he has black hair.wopens hidden baled,hidden gun,hidden posin kinfh boosts,and capians sowerd.

over a year ago wolffangjustin said…
ps.killed a very inporant person in this time a person who endid salver art that time if you find out leave a comment ill chack and if you do get it good for you
over a year ago PeinUchiha13 said…
Name: ???
Alias: Zero
Born: Jan.12 , 1990
Affiliations: Assassins, Aqua of The Gods, An
Story: Was an Member of An Ancient Brotherhood that founded "The Fountain"(Lake) of The Aqua of The Gods which brought Godly powers like Undying. He Was the First recruited to the Black Ops Agency And he Quickly rose to the top Of the Black-Ops and was offered to Be The Supreme Leader Of the Brotherhood but declined. He is now wanted in All Over The World. He wears a Black hooded and sleeved Cloak lined red, Pure Black robes, Black Leather Belt, Black boots. He has 13 throwing Knives, Two Hidden Blades, Twin Scimitars, a Flamberge and A Longsword Cleverly Hidden in his Clothing and all of them were Forge With A Secret Metal that was as Moderately light and hard as diamons and never Dulling. He was also was about to kill Osama Bin Laden but He was Late for 3 minutes.
cowennat000 commented…
name suggestion: Renzo Allesandro over a year ago
over a year ago PeinUchiha13 said…
He aslo Assassinated 665 But The supposedly 666th Person was suppose to Be Osama Bin Laden but seeing story above you'll know why.
over a year ago WarriorsFan98 said…
Name: Serio Fortuna
Born: April 17, 1320: Florence, Italy
Death: May 19, 1400: Berlin, Germany
Nickname: "Blade in the Crowd" or "The Silent One"
Affiliation: Assassins
Kills: (Contracted:) 735 (Free Kills:) 921
Languages: Italian, Russian, French, English, and German.

Story: Born a child with nothing to his name, Serio had to fight his way to power. His mother died at birth due to unknown complications. His father vanished when he was at the age of fourteen. 7 years later: He was walking along the streets of Florence when he was grabbed by a hooded man. With a blade at his throat, he recognized the man instantly: his father. His father gave him many florins, and told him to go to the blacksmith shop. There he met a family friend who gave him a butcher knife, the first one he ever wielded. He walked back to the alley-way where his father grabbed him only to see his father on the ground, bleeding. He ran to his father's side. As his own father was dying at his feet, his father whispered to him, "Son, oh my dear son, please take my blade. The one on my wrist. Then take the rest of my florins and go to the Tailor's shop and ask for Silvio, he will tell you what you ne--" It was too late. The last words Serio told his father were "Requiscat en Pace, mi Padre." He went to Silvio, who gave him a stylish, jet black hood. He also gave Serio a blood red cape. Silvio told him to go back to the blacksmith, so he did. The blacksmith gave him knives, a crossbow, metal armor, and the Sword of Altair, his great great great grandfather (there may be more or less "Greats" I kinda lost track). Serio climbed to the top of the highest bell tower in Florence. He met his uncle, brothers, sister, and grandfather. The Assassin's initiation ceremony was held, and ever since that day the "Blade in the Crowd" has killed many people, and met many others. He held a household in Rome after 7 more years as an Assassin with his lovely wife and fellow Assassin Lerina Salim, who hails from Masyaf, the birthplace of the Assassins.
over a year ago WarriorsFan98 said…
Here's Serio: (Yes its paint, and its sucky)
over a year ago WarriorsFan98 said…
big smile
Again, here he is.
Again, here he is.
BigSkaa33 commented…
eziorip-off much? over a year ago
cowennat000 commented…
It's better than I've done over a year ago
over a year ago Gamer4Life97 said…
Assassin: Antonio Frechanco

Born: August 3, 1459 in Florence, Italy

Died: February 16, 1534 in Rome, Italy

Reason: Heart Failure

Story: Antonio was born a peasant life. His whole family was poor and hardly had the money to feed. When he was 2,his father was called to join the army and one year later, his city was attacked. His father died in battle and his family fled the city for 5 years. When the returned, everything was different. Soldiers from Tuscany were everywhere. Spitting, tripping, mocking, and hitting innocent civilians. After 11 years of being under Tuscany Order, They sent Antonio, just at the age of 21, to get help from Rome. He spent a full year in Rome, being trained... as an assassin. The next assassin in his ancestors. the Romans agreed to help, and asked Antonio to lead them. It was a major surprise attack for the Tuscany soldiers. They fled the city in a matter of days. It has now been 5 years since the return of their order, but Tuscany has planned a revenge attack. With Florence's rebuilt new army, the Romans at their side, something seems to be missing. A secret army. Antonio finds people to join his Army of the Night. His Brotherhood. Taking after what his Great Uncle, Ezio, did. His army is bigger then planned. Over 100 shadows at night... waiting.. for their next prey.. let Tuscany take it's chances... it won't last long with these assassins of the night around...

Antonio's motto:He who bleeds under my blade,will surely know their fate.

(Antonio was an assassin until his mid 40's cause of spine trouble.)

Contract kills: 43 (His only got about 2 contracts every other month)

Tuscany guard kills: 139

Antonio married Rosalia Lucancie, raised two kids; Romeo and Lucilia Frechanco

over a year ago Gamer4Life97 said…
Antonio Frechanco
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Antonio Frechanco
over a year ago fienze said…
Name:Fienze Auditore

Born:1456 Florence Italy

Equipment;smoke bombs flash bombs crossbow 25 bolts arm pistol poison blade double blades poison dart with the poison blade hook blade

Story: in 1456 Fienze audtiore was born in florence Italy his dad and mom name were divalent marsia they both love him in 1514 he was 17 working for his uncle but when he was done working he went back home and his father and mother were dead his mother was hung and father stab to death 8 times before his father died he said take the this gift as his father spoken and avenge are death. he said so Fienze grab the suit and kill them he went venice and to find them he paid courtseans to distract them he killed one but the other tried to escape but he call his guards to for his signal to attack Fienze but had sense they gurads would be right there so he shot him years later in 1535 he was getting old he had to find out about the templars so he went rome to find them he find the pope and his son ceasre he killed them both but in 1566 he left rome with out telling anybody they throught he was dead so every body was said he was with the 15 century middles east
Name:Fienze Auditore

Born:1456 Florence Italy

Equipment;smoke bombs flash bombs crossbow 25 bolts a
over a year ago hellwarriors said…
Name:Enzo Drano

Born:1458 Romanga Italy

A little boy name enzo he was a smart little boy he would work with his dad in blacksmith making weapons for knights they fight for there lives Enzo made his self stiletto knife to protect him self from a fight in 1465 he was 18 still working for his father .but one day his father went out to deliver goods but he was walking and enzo heard a loud scream it was the templars stabbing him with butcher knives it was terrible soon as enzo ran over there the templars started to flee away from his father.them his father reach out his hand said go home and the secret dresser and get the suit and equipment his father said he ran home to his mother and said dad is dead and his mother cried he opened the secret dresser and grab the suit and equipment his suit was black and had a red belt shoulder guards and crossbow and gun also a double and poison blade
and an old Syrian sword built and 1200 12 century eastern then he met with his brother and sister in a tower and romanga and they leap of faith off of it his grandpa said spend his 35000 florins wisely enzo shook his head ok grandpa i will so leap of faith off the tower
over a year ago Colin2k41 said…
Name: Robert of London
Born: 1170 London, England
story: Born in London Robert was the son of middle class parents. his father died when he was eleven of drowning on a fishing trip. Growing up he admired King Richard and hated Saladin learning of the crusades he joined the Templar Knights. When he returned home and his mother found out about him bein a tmplar and taught him about his ancestors and later on would be an assassin of england. Later on he moved to Masyaf and helped Altair overthrow Al Muali. He then moved too jerusalem and now stays there.
over a year ago Crazygamegrl said…
Ada-Maria De La Crux
Born:1995 Oriente, Cuba
story: Born in Cuba, this sexy female assassin had a rather rich childhood, ruined by communist laws in Cuba. The soldiers took her parents away, while she hid under her bed, clutching a chest half the length of her body. As the soldiers passed she waited until the general left. As the general headed out the house she crawled out from under the bed and saw a note, it read:
Dearest daughter,
if you are reading this, something bad happened to us,
in the back of this letter there is a code, which will say who you stay with for a time, until you learn your calling, of course.
Ada-Maria looked in the back of the paper, and there were codes, similar to Charles Darwin's code, as she translated the code, she learned that the chest had to be opened with her father's belt buckle. Inside, she found a suit, a rather revealing one, a double hidden blade, poison, a letter stating who she was staying with, and a book depicting her family's signature assassinations and moves.
As she read the letter from the chest she learned she had to stay at Alejandro's house. Alejandro was a crush of hers, and his dad was a friend in her dad's line of work. as she put her suit on she realized it was the suit her father gave her, saying it was for a rainy day. Now she knows what he means. As she ran to Alejandro's house, she felt the need to do some parkour, her favorite sport. When she parkoured her way to Alejandro's house, she came upon a man. The man was chasing after her, holding what looks like a gun, and catched up to her, saying to wait up, as that was Alejandro, after what puberty done to him. He offered a home to stay.
Ada-Maria is a child prodgidy in being an assassin, yet she never knew. After 3 years gearing up and training, she set out to kill the upper ranks of the army one by one, as came up to the general, she was raising her blade, and was promptly shot by the general in the legs, imobiling her, while Alejandro swung through the window, shooting a crossbow in the general's spine, paralizing him. Ada-Maria dragged herself in for the kill, and stabbed him in the throat with her hidden saw, decapitating him.
Ada-Maria had 6 kids with Alejandro, and is spending time with her mom, whom she freed,and is still alive today.
over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
big smile
heres another assassin:
Name: ????
Born: March, 25. 1890
Alias: "die Ruhe Morder" (The Calm Killer)
Affiliation: Assassins
Description: He is very Calm, He wears black nazi boots, black pants, a large white overcoat with a hood, black gloves, and a red sash that has the assassins emblem on it but has a swastika sticker on it to stay undercover.
Weapons: Dagger, Luger P08 Pistol, and Hidden Blade.
Kills: 109. Biggest Victim: Adolf Hitler
Language: English, Finnish, French, Russian, and German
Fun Fact!: This assassin actually killed adolf hitler. he caught him outside the Fuherbunker then killed him.
over a year ago BlackAssassin said…
Name: Vergaso Kara
Born: October 31, 1992
Died: October 30, 2011
Cause: Shutdown of the organs
Alias: (Swift Blade) or (Raven's claw)
Affiliation: Assassin
Description: Has blue black hair, red wine eyes and takes after his mother's looks. Wears the white hood with the red inside, a black T-shirt with a torn angel wing graph, shredded up jeans, red leather belt, has a black dog collar to hide the scar, black converse and the Assassin's emblem tattooed on right hip.
Personality and history: Has a very happy personality than he should and acts like how a everyday person does. But the truth is, is that he doesn't remember much of his past due to too much emotional and physical trauma to his body that left nothing but scars. So when he is in a battled situation his eyes run stoplight red and becomes a completely different person. Parents died and older sister gone missing.
Weapons: Hidden Blade, Hidden Handgun, Throwing knives, sometimes carries a leap pipe. His kicks to any parts of the body can fracture bones or cause internal bleeding. (Red Eye Mode)
Kills: 91
Language: English, Italian, Russian, and Japanese.
Mother: Assassin
Father: Black Market
over a year ago Hades223 said…
Name: Amati Vivaldo
Born: December 12, 1438 Venice, Italy
Alias: Stealth Fighter
Aliance: Assassin
Description: Tall, and skinny with brown eyes and jet black long hair. He where's a white cloak, with his hood always up, and a white cloth covering his mouth. He's strong, and buff. He rarely talks except to his employers and his leader.
Personality: Cold and closed up. He doesn't socialize well.
History: He was born into an assassin group called The Chaos Assassins. His parents were killed at a young age and he swore vengance to their killer. He trained for twenty years till he was twenty-six. During his training he excelled in rank until he became he deputy of the Chaos Assassins' leader. After he was deputised he went out to find his parents killer. He found him in the outskirts of Damascus and killed him, by stabbing him repeatedly and then casting into a river. Sick with what he had done he drawed into himself and rarely spoke. He also came up with his own code.
1. Do not kill inocents unless hired to do so
2. Never give your true identity away
3. Always protect your Assassin bretheren
He began to deal with black market dealers, and cruel evil men. Especially slave herders.
Weopans:Short blade, many throwing knives, poisons, a chain that he throws up to catch something then swing to another place, daggers, and a hidden blade.
Luanguage: English, Italian, Chinese, and Russian
over a year ago SECONDSEEYER said…
name: Sage D'doreans
alias:servant of the reaper
aliance:the secondseeyers
description: 5'10, 219lbs. He has dark yellow eyes and midnight black spiked hair. He takes orders only from the reaper, and doesn't talk much
personality: dark and mysterious, not very social.
history: he comes from a line of assassins known as the secondseeyers, his father was the first one, but he was killed right in front of Sage, when he was a boy. He eventually betrayed the Reaper because he refused to free his fathers soul from damnation, ever since he has dedicated his life to hunting down the leaders of the nations of earth, in belief that they are wicked and greedy, and will kill anyone in his way.
weapons: Judgement, a sword that kills your soul when it cuts into you. massacre, a double bladed jet black claw attached to his arm. And Hellslinger, a small device on his wrist that causes a single jet of fire tooken from hell to burn his enemy's souls.
place of birth: Isle D'doreans, a small world destroyed millions of years ago.
kills: 1,052,863
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over a year ago SECONDSEEYER said…
ok, here is Sage D'doreans.
ok, here is Sage D'doreans.
over a year ago ShadowBlade6 said…
Name:Lucius Revendorsa
Born: July 26, 1654 Nottingham, England
Died: October 13, 1746 Masyaf, Syria
Alias: The Shadow
Aliance: Assassins
Discription: Average sized, skinny with blue eyes and blonde hair which goes down to the bottom his neck. He has a bit of wolf skin on his shoulder on his left. He generally has his hood up and a black cloth covering his mouth. He wears a necklace with a wolf on it. He is agile and quick. He isn't very chatty but does talk.
Personality: He acts like a everyday person does but when he is on the battle field is merciless and cold hearted.
History: He was born into a well off family of templars, but due to him being quick and agile they casted him out for being imperfect so he had to fend for himself and steal. One day he stole from a blacksmith and nearly got away but he got caught but some assassins found him recruited him into the order. When he was 28 he met another assassin called Emilia Canoy and they fell in love and married. Moved to Masyaf when he was 67.
Weapons: Hidden blade, Hook blade, Scimitar, Throwing knifes.
Wife: Emilia Canoy
Children: Richard Revendorsa, Thomas Revendorsa and Racheal Revendorsa.
Name:Lucius Revendorsa
Born: July 26, 1654 Nottingham, England
Died: October 13, 1746 Masyaf, Syria
over a year ago jason_bio_wolf said…
Name : Burnout Hamachi Azamakie-Hayabusa
Born : february,20th, 1212 ???,???
age : 29
Alias: Gosaku hamachi(bro) Danni azamakie (bro) Sakura haruno (wife)
Aliance: ten Ninja assassin Swordsmen of the Mist,Assassins,ninja,ANBU,akatsuki assassins,

Nickname(s) : "The ultimate-nin" "demon king" "demon legend" "legend killer" "hell raiser""the one man army"

Description : He is that kind of ninja assassin that no one or no assassin wants to **** with in their lives.the last thing his targets see before he kills them is the devil satan or some say that survived his assassination see is chest glow like he had a evil heart and he do thats why they call him him the demon king.the reason they call him the hell raiser because through his life at 9 years-old he watched the other assassins reek havoc on villages and towns then at 13 burnout he joined the other assassins to reek more havoc then one dark foggy night there in the mist in his blue eyes he saw his crew and bestfriends assassins gets killed by higher kingdom rank assassins and black coal and red beamin swords that can be seen 2 miles away the enemy killed his friends that night,the assassins and knights surrounded him and they said "have any last words you pathetic kid and then his eye turned to rage there was no more cute blue eyes there he had blood thirsty red eyes that were ment to kill any body that looks at him he,took out his 10 foot guillotine in a blink of a eye he slashes the knights and assassain in half that leave them there dead wth no trace of evidence who killd the the higher rankers. when burnout turned 19 he found out what kingdom organization killed his assassin family,it took him 9 month at the begining of the year to get to the anarch kingdom that night he did some thing that no other assassin can do, there that night at the kingdom the clouds were black filled with smoke and ashes and there you see a hole kingdom on fire people running out the kingdom on fire and there he found his mom and dad burned to death and crushed underneathe the rubble and then he walk through the fire unharmed but he was bear chest nothin on his upper body no clothing and he was mad at him self then he attempted suicide but he never died that was the power of satan a gift from him exactly. at 27 a horrible thing happen to 20 high rank kingdoms they were all destroyed on the same night few of the was flooded,caught on fire,tsunami,tornado rushing, and horrible unstoppable hurricanes happened on the same night at 8:00pm and ended at 11:00pm and only 6 families survive the horrible destruction and there they saW the red eyed blood thirsty demon HELL RAISER " BURNOUT HAMACHI AZAMAKIE-HAYABUSA!!!! an thats why he have unlimited kills

Weapons: Hidden blade, Hook blade, Scimitar, Throwing knifes NAGINATA,KAMA,Kyoketshu-Shogei Knife,Kusarigama Knife,Ribbed Shell Rapier Companion Dagger
kills : 999,999,999,999,999,999,999
Language : English, Japanese, Italian

over a year ago jason_bio_wolf said…
burnout wanted dead for $$$$100,000,000,000,000
over a year ago fienzeauditore said…
big smile
1503:Fienze was kidnapped by templars in masyaf and to be hung in the tower . lucky enough he broke out the rope and beat the templars up. he went to the assassin tower and find another set of hidden blades and the sword of altair.he managed to get A horse and escape to Marsala .A desert city in europe he find his grandfather he was 87 years old and still the mentor
. his brother and sister went back to Varese at fancy city. his grandfather said walk with me And talk to me
Fienze said:I was managed to escape masyaf and be here with you to train me more. his grandfather said : well i,m to old to train but i,m will tell you how to do it.SO his grandfATHER gave 600,000 florins to repair and buy.his grandfather said get a new suit a new color's a picture of the armour. his grandfather saID that is a nice piece of armourit was turkish armour. fienze said I must stay here in Marsala to get more information about the templars about why they killed my mother and father.his grandfather had a hideout and it was full weapons and list targets they they need to kill. his grandfather said look through the arsenale(arsenal) take what ever you need . so fienze took a crossbow double blades a poison blade a gun attact to the blade poison dart throwing knives also the syrian sword that was held by altair.fienze i,m off to kill alanzo bruno he killed my parents now it is time for him to pay fienze said. so fienze travel long into anothe city name Sicily .were his killer will be. so he arrived .P.S i know thats ezio but i,m pretend thats fienze.
over a year ago Elizio said…
This is Me Assasin'S..

Name: Elizio (thats also my real name)

Age: 22

Story of her life: she was born in Italy her family died since she was 13 (like in my life for realz my family did die for real)she got use to living by her own and partner up with Ezio and Altair

Friends: Ezio,Altair

Thing she will never do: surrender

Wish: Have Faith in everyone
This is Me Assasin'S..

Name: Elizio (thats also my real name)

Age: 22

Story of her life: she
over a year ago travisp123 said…
Name:Travis Patterson
Born:12th December 1791
Death:7th May 1888
Occupation:Victorian Edinbrugh

When he was 16 he joined the assassin order and his first contract kill was to kill Queen Victoria he succeeded and he instantly became a master assassin the story the skips 2 years and and he was asked to kill Ebenezer Scrooge he succeeded but was wounded in the process in 1888 and died at the age 97 because of old age

Weapons:double hidden blade,hidden gun,poison blade
Contract Kills:786
Free Kills:0
Name:Travis Patterson
Born:12th December 1791
Death:7th May 1888
over a year ago ghost117 said…

name:unkown born:unkown age:21 allience:darkbrotherhood nickname:infiniteX description:nobody realy knows only those closest to him all ppl know is that the poor children look up and thank him and rich ppl fear him and he not evil or good hes both,he helps the poor and /gets contracted assasinations. weapons:hidden blade,hook blade,throwingknives,sword companion:Deliah Blckheart(darkbrotherhoodassasin)and a hawk kills:losttrack language:english,japanese,russian,italian

name:unkown                                                        born:unkown
over a year ago ghost117 said…
heres deliah
heres deliah
over a year ago ghost117 said…
big smile
and my hawk
and my hawk
over a year ago ghost117 said…
p.s.infinite x's hook blade is a hidden hook blade and i know i mest up a little on his story and all tht except pics

over a year ago lbw505 said…
name: Alessandru D'Amato

Alliance : The Assassins of Malta, The Ottomon Turks

born 1540, died 1632

description: Tall and has brown hair and green eyes, he has a scar across his left eye and has one on his chest.

earlier work: Responsible for the assassination of Jean Parisot de la Vallette, the 8th granmaster of the Knights Hospitaller of Malta, he and his fellow assassins also assisted the Ottomon Turks in the great seige of Malta.

weapons: Hidden Blade, crossbow, hidden grapple hook (invented by the Maltese Assassins)throwing knives, broad sword and a curved dagger.

languages: Turkish, English and Maltese

Kills: 300

History: Was born into the Assassin order, both parents were murdered by the Knights Hospitaller , his lover was also murdered by the Knights.

MasterofRiddles commented…
you do know the ottomans lost the siege of malta... over a year ago
over a year ago xDISTURBED1x said…
Name: Mateo Bayani
Born: April 28, 1689
Alias: "Crimson"
Affiliations: Assassins
Description: He is very tall, standing in at 6'6. He is also very agile & an Assassin who stalks his victoms in the day to gather information, then kills them at night. Stealth is his specialty, but is also well versed with a Spadone Long Sword.
Weapons: Dual Hidden Blades, Spadone Long Sword, & Crossbow.
Kills: 124
Language: English & Italian.
Name: Mateo Bayani 
Born: April 28, 1689
Alias: "Crimson"
Affiliations: Assassins 
Description: He is
over a year ago Maxpaynekillers said…
Name:Cesanio Fetedson
Born:June,16,1734 Venice,italy
Alias:Lofansio Brotherhood
Description:He had a 3th leader from there brotherhood and he had black hair he had white jacket and his family was killed by the templars in Florence.
Weapons:Small swords,sword,hidden blade(dual),Crossbow,throwing Knives,smoke grenade.
over a year ago gidthekid said…
Name: Viktor Belmont

Born: April 19th, 1915

Age: 28

Alias: The Reaper

Alliance: Dark assassins

Occupation: assassin

Personality: quiet but slightly morbid when in conversation. Not a people person

Description: Muscular and average height, but extremely quick and agile. Has short, white hair and has a black face mask. He has a large, fur-lined hood and has large belts around his mid-section.

Story: At age 13 he ran away and joined a group of templar thieves, Learning their ways. His rite of passage was to kill the warden of the prison that held his father. Upon meeting the warden, He learned that the warden was an assassin. He then realized the horrible doings of the templar order. He immediately joined the warden and became an assassin. He is now known as "The Reaper" for his killings in the name of preserving the assassin order.

Here he is:
Name: Viktor Belmont

Born: April 19th, 1915

Age: 28

Alias: The Reaper

Alliance: Dark assassins

over a year ago dollarfordonut said…
Name:Vladimer Ames
Born:November 19th, 1429 Moscow, Russia
Nickname: "Mr Death"
Weapons:Double hidden blade, Tomahawk, Short blade, Double swords, Throwing knives, Crossbow
Aliance:The Insurection
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over a year ago mentorassassin said…
how do i make my own assassin
over a year ago Vinny980320 said…
Name:Vinchenzo Cargnazzo di Catania
Born:1476, March, 20, Italy(Sicily) Catania
Died:1550, August, 15 Hungary, Győr
Alias: The Fighter
Story: Vinchenzo Cargnacco born in the year of 1476 march 20
in sicily catania.his mother died 3 month after his birth and his father was muderd by templars when he was 3. After that his uncle raised him but he escaped from the villa at the age of 14.for 2 years he was living i nthe shadows alone and payed a few visits to the brothels. at the age of 15 he got into a fight with his nemesis and got a scar aboev his lip. at the age of 16 his uncle's assassins found him and grabbed his arm and put a blade into his throat.they brought him back to his uncle who revealed himself to be an assassin and started to train vinchenzo. Vinchenzo was learning fast and defeated the other assassins fast and bcuz of it he was named Fighter. at the age of 21 at his birthday his younger brother was mudered in front of him but he could kill the attackers but lost his brother. Do to his fast skill he became an assassin fast at the age of 23. at 1500 he was sent to kill il lupo who was at sicily at that time. he failed to kill him and rigth after il lupo escaped to rome.he was full of rage after his failiur and started to look for his family's killers hunting them down 1 by 1. his mentor was killed in the year 1503 so vinchenzo became the leader at the age of 27(if i mcounted right). in 1510 he finally assassinated the last target. and after that he dissapeared from sicily and rebuilt his legacy in hungary.
Motto: "Those who have dishonoured my family will loose they life to my blade"
Most used sentece:Riposa In Pace.
Weapons: He was using light weapons such as like daggers the Cargnazzo sword which is now the property of my real family. his hidden gun and his hidden blades.
Kills:the only ppl who know this is dead.
Language: Italian, hungarian english
(when i said his sword is the property of my family i meant like this isnt my fantasy he was my ancestor and he really was a muderer but bcuz the assassins didnt existed there ive decided to put him there and i was named after him as vinny but the family's name is still cargnazzo)
over a year ago Percy99Jackson said…
Name: John Kenway
Born 1736 usa Death 1838 masyaf
Alias: The White Devil
Affilation: Assassins
Description: White assassin cloak assassin insigna belt White trousers and brown leather boots. a bow and arrows dual pistols tomahawks [small axes] with the blade shaped like the insigna of the assassins a knife throwing knifes a hook and hidden blade.

kills: 600,000 nobles and templars of the world

became a assassin at 17 after his parents were killed
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Name: John Kenway
Born 1736 usa Death 1838 masyaf
Alias: The White Devil
Affilation: Assassins
over a year ago deathsie said…
born: Jan 14 1997
code-name: the rouge
affiliation: Assassins
weapons: a compound bow set to 120 24 arrows hidden blade duel pistols and a SMG all silenced.
Description: always where a black hood with the inside green it is a 2-way jacket, black baggy pants also 2-way and green on the inside, wears a necklace with a yin yang sign on it next to it is the assassins insignia, wheres white joggers
story: originated from Australia but with very wealthy parents on there way to Russia there jet crashed David was age 13 at that time and he was left with a fortune and being so young many people tried to get on his good side most Templar some assassins people on both sides are now dead because he vowed that he would find the people that supercharger his parents jet and made the engens blow he was with a rouge group of assassins at age 14and a halve they where attacked my Templar's for no reason and his teammates ended up dead so he joined the assassins but only works alone that is how he got the name the rouge form working alone and being part of a rouge group only 2 members of the order know this the person the brought him in and the only surveying Templar.
over a year ago webslasher01 said…
Name:Chris Miles
Born:1st October 2012
History:Child of Desmond Miles and Lucy Stillman,conceived during AC2,Lucy somehow gave birth to him only a few months after he was conceived.
Outfit:Black jeans with blue hoodie with an assassin insignia on the shoulders and a peak,black boots,Black and blue gloves and a pendant in the shape of assassin insignia made from aluminium.
Alliance:assassins.US military
Alias:La morte dalle ombre(death from the shadows)
Equipment:hidden blades in braces on the wrists,hidden blades in toe and sole of each boot,throwing knifes concealed in gloves and dual curved combat knives/daggers.
Age:currently 1 month away from 13.
Information:raised by his father to destroy all templars he is easily angered and few templars have lived to see him.Nothing Else Is Known.
over a year ago wolf6191 said…
born;april 28 2000
description;i may be young but because of what happend im who i am i fight for good and like good people so become my friend im nat always happy but im not a ......
mood;happy mad sometimes angry
born;april 28 2000
description;i may be young but because of what happend im who i a
over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
heres my newest one (NOTE! this assassin is one of my ancestors but he was poet)

Name: Antoni Lange

Born: 1861 Warsaw, Poland

Death: March 17, 1929 Warsaw, Poland

Affiliation: Assassins

Description: He wears a Black Assassin Coat, White buttoned Shirt, Black Pants, Black Shoes, wears a tie, occasionally wears Glasses, & Black Gloves.

Weapons: Twin Daggers, Hidden Blade, Handgun, & Cane with Hidden Sword.

Kills: 672

Language: English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Indian, American, Serbian, Egyptian, & Polish.

History: Little is known about Lange, even the date of Birth is a Mystery, but he joined the Order when he was 19, after that he was a very skilled assassin, sometimes when he doesn't have anyone on his Hit List he calmly writes around a Lake, & He was the only other assassin that knew how to open Altair's Tomb.

heres a pic of him:
heres my newest one (NOTE! this assassin is one of my ancestors but he was poet)

Name: Antoni Lange
over a year ago cyberius said…
name: Solitus ?????
age: 41
birth: 1200, ?????, Rhodes, Greece
Alias: The White Fox. (due to his white robes)
No alliances
His parents died when he was 6, and then he became an assassin, been assassinating since then.

Description: White robes, Light tan skin, whiskers on lower face, cheeks and chin.

weapons: Hidden blades, wolf blades( his signature weapons, that are made from large wolf fangs. always with him) throwing knives.

Kills: 100,000,2330
over a year ago fongb said…
Name: Lee Zhou

Born: China, 1515 age 17

Alliance: Assassin's

Known as: The Shadow Bull

Weapons: Double Hidden Blade, Sword, Bow (50 arrows), Wings (attached to cape), Hidden Hook, Steel Glove, Hidden Gun, Dual Pistol, Shield.

Clothing: A Black Robe, lined with grey. Grey trousers with a black leather belt, black leather boots and grey and black gloves. When in a large fight, or when assassinating, he wears a bull mask (grey horns, brown face, red eyes) and when in public wears his hood. His belt buckle has his mask in front of the assassin logo. This is also on his shield, and armour.

Appearance: Long black hair and a beard that grows from a chin-strap as a teen, to a large beard as he reaches 22. A long scar from his throat to his rib-area. 6ft

Info: He grew up as an orphan in the Mongolian area of China. When his orphanage was shut down due to a lack of funding when he was 16 he sought out his only relative, his step-brother. When his brother explained to him about how the whole family were assassin's, and that he was put in an orphanage to keep him safe. He was then given a place, a time, a robe, and a hidden blade.
When he arrived, he had his initiation and was given his first assignment. Kill Hex Xulu, his childhood friend. He was then given 1, 000, 000 Yuan. He killed his friend, but he had already taken the lives of innocent people. There was 1 person he recognised. An old teacher, wearing a bull mask and bull armour. He then took the body to his family. It was their uncle, Xi. He had been watching him the whole time. He then took his uncles armour, and, after a few weeks, was known as The Shadow Bull, his uncles name. When he wasn't on missions around China, and the world, fighting Templars, and of course, the Chinese Emperor, he was training new family members, and new assassin's around the world. He eventually found more than Ezio or Altair, ever could, Becoming the greatest assassin.

His Brother:

over a year ago AltairEzio22 said…
Name: Cesanio fedestson
Born: April 2 ,1732 Florence,italy
Age: 17
Alias: Night shadow
Aliance: Assassin's
description: his mother and father and brother's were killed by templars and he seek for vengeance and he join the night shadow assassin guild and he was a master assassin now and he killed the one who killed his family he go to venice Masyaf forli Roma Acre and many locations and when his 56 he figure out that the assassin's thought that he killed there men and he tried to run because they thought they betray them and he run as fast as he can but in 78 he was a mentor now he is kind from people but in 87 he had been attack by the templars and he got still the moves but in 89 he died in honor and he died in front his family picture and he is the legendary assassin
Weapons: hidden blade, hookblade, hidden gun, hidden flame liquid, throwing knives, sword, knife, poison blade, hidden wire blade

over a year ago Xenok15 said…
Name: Shinra Emozi
Age: 18
Nickname: The Black Cat
Appearance: Black tank, black combat boots, sometimes dark shoes,black pants and cloak/coat.Black hair, Top is short and under is long if that makes sense. Onyx cat-like eyes although they shine in the moonlight making them have a silver like glow.
Bio: Her father died when she was 3 and mother murdered when she was 5. Assassin's came to take her in being as her parents were allies to the Assassins. She has been trained basically her whole childhood and exceeds in blades. She went on her first mission at the age 11 killing a Templar and many guards with no problem. She gets along with most assassins at the guild and owns a cat who's always on her shoulder. Shinra can have a sick sense of humor but is considerate most of the time having a sarcastic side. As for her parents death...she isn't intent on revenge, she sees no reason in doing so.
Contracted kills: 230 Free kills: 499
Favored/owned weapons: throwing knives, hidden blades, onyx katana with silver hilt, kunai
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, and Russian
over a year ago malfato said…
Name: Malfato spawn
Born: 1478
Alias: The devils man
alliance: Templars
Description: Black Doctors suit with my own version of mercury and syringe. Has killed more than i've cured. kiils contracted:500: kills for fun: 800
over a year ago hexord said…
Name: Ryzana Shiradana
Born: July 5, 1970, Greece, Athens
Alias: "blood falcon"
Affilation: hunters, assassin's

Description: medium height, a bit thin but strong mainly swift, he has brown streaks in his black hair.
he wears a black under tunic like ezio's, a smaller white tunic over that but he has a very dark hooded cape. Ryzana only wears leather armor for less weight. His belt has an insignia on it with raised spikes that looks like falcon wings but under that is a sash made of snow wolf hyde. His whole family died but his sister. He is very calm but agitated when being followed then kills that person unless if he knows it's friendly.

weapons: one small flintlock, two swords, two daggers, a throwing knife, a hidden blade, grapple blade (sort of like a hidden blade but it has two blades and is attatched on the top of your arm), spear, bow,
spiked chain.
kills: 500
wanted dead for: $0 (notoriety brought down and all the people who made his fine are now dead his fine was $400,000)
over a year ago redepic31 said…
Name: Victor Longstride
Born: 1819 in York, Ontario, Canada in the confederation age of Canada
Age: 26
Alias: "The gold climber."
Affiliations: Assassins
Description: Muscular build, short black hair, scar on left hand, blue eyes,
Clothes:.Assassins hood, almost looks like the guy from ac 3 but with red insted of blue
Weapons: Tomahawk, riffle, knife, hiden blade, noose
Kills: 12457 templars and 13 civilians
Languages: English, Japeneese, italian
Goal: Kill all templars involved in making canada a british coloney
Notes: Almost accidently killed John A. MacDonald
Language: English
over a year ago JoshyMoz said…
Name :Faik Kardeşlik Koruyucusu
Alias : "Protector" , "Hawk"
Birth : 1/8/1321, Turkey
Heritage : Turkish / American
Eye Colour : Green
Hair Colour : Black
Scars : Across left eye
Motto : Kanı ellerimde tarafından dökülüyor O, kendi kaderini bilir.
Clothes :
Brown boots
Noble Attire
A white hood,
Belt with assassins insignia
Multiple pockets
Red / Black cape with golden trimming
Red sash
Black lower-face cover.
Armour : From the ancient tomb of his ancestor, Sultan Mehmed II. Broken from fall, repaired and redesigned.
Weapons :
Roman Longsword
Double Hidden Blade / Hookblade
Stilletto Dagger
Smoke Bombs
Throwing Knifes
Dual Pistols
Story :
Raised in a wealthy home, his father and mother were assassins. When the Templars came to their house to kill them, his father fought them off, allowing Faik and his mother to escape, and his father was never seen again, presumed dead. His mother made him train everyday for 17 years, making his very strong, and then she told him about the brotherhood. Now he understood the training. He found the tomb, and aquired the armour. He aquired the clothes and weapons, and he was ready.
Contracted Kills : 328 / Free Kills : 539
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over a year ago Bundologus said…
big smile
Name: Piruz Hegedűs
Alias: The Whip, later The Hermit
Born: May 4th, 1509
Died: ?? ??, 1590
Affiliation: Assassin Order, Ottoman guild, Hungarian Guild

Description: He was a tall, dark haired, blue eyed man. His genie was renowned throughout the European Assassin guilds. He never wore a beard until his hermitage. In his youth, he was renowned of his sharp tongue, and joyful behavior. He found something worth of making fun of in every situation. It is said that when the Templars burned his house down he stated that he's sad only because of the two barrels of Italian wine he'd been keeping in the cellar.

History: He was born to a Turkish mother and a Hungarian father, both of whom were assassins under Yusuf Tazim in Constantinople around the time of Ezio's visit. In 1513, when Ezio returned to the city to settle the guild's remaining businesses, Piruz met with the renowned master. This made a great imprint on him. For his remaining life, he considered Ezio his role-model.
He was raised to be an Assassin, and he was very proud of it. In 1535 he reached the rank of Master Assassin by defeating 10 Templar knights all at once, and retrieving a map containing the location of a Piece of Eden. Dogan, the leader of the Ottoman guild, promoted him to Master Assassin, though his feat was merely of luck. He was rinding on the outskirt of Constantinople when he accidentally noticed the disguised Templars. He hadn't had a good fight in months, so he decided to cause a little trouble to them. He never thought that the ten scholars will put up that hell of a fight. He almost lost his left arm but managed to kill the last one of them and claim their treasure. Int he same year, he was dispatched to Hungary along some other Assassins to make preparations for the upcoming Turkish invasion of the West.
Upon their arrival in 1536 they found the Hungarian Guild in peril. They met with the leader, a man named János Berkevics. It turned out that he was a Templar double agent, who's job was to lay waste to the Hungarian Guild from inside. He set up a trap, and the Turkish delegation was decimated. Only three of them remained but they managed to fend the Templars off, and capture Berkevics. Unfortunately, he died of fever before they could interrogate him. Being the only Master Assassin left in Hungary at the time, Piruz took on the role of guild leader, and started rebuilding from scratch. He finally felt himself to be worthy of Ezio's memory.
In the next 50 years the guild prospered under his leadership, and successfully aided the Turkish conquest. He Married a Hungarian woman and had 3 children, two boys, Miklós and Attila, and a girl, Mária. At the age of 70 after the death of his wife he entrusted the leadership of the guild onto his daughter, and moved into hermitage near Dubrovnik. When Mária asked him, why doesn't he remain in the country, he just joked about missing the smell of the sea for more years than he could count. Though he seemingly severed all connections with the outside world, the pigeon tenders reported unknown birds arriving and leaving in the coop with sealed containers addressed to Mára once or twice a year.

