Aries Birthday - March 21


March 21 Aries is, as the first day of the first sign of the year, the day that relates to the Magician card in the tarot. It is a card that indicates a wonderful aspect of individualism within a person and, an ideal present for a March 21 Aries could take the form of a portrait executed in a very extraordinary expressionist painting style.

March 21 is the vernal equinox and, as the traditional first day of the year it represents that of the new life that arrives with the beginning of spring.

The symbolic meaning of this birth date can be expressed in the image of a newborn baby bird peeping out from the nest for the first time to discover and see what exciting visions surround him.

For those of the March 21 birth date so much in life is new to you, and while some folk might interpret this aspect of your nature and personality as somewhat naïveté, no matter whatever age you may be, you will never become weary by life.

By nature you hold within yourself a fervent impulse to forever investigate and explore the most interesting possibilities that your surroundings have to offer. Sure, there is always the fear that you may not be successful and like any adolescent, you will take a number of hesitant steps as you progress toward your self- expression. Your desire to be yourself however, is far greater than your fear of the process of becoming.

For those of the March 21 birth date it is easy to pick themselves up, to wipe of the dust and, to charge on and get on with their life. This is because, irrespective of any setbacks that you may encounter in life, you will always be able to gather the courage and resources to move forward.

The March 21 birth date is the first complete day after the spring equinox and forms the beginning of the sign of Aries. This birth date may also be positioned on a critical degree that indicates that you may well have strong reactions to both the highs and lows in life.

Your energy and zeal for life may at times therefore be more overpowering than your judgment.

To keep your energies vibrant at home, add some touches of red and adopt some form of a gentle morning exercise routine to help you to maintain a healthy mind and body. The rhythm of music, drumbeats or singing can be excellent methods to control your energy but, without depressing your natural inbuilt enthusiasm.

When considering the inside of your home you should look too bright and full of colors as these will mirror your personal optimism and your love of all those things that are vital and vibrant.

Although you were born on March 21 being the day of the blooming of new life, you can also be a person who can be something of a traditionalist. In this respect you can hold a strong appreciation for some of those more traditional items and activities.

Most March 21 birth date folk hold a strong appreciation for things that are connected to nature and, in this respect, you are very likely to derive great enjoyment in maintaining a well-stocked garden that presents a maze of beautiful color throughout the seasons of the year.

It can be particularly important for March 21 folk, having been born at the birth of the spring season, to utilize garden plants and flowers that will bloom and flourish during the most depressing times of the bleakest winter months. The effect of such color will go to offset the possibility of experiencing depression while awaiting the forthcoming warmer and brighter new spring season. Suitable flowers for those of the March 21 birth date are those of early spring: daffodils, crocuses and forsythia.

March 21 folk derive enjoyment from being physically active and in creating things that they can see and enjoy. Digging and preparing the flowerbeds or, building a garden “Wendy House” for the kids or, even the building of a log cabin, would fit perfectly with the March 21 personality.

To help adapt your energies purchase some Quartz crystal.

Your Special Magic Numbers 6 and 9

The twenty-first day of the third month reduces to six, and the number six signifies beauty and, the agreement of balanced opposites as the geometric shape of six indicates. The two equilateral triangles interlaced is the emblem of love, the Star of David.

This day is a pathway of self-realization and the ability to recognize and to seize upon potential. Your mission is one of that of recognition and the understanding of the correct interrelationship of the head and the heart.

The eighty-first day reduces to nine, and the number nine contributes the quality of aspiration fulfilled.

Enjoy the fresh lilies, since fragrant six-petal flowers are emblems of resurrection. See yourself in others, and watch the principle of opposites attracting and complementing. Opal and Peridot are gems for you.

Aries Birthday - March 22

YOUR RULERS - Mars, Sun.

As a March 22 Aries you are aware that you have that “special something” to get ahead, however, you must activate a very strong self-discipline in order to give that “special something” life.

Your principal aim in life is to develop the right form of activities to marry up with the special talents that you possess.

The March 22 birth date highlights a person who is very aware that they must acquire the right tools in order to succeed in life.

You are strongly aware that you have to have a marketable skill, and not just because this is a fundamental necessity to accomplish a place in society, but in the knowledge that you hold within you a burning inspiration of creativity that you need to express.

March 22 can quite often start things of with a tremendous enthusiasm and then lose interest and abandon that which you have started. It is essential that you try to be consistent because if your ideas and projects involve other parties you can run the risk of allowing your own responsibilities to fall into the hands of others.

You should avoid the impulse to rush in on whatever suddenly takes your fancy. Stop, and take the time to think things through very carefully before you jump into some new idea or project.

You are, like many of those born under the sign Aries people a very positive person in your outlook on life, and you hold a very strong conviction that you will always succeed.

Beware however, that there is some tendency and attraction towards gambling that is associated with this day of March 22, and gambling may not be the best pastime for such an optimistic person who believes that they can never lose.

The March 22 birth date follows immediately after the spring equinox and it holds all the potential for the growth and new life associated with the new season of spring. The energy inherent in this birth date is stronger than judgment; therefore a life long challenge for those born on this day will be to endeavor to balance up actions and thoughts.

