Your parents together

Aries & Aries

Who's the boss?

With two Aries sharing the job of parenthood, your family life will be anything but dull! Equally energetic, your biggest challenges as parents will be to coordinate your efforts to cover all areas and to share the leadership that comes naturally to both of you. By taking turns or dividing duties, you'll overcome the temptation to compete with each other. And by mixing it up this way, you won't get bored.

You are both honest and straightforward, so your children will always know where they stand with you. Conversations may be loud, but they will be sincere! Your youthful spirit will help you relate to your children, but your impatience and temper may create problems. Apologise when you get things wrong, and follow up necessary discipline with words of love and support. Your enthusiasm and courage will win the hearts of your children.

Aries & Taurus
Though equally involved with your children's upbringing, you two are quite different in your parenting styles. This can create problems in the short run, but it challenges both of you to grow enough to overcome any difficulties. While the Aries mum or dad is spirited and highly energetic, the Taurus parent is calm, slow-paced and patient. It's Aries who gets everyone raring to go in the mornings, wolfing down breakfast and moving right on to the day's activities, but it will be gentle Taurus who tucks your little ones into bed at night after reading a bedtime story.

You are, however, both warm and affectionate, so your children always feel loved. Learning to parent together will require adjustments from you both, but between you are all the qualities necessary for raising happy, well-adjusted children.

Aries & Gemini
Together you two make a dynamic and energetic parenting team, but you may struggle to provide the regularity and stability your family needs, since these aren't qualities that come easily to either of you. Your dedication and devotion isn't in question, and you share a youthfulness that your children will enjoy. But keeping to a regular meal or bedtime routine, for instance, could prove a challenge.

The Aries parent is more forceful and dynamic - the natural leader of the family. The Gemini mum or dad is playful and communicative, with a curiosity and love of learning your children will naturally want to emulate. You both need a certain amount of freedom, so give each other room for your individual activities. Then you'll both be more available to meet the needs of your children and each other.

Aries & Cancer
You two can learn a lot from each other as you seek the balance that will result in effective parenting. The Aries parent brings vigor, enthusiasm and youthfulness to the table, as well as a degree of insensitivity and a temper. You'll have to be careful not to push your children by signing them up for activities that you - not they - enjoy.

The Cancer parent is a natural nurturer and very sensitive, deeply loving both home and children, but you're easily threatened and need much privacy. In your devoted attention, you may actually smother your little ones, over-protecting them from life's knocks.

Let the Aries mum or dad strive to be more sensitive to both partner and children, and the Cancer parent develop a thicker skin. A happy and fulfilling family life is the reward.

Aries & Leo
As a parenting team, your strong points are your love, enthusiasm and dedication to your family. You both have plenty of energy and creativity, making it easy to relate to your children and inspiring them to be their very best. Natural leaders, you may engage in a power struggle which could distract you from your most important roles as parents.

The Aries parent likes to start activities spontaneously but must watch that temper. The way Aries jumps into commitments and activities without really thinking of the consequences is a rather child-like quality. You'll be amused to see your children doing it themselves.

The Leo mum or dad is stable, loyal and devoted. Your warm affection and unwavering support will mean the world to your children. You'll be incredibly proud of them. Together you make exceptional parents.

Aries & Virgo
You each bring very different assets to the parenting table. The challenge will be in weaving them together to establish a stable family life. The Aries mum or dad is full of energy, excitement and inspiration, but is often impatient and insensitive. You're a natural leader, stimulating and inspiring your family with your courage and flair.

The Virgo parent, on the other hand, is practical, grounded and conscientious, but tends to be picky and somewhat anxious. You're thorough and methodical, so when your children need help with homework or other projects, it's you they'll seek out.

Soften the demands and expectations you both carry, and this will help you create a calm, functional home life. With skill and practice, you can combine your natural gifts and create a wholesome and stimulating environment for your children.

Aries & Libra
You two appear to be opposites in many ways, but if you strive to meet somewhere in the middle you'll be able to create a wonderfully balanced yet energetic relationship with your children, instilling them with both courage and courtesy. The Aries parent brings gifts such as assertion, boldness and a spirited outlook on life. Your natural leadership and vitality are something your children will look up to and learn from.

The Libra mother or father is kindly and gentle, with a reasonable viewpoint and ability to create a calm, peaceful home life. You're a natural negotiator, so you can teach your children about resolving conflicts and encouraging cooperation. You'll make sure everyone is treated fairly.

As parents, you should strive to bring out your best qualities for your family and learn from each other.

Aries & Scorpio
As different as you may seem on the surface, you actually share many fine qualities that will make you fiercely devoted parents, joined by the common objective of raising self-sufficient, confident and independent children. To that end, you bring different gifts. The Aries parent is honest, straightforward and impulsive. Without hesitation, you will do what you think is right. A natural leader and bold improviser, you leap in where others fear to tread. Your children will learn from your courage.

The Scorpio mum or dad is quieter and much deeper. You are the parent who will have an instinctive understanding of your child's inner workings, and you have the patience to help your children get to the bottom of their problems.

Create a united parenting front, and you two will form a sound structure in which to raise your little ones.

Aries & Sagittarius
Let's hope you've got some energetic children, because they're going to be hard-pushed to keep up with the likes of you two! When you're not taking your family out on some fun adventure, you make sure your home is an active and exciting place to be. The Aries parent is impulsive and hot-headed. Your enthusiasm is infectious, but your temper could scare your children, so be very careful how you express your anger.

The Sagittarius parent is playful and young-at-heart, forever initiating new and exciting activities. The need for lots of personal freedom is something you share, and this can conflict with parental roles. Give each other frequent breaks and take it in turns to do unpleasant chores. Have fun with your children but never forget that you are the parents and they are the children.

Aries & Capricorn

As a parenting team, you two may have a difficult path ahead of you. Your personal styles conflict and neither of you is particularly willing to compromise your principles. The Aries parent is often youthful, even child-like, and likes an active, open relationship with the children, initiating fun and exciting activities. Your short fuse may cause problems as you snap at your children, but at least once you've spoken your mind, you calm down immediately.

The Capricorn parent is more reserved and thoughtful, preferring to plan out the future and instilling values of hard work and responsibility. You'll strive to provide for your family. Discipline can be a problem here, with the Capricorn mum or dad having the unenviable role of "bad guy."

It will take maturity and patience to come to an agreement about how you want to raise your children, but it is possible.

Aries & Aquarius
You two make an upbeat and energetic parenting team, and together you focus on raising children who are independent and active. The Aries parent is all about boldness and courage, taking the leadership role and initiating all sorts of new and exciting activities. Don't let your temper frighten your little ones though.

The Aquarius mum or dad may be rather cool or detached emotionally, perhaps making up for the fiery, expressive Aries. Neither of you has qualms about taking the children to a variety of unusual events and exposing them to as many experiences as possible. You'll be a freedom-loving family, and although you may have personal interests and activities that don't overlap, you can and should support each other. Join together for regular mealtimes, since you're so often out doing your own things. Think outside the box to solve your parenting dilemmas.

Aries & Pisces
Yours is a complex parenting picture. Your core personalities are so different from each other that you may have trouble agreeing on how to raise your children. The Aries mum or dad is lively, active and engaged with life. However, you may also be short-tempered and impatient, which can be a little hard on your children. You'll grab the reins of leadership quite naturally, inspiring your family to want to try new things.

By contrast, the sweet Pisces parent is soft and yielding, dreamy and sensitive. You're intuitively connected to your children and encourage their creative activities. On the downside, you can be spaced-out or unwilling to discipline the children consistently.

But in the end, if you each emphasise your better points and strive to learn from each other, you can make a very effective and loving team.

Taurus & Taurus

As parents, you two are pretty much on the same wavelength when it comes to raising your children. With your grounded, loving approach you'll create a peaceful and stable environment that's ideal for them. Be sure to include lots of outdoor activities in your family plans, such as picnics in the park. Nature does wonders for you! A healthy diet of natural, unprocessed foods is also important.

In your drive for security, you may decide that it's necessary for both of you to work, yet you both remain dedicated to being there for your children. Never will they doubt your devotion or commitment to them, and your family loyalty will make them strong, healthy and affectionate. Be careful not to over-indulge them, but express your love through the best gifts of all: your time and attention.

Taurus & Gemini
You bring distinctly different gifts to the parenting table, and when they are properly combined, your children will be the lucky beneficiaries of a well-rounded, healthy home life. The Taurus parent is steady, solid, patient and grounded. You'll introduce your children to the finer things in life such as wholesome food and the great outdoors. However, watch your tendency to be over-indulgent or stubborn.

The Gemini mum or dad is lively, energetic, curious and communicative. You're a lot of fun. However, you may also be somewhat scattered and indecisive. As a lifelong learner, you'll help your children with their homework and will enjoy the refresher course in their school subjects.

The Taurus parent is much slower-paced than the Gemini. Although this can sometimes be very frustrating, it also gives you a range of energy where each of your children is sure to find a place.

Taurus & Cancer
Together you form a parenting team that is a force to be reckoned with! Both super-nurturers, you'll dedicate yourselves to creating a stable, secure home where your children feel recognised and important. You bring distinct but complementary qualities to this union. The Taurus parent is grounded, hard working and quite fixed in beliefs and behaviour patterns. You'll introduce your children to the great outdoors at an early age, passing on your love of nature and all things natural.

The Cancer parent is sensitive, empathetic and bound by tradition. You have an intense emotional connection to your children. You're very private, preferring an evening at home with the family instead of a night out.

You both crave security and will work hard to provide it for your children and your future. Together you'll establish a comfortable home and devoted family ties that will endure for a lifetime.

Taurus & Leo
As parents, your unswerving loyalty and loving devotion is firm. You're in this for the long haul, unquestioning in your commitment. The Taurus mum or dad is gentle and grounded. You like your comfort but also want to teach your children about nature.

The Leo parent is a strong leader. You inspire your children with your enthusiasm and confidence, so they will naturally want to follow you.

So what's the problem here? You two don't always see eye-to-eye about how to reach your shared objectives, and neither of you is willing to compromise. This opens the door for the age-old "divide and conquer" strategy, used by children to manipulate their parents. If your typical response to a child's request is "Ask your mother/father", it's a sure sign that the two of you aren't aligned. Come together to create the united front that children need from their parents.

Taurus & Virgo

This is an excellent combination for a parenting team. Both of you are grounded, practical, sensible, dedicated to your children and devoted to giving them the best possible upbringing. You're not exactly the same, though. The Taurus mum or dad tends to be patient, calm and, at times, indulgent. You insist that things get done your way, unable to accept that other ways are fine too. Your slow pace and methodical work habits give your children a sense of stability.

The Virgo parent is more of a perfectionist, wanting the home to be orderly and sparkling clean. You're very keen on nutrition. You have high expectations of your children, and sometimes they may feel that they'll never please you. Be sure to express your affection and love for them.

Together, you'll create a wholesome and healthy home life for your family.

Taurus & Libra

Conflict and anger are rarely evident in your home, for you are both peace lovers, slow to anger and quick to compromise in order to avoid confrontation. A harmonious environment and beautiful, comfortable surroundings are important to you both.

The Taurus parent is grounded and stable, and you work very hard to support your family. The Libra parent brings the ability to negotiate and talk things out, skills which you will teach your children. Both of you are gentle, kind and affectionate.

Firm discipline could be an issue in your family. Neither of you wants to be the "bad guy", although you both want your children to be happy. Sometimes it's hard to see that firm, consistent discipline is the fastest way to achieve this objective. Once you master the art of setting rules and enforcing them dependably, you'll all be much happier.

Taurus & Scorpio
The two of you seem quite different on the surface, but you both have a strong need for security and this will be the prime motivation in the way you parent together. Not just financial security, either, although that will be important. You both strive to form deep, stable relationships with your children, and here is where you'll find the emotional security you seek.

The Taurus parent is much easier to read. You're simple, straightforward and earthy. Your love of nature and the great outdoors can't be denied, so you'll be the one to organise picnics and bike rides.

The Scorpio mum or dad is more of a mystery, private and closed. Be clear about your feelings and expectations so your children have a clue as to what you want from them. Otherwise, they'll be shooting in the dark to please you.

Taurus & Sagittarius

What a mix! You bring such different abilities and qualities to this parenting team that it may be difficult to find the middle ground. While the Taurus parent is grounded, slow-paced and stable, the Sagittarius mum or dad tends to be much more adventurous, lively and curious. Taurus wants to stay at home and cook while Sagittarius goes out to play.

Fortunately you both love the great outdoors, although for different reasons: nature feeds and calms the Taurus soul, while to Sagittarius, it's yet another realm to explore and conquer.

It's easy to focus on your differences, but a better tactic is to accept the broad range of abilities you possess between you. Be sure to consider your personal talents when dividing up the parenting tasks. This is the way your children will get the best of both worlds.

Taurus & Capricorn
You two make a dedicated and practical parenting team, clear about the ways in which you will raise your children and firm in your conviction that they will amount to something. With a work ethic like this, your sons and daughters will know what the rules are and that consequences will clearly follow if, and when, they are broken.

Of the two of you, the Taurus parent is more gentle and approachable, if perhaps a bit indulgent and pretty stubborn. The Capricorn parent, on the other hand, may be more worldly-wise and able to guide children through life's harder lessons.

One danger in this combination is the risk of placing more importance on money or work than on family. At the end of the day, the people who will benefit most from your strength, determination and devotion will be those who are closest to you.

Taurus & Aquarius

What an interesting combination! Together you can form a fun and firm parental unit, but first you must overcome your differences. The Taurus mum or dad is grounded and practical, as well as affectionate and somewhat indulgent. You tend to be quiet and gentle, with an earthy personality your children will naturally relate to.

The Aquarius parent is more independent, detached and aloof, but brings a gift of insight and innovation, finding creative ways of solving family problems. Your need for freedom sometimes interferes with the structure of family life, so find healthy ways to incorporate these two necessary areas.

Both of you can be quite set in your ways, so make it a point to stretch yourselves and remain flexible to new ways of doing things. When you succeed in this, you can bring out your best for your children.

Taurus & Pisces

This is a delightful combination for a parenting team. Both of you are gentle, affectionate and kind. You want the best for your children. They will be quite indulged and never in doubt of your love for them.

Of the two of you, the Taurus parent is the more grounded and practical. You work long and hard to provide for your family, whether yours is a paying job or not. You're stable and dependable, with an earthiness and slow pace that your children appreciate. Of course, you're quite stubborn, and this is where the Pisces parent can step in to help.

The Pisces mum or dad is sensitive, with a strong intuitive and emotional connection to your children that operates even at a distance. Yes, you may be somewhat spaced out, forgetful or disorganised at times, but they see right through that to your heart of gold.

Gemini & Gemini
Communication will flow in your home, that much is certain. In fact, your children’s biggest challenge may be getting a word in edgeways! Be sure to turn your parenting ear toward your children when they are speaking. Don't make them wait too long for you to finish your conversation or make them repeat themselves. By listening to them carefully, you teach them that what they say is important - a lesson you want them to learn!

Yours will be a very fun home with lots of excitement, variety and playfulness. The more time you spend with your children, joining in outdoor activities, playing games and going to new places, the closer your bond will become.

Clearly reading together will be an important family activity for you, as will doing puzzles, working together on homework and anything that brings you all together mentally.

Gemini & Cancer
You two are quite different in your approaches to parenting. One of you comes from the head and the other from the heart, so between you all areas are covered! The Gemini parent is the more logical and talkative. You prefer intellect to emotion, and you'll be the one to help your children with their homework as well as many of the fun projects they want to try. You like new things and a variety of activities, and will provide these for your children to their delight.

The Cancer parent is a nurturing force to be reckoned with! You will introduce your children to the traditions and rituals of your youth, and will incorporate them into your family life. You're sensitive and emotional, so your children will be able to pour their hearts out to your sympathetic ear.

Gemini & Leo
What a lively and fun parenting team! Together you are enthusiastic, vibrant and able to adapt to the changing needs of your family. The Gemini parent is more logical, encouraging your little ones to talk and play, drawing out their curiosity, and engaging them in games, puzzles or other fun mental activities. Your jokes make your children laugh, and they delight in your youthful energy and playful mind.

The Leo parent is also great fun but much more dramatic. You're the one who will help your children put on plays in your living room for the whole family. You bring stability and leadership to the table. Your children will look up to you, which suits you just fine! You'll be the more likely parent to assert your authority and insist on strong discipline and good behaviour from your children.

Gemini & Virgo
As parents, you both take a logical yet hands-on approach to raising your children. It's not that you agree on everything - far from it. Fortunately, though, you're both flexible enough to work through your differences. The Gemini parent is fun-loving and lighthearted, spending many hours playing with your children. You engage them in conversation, drawing out their thoughts and inspiring their curiosity.

The Virgo parent, on the other hand, is more grounded, practical and serious. You like an orderly routine and a clean house. You have high expectations for your children and will work hard to make sure they're in the best schools and after-school clubs available.

Both of you are ready, willing, and able to assist with homework, special projects and any activity your child is passionate about. Just don't get too nervous about how they'll turn out. With such supportive parents, they'll be fine.

Gemini & Libra

You two have a strong mental connection and probably agree in principle about how to raise your children together. You like to discuss different ways to solve the problems you encounter and can usually reach a compromise about what to do. The Gemini parent is youthful, fun-loving and likes nothing better than taking the children out on a Saturday morning for some new adventure. You'll help with the homework and love working with your little ones on special projects.

The Libra mum or dad will insist on a peaceful, harmonious home environment. You'll be the go-to person when one of your children has a social problem or needs help in resolving a conflict.

The problem here? Neither one of you is especially strong in the discipline department. Both of you will have to learn to be more decisive about the rules and how to enforce them consistently. Otherwise your children will rule the roost!

Gemini & Scorpio

Just as day and night form a complete whole, so can you two combine your individual gifts and talents to create a unified parenting team. You certainly bring different qualities to the table. The Gemini mum or dad is lighthearted, youthful and down-to-earth. You most enjoy those leisurely hours spent playing games, doing puzzles and enjoying new and interesting activities. You're the more intellectual parent, so when one of your children has a question about their homework, it's you they seek out.

The Scorpio parent is quieter, stronger and more focused. You'll be the one who worries about the safety and security of your home, and it's also likely that the bulk of the discipline duties will go to you, for this isn't the Gemini parent's strong suit. With a Scorpio's passionate intensity, you connect to the children on the deepest level and respond intuitively and emotionally to them.

Gemini & Sagittarius

Your family life could resemble one long adventure, at least if you two have any say in it! Together, you'll value education, curiosity, learning and personal freedom. You wouldn't want your children to be tied down, bossed around or restricted any more than you'd sign up for it yourselves. This unconventional attitude can lead to a rather loud, messy and fun-loving household - not that you care what anyone else thinks!

Between you, the Gemini parent tends to be more detail orientated, communicative and changeable. You're lively, social, and with your networking skills, you soon know all the parents of your children's friends.

The Sagittarius mum or dad, on the other hand, seeks the bigger picture and seizes on opportunities to expand your family's world. You'll take your children off to foreign lands - or at least to foreign films. The more they learn, you believe, the better off they'll be.

Gemini & Capricorn

The key to working together as parents, in your case, will be in accepting your differences gracefully. You have entirely different personalities, and this will affect both your parenting and what you expect from each other and your children. The Gemini parent is lively, lighthearted and youthful. You enjoy playing with your children, reading to them, doing puzzles and helping with homework. Your children love your mischievious manner and readily respond when you make a suggestion for some new, exciting activity.

The Capricorn mum or dad, on the other hand, is serious, hard working and ambitious. You want your children to get into the best schools and will do whatever it takes to get them there. Discipline duty may fall largely on your shoulders, for you are naturally better at creating and enforcing rules. Not that this is fair, but it is the natural result of your more organised, efficient and structured personality.

Gemini & Aquarius

Your children are blessed with parents who are curious, freedom-loving and fun. They'll never be tied down by unnecessary rules or restrictions. In fact, they may want more structure than you're able to give them! You are both rather unemotional and detached, and prefer to relate on a thinking, rather than a feeling, level. Developing the ability to connect with your children emotionally is important for both of you.

The Gemini mum or dad can keep track of the details - the dental appointments and back-to-school nights. You're energetic and playful, so your children love it when you suggest a new activity or offer to pull out the board games.

The Aquarius parent may be inclined to adopt the most radical or unconventional suggestions for raising your children. After all, your need to be different to others is paramount.

Gemini & Pisces

Despite the fact that you don't always see eye-to-eye, you're both able to bend enough so that you don't really get in each other's way when it comes to your parenting styles. You may get on each other's nerves from time to time, but that's true of any two people who parent together.

The Gemini parent is social, playful and curious. The children will love nothing better than to spend endless hours with you, playing games, exploring new territory and trying out activities they've never done before.

The Pisces mum or dad is more sensitive and feeling, connecting with the children at the heart level and intuitively understanding their every wound, whether emotional or physical. You'll make sure the home is peaceful and welcoming. Neither of you is particularly neat, so your home may be cluttered, but it hardly matters when it's so full of love.

Cancer & Cancer

You two are a double-strength nurturing force! Your number one priority is caring for your children the way you see fit. You'll create a safe and secure home, cosy and comfortable. As the years roll by, you'll develop your own set of family rituals and traditions when you celebrate birthdays and other special events. These traditions encourage intimacy and long-lasting relationships.

As parents, you are very sensitive to every little hurt your children endure. If you could, you would gladly take on their pain. They will feel secure in your love and close to their family. If there is one word of warning, it would be this: be careful not to smother your children. Don't cling to them, for childhood is one long process of becoming independent. You wouldn't want to get in the way of that.

Cancer & Leo

As a parenting team, you two share many fine qualities. You are both extremely loyal when it comes to your family. You are committed to your children over all else and find great joy in caring for them and watching them grow. You're sentimental, loving and affectionate. This isn't to say that you bring identical gifts to the table, though. You do have your differences.

The Cancer parent can be shy and brooding, highly sensitive to emotions and perceived slights. You prefer a quiet night at home to going out with friends. The opposite may be true for the Leo mum or dad, who likes to shine in front of as many people as possible. The Leo parent is more open and playful. There may be some dramatic moments in your home, but any tension will soon blow over like a summer storm, leaving everyone clean and refreshed.

Cancer & Virgo

The two of you make a no-nonsense parenting team. Not that you can't relax and have fun. You certainly can, when the time is right. But "work before pleasure" is the principle you'll teach your children and model yourselves. You both need to feel secure and will do whatever it takes to ensure that your family is safe and that your children have the best opportunities you can afford.

The Cancer parent is a nurturer, sensitive and emotional. You seem to just "know" when your child is ill or injured. Be careful not to be overly sensitive, though. Don't take offence where none was intended.

The Virgo parent is all about standards and perfection. You expect a lot from your children, and generally they will try to rise to the challenge. Try to remember that they are children, and don't set the bar impossibly high.

Cancer & Libra

Together you two create a kind and gentle parenting team. In many ways, you want the same things: a harmonious home, children who grow up feeling supported and loved, balance in your lives. How you both want to achieve these things may differ though, so there will be the need for some compromise.

The Cancer parent prefers being at home, cuddling up on the sofa and reading together. You're sensitive and emotional, connecting on a feeling level with your children.

The Libra parent is more social, organising a network of families who can call on each other for play dates and other support. Fairness is a big issue with you, so you strive to treat everyone equally. With the gifts you share, your home life will be fulfilling.

Cancer & Scorpio

Your personalities blend together well. As people and as parents, you are both deeply emotional beings. You are in sync with members of your family, intuitively and profoundly.
Yours is a home that may see many emotional upheavals. This "energy in motion" should be worked through immediately and not ignored or minimised. This will clear the air like a summer storm. You both like your privacy. You'd rather spend time at home alone with your family than socialise with others, except for a special few who reach your high standards.

The Cancer parent is perhaps the more domestic, although this isn't a certainty. Security is another huge concern for both of you. Of course you want your children to be safe, but don’t stop them engaging in normal childhood activities out of fear they will be hurt. They will, and they'll also recover.

Cancer & Sagittarius

You two are as different as night and day, and it will take plenty of compromise from each of you to devise a parenting strategy that satisfies you both. The Cancer parent's concerns range from safety and security, to nutrition and the appropriate expression of emotion. You are probably the more domestic partner, preferring to stay at home engaging in quiet activities with your children.

The Sagittarius mum or dad, on the other hand, is a huge adventurer who likes to bring your children along for the learning experience. You're spontaneous and curious, initiating many fun new activities. Of course, the Cancer parent will constantly worry that someone might get hurt, fretting over every little cut or bruise. The Sagittarius parent minimises these concerns, recognising that it's all part of life's adventure. Somewhere in the centre is a safe, yet stimulating, middle ground. Your challenge is to find it!

Cancer & Capricorn

You two share many of the same concerns, although your ways of addressing these issues may differ. However, you'll find that you are perfect complements for each other and together you can create a close-knit family with comforting traditions and strong values. The Cancer parent wants to provide emotional security. You're intuitive and sensitive with a deep emotional connection to your children. You make sure their familial roots are deep, telling stories of your ancestors and carrying on traditions from your youth.

The Capricorn mum or dad is more concerned with the security that financial stability provides. You will work hard to make your family comfortable and will instill a firm work ethic, as well as the values of responsibility, commitment and practicality. As a parenting team, you'll create an environment in which your children can thrive.

Cancer & Aquarius

You two are a study in opposites! And when it comes to parenting together, you bring very different qualities and gifts to the picture. Clearly a great deal of discussion and compromise will be needed so each of you can feel effective as parents. The Cancer mum or dad is sensitive, emotional and nurturing. You prefer to be at home in the heart of your family, building intimacy and safety. You may become over-protective of your children, trying to shield them from harm, which of course is impossible.

The Aquarius mum or dad, on the other hand, is independent and loves freedom. Your more detached attitude means that your children will come to you for homework help and requests for anything out of the ordinary, but probably not with questions of the heart. That's fine, because as long as you two parents are communicating openly, all areas will be covered.

Cancer & Pisces

It's hard to imagine a more sensitive, emotional and nurturing parenting team! You're intuitively connected and incredibly bonded to each other and to your children. The Cancer parent is concerned with safety and security. You will carry forward the traditions you had as a child and preserve them in your own family. You're a natural carer and will probably organise most of the household chores. Just don't make the mistake of doing them all! Everyone should pitch in, even the smallest among you.

The Pisces mum or dad is more of a dreamer, given to flights of pure fantasy. You love your children, of course, but the demands of routines and the need to be firm in discipline can get you down. It's only temporary, and then the joy of reading fairytales to your little ones will transport you to a happier place.

Leo & Leo

Yours will be a lively, active home with many creative projects going on at the same time. Expect it to be a noisy and rather messy environment. Peace and quiet will be impossible to maintain in the midst of the energy and passion that you two are sure to encourage in your children.

As a parenting team, you are full of energy and drama, participating wholeheartedly in this thing called life. To your family, you bring loyalty and devotion, a sense of fun and natural leadership. One of your tasks as parents will be to define your respective roles so you don't compete for attention or control. Leo is the sign of children, but that doesn't mean you get to be childish! Instead, focus that youthful spirit on your children and give them the best gifts of all: your time and your attention.

Leo & Virgo

It would be difficult to find a pair of parents more dedicated to family than you two. You both have high ideals when it comes to raising your children, and you expect a great deal from yourselves as well as them. You have your differences, but they are complementary rather than conflicting.

The Leo mum or dad thrives on activity, energy and creative projects. Your personal warmth and dramatic personality inspire your children, and they will always feel secure in your love. You want them to feel good about expressing themselves, like you do.

The Virgo parent sets high standards for your children. You want them to develop the same work ethic and practical self-discipline that you have mastered. Children do respond to high expectations, but don't make them out of reach. Reasonable objectives will help them build self-confidence as well as competence.

Leo & Libra

As parents, you bring not only a strong devotion to your family, but also a grasp of how to get along with others. Together you will teach your children about leadership and diplomacy. Due to your influence, they will be fully aware of both themselves and others, and this will enable them to navigate the world with ease.

The Leo mum or dad exudes a lively energy that will inspire your children. You'll encourage all sorts of creative projects and activities that will keep you busily engaged as a family, building intimacy while having fun.

The Libra parent makes sure that everyone is treated fairly, from giving gifts to dishing up equal portions of dessert. When inevitable conflicts arise, it's you who will intervene with suggestions to resolve it. This is how you maintain the peaceful environment you so crave.

Leo & Scorpio

You both take very good care of things that are important to you, and your family comes above all else. You are dedicated to doing the best job you possibly can of raising your little ones.

The Leo mum or dad is lively, youthful and creative, connecting easily with children, who respond to your funny ways and warm affection. You encourage them to be true to themselves.

The Scorpio parent is quieter and deeper. You're a complex being and somewhat of a mystery to your children. It won't be easy to fully express yourself to them, but they understand more than you think. Don't lock your heart away. Allow yourself to feel and show the full extent of your love for them. Your vulnerability will mirror their own, and they will love you for it.

Leo & Sagittarius

Harnessing the energy between you two is rather like trying to rein in wild horses. It can be a fun, exhilarating ride, but things can all too quickly get out of hand. This is the challenge you will face in your parenting duties. You're both lively, adventurous and energetic people. You love to take your children on all sorts of escapades and expose them to new experiences. But who’s going to tackle the boring, day-to-day stuff? The Leo parent may take on the leadership role in the family, making appointments and taking care of details. It's not your favourite job, but somebody's got to do it!

The Sagittarius parent will be busy making all the plans for your next family holiday to some distant, exotic location. Your children happily tag along with you two, learning that the world is their playground.

Leo & Capricorn

You both bring loyalty, devotion and a serious work ethic to this parenting team. Although your personalities are different at the core, with mutual understanding and the willingness to be flexible (an important lesson for you both), you will find a parenting path that satisfies each of you.

The Leo parent is lively and creative. Your dramatic personality and youthful attitude will win the hearts of your children and their friends. You provide ways for them to express themselves and encourage their confidence, so they feel good about themselves without being jealous of others.

The Capricorn parent is serious, hardworking and responsible. You insist on your children completing chores and homework before playing games or watching television. You'll be more effective at discipline, which of course is necessary, but don't be more severe than you have to be. Remember to demonstrate your affection, too.

Leo & Aquarius

You'll both be actively involved with the parental duties. Although you may have different motivations, you share the mutual goal of raising children who are healthy, active and independent. You'll work together well despite your differences, and the more you strive to find the middle ground on issues on which you do differ, the more successful your parenting will become.

The Leo mum or dad is more dramatic, and you encourage self-expression and honest emotions from your children. You rule with your heart. The creative projects you initiate may result in a somewhat cluttered home, but a very happy one.

The Aquarius parent operates from the head, carefully thinking through problems and planning strategies to best handle whatever difficulties are encountered. Your detachment allows you to be objective, but don’t be too remote from your children. Express your love for them daily, even as you raise them to be independent.

Leo & Pisces

Your greatest gifts as parents are your creativity and imagination. Your home will be rich with song, books, plays, costumes and various projects, but don't expect it to be very neat. As a family, you have more important priorities! The Leo mum or dad could be the ringleader in all this activity. You have a child-like spirit and affectionate warmth that is very appealing to children of all ages. Your children know from the start that they can depend on your loyalty and love.

The Pisces parent is more dreamy but equally dramatic. You're intuitive and sensitive, connecting with your children spiritually as much as physically.

One challenge you face will be making sure that the Leo parent does not demand so much attention that it takes away from your children. Find the balance.

Virgo & Virgo

High ideals and elevated expectations is the name of the game for this parenting team. Not that your ultimate objective is complex. In fact, it's pretty simple: you want perfection from yourselves as parents and from your children. An impossible dream, of course. But that will not stop you from trying.

Your attention to health matters ensures that your family will enjoy a tidy home, eat a well-balanced diet and learn impeccable personal hygiene. You will instill certain values in your children - a strong work ethic, for one, humility for another. You are the type of parents who volunteer at the local charity shop as a family activity!

Don't worry too much about how your children will turn out. You are so conscientious and focused on your parenting that there's little chance they will go astray, unless it is because they feel too restricted.

Virgo & Libra

Together you bring a balanced and sensible attitude to your parenting. However, you may each have some unrealistic expectations of parenthood that will be shattered by the reality. Somehow messy, middle-of-the-night nappy changes were never featured in your parenting fantasies!

The Virgo parent is practical and grounded, and despite a rather nervous temperament, you don't really mind getting up to change that nappy. There’s no avoiding it anyway. Your high standards mean you rarely give yourself or your children a break. Try not to be too hard on anyone!

The Libra parent is easygoing, cheerful and affectionate. Your biggest challenge in parenting will be saying "no" when necessary. You don't like confrontation, so you'll avoid it when possible. And you don't like being the “bad guy”, so you may leave the discipline up to your partner, which is hardly fair. Try to be strong.

Virgo & Scorpio

Your children aren't going to be able to pull any fast ones on you two. You're too attentive and serious about this whole parenting business. You'll discuss your objectives, lay out the rules and make sure you enforce them.

The Virgo parent may be a perfectionist, expecting a lot from your children. Those high standards can have a double edge. Yes, your children will strive to live up to your elevated expectations, but they may never feel good enough for you. Bring out your kinder, gentler side and regularly express your love and affection for them.

The Scorpio mum or dad intuitively understands your children and feels deeply connected to them.

Virgo & Sagittarius

Your children will grow up learning how to work hard and how to play hard. Finding the correct balance between these two may be challenging for you at times, but due to your flexibility, you'll be able to navigate that tightrope.

The Virgo mum or dad is quite orderly, and you will do your best to make sure your family sticks to a somewhat consistent routine. You're the one who will fret over their health, keeping the house neat and getting the homework and chores done before it's time to play.

The Sagittarius parent takes a much more relaxed attitude. You don't think twice about hauling the family off for a Saturday adventure before the lawn is mowed or the bedrooms tidied up. It's all good, because your children learn important lifelong lessons from both of you.

Virgo & Capricorn

It would be a real challenge to find a parenting team as sensible, practical and serious as you two. You readily agree on the goals you share for your family and are a united front in making and enforcing rules. You and your children can thrive in such a structure as long as you're not too rigid, which can produce more rebellion in them than you'd otherwise see.

The Virgo parent will run the home, making appointments and checking homework is done. You're at your best when attending to these areas of life, striving for perfection.

The Capricorn mum or dad focuses on working and providing financial support. You will teach your children about responsibility and commitment. Don't forget to express your love frequently, so they are equally acquainted with your softer side.

Virgo & Aquarius

The practical decisions and rules you make as parents will come as a direct result of your discussions and analysis of your objectives as parents. You'll decide what you view as the most important principles to teach your children.

The Virgo mum or dad is attentive to detail, hardworking and conscientious. Proper nutrition, cleanliness and a good work ethic are gifts you will give your children. You're idealistic and inclined to fret and worry about the little things.

The Aquarius parent also works hard but can be rather detached emotionally. You approach parenting with your own principles and standards, which may differ considerably from the prevailing theories. You think outside the box, which helps you create innovative and unusual solutions to family problems.

Make sure both of you express your love and affection frequently to your children. They need emotional support and nurturing as well as rules to follow.

Virgo & Pisces

Although you are opposite signs, you two will be able to meet in the middle thanks to your devotion to your family. Together you'll create a parenting team that is both gentle and firm. Through your parenting efforts, you'll develop parts of yourselves that have been dormant until now.

The Virgo parent is grounded, practical and attentive to detail. You'll teach your "work before pleasure" ethic to your children early on, making sure their beds are made and their homework is done before they play with their toys. You'll probably manage most of the household chores, too.

The Pisces mum or dad is soulful, soft and sweet-natured. You're emotionally connected to your children at a deep level. While you might not be so good in the discipline department, you're very imaginative and selfless. You'll be the one to read fairytales and improvise bedtime stories, much to your children's delight.

Libra & Libra

Peace, justice and harmony. This is what both of you seek in your personal and family life. Conflict will be a rare visitor to your home because both of you strive to avoid it. This has its good points and its bad points. Good because you and your children can depend on a quiet, calm and serene environment at home. Bad because by avoiding conflict and struggles, you may not teach your children the skills they need to deal with the inevitable arguments that arise between people. That would be unfortunate, because cooperation, negotiation and diplomacy are among the Libra parent's greatest talents!

Overcome your discomfort with conflict and your family will function better. When it comes to discipline, don't let your need to be "nice" interfere with enforcing the rules. Children need strong, firm guidance even from the most gentle of parents.

Libra & Scorpio

The key to success with this parental combination is to avoid taking on extreme roles. The Libra parent is gentle and kind, with a dislike of conflict and controversy. You're the parent who says "yes" unless you have a good reason to say "no". Consistent discipline could be a problem too, because you never want to be "mean". Clearly, your children will figure this out early on and use it to their advantage.

The Scorpio parent has no problem saying "no" and may be stuck with the lion's share of the discipline when rules are broken. This is entirely unfair and should be avoided. You're deeper and harder to figure out than your Libra parenting partner, yet you have an undeniable emotional connection with your children. Let them know how deeply you love them. They'll never forget it.

Libra & Sagittarius

You two make a fun and generous parenting team. You'll inspire and support your children in all their efforts and areas of interest. They'll always find you on the sidelines, cheering them on and applauding their accomplishments. The Libra parent is diplomatic, kind and a natural negotiator. Your children will seek you out when they have a social problem or conflict they need to sort through. You make sure everyone is treated fairly.

The Sagittarius mum or dad is adventurous and amusing, with a keen sense of humour and playful attitude. Honouring your need for freedom may require occasional breaks from the family, but just as often, you'll take them along for the ride.

One concern for the two of you is the crucial area of discipline. You'll both need to work on consistent, firm discipline so your children have the structure they need.

Libra & Capricorn

You two will have very different attitudes towards parenting, particularly when it comes to discipline. You'll have to talk things out and find agreement, but when it comes to compromise one of you will give more than the other! The Libra parent is diplomatic, kind and yielding. You preserve peace through negotiation. Unfortunately, your need to be loved makes you a real pushover with the children. You have a hard time saying "no", something they will use to their advantage.

The Capricorn mum or dad, on the other hand, can be quite rigid and inflexible. When it comes to enforcing the rules, you're the one. You don't relish being the "bad guy" all the time, but someone's got to do it! As a team, you must be careful in your parenting dynamic, so the discipline tasks don't always fall to just one person.

Libra & Aquarius

Now here's an intellectual team! The two of you see eye to eye on many aspects of how to raise children, but of course, parenting isn't simply a mental exercise. The challenge for you will be to bring your high ideals down to earth. The Libra mum or dad is kind and fair. You dislike conflict and will do everything in your power to avoid it, whether through negotiation or outright denial. Your children can help you normalise your attitude toward conflict.

The Aquarius parent loves to support your children in their various interests and activities but may be rather detached on an emotional level. Your ideas on raising children may be somewhat unusual and progressive, and you enjoy using technology to help manage your parental duties.

Both of you should strive to express your emotions honestly and frequently.

Libra & Pisces

You two are too nice for your own good, yielding at the slightest pressure and lacking the backbone to say "no" when it's needed. There's trouble brewing when neither parent can consistently be strong or enforce the rules. Each of you can make great strides in this area, both in parenting and on a personal level, and you and your family will be much happier and healthier because of it. The Libra mum or dad is gentle, fair and diplomatic. You're the one to teach your children about conflict resolution - after brushing up on it yourself! You make sure the home is peaceful and calm.

The sweet Pisces parent can spin stories and tell tales, enriching your children's imagination. Your intuitive understanding and kindness helps your little ones confide in you.

If you two can master the art of consistent discipline, your children will thrive in the firm yet loving environment you create.

Scorpio & Scorpio

Above all, you want your family to be safe and secure, and you'll do whatever it takes to achieve that. You value your privacy and like being at home with the family more than anything else.

As a parenting team, you bring devotion, consistency and deep attachment to your children. You understand them, raising them with watchful eyes and intuitively knowing their motivations and their troubles. If only they could understand you so well! You both have the Scorpio tendency to hold back and to keep to yourselves. It's not for lack of emotion, as you both have plenty of that. The fundamental issue is one of vulnerability - you crave and fear intimacy at the same time. Parenthood provides an incomparable opportunity to develop emotional intimacy with your children that will open your heart in ways you never expected.

Scorpio & Sagittarius

You both have high ideals when it comes to parenting. Naturally, you contribute different gifts, but the combination of your talents and qualities will produce a complete and balanced family picture. The Scorpio parent is private, and prefers to be at home. You keep to yourself emotionally but have a deep and perceptive understanding of your children, their essential qualities and possible problem areas. You'll make sure your family is safe and well cared for.

The Sagittarius mum or dad is lively, humourous and a free spirit. You'll impulsively take the children on many adventures, much to their delight. You try to show them the bigger picture and how things are connected, while the Scorpio parent is all about depth and passion. Your children will get the best of both worlds from you two.

Scorpio & Capricorn

The two of you make a very dedicated and hardworking parenting team. Not many details will slip through the cracks of the foundation and structure you build to raise your children. Between your love and your ability to set firm rules and maintain discipline, your children will grow up feeling secure and confident.

The Scorpio parent has a deep, perceptive understanding of the inner workings of your children. You're emotional and sensitive but will not show it except in the most personal of situations. Parenthood can open new realms of intimacy for you. Don't hide your love from your children.

The same goes for you, Capricorn! You take everything so seriously. You work long and hard to provide for your family and will instill in them a strong work ethic. But remember, all work and no play…well, you know the rest! Lighten up a little and have fun with your children regularly.