Weaponry: Hidden blade, hook blade, bullwhip, shortsword, flintlock pistol, bombs

Outfit: Until arriving in Hugary he wore the traditional Turkish Master Assassin armor, but it was badly damaged during the ambush set up by Berkevics. After that, he wore a black jacket and pants similar to a hussar uniform with black galloon, a dark blue sash around his waist, and a long, black, hooded cape, whith ottoman-orange-colored inside.

Kills: N/A

Spoken Languages: Hungarian, Turkish, German, English, Latin, Serbian, Romanian, Russian
over a year ago pato1221 said…
Name: Alex Farley or Cetanwakuwa
Meaning: "Warrior, Brave, Attacking Hawk"
Born: December 21, 1751, Valley Forge.
Death: March 5, 1833
Alias: The Silent Hawk
Affiliation: Assassins, Freemasons
Story: Born to an British Merchant and Mohawk mother, the story of Alex Farley begins. During childbirth, his mother died. His father left before his birth. Alex was left to his Aunt, and his cousin Connor Kenway. His childhood was very hard. His tribe was constantly being disturbed by British forces. His cousin and his aunt were all very close. With no father figure, Alex and Connor were the ones going to the forest and hunting for food. They had to train themselves and develop their skills. The first time the cousins went to the nearest town, they met George Washington and his wife Martha. George took the boys under his wing and over the years, taught them the ways of a soldier and freemasonry. He introduces them into an elite group of soldiers called, the Assassins. Alex learns how to be Assassins and how to use new weapons. When the Revolutionary War broke out, Alex and Connor joined the Colonists. Their tribe joined the British forces and Alex was considered a traitor. During the war he killed important leaders of the British Army, led troops to battle, and participated in major battles. After the Colonies won, he was not done. He had to still fight enemies in the colonies. He is then In England hoping to kill King George he gets into his room and barely hits him with a poison blade. He hears people coming and does not get the blade completely in. He returns to the Colonies. Alex then married Anne Smith and had five kids. He trained his kids to be Assassins, hoping they will follow him. Alex then died in 1833, because of old age.
Description: Very athletic, 5'11, Muscular, Average weight, Hooded white/black/blue dress uniform with navy lining, thin brown belt with assassin insignia, black/brown boots, brown leggings.
Skills: Free-Runner, Swimmer, Skilled Fighter, Can make small transportation device.
Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Hidden Blade, Poison Blade, Duel Flintlock Pistols, Can wield Musket, Sawtooth Sword, Tomahawk, Homemade Gas Bombs, Throwing Knives.
Biggest Victim: King George III
Language: English, Spanish, ASL, Mandarin, Native American, Russian.
Fun Fact!: Stabbed King George with weak Poison Blade, leading to the King's madness over the years and ultimately his death.
over a year ago Fang76 said…
Name: Fang Tahay
Born: 20th February 1574
Speaks: Italian, Russian, Irish, Swedish, Japanese & English
Nickname: Dragonwolf
Alias: The Nightstorm Rebellion
Aliance: Assassins
Description: 6,0 ,174lbs. has dark blue eyes,long black hair,takes his orders from the dragonwolf god, talks rarely, wears a black hooded cloak, black clothes, has a blue &red bandana around his left arm and a necklace with a hawk on it
Personality: acts like ezio but speaks less
Weapons: Dual hook blades,dual scimitars, dual pistols etc
Kills: 666
fiance:Violet Kortana
History: His parents were killed when he was 10 after that he became an assassin at 13 and has been one ever since nothing is known about before that except he fell in love with his fiance at 8 years old.
place of birth: isle draconian lupus (island of the dragonwolf)

over a year ago ConnorKenway said…
Name: Tobin La-Shin
Born: October 31, No One Knows Date
Recruited Into Assassins on July 5th.
Children: None
Weapons: Rope Dart, Dagger, Shortsword, Hidden Blade, Hook Blade, Hidden Gun, Crossbow, Flintlock, Bow, and a Tomahawk.
Nickname: The Robin of Faith
Alliance: Assassins
Clothing: Green Trench Coat with Steel Pauldrons, Steel Gauntlets, Steel Greaves, Steel Hood, 3 Satchels, Quiver, Parachute Bag, Ammo Pouch, Folded up Da Vinci Glider, and a Ruby Mask.
Killed 24 Templar Captains, 504 Templar Knights, and a Assassin for taunting him.
Death: January 6th
Cause of Death: The brother of the assassin parachuted onto his glider then poisoned him with a dagger but, then he crashed into the sea with the brother killing them both never to be found.
Info: Somesay The Armor of Faith (Armor Worn by Tobin La-Shin) Never runs out of Ammo or Poison and Medicine due to the sea he crashed into no one has found the Armor of Faith but is now worth $900,790,460,210,500,000
over a year ago ConnorKenway said…
And his languages are English, Spanish, French, and Italian.
Parents: Zabhn-Puy (Father) and Lou Lebu (Mother) His father left his mother when he was born saying these words- I don't want a son you filthy pig! Leaving his mother in tears he wanted vengeance he then found his father surrounded with templars guarding him about 20-30 he then climbed to the top of a tower glided over his father onto a tree branch then threw his rope dart into his fathers neck hanging him then taking the guards out with his bow shooting a powerful arrow through 7 of their skulls then taking out the rest with his tomahawk and dagger, soon after his mother died from a templar swearing to kill every templar he sees. Giving him a bounty of $560,000 then changing to $10,000,000 after the other kills.
over a year ago Squeebo said…
Lucrezia Trovatello da Roma (given name)
Born: Found in Rome as a baby in 1481.
Alias: “Pagliaccio” meaning 'Clown' because she is so clumsy.
Description: She stands at an average height, and is slim from the assassin training. She has a round face, with cut-short ruddy-brown hair, and light-brown eyes.
She wears the apprentice outfit in plain grey, patched and sewn many times.
Weapons: She has been disallowed weapons except in training, and those that are given to her are blunt.
Kills: 0 – Almost herself on many occasions.
Language: Italian. (Reads: English and French)

She was homeless and sick when she witnessed an assassination, she met the assassin's eyes and promptly passed out.
She was taken into the Brotherhood to recover, and promised that she would repay them for their kindness.
However she is hopeless as an assassin, she mostly stays in the hideout doing menial, non-dangerous tasks. She will train and attempt to spar but more often then not cause an accident.
She's quite smart, despite her clumsiness, and often finds herself helping in missions that need a little thought.
Due to this, Ezio keeps her in the Brotherhood.
over a year ago Mullac09 said…
Name: Alistair Le roux Du champagne
Alias: "The blade of Champagne", "The Shadow of Paris"
Born: 1400-1456
Weapons: Hidden Blade, Various types of explosives (mostly smoke and incendiary), Light and fast swords, knives, bow and arrows, hidden rope blade, gargoyle climbing gloves and poison
Armor: Starting with only leather, his armor has increased significantly with the times and he has adapted through many different types, including metal, plate, and ancient.
Clothing: Wearing clothes similar to Ezio Auditiorre in 1500 (assasin's creed brotherhood) but with a covering over his mouth to protect against being distracted by Paris's nauseating odors.
Physical appearance: cleanly shaven, head of unruly and messy jet black hair, blue eyes, and a scar over his right eye.


Alistair was a young orphan from the country side of France who was then raised in a foster home in champagne. He had nothing left from his old home except a key, a letter and a note explaining to the guards where the boy should go. He was raised until the age of 16, at this time he discovered his parents letter and key. He found that the key only opened one room in the house, which was an attic. Inside the attic was a chest left by his father. He looked inside the chest and found an assasin's robe and a hidden blade. In the room was his foster parents old family sword, a rapier, and he took that as well. His foster parents had always treated him like a slave and only the family's 2 sons were kind to him. He decided to leave that evening and took the letter his father had given him, which contained the name of a man who could help him in Paris, and he said a heartwarming good buy to his foster brothers and stealing his foster fathers horse, which the father treated badly. he had taken a pouch with him containing his foster mothers jewelry and money as well as his foster fathers. He had also found throwing knives and a dagger with the clothes but he keeps the knives in the pouch because he didn't know how to use them. It takes him about a year before he reaches Paris and he has made a name for himself, The Blade of Champagne, through various political and contracted assassinations. He reaches Paris and meets the man who will help him and who he will help: Nicholas Flamel

Language: French, English, Italian, Latin, German, Turkish

thanks for reading and there's more so tell me if you want to hear it
over a year ago Mullac09 said…
oh and please tell me with an email
over a year ago Mullac09 said…
sorry made a mistake with my guy. he was born in 1485 and was inducted into the assassin's order in the year 1500 as an apprentice for the Italian assassin's corps based in Paris (the Italian corps had many areas in which it operated). He then started building up the French assassin's corps, under the instruction of his master Ezio, and in 1502 he become the master of the french assassins.
over a year ago Mullac09 said…
he also was given the second hidden blade by ezio, to show that he was a master assasin and a guild master. he also used pistols eventually, poison darts and the hidden gun. The hidden gun was placed on his first hidden blade (left hand) and his hidden rope blade could now be shot like a grappling hook and is just a very strong, quite long rope with a blade at the end. Gargoyle climbing gloves are gloves like the metal climbing glove in assassin's creed brotherhood but in the fingers of the gloves there are hidden needle like blade the can hold poison, but usually dont, and help with climbing and fist fighting
over a year ago kentei290 said…
Name: Kentei Yumiko Lee Akimoto
Born: june 30th 1199 in Florence , Italy
Died: september 22nd 1316 at age 117 in Malaga , Spain
Race: Italian , Japanese and Cherokee indian
Alias: la silenziosa volpe ( the silent fox)
earlier years equipment ... Yumiko in his younger years wore a white robe with a red sash around his waist , Metallic vambraces , pauldrons , chest guard and greaves . but they were made with a very light rare metal ... the metal altogether weighed about 2 pounds. he carried 20 throwing knives , 2 poison viles , one 6-inch blade knife , a 3 ft long blade , 2 hidden blades, a bow and arrow and 4 smoke bombs.Older Years he wore a very long black robe with a red sash around his waist ...a cape and both outfits had a hood he carried a 3 ft. long sword and a 6-inch blade he was wanted dead or alive for 100,000,000,000,000 florins

over a year ago kentei290 said…
and he speaks french , italian , spanish , japanese, and english
over a year ago monkeyman99 said…
Name:Alessandro falduto
Born: 1745 Florence Italy
over a year ago blackbow324 said…
Name: Lorentz Marenchi
Nickname: The Black Bowman
Born:14th August 1749
Died:15th August 1800
Faction: Assassins
Description:Tall slim with black hair and goatee with scar going through his eye.
Clothes:white robes with the wooden armor on shoulders and chest with the assassin symbol on it.
Weapons: double hidden blade bow and arrow and sword and dagger
History: Lorento was born into the Templar and was forced to kill assassins but all the while when his parents thought he was killing assassins he was helping them until one day his father caught him wearing his assassin robes and he locked himself in his room and took his sword and dagger and then his father and brothers threw knives into his door until they were able to break down his door but Lorentz wasn't there he was half way across the rooftops and then he was gone he was in the assassins guild where he got his ring finger cut off and hidden blade put on.He also met a young woman called Katrina Calfucci and they were happily married.
Language:Italian English German Spanish
Name: Lorentz  Marenchi
Nickname: The Black Bowman
Born:14th August 1749
Died:15th August 1800
over a year ago NexGenHero said…
Name: Xelos Minlesent
Born: (Unknown)
Age: (Unknown)
Allies: None
Aliance: None
Nickname(s): The Final Assassin, The Dark One, Bloodsheed, The Assassin of Death, The Assassin Lord.
Bio: Not much is Known about the this mysterious assassin. He is one of the deadliest assassins in the world. He doesn't have any allies or works for any faction. Not many are able to see this man and not see their own blood after words. People have discribed him as being a muscular man wearing assassins clothing ( Like Altiar, Ezio, Connor, ect,) except they are colored Blood red with Black markings at the tips and a golden and silver insignia placed at the breast plate and weilding a special sword scaberd with strange demonic markings encarved on it. He is a danger to the brotherhood of assassins and the templars alike is not to be triffeld with without any sort of allies helping out find him. His last words before he silences his victims for good is known to be these, "As you die in the dark of the morning star, I shall rise and all shall fall silent." " I am the only and true assassin of my kind!" and " Your death means nothing to my ultimate goal." All assassin is advised to avoid him at all costs.
Weapons: Hidden Blades, Hook Sword, Poison Arrows, Crossbow, Poison Dagger, Smoke Bombs, Long Sword, Short Sword, Blood Haze (Blood spewing bombs rumored to be made from his victims blood), and an unknown weapon said to be made by himself that can graple enemies from affar.
Kills: Uncountable
Language: All of the known languages of the world.
Major Enemy: All Assassins. All Temlpars.
over a year ago strumzw said…
Assassin > Azelio Castañeda Auditore
Born > Oct. 15, 1450: Monteriggioni/Villa Auditore
Death > June 24, 1540: Syria, Masyaf
Tools > Hidden Blade; Poison, Pistol, Double Blade; Extension Blade, Bow & Arrow, Throwing Knives, Invisibility, Dual Flintlock Pistol, Dual Stiletto
Appearance > Leather Greaves, Missaglias Chest Guard, Missaglias Pauldrons, Missaglias Vambraces (All Green)
Affiliations > Assassins
Classification > Archer Assassin, Master Assassin, Mentor