March 22 folk are extremely thoughtful individuals who tend to action a lot of their thinking while working. You are fascinated by all manner of unexplained mysteries and, are likely to read up on books, writings and articles associated with strange and unexplained phenomena. In fact any subject that involves the more obscure, the mysterious or unknown aspect of the historical past. As a March 22 you will hold an interest and attraction for things that are reminiscent of the military.

March 22 folk often exhibit considerable great skill when it comes to engineering and, particularly where precision instruments are involved.

On your home front therefore, a set of high quality exclusive design kitchen knives will appeal to your nature, as would an antique sword mounted over your fireplace.

Another particular aspect of this day of March 22 is a real appreciation and enjoyment of hard physical work and, in keeping with your engineering inclinations, a day spent on your car among the grease and oil will keep you somewhat happily occupied. You might even find great enjoyment in the construction of a new, or the refurbishment of an old motor vehicle. Working on a major remodeling of a house will certainly satisfy the physical work aspects of your birth date.

On the Outdoors front, tending to you lawns and garden in the spring is an excellent activity for your nature and, you might even enjoy growing some varieties of hot chilli peppers as a profitable hobby. The hot chilli relate to your fire sign of Aries.

In your sporting activities you need to engage in activities that will test your skills so, a rifle or pistol shooting range might be just the place for you.

Carrying a piece of Malachite about you will tend to provide a peaceful effect and settle your energy

Your Special Magic Numbers 7 and 10

The twenty-second day of the third month reduces to seven and, the meaning of the number seven is victory.

The connotation of this day of March 22 relates to the liberation of the wild self-expression of the personality.

Without reserve the type of person that you are you are stands out and this enables you to spread out your charisma to any group It also allows you to judge the effect of your performance from the feed back of others.

The eighty-second day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten adds the factor of perfect expression to the delivery.

Becoming involved is the major key to your future success so, try not to sit on the sidelines, go and jump into the arena to make your mark. Join and organization such as the “Toast- Masters” and become confident in the art of giving a speech. Attend or become involved with your local community theatre groups.

In order to go in tandem with your emotions try carrying some pieces of Pyrite or Fluorite.

Aries Birthday - March 23


As a March 23 Aries you have a great enthusiasm to prove yourself along with a very strong desire to travel in order explore the wider possibilities and wonders of this world.

You enjoy an inner form of courage and endurance that arises at times when you are challenged.

Remember however, that you do not have to wait around for obstacles or problems to be placed into your path prior to your taking action.

Try to ensure that you are in a career or vocation that will provide an abundance of room for your qualities of originality and inventiveness plus, plenty of opportunities for advancement.

March 23 needs to always be active; to get out and about and to experience what life has to offer.

You are not the sort of person that can suffer being inhibited by those who are in social positions above you. Without doubt you are one who prefers to run your own affairs, to lay down and initiate your own ground rule as you charge off through life.

By nature, March 23 birth date will rely considerably upon their own resources and will experience feelings of being out of their depth when they do not have to hand the tools or techniques required to achieve any particular goal.

What methods or resources they may adopt in order to acquire such addition skills will form an important aspect of their achievements in life.

You are endowed with the strength for combat, but you have discovered how to utilize your energies in more productive ways. You have an inbuilt capacity for humor such as practical jokes and pranks etc and this aspect of your make up can become one of the most useful and successful weapons in life.

Your inclination for physically combative sport is balanced with a strong artistic side to your nature. Therefore, you are likely to be attracted to the grandiose and romantic aspects of art. As result you might take pleasure in displaying high-quality prints of old masters within your home or place of business.

As a March 23 you are always full of energy, as result you might like to consider taking up one of the martial arts to satisfy the physically combative aspect of your nature. Such a sport can be practiced regularly at home.

The March 23 birth date holds a relationship with the Empress card in the tarot, and this card infers that you have a love of the good things in life. Your home therefore will no doubt reflect you love of luxury.

While keeping your decor simple, utilize quality wood furnishing, carpets and rugs and, decorate with feature pieces as touches to satisfy that artistic side of your personality.

Your bookshelf will undoubtedly carry some books on the subject of humor to cater for your humorous side. Gold and green are good decorating colors for March 23. .

In your kitchen, the preparation of simple, tasty casseroles may be one way for you to express your delight in human fellowship and, in line with the traditionalist aspect of your nature, you will probably prefer cooking utilizing the older methods of gas rather than the more modern features of electric.

Soft fruits such as peaches, mangos, and apricots are likely to be favorites fruits for you.

In your garden you are likely to have some utilities and equipment for sporting activities and, possibly some part of your home set up for indoor sports or games.

Flowers borders in your garden comprising of ageratum and begonia would be just the right for March 23.

Your special lucky numbers are 8 and 2

The twenty-third day of the third month reduces to eight, and the number eight means that conflicting forms of expression all arise from a sole cause or, source.

The flags of the United Nations express and represent a collection of peoples and cultures and, each provides an identity to be spread across the range of flags in order to complete the total effect.

The eighty-third day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the element of reflection, a factor that assists in the reflecting of experience that cