Astro Boy Which one of Astro's quotes do you like better?

Pick one:
Astro: Uh, kinda weird.
Astro: Are you ok, dad?
Astro: Sound good to me.
Astro: What different? I never saw dad angry before.
Astro: What horns? It's gel!
Astro: Ok, guys. Let's backup, very carefully.
Astro: This is so cool! I gotta show dad.
Astro: What? I am a robot?
Astro: Dad? What's going on?
Astro: I know. Dad, I can fly, I can go though solid matters. It's amazing.
Astro: What's wrong with me? Why don't you love me anymore?
Astro: Programmed?
Astro: He's my father, this is my home, it's all I know.
Astro: Didn't you hear him? I am not Toby.
Astro: It's true.
Astro: I am not fighting.
Astro: I am not fighting you, Zog! I mean it, I won't fight!
Astro: Ha, cool!
Astro: Let's help you, Zog. Come on!
Astro: Don't be. I am sorry I can't be a better Toby for you, dad.
Astro: What are you doing?
Astro: Thanks, dad.
Astro: Thank you, Zog.
Astro: What? I got machine my butt? You got to be kidding.
Astro: My name is Astro. Called me Astro.
Astro: I was made ready.
 wenjing10 posted over a year ago
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