Biography > He was born in Villa Auditore, during the Renaissance. His father, Mario Auditore. His mother, Maria Castañeda. He lived a wealthy, healthy life. His people loved him so. He was a great honor to the Auditore family. When he was 5, his father told him about the Creed. Then on, he did not believe in the Creed, but lived it. When he was 10, he met a girl. Her name was Beatrice. He loved her so much, until the Templars took him captive. for about 10 years, his father saved him from being beheaded by Cesare Borgia. From then on, he was in his father's dept. After his father was killed during the Templar's attack on Villa Auditore. He could not help but to just act useless, so he depended on his cousin. Ezio Auditore, to save Villa Auditore. Azelio's age, when he died was 90 years old, he had the title of being the Black and White Assassin. Head of Masyaf. Died in Masyaf. Died an Assassin, an Auditore.
Assassin > Azelio Castañeda Auditore
Born > Oct. 15, 1450: Monteriggioni/Villa Auditore
Death > Ju
over a year ago DRAKELORD said…
specialty:assassination spec ops
j.t as he has his name now once was a kid like all kids liked fun and played all day but that all changed when templars attacked his home and killed his parents he vowed vengence and lived on the street untill the assassins found him and he has trained from the age of 13 to 20 and is master assassin he now looks like this i am j.t and vow vengence
specialty:assassination spec ops
j.t as he has his name now o
over a year ago DRAKELORD said…
if you want to here more plz tell me plz comment
over a year ago DRAKELORD said…
oh yeah he is da best cause he has hi techtime travvelling powers and invisibility and teloportation and can walk through walls only with suit and all weapons apper by imagination no matter what from rock to nuke
over a year ago Chazer12 said…
Name: Kasmac SanBor
Born: 2022, North American Union
Death:2111 North Amerigoian States
Eye color:Hazel/Blue (his eye color changes depending on the lighting)
Hair color: Black
Alias: Adam SanBor (son), Desmond Miles (grandfather), Alexandra SanBor (wife), Adam Zaknuli (close friend)
Alliances: Assassins

Nicknames: "H.T.T.T" (Hazard to the Templars), "Ezio Auditore of the modern age"

Bio: Born into a war he didn't know anything about, having his house burned down at the age of 5, and joining the assassins when he was only 7, Kasmac SanBor had a pretty rough childhood. The American government changed the name of America to he North American Union in the year 2014, as well as put v-chips in everyone living in the NAU. These could kill, if you disobeyed a government official. Kasmac never got one though. His father told him about a chest in the basement of his new house, a chest containing the weapons of his father. Kasmac's father had beat up an official, therefore getting him killed. Before bleeding out, his father explained to him the secrets when he was only 4. 23 years later, he is doing what his dad wanted for him, to help destroy these corrupt men. The Templars now control it, but that wasn't explained until 2025. Kasmac had never known one of his great friends, Adam Zaknuli, was an assassin. After this discovery, they work together in almost every mission. He killed many men, more than most Assassins have. He is a pro climber/parkour expert. His cause of death was old age, and he had been 89 when he died.

Weapons: Hidden Blade, Hidden shotgun, extendable sword, plasma gun, throwing knives, and invisibility vambrace.

Kills: 538

Language: English, Spanish, French, and Sign Languge

Sorry I don't have a picture of him, I'm working on drawing one

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over a year ago dimitrije13 said…
Name: Radoje Radoman
Born: January,9th, 1829 , Serbia, Raska
Died: May,20th, 1905 , Serbia, Belgrade
Aliance: Assassins
Alias: (his cousin-in America) Milirajeshanand Radoman , (half Mayan half Spanish) Hoze Mo`Laren
Nickname: "hidden eagle"

Weapons: holster (gun) with two pipes,bow and arrows, short sword,hidden blade, 20x throwing knifes(also uses them like normal small knifes),(Mayan custom made - special device that launches knife attached to rope , 2 knifes on a short rope attached together, and special knifes) hidden launcher

Description: He is weary stealthy on climbing , a great swimmer , dual weapon fighter , he fought in many wars for freeing his people and his country from Ottoman empire , and he also was fighting in America and searching for his cousin , fighting to help his Latin american friend and help his family survive the fight and attacks of Spanish empire , also he has been on Berlins congress in 1878 , has fought in revolutions and against empires , freeing people from colonies , served his country well ,defended his family and thought his son the ways of an assassin.
over a year ago Awesomekid120 said…
Name: Ken Palonil
Born: April 21st, 1786, Africa
Age: 22
Alias: "The Human Death"
Aliance: The Assassins
Height: 6'
Greatest Weapon: The Dagger
Known For: Ending the Slave Trade
Quote: " People think I'm the greatest Assassin there ever was, others think I'm the most dangerous but I think Altair, Ezio and Connor are the greatest Assassin's of all time..."
Kills: 20,302
Retired: 1825
Children: Daniel Palonil, Jessica Palonil
over a year ago cyber20209 said…
name: Jack Hendrix
born: 1895 ,Ottawa , Canada
alias: " the silent gargoyle"
affilation: assassin
ussually kills from above with hidden blade
description: medium sized never seen out of hood. has crest of a gargoyle killing an eagle on left side of cloak
personality: dark and mysterious, very rarely seen in public.
history: previously came from a mysterious group called the black assassins.After they killed his father, he ran off to hide and decided to hunt down them down , one by one. Now works alone.
weapons: combo hidden blade, throwing knives, combat knife, smoke pellets.
kills: 6,720,949,338 .
over a year ago 24chapters said…
Name: Yaio Contense
Age: 24
Born: 1468 Venice, Italy
Died: 1527 Florence, Italy
Clothes: Black Cape, Dark Green Light Jacket, Dark Green/Black Leather Boots with Sword Print, Black and Dark Green Hood, Dark Green/Black Leather Arm Braces, Black Shoulder Pads.
Weapons: Double Dagger, Long Thin Sword, Smoke Bombs.
Story: From a poor family in Venice, Italy. He and his only sibling Malto, survived a mass destruction fire that killed their mom,Cosmia and dad, Alonso. They were sent to live with their Uncle Flavio at both only 10 years old. Flavio was a rich man who had a farm and Mansion in the country. He was not married yet. After they turned 18 they were sent on their own and trained for 6 years before becoming assassins. They then lived together in a small house in West Venice. After they were 24 they went on their own to meet seperate clans. Yaio in the Raven clan. And Malto in the Eagle clan. They soon became rivals and Yaio killed Malto in a raid over the Eagle Empire. Malto was the most hated man in the land. Yaio continued in life and Married Marzia and moving to Florence were they became rich by owning the Latu Headquarters. They moved into a big house with a farm. They raised livestock and had a kid Fabio. Soon after the child was born Yaio got killed by a former assassin of his clan sent as a spy. Marzia was devistated. She raised young Fabio on her own and when Fabio was just 16 Marzia died. When Fabio was 18 he became an assassin.
The End
over a year ago will_nelson said…
Name: Sam Riley
Alias: the shadow
Born: 1991
looks: mixed race, light-dark brown eyes, dark brown hair,
Affiliations: assassins
Story: born in Kingston, kid of a ex-cop who was killed by the templars. recruited by Black Ops Agency, blew up the car of the leader of the templars, found by assassins then faked death, , is now wanted in All Over The World.
Clothes: Black hood red inside, black tank top, dark jeans, Black/black and white hi-top converse
Wepons: Two Hidden Blades, small gun in back pocket, bare hands, anything the bad guys drop.
over a year ago Ayaka said…
Name: Everleigh Faust
Age: 21
Gender: female
Alliance: assassin
Faction: assassin
Appearance: long dark hair, eyes silver as the moon, fair skin
Attire: black assassin robe with red streaks at the end of each sleeve and at the tip of the hood, dark brown boots, knife strap under left arm and on right thigh, finger-cut gloves, grey shoulder and ankle guards
Personality: silent, unpredictable, stalker, kind to friends
*Favored Weapon: dual hidden blade, throwing knife and poison darts
Definition: Mother and Father was assassinated by templars. She and her brother escape and join the assassin order.
Years In Faction: 6
City: Multiple
Chosen Disguise (when needed): Scholar in white robes, face not seen
over a year ago bigeasy599 said…
Name: Dikari Joy
Nickname: Guadian Shadow
Age: 25
Gender: male
Appearance: black assassin's hood yellow shirt black panther plet yellow pants black dreads and dark brown eyes brown skin
race: arifcan
personality: quiet can sim cold but cares about people
Weapons:bow and arrows, knifes, posion, and hidden blades
Story:his mother was kill by templars in afircan and his dad try to top them but coulded so he train him to be the ultimate assassin so he can kill the templars and now he in the assassin's order black ops units and hunting down all the templars so he can protect all the people and avenge his mother he is the guadian shadow

over a year ago cobalt216 said…
Name: Kyle Kennway

Born: June 18th 1592, Italy

Age: 24

Alliance: The Assassins

Hight: 6'1

Description: very fast and muscular. Blonde and Brown hair. Very good at parkour and swimming. Very loved by the citizens, also Kyle is very good at disguises. Kills many templars from the inside.

Weapons: Bow, Hidden blade/Hook blade, Dual Knives, Throwing Knives, Tomahawk, Hidden Gun, Knives On A Rope, Poison And Regular Arrows, Grappling Device

Best Weapon: Bow and Hidden Blades

Relations: Ezio, Altiar

Kills: Too Many To Count

Known For: Killing Many Important Templars

Languages: English, Italian, German, Russian

over a year ago desmondmiles25 said…
name:Allen Magiure
Gender: Male
born:August 5 1987
alias: Amy Jordan, Terry James , and Georold Kaliam
look and wear: Short messy hair, tan skin, green eyes, wears gray hoodie , skinnies, a blue shirt with a dragon on it, and black white shoes.

Weapons : double hidden blade,knife, any thing else he finds
Language: English
The most important thing he did for the people was destroy the templar machine that take over the
humans mind and kill some of them.
Death:February 3rd, 2012
Cause of death: to much engry was transfered in his body and his body overheated.