Scorpio & Aquarius

Don't be surprised if you find yourselves stubbornly squaring off when you don't agree on how to handle your children or to deal with a specific problem. You each have specific ideas about parenthood and neither of you is particularly flexible about them. Unfortunately, this doesn't lead to a united parental front, something your children may take advantage of with the old "divide and conquer" strategy.

The Scorpio parent is emotionally sensitive, and you understand your children's motivations and personalities. You're something of a mystery yourself however, so don't hold back when it comes to expressing the love you feel for your family.

The Aquarius parent is intellectual and can be emotionally detached. You're the go-to person when your children need help with their homework or a special project. Let them know frequently how much you love them.

Scorpio & Pisces

You two blend your gifts and talents to make a remarkably effective parenting team. You complement each other, and your strengths compensate for one another's weaknesses. Emotional connection and sensitivity are but two of the qualities you share. The Scorpio parent is deep and intense, with a specific concern for safety and security. You'll work hard to take care of your children. You prefer to keep family matters private and may even have difficulty expressing your most poignant emotions. Your children will open your heart to new ways of feeling.

The Pisces parent has no difficulty in showing emotion. In fact, you wear your heart on your sleeve! You're a real softy when it comes to your children. It's hard for you to say "no" or to enforce your own rules consistently. Don't let your children take advantage of you. Firm discipline demands the respect you deserve.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius

With luck (and you two have plenty of that), your children will be able to keep up with you on your life journeys and escapades. In your mind, parenting is just one experience among many. Not that you don't take it seriously - you do. But you see no reason why it can't be incorporated into other adventures you undertake.

Travel around the world with the children? No problem - you'll school them as you go along. They'll learn much more by meeting people and becoming familiar with different cultures than they would in a traditional school anyway, and you truly want your children to be citizens of the world. The sails of your idealism may need trimming from time to time, but don't lose sight of the vast expanse of universe that is simply waiting to be discovered with your children.

Sagittarius & Capricorn

No doubt you two are acutely aware of the differences between you when it comes to parenting, but you'll find that if you can stand side-by-side rather than adopting opposite viewpoints, together you can make a complete whole. The Sagittarius mum or dad is youthful, lively and adventurous. The world is your playground, and you like bringing your children to the park! Your curiosity and love of learning will inspire your children to become life-long students. Give them the big picture, and teach them with an open mind. You could learn a lot from them too!

The Capricorn parent is much more serious. Your main concern is providing for your family, and you work hard to support them. With your affinity for rules and structure, you'll probably be the chief disciplinarian. Don't let that prevent you from having fun with them, though. Balance is crucial.

Sagittarius & Aquarius

You both have a need for personal freedom. How will you incorporate this into the constraints of parenting so that everyone in your family is happy? This will be one of your biggest challenges as parents. You'll have to be attentive to each other's moods, and arrange it so that each of you can have “me time”. Switch roles occasionally.

The Sagittarius mum or dad is quite adventurous, and you'll have the best times if you take your children along. They appreciate your youthful spirit and good humour, which can be the best medicine when problems arise.

The Aquarius parent may have some unusual or progressive ideas when it comes to raising children, education and other aspects of parenting. This is an aspect of your forward-thinking personality. Just make sure your concepts work in real life.

Sagittarius & Pisces

Ah, what a dreamy pair you are! Your ideals are in the stratosphere, and let's hope that your children will help bring them down to earth, because that's where the action is. The Sagittarius mum or dad can be a lot of fun. You're youthful and playful, curious and adventurous. Your favourite family memories will be of the times you included your children in your travels. They open the door to making new friends no matter where you are!

The Pisces parent is emotional, sensitive and adaptable. You have a strong, intuitive bond with your children that goes beyond the physical. You know immediately when they are hurt or troubled. You'll inspire their creativity and encourage story telling and play acting.

One area of concern is that neither parent will be particularly strong in the discipline department. Children need firm rules and consistent guidance to thrive.

Capricorn & Capricorn

Does anyone take their parenting responsibilities more seriously than you two? Not a chance! You probably started setting guidelines and rules before your baby was even born! Structure and discipline are your combined strengths. You have distinct and firm ideas about parenting and about how you want your children to turn out. No one can fault you for that. You simply want the best for your children and will work very hard to support and provide for them.

The danger here is that you will be too serious and strict, not knowing when to simply relax and have fun. After all, all work and no play is not balanced or healthy. Also, don't be so task orientated that you forget to express your affection and love for your children frequently, and don't assume that they know you love them. Nothing can replace those three little words.

Capricorn & Aquarius

You two walk a fine line between structure and freedom, old and new, conservative and liberal. There are a couple of ways to approach your differences. You can either weave back and forth between the two extremes, continually crossing the line, or you can carefully tread right down the mid-point of your two personalities, through flexibility and negotiation. Realistically, you'll probably do a bit of both. With practice, the second option becomes easier and more practical.

The Capricorn mum or dad is responsible, firm and rule-bound. Discipline and structure come easily to you, and you'll instill these values in your children. The Aquarius parent is forward-thinking and progressive. You probably have some radical ideas when it comes to parenting.

When you two meet in the middle, you'll develop a stable yet innovative environment in which your children will grow and thrive.

Capricorn & Pisces

By blending your distinct gifts of parenting, you'll create a very positive environment in which to raise your children. You can truly bring them the best of both your worlds. The Capricorn parent is serious, responsible and will work very hard to support the family in every sense. You prefer structure and schedule. You'll be very good at establishing rules and making sure your children stick to them. Gentle discipline is your strong suit.

The Pisces mum or dad is softer and more emotional. You have an intuitive bond with your children and will encourage their creativity and artistic side. You're the one to read the bedtime stories and ask about their dreams in the morning.

As a team, you are unrivaled in making sure your children get everything they need to feel safe, secure and loved.

Aquarius & Aquarius

You two can be quite over the top when it comes to your ideas about parenthood. You turn tradition on its head. Whether you're raising your babies without nappies, or home schooling your children, you will never be accused of being mainstream!

You'll use technology to help with your parental duties, getting your children computers and mobile phones at an early age and keeping in touch with them that way. Don't make the mistake of thinking that gadgets