Main templars he's killed: Shawn White (not the skier) judiuth unknowned, Demtiri Ricintoth, Alex Dainels, Sean Magiure, Fred alexster, andd barry james.
over a year ago owensbus said…
Description:The only thing known about Shadra is that it never uses a weapon
over a year ago crossyourheart said…

Name: Rhea Lynne
Born: December 31, 1829
Alias: The Mad Dog; Little Red
Affiliation: Assassins
Language: English, Celtic, Italian, Latin
Description: has dark red hair cut just below her shoulders, a half-moon scar on her left cheek, blue almond shaped eyes; she is 5'1, with a lithe build. she wears simple leather pants, knee high boots red corset and simple white shirt with a red hooded cape.
Personality: she is proud and easily angered; she is sadistic and will let her victims suffer before killing them; she never forgets an injury paying it back with interest. She rarely talks to those she doesn't like. She has no preference with who she kills. She is loyal to those she likes and will stab you in the back without a second thought is she doesn't like you.
Weapons: Acupuncture needles, throwing knifes, dual blades, Samuel Colt, and Different poisons and poison coatings for her weapons.
over a year ago gurran said…
name: Vincent Raan
side: assassins
born: Galway, ireland, 13 may 1801
died: Orkney islands 9 Aug 1891
weapons: a blade made out of silver, two hidden blades. spike boomerang, grenades, hidden hook shot, and a small sword

STORY: Vincent was born in Galway, Ireland he had lost hes parents when he where eleven years old. abandoned. he was not safe anymore. he could only trust hes best friend, John. when he got thirteen he and hes best friend John lived alone. johns parents died when he was ten. Vincent has no money. he need to pickpocket and be thief. when he was fifteen Vincent meet a man named, Surge who was a elite assassin. in 1 year he trained Vincent and said Vincent should be an master assassin. some months later, John discovered that Vincent was an assassin and John wanted also to be an assassin. so Surge trained them in a whole year and Surge said that they would be the assassin brothers. later on, Surge gave them an own ring. they now joined the Brotherhood and Surge had to tell them hes real name, Connor Kenway, theyre goal is to assassinate Napoleon Bonaparte and the persons who killed their parents and to stop the Templars from victory. in search for Napoleon and their parents murder they traveled to French to find Napoleon, but Napoleon had already flee to Germany. they killed NN(Napoleon),s general and forced him to tell them where NN was. he told them and they to a carriage to Germany. they catch up with NN and he had a whole army. without a warning John and Vincent was in a battlefield against the Templars and the Britain theyre only chance was to fight with the Britain. but the Templars won and NN was already on the way back to French. NN put up a trap and send ten men to ambush John and Vincent. and this time the brother killed all of them. but NN was mysteriously missing so they traveled back to Ireland and to Connor. and Connor said they have new target four new: Richard smitz, Sia Matt, Ron Lucas, and Marcus Arv. they traveled to norway to search for Sia Matt. they killed her. next was Richard Smitz so they traveled to britain and found him in manchester and got killed by the Brothers. they traveled to Kalmar in Sweden to find Marcus Arv. of course they killed him. when they took a boat to Germany a ship attacked the Assassins won. and Ron Lucas was on the Boat so all the targets was eliminated. they traveled back to Connor and he said he located Napoleon in Philadelphia. it took some time but they atleast arrived at Philadelphia. Vincent was going to a abandoned building. in there was NN, Vincent did a sneak attack on him, on the throat. it was done... the hunt for Napoleon. Vincent meet John and said to him that it is done. John and Vincent was not done yet. their parents murder.

four years has gone. they dident find the murder. they nearly gived up. one night when Vincent was about to go to bed he heard something. he thought it was just the house. then he heard it again, he saw a shadow coming in to the room. Vincent woke up and took his Blade. a man walked in to the room he hold a revolver in hes hand and pointed it at Vincent and shot, Vincent luckley avoided the attack and started to fight with him. Vincent was nearly defeated. but John jumped on to the man and stabbed him on the back. the man told to them he was the murder and was Vincents cousin. all was done everyone was eliminated. their job was clear. they talked to Connor about what happened.

some months later..
John and Vincent meet two woman and married them. John had to say he needed to move Britain alone with hes wife. the same said Vincent. Vincent hugged John and said he was going to miss John and there wear tears in Vincents face. he told Vincent: "i will always be with you, brother"


name: John Ramald
born: Dublin, Ireland, 1801, 27 Feb
side: assassins
died: 4 July, 1893, London, Britain
weapons: one hidden blade, two daggers, one flintlock pistol, throwing knifes, and a small sword

over a year ago SilenttoKnight said…
Name:Vlad Guy

Lifespan: July,18,1230 to March,20,1300

Born: Belgan,Germany

Cause of death:Lets just say even if your a top assassin don't jump of buildings at a fast target at the age of 70

Alias:None other than oh my god,and a few groans :)

Vlad grew up aweing at Ezio . Vlad started kiling at 16 in a suit simaliar to Ezio's . He did get nicknames such as "Jack the Ripper".But at 40 he took a exta super extended vacation when he arrived at Scottland . He married a women got a small castle. But he still was an assassin and teached students.He at 70 wanted to prove himself to his students by trying to kill a king . If you red the cause of death you know what happened.

His weapons included: 2 flintlocks and 2 small pins that extended from his index finger that leave almost no trace , and rarely did he use a small dagger

In all his kills amount is:324
over a year ago SilenttoKnight said…
his generations now lead to ... me :)
over a year ago dbz9000 said…
Name: Asus Braukoffer

Age: 26

Affiliation: Zero Dark Thirty assassins

Alias: God, Edward Kenway, james braukoffer (bro), zora braukoffer II(sis), maria kenworth (wife)

Born: june 8th 1669

weapons: hidden blades, twin swords, poison darts, rope darts, dual flintlock pistols, dual iron daggers, throwing knifes

Description: Asus is a pirate assassin from Israel, his mother is jewish and his father is german, he met Edward kenway when destroying the same ships and going after the same people as Edward was, he told Edward its nice to meet another member of the order, shortly after that the two became friends, his mother's name is zora Yakov and his father's name is Gordon braukoffer, his outfit is the same as ezio's outfit from brotherhood but its black and grey, he has brown hair and blue eyes and brown whiskers, he is as muscular as altair, his emblem is the star of david (star on Israel flag) surrounded by the assassins insignia.

kills: 1000

NickNames: it, The Invisible Man, The Overseer

Personality: kind, brave, humorous, (you would NOT like him when he is mad)

Languages: English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Irish, Scottish, Icelandic
over a year ago battlemaster said…
Name: sapz frost

Born: 1010 July 6

Death: unknown

Alliegence: chaotic evil

Nickname : the hunter

Age : 21
Description: steady build, steel grey eyes, a scar going down his left eye, pitch black hair , strong and has a lot of agility and stamina. He wears the assassins suit dyed grey He has a wolf fur cloak with a few rips in it susenfouf armour dyed black and leather boots wears bandages down his arms with hidden knives.

Storyline: he was a rich kid one night masked men charged in with swords and bombs. They put up a good fight but soon sapz, his father and two older brothers where defeated. His father and one of his older brothers where killed by being impaled however sapz had a thing for picking locks, once he had got the chains of his arms he was to late to save his father and brother so he grabbed a broken sword near him and charged at the remaining two enamies. And killed them both with on shot through their backs. Him and his remaining brother left the house then set it alights so none knew what happend to the frosts.
Many years later the brothers where shipwrecked on an Island the brother was killed by canabals. Sapz spent five years on the island, learning how to fend for himself he used a bow and arrow for his main weapons every night he spent he learnt how to build a boat finally he escaped.

Weapons: bow and arrow 25 arrows, crossbow 15 bolts, five throwing knives, two throwing axes, poison blade , hidden blade and the rope dart

Skills: lock picking , stalking and assassinations

goal in life : revenge
battlemaster commented…
Kills : over a thousand over a year ago
over a year ago jacobschwerin said…
name:jakob schwerin
weapons:lion mace,riffle,hidden dagger(wich can shoot the blade at victumes),gernades,swords
died:no one knows?
alliance:new assassin to the brother hood
bio:jakob(jacob)was a normal pottery maker when a unknown mentor came and asked,train,and helped jakob become a assassin for the brotherhood he also carries a mace wich on top has a carving of a lion after jakob found the brotherhood and saved the king of schwerin castle of germany he was knowned as a hero to some peaple menace to police and the templars after jakob killed a nazi gang he found the leader of the templars (who was a nazi) and won the countrys trust after that he left the country and know else seen him since some say hes a mentor for a new assassin?
jacobschwerin commented…
better watch out over a year ago
over a year ago BigSkaa33 said…
Name: Angelo Salvi

Born: 4/5/1432

Died: 25/12/1489

Alliance: Assassins

Description: He is a medium sized muscular character. He has short hair and a beard. He has a scar below his right eye. He wears a frilly white shirt with a hood. He wears brown boots and dark brown leggings.

Weapons: Venetian Falchion, Throwing Knives, Notched Cinquedea, Hidden Blade, Poison Blade, Hook Blade.
over a year ago dgcui1 said…
Name: Taisuke Yoshikawa
Born: December 12, 1612 Osaka, Japan.
Alias: The Osakan Flash
Affiliations: Assassins

Description: A body type resembling Connor from Assassin's Creed 3. Yoshikawa has shoulder length black hair and a handsome face. He has white robes with a black and yellow armor plating wrapped around his hip.

Personality: Yoshikawa is usually a laid-back, relaxed person with a playful side to him. However, once combat ensues, he switches into fight mode at once, a ruthless killer and master assassin.

Equipment: Hidden blade, katana, 10 shurikens, 10 kunai, 1 kurasigama.

Name: Taisuke Yoshikawa
Born: December 12, 1612 Osaka, Japan.
Alias: The Osakan Flash
over a year ago Maximono said…
Name: Eduwardo da Valley
Born: May 12 1682 UK
Died: April 16 1767 Age: 85 Oklahoma.
Cause of death: Shot
Affiliations: Assassins
Equipment: Two hiddenblades, a sword, two pistols.
Description: Eduwardo has Blond Hair. A white long robes. with a little bit red in it.
Personality: It is an fighter for liberty. He is very relaxed and very calm in battles.
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over a year ago astigpinoy said…
Name: ????
Alias: Seven Two Zero, The Wanderer
Born: ????
Affiliations: Assassins
Birthplace: the Philippines
Equipment: Two pistols, dual Hidden Blades with Hidden Guns embedded on top, a multi-purpose staff that can also be wielded as a lance, tomahawk, bow and blowdart, throwing knives, a sword made of sapphire with a golden hilt and another sword made out of pure stone.
Description: He has black hair, brown-rimmed eyes, and dressed up in a robe that changes from white and red in day, to black and blue at night.
It also has a red sash stiffened by an Assassin Insignia like Connor.
Personality: Unpredictable.
over a year ago OkeefeP41 said…
Name: Patrick O'Reilly
Born: 1840 Cork, Ireland
Age : 20
Affiliation: assassin recruit
Weapons: hidden blades, revolvers, Bowie knife, rifle
Joined the assassins 1860
Married to Ellen O'Reilly and has a 2 year old daughter Mary
Assassin mentor is named Matthew, a runaway slave of 45 years old
The cities visited are New York, Atlanta, and Richmond
The American civil war is a front for the Templar assassin conflict, the Templars, after haing lost the United States to the assassin's during the Revolutionary war, see an opportunity in the Confederate States of America, a chance to start over, they appoint the Templar grand master Jefferson Davis to be confederate president, the assassins (most of them) side with the union, to defeat the Templars and free the slaves, however, a minority of the assassins decide that the southern whites are also victims of oppression from the north, so this starts an assassin civil war that coincides with the war between the north and south, the southern assassins, led by John Wilkes Booth and Stonewall Jackson, and the northern assassins, led by Ulysses Grant and Abraham Lincoln, with our hero Patrick on this side.
over a year ago SilverEagle said…

Nickname: Silver Eagle

Born:December 16, 1168

Death: June 13, 1190

organization: Assassin's Brotherhood

Story: Alkali is the little sister of Altair her mother died when she was still a baby and she didn't really know her father, the only thing she remembers of him is the day he save her from drowning. her time in the brotherhood was cruel and hard many of her brothers saying that her dream to be a Master Assassin was nothing but folly but she kept on training she even helped her older brother with sparring matches and even taught him to control his fear of water (or at least she taught him how to float and hold his breath for long amounts of time) unfortunately she died at age 22 not long after she was given the title of Master Assassin. she was given a mission with her brother to find and assassinate Robert but they had gotten ambushed and she given her own life to save her brother.

Reason she is known as Silver Eagle: Alkali is know as the Silver Eagle because of her silver eyes and silver hair color she was considered different as a child because of this.

personality: she has always been very quiet yet friendly she showed kindness to many of her fellow assassin's before her father died leaving her with a cold and bitter heart along with burned feelings.

atire: wears and old pair of Altair's novice robes in her youth later wears a very old master robe (the same her father wore) she also wears a white under shirt.

look: Alkali has silver eyes along with long silver hair (the same length as Ezio's hair) she keeps it bound up with a long ribbon and wears it in a low ponytail she also has a large scar over her left eye.

Weapons: Hidden blade, Long sword, Throwing knives, Short sword, and claw hand

Assassinations: 4,500,200,345

Languages: Arabic, English, and Italian

Current age:13
current rank: Assassin
Best at:Parkor, and sneaking
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SilverEagle commented…
Alkali's full name is Alkali Ibn-La'Ahad and is Three years younger then Altair over a year ago
over a year ago lucianwarham said…
Name: Seth Reed
Born: May 23,1987 new York America
Alias: The lonewolf
Affilation: The Brotherhood

Bio: Seth was an Orphan child he never knew his real parents and when he joined the brotherhood he found out that his parents were Assassins and they told him that they were killed by Templars and he trained so that one day he could take revenge and he was good at being an assassin and he was carrying out a contract when he got captured by Templars and the Templars tortured Seth until the Assassins rescued Seth from the Templars

Wanted dead or Alive for:100,000,000,000,00

Weapons: double hidden blade, M26 light machine Gun , and a pistol with silencer, and Blackfyre

last edited over a year ago
Name: Seth Reed
Born: May 23,1987 new York America
Alias: The lonewolf
Affilation: The Br
lucianwarham commented…
the sword is Blackfyre over a year ago
over a year ago lucianwarham said…
this is Seth
this is Seth
over a year ago Laurine-Longbow said…
Name: Laurine Divazzo

Age: 24 (During story) 63 (End of story)

Gender: Female

Nickname(s): Laura, Fox-Face

Alias(es): Ivory

Time Period: American Revolution

Birth Date: 1754, May, 4th

Death Date: 1817, Feb, 21th

Occupation: Courtesan

Affiliation(s): Courtesans

The Character’s Appearance

Her nose is short tipped and not wide. She has a dim mole under-neath her jaw, no scars, or freckles. Her eyes are a light green color, and the shape is the same as The Puppeteer, her eyes are not baggy. She has diamond shaped ear-rings. She is also a Caucasian. She has tight black slim pants that lead into white shoes, with white buttons leading up to the waist. Her belt is torn-up and red. And made of cloth. She has a long white lace trench-coat with white buttons that you could see thorugh, and a red corset with black rope. She has long black hair to her elbow. Assassin Outfit - Common Female Assassin Outfit.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 130 lbs.
About the Character

Her walk is a feminine walk with her hips waving back and forth. Like a super-models' walk. She emphasizes the end of her words with a high-pitched voice. She is flirty, and humorous.

Fear(s): Sharks, Snakes, and Redcoats.

Likes: Tea, Swimming, and Money.

Dislikes: Sicknesses, Swords, and Axes.

Habit(s): Eavesdropping, Keeping Secrets, Poisoning her victims, and bites her nails when nervous.

Negotiation, making herbs and potions, shooting with a long-bow.

They call her "The Spirits Light." Because she helps people in need, by giving them spices and medicine. Giving them food, and a way of protection.

Love Interest(s):
Mostly her family, she has had a few lovers, and now has a fiance named Sebastian.

Dana Fichu, Christopher Rabin, Corinne Le-fay, Viscount(Andres)Dumas, Beria Lisa.

Enemy(ies): Redcoats, Templars, and Bounty-Hunters.

The Character’s Abilities:
Poison Arrows, Acrobatics, Throwing Knifes, and Distract.

Eagle Vision?: Yes

Fighting Style: Tae-Kwon-Do

Preferred Weapon(s): Long-Bow (8) Shiv (4) Axe (6) Javelin (7)

(On a scale of 1 - 10; 1 being terrible and 10 being the best)

Agility: 9/10

Swordsmanship: 3/10

Hand-to-Hand Combat: 510

Stealth: 7/10

Assassination: 3/10

Long Range Accuracy: 9/10

Defense: 4/10

Offense: 6/10

People Skills: 6/10

Birthplace: Rome, Italy.

Laurine had just got back from work, her fiance Sebastian, had fallen asleep on the bed. She shook her head, because it was mid-day and was asleep. Laurine set down the bag full of an assassins' gear. Sebastian was also a assassin. But he was more of a 'Mission first' assassin. Laurine would take her time, by poisoning her victims, or shooting them with a bow.

Sebastian awoke from the clutter of Laurine making supper. "Dearie, what might are you making?" Laurine smiled, flipping her hair back. "I'm making supper, it's soup." Laurine sat down the wooden spoon, she walked over to Sebastian and hugged him. Sebastian chuckled. "How was work dear? Laurine shrugged. "It was okay; wan't me to tell you about it?" Sebastian felt nervous, he just wanted to eat. "Uh, sure Laurine." Laurine could tell he didn't want to hear. "Well, I had to dance for a wretched old man. But Dana assigned me too assassinate me him. I just put poison in his drink. It took a minute, but it was easy." Sebastian laughed. "We should just leave.. Dana can't track us. I mean she barely can kill anymore. After she got stabbed by Hugo, she can't do anything now." Laurine laughed. "But Christopher, Corinne, and Beria can. And if they find us.. They will show little mercy." Sebastian shrugged and then grabbed some milk from the bucket. "Off to work." He said as he grabbed a bowl of soup. Laurine rubbed her arm. "Bye-bye hun." Laurine grabbed a bowl of soup and a cup of water. "Mm. Vegetable soup.. Again.." She ate her food and drank her water. She put on her sleep-wear and went into bed.

Sebastian groaned. "Christopher, no!" Sebastian's anger grew. "Sebastian, we have too. He killed Rowan." Christopher pounded his fist. "Sebastian, Fatonia killed Rowan! We have to avenge her." Fatonia was Sebastian's brother. "Alright.." Sebastian said.

Laurine awoken from slumber only to hear a thief rumbling and rattling in her kitchen. "What the.. Ah.. Ar..!" Laurine screamed before being knocked unconscious. Laurine looking right and left with her eyes blurring still. "Huh.." Laurine wiggled her arms, then rubbed her eyes on her shoulder and looked down; she saw herself tied up with rope hanging over a patch of the river filled with dangerous fish. She looked up, over the tropical moon. "Help! Somebody!" She looked further up, and saw somebody cutting the rope. "No.. I'm an assassin! My clan will find you, thief!" The rope is on it's last string; getting ready to break. The thief had no care of her true occupation, only to see her dead. "Please! Show mercy!" The thief stomped his feet in anger. "No! You killed Fabian!" The thief screamed. Laurine screamed in fear. "Help!"

The rope broke, and Laurine started to fall as she lassoed the broken rope around the tree and climbed down and ran down into the forest. She panted hard, and vastly. "I.. eh.. need a weapon." She ripped off string from her dress and made a make-shift long-bow. She got a rock and started to make arrows, as she heard footsteps approaching. "Show yourself templar!" Footsteps vastly approaching. Laurine readied her bow and shot an arrow. The footsteps stopped, she walked over where she shot the arrow. She shot the thief, then slit his throat out of mercy. "Sorry, stranger.." Laurine ran fast to the closest light, and found a stable.
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Name: Laurine Divazzo

Age: 24 (During story) 63 (End of story)

Gender: Female

Nickname(s): L
over a year ago WondersSoExotic said…
Name: Aliya Bint Sa'ad Al'Shalam (Reza)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Alliance: Assassins

Faction: Assassins

Ethnicity: Syrian

Appearance: Aliya's eyes tips' are low, similar to a Caucasian woman, her skin is dark/tan, her hair is a dark brunette color.

Attire: She wears an assassin outfit similar to Dominique Jeans' - 'The Voodoo Dancer.'

Personality: Determined, yet flirtatious.

*Favored Weapon: Prefers various Poisons, but if she had to pick, a Short-bow.

Definition: Being a young bartender left her vulnerable, she is not owned by any man, but shows her equality by living the forests with a younger sister named Titania who has a disease. The only thing keeping Titania alive is Aliya's herbs. She will pass soon, but Aliya wants to spend as much time with her as possible. When Titania passed, Aliya took it hard. She buried her next to her parents, and put flowers on their graves everyday. She decided to go to the city, where she lived with her Aunt. She had time to go out now, her sister took up a lot of her time. She met an assassin named Laurine, they became good friends. She told Aliya her true identity, and Aliya was recruited into the order. When her Aunt was lost to the Red-Coats, she swore for revenge. When she poisoned and killed most of the Red-Coats, she was Wanted Dead or Alive for 3,000 Constantinople's. She is now in hiding with an old friend by the name of Dasadi Pi'eh Ricardo. A man of great intelligence, has traps in trees, under dirt, and in bushes. Aliya knew how to avoid them.

Years In Faction: 2

City: Rome, Italy.

Chosen Disguise (when needed): A courtesan, or acrobat.
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Name: Aliya Bint Sa'ad Al'Shalam (Reza) 

Age: 21 

Gender: Female 

Alliance: Assassins 

over a year ago xSweetEmma said…
Name: Cara Enrique

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Alliance: Assassins

Faction: Assassins

Ethnicity: African-American

Appearance: (See Picture)

Attire: She wears an assassin outfit.

Personality: Primal

*Favored Weapon: Hook/Blow-Pipe

Years In Faction: 0

City: Montenegro

Chosen Disguise (when needed): A redcoat.
over a year ago amyrosereed1217 said…
Name:Amy Winslow
Code Name:shadow dragon
Born:2001,west midlands,uk
alias: Crew (my assassin is a captain of a ship)
appearance:sky blue eyes, lower back length hair, blonde-brownish hair,quite tall.
companion: has two trained wolf (fire and ice)
weapons:has 4 swords, 2 hidden blades,a bow and quiver with arrows,5 guns and 4 grenades
outfit: black and blue robe (it looks a bit like the new assassins robe from unity i think hes name is andro)
personality:loves the outdoors,likes to be alone but also likes to be with a group of people,dark and mysterious at sometimes.
history:mother side of family are assassins and have been hunting down templars.
symbol: amy has a symbol on her flag on her ship the symbol is 2 dragon which both have an orb shape floating in there paws
over a year ago astigpinoy said…
Is of trying to be more realistic. and of anonymytys.
Code Name: x70/x68/x61/x6e/x74/x30/x6d/
Appearance: Mask, black trench coat, black fedora.
History: A long-lost associate of Shaun Hastings.
over a year ago arnodorian said…
Name:Ellias Fitzroy Moreau - Molyneux
Birth:March 16,1771
Current age:22
Attitude:He's a humoric man with dark sides too.
Nationality:Pure French
Features:brown hair,facial hair(like Arno's only),green eyes,5"6 tall
Coat:Navy blue,maroon,and grey.
Allies:The assassins and Rachelle Bouville (his partner)
Known friends:Arno Victor Dorian
Weapons:Phantom blade (on the left hand),hidden blade(both hands),musketeer sword, a single-hand pistol with 3 bullets, poison bombs and smoke bombs.
Assassin type:Stealth
Other skills:Quick in parkour
over a year ago stabstab188 said…
Date of birth:?????
Alliance: four other assassins
Description: when he was a kid he was living a happy life until he was kicked out by Templars and watched as his house with his family in it burned so he had to live his life on the streets and all he had were a gold compass and a glass knife necklace then one day at the age of 14 he went to steal from a house and looted the houses chest and found an assassin suit and hidden blades then he got caught so he had to run and when he got away then some Templars saw the suit and hidden blades so they captured him after two days Edward saved him and so when joel was 18 he went to a shop to find out about the assassins but started getting bullied there and then arno came and scared them off so arno tells joel about the assassins and Templars and arno trained him and then joel will start finding the Templars that burned his family to the ground

Suit design:
Color: light green
hood:legendary Napoleon
chest:master phantom
Hidden blades look:legendary Napoleonic bracers
Belt:legendary medieval belt
Pants:legendary Napoleonic pant and knee guards

Weapons: two swords,bow and arrows,two hidden blades that he can drip poison on and the top of one is a phantom blade with berserk, sleep, and tieing darts and the other a gun like ezios, a chain with a hook, and a blade on the side of the arm than can go into a cloth and metal blade holder on the back

over a year ago zach_g said…
Name: Jonathan Brown
Date of Birth: September 5, 1836
Affiliation: Assassins
Notable events: Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Antietam, Battle of Gettysburg.
Jonathan Brown was a confederate soldier who fought in the American Civil war before becoming an Assassin and fighting for the union.
Appearance: shaggy Brown hair, short cut beard and moustache (little like Shay Cormac, green eyes, slight than skin, gray robes with red trim, hood bearing assassin emblem with three stars.
Weapons: rope darts, twin hidden blades, musket, confederate saber
Notable persons/relatives: General Robert E. Lee, General Ulysses Grant, Shay Patrick Cormac(great grandfather) Abraham Lincoln, General "Stonewall" Jackson, Jefferson Davis
Kills: 435 confirmed 56 alleged
10 months ago Mr_SpringTrap said…
Name: Rodger Schmidt
Nickname: "Hawk-eye"
Birth: August 25, 1854 Richmond, Virginia
Death: October 10, 1901 Raleigh, North Carolina
How: Brother poisoned his dinner
Description: 5' 1'', green eyes, black hair, very broad shoulders, has scar gliding across face from the left side, can't swim.
Personality: Rodger is a cheerful yet very serious guy. He will not accept any non sense what so ever. But on the other hand he can be quiet charming, and sweet when he wants to be. That might explain why he knows a lot of people through out America.
History: When he was only 3, his family was very poor and lived among the streets. His father was worried that his youngest son (Rodger) wouldn't make it to adulthood at the rate his family was going. But after a few years Rodger was 7 and his family got back on their feet again and got their farm back, it was a very happy day for Rodger, but that didn't last long. 5 months after the family got their farm back Rodger's father got sick with Yellow Fever, then 2 weeks later, his mother became ill with Yellow Fever as well. Rodger felt as if they were going to be fine and get better, but he was wrong. His parents died 5 days after his mother got the sickness. This was a big thing for Rodger, he was only 7, a 7 year old who witnessed his parent's death. This meant that Rodger was under the care of his 2 older brothers. For many years the 3 brothers had been living together, until Rodger turned 23. He received news that his eldest brother had died. This is when 3 weeks later a hooded stranger came to his door of his new home. All the stranger did was give him a scroll that said "The Creed". Confused, Rodger was going to ask the stranger what "The Creed" meant, but the stranger already vanished. Rodger read the scroll, he was surprised that he was going to be one of the Creed. 2 months later, with hours and hours of training, Rodger became a master assassin.
Weapons: Phantom Blade, Throwing Knives (max: 37), Twin Swords, Smoke Bombs, Crossbow, Grapple.
Kills: Anything but innocents and domestic animals.
Bounty: No bounty can't be placed on this assassin, he's a silent, swift, quick killer.

10 months ago thatblondedude said…
Name: Damon Grande
Faction: Templar
Time period: 1950's
Age: 19 (Dies at 50 ; lung cancer)

Looks: White/Pale skin , Blue eyes, Dark brown hair brushed over one side of his face covering one eye, Slim/Skinny, Tall, Most good looking person of all time (women usually faint when they see him, few have died due to his looks)

Clothing: Black suit (closed) with golden buttons , Black dress boots

Weapons: His boot itself including a hidden blade in each of them that can come out from the front (toe area) and the back (heel). His boots are made of a material that's heavy for anything outside yet very light to wear.

Personality: Intelligent, charming, graceful, witty, highly skilled, uses his good looks at his advantage*, chain smoker, flexible, agile
*People would not want to hit him or hurt him because he's young and good looking , like some mercy towards him, he would use this at his advantage like once he was fighting this assassin who got him on the ground but the assassin wasn't going to hurt him so Damon kicked him in the groin and while the assassin bent over in pain he kicked him in the throat , stabbing him with his shoe blade.

Fighting style : In combat, he only uses his legs (keeping his hands in his pockets) , he uses a variety of kicks and stomps.

Story: He has Templar blood and he is part of the royal family, but since the age of 17 he joined the Templars and left his family , yet he has is own ways and doesn't do what he is told , being a totally different type of Templar. He was highly respected even though he was very young. He was always wanted by the assassins because of his skill. One day when he was 19 , an assassin mentor begged him at his feet to join the assassin, but Damon refused and kicked him in the face , saying he cannot betray his own blood.
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9 months ago spark34 said…
Name: Murphy
Born: 1405 Sweden
Died in 1471
Affiliations: Assassins
Description: White cloak with hood. Blue mask.
Weapons: Hidden blade. knife, and pistol.
Kills: 45
Murphy had an easy life until he was 16. Then there was a war that killed his grandma. He became an assassin when he was 20.
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5 months ago ValidLegacy said…
Name: Brennech Munch
Born: October 24th, 1251, Copenhagen, Denmark
Died: May 28th, 1309, Paris France, from Hunters that were on a mission to abolish high ranked assassins
Facial: Light goatee with thick blonde hair on top of head, blue eyes and peach skin
Alias: The Lost Cub
Affiliations: Hashashans, The Assassins
Clothing: Green as a primary color and Grey as a secondary for cloak, grey trousers, grey hood, brown gloves and boots
Weapons: Two Barrel Pistol, twin knives, Hidden Blades, Single Sword

Grew up in a stable community with a stable government, but he heard word of war in other countries, so he ran away to help when he was 16, He was found by german soldiers and put in prison until adulthood (18) when he was let out, he couldn't go back to Denmark, so he roamed the streets in hope for his destiny, he stumbled upon a tunnel and found the council. When he became an assassin, he got to help fight the Netherlands for Germany, when the war was over, he went back to Denmark when he was 20 years old. When he came back, he was put in prison again because while he was gone, there was a search party for him started by his parents. After one month in prison, he went insane, and started killing his cell mates. He escaped when a guard came to restrain him. He then roamed around Copenhagen, searching for other assassins, he found 2 other assassins by the names of Tobias Cretchet and Facad Gulurio, they then started a new objective, to gain power around the city for the assassins and to make people join them if they were capable of such skills. After 20 years, the city was full of rioting mostly because of the soldiers enforcing more laws since the assassin affiliation started. It was too heated, so he went back to Germany and settled with a wife. After a couple more years and he was seasoned, the Templars came in and assassinated since he was a seasoned and wise member of the assassins
4 months ago Warzone12 said…
Name: Leonard Vontello
Born: 1798, Florence Italy, but lived in America since the age of 3.
No alias
Born into the assassins, Leo's father, Lorenzo Vontello, was killed by a templar specialist and left Leo to his uncle Fredrico. Leo traveled back to Italy in 1827 to find his father's old friend, Dorante, and seek his father's travel journals. When Leo did, he found notes describing a vault with power that he thought could only come from a Piece of Eden, but was unable to find the piece itself. he also found a Phantom Blade that was given to his father by a man named of Victor De Benré, described in the journals as His father's closest friend, and companion on his journeys. Leo, determined to find Victor, has traveled to Paris as his father did, to find out more about his father and the vault he once found.
Description: 5'9" with a Florentine dark grey cloak with blue touchings.
Equipment: Phantom Blade, Old Syrian Sword, and flintlock pistol.
Languages: Italian, English, French, and German.

If you guys want to hear more of Leonardo's story, let me know!!
3 months ago climbingsword said…
name: kyle. year: civil war. kyle was only 12 when his mom died. 12 years later he was in prison for helping a riot he heard a big cannon sound and walk through a big wall and runs out the prison. he saw a bunch of other assassins chasing a horse carrige and chased to see what happened. he followed other assassins into the building and he got caught by one assassin and been put into there creed cause he was so stealthy he got into their building. but a assassin walked in all wounded and all the other assassins got out into battle positions and got ready. kyle got out and was handed a hidden blade. But he didnt know how to use it he walked around and sliced a guards neck. thinking for part two.............
3 months ago BruceEStark said…
Real Name:Bruce E. Stark/Bruce O'Brian The second
Alias:The Grim Ripper
Centre:Edwin Kingstand
Family:Assasen Freewater (Wif) Rono Edwin (First Son) Sara and sindar (Daughters Twins) Rkith and Moraur (Sons Twins) All desists
Born:Oct 5 210/Oct 5 250/Oct 5 1054/Oct 5 ???
Death"S":Sep 7 246/Aus 8 288/Feb 1215 29/Present
Cause Of Death:Stabbed by his best Friend/Shoot him self in the head with a cross bow after fighting with a army and found out is family his best friend and every one he loved/A Templar odder he to be executed
Affiliations:King of EK 222-246/262-288 General of Normandy for the invasion of Britain/Assassin(at age 9)/Masters Assassin(at age 12)
Description: Witnesses "whoever Bruce leave to be a witness to his slurer"say he had no face or an iron mask.They say that when he kills a target he does it very slowly and penally they describe the scream like the soul ripping out before his dead thus the name "The Grim Reaper" 6.6 Dark Brown Hair Reddish Gold Eye and a Very Small Bead
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Real Name:Bruce E. Stark/Bruce O'Brian The second
Alias:The Grim Ripper
Centre:Edwin Kingstand
2 months ago climbingsword said…
1 month ago mcbrain said…
Name: Aleksandar Hapsburg
Date of birth: December 22nd, 1600, Brandenburg, Prussia
Date of death: October 24th, 1648, Germany
Alias: None
Affiliation: Assassins
Description: medium height, decent build, long brown hair, european skin pigment
Attire: same robes as Arno (I know I'm lazy)
Weapons: Prussian Sword, dagger, throwing knives, hook blade, hidden blade, poison blade, musket strapped to his back, hidden grappling hook, hidden gun, smoke bombs, 17th century grenades, pistol

Bio: Aleksandar was the illegitimate son of the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, but he was raised as a prince and was to become emperor of the empire. When he was 18, Templar assassins murdered his parents at night and nearly killed him if it weren't for his uncle who was part of the assassin order. Aleksander, his uncle, and a small group of loyal subjects who were actually part of the assassins fled Brandenburg. With the death of the emperor, the Templars took control of the Holy Roman Empire and The Thirty Years War began. Aleksandar fled North into Denmark and his uncle trained him to become an assassin. When he was 21, Aleksandar and the rebels fought within the empire against the Templars, and were at first successful. But the size of the empire's armies forced eventually forced Aleksandar to retreat. When he was 30 years old, Aleksandar and the assassins fought alongside the armies of Sweden against the Templar Russia and the empire. The assassins successfully defeated the Russian threat, and pushed back the empire. Thinking the war was won, Aleksandar and the assassins celebrated at their stronghold in Denmark, but the Templar army ambushed them and destroyed the stronghold, killing many assassins and taking Aleksandar's uncle captive. Aleksandar's uncle was taken to Brandenburg to be publicly executed. Aleksandar planned to save him, but wasn't able to and his uncle was hung. He barely escaped, but he gathered a group of assassins and began fighting the Templars within the empire. They struck at the Templars whenever they could. Aleksandar fought a guerrilla war with his band of assassins and rebels for many years. He killed many important Templars as well. During this time he had a son with a woman. One fateful night, and over a course of time, Aleksandar had gathered up to around 300 men, 8 of whom were assassins while the rest were rebels. The garrison guarding Brandenburg was now very small, and most of the Templars' armies were on the borders fighting the other countries. One night Aleksandar and his men infiltrated Brandenburg and took it over. They imprisoned the guards and planned to defend Brandenburg until the Swedish army arrived from the North to reinforce them. The Templars were furious, and sent a huge army to retake Brandenburg. The army surrounded the town, and bombarded the city with cannons during the first day of the siege. That night, Aleksandar and a small group of men left the city and sabotaged the cannons. They escaped back into the city and had taken the Templars' key factor out of the battle. The next day, the Templars attacked in full force. At first Aleksandar and the rebels held them at the wall and gate, but were pushed back into the market. With volleys of gunfire the rebels killed many of the enemy, and still had time to retreat to the citadel which was walled too. The Templars' suffered heavy losses, while the rebels lost only a few. That day, the Templars received word that the Swedish army was defeated and that reinforcements were on their way to aid them. The rebels' morale was very low. The rebels found huge amounts of gunpowder in the citadel and moved all the barrels of it into the throne room of the castle, where Aleksandar devised a plan. The templars attacked the citadel's walls and gate, and after a speech from Aleksandar, the rebels returned with a new strength and fought to defend the walls and gate. Eventually the rebels were pushed back into the throne room of the castle, where they barricaded themselves. There was a secret passage in the throne room that Aleksandar had used to escape the Templars when he was a teenager. He showed it to the rebels and told them his plan. After the Templars broke into the throne room, they would find no one there as they would all flee through the passage, one man would stay behind to light the gunpowder which would explode, destroying the castle and much of the town, which in turn would cripple the Templar army. A wounded assassin stayed behind to light the barrels, and the rest fled through the passage. The templars broke into the throne room just as the rebels were fleeing. Some templars pursued the rebels, and Aleksandar had to kill a few of them to escape. The rebels escaped through the passage and outside the town just in time to see the castle explode and much of the town destroyed. The templar army suffered very heavy losses. Over the next few weeks, the rebels were hunted down in the woods and mountains by the templars, but Aleksandar evaded them, even though he was badly injured. He hid in a friendly farmer's house where he received word by the assassins that he must attend an assassin council in France. He did, and was informed that a treaty was going to be signed, but the assassins planned to murder anyone that signed the treaty, because they believed that if the treaty was signed, the templars would gain even more power which actually was not true. Aleksandar spoke out against this and said he would not go through with it and that he would inform the leaders meant to sign the pact. As he was sleeping, the assassins tried to murder him, but he killed the assassins and fled the order. Knowing what he had to do, he wrote a letter to his wife explaining what he must do as he headed to Germany where the pact was going to be signed. He disguised himself as a leader, and when the assassins made their move to murder the leaders, he revealed himself and killed all the assassins, but died doing so. Because of his actions, the pact was able to be signed and the war ended. Aleksandar's son would grow up to become one of the most feared Templars of his time.

This is Aleksandar
Name: Aleksandar Hapsburg
Date of birth: December 22nd, 1600, Brandenburg, Prussia
Date of death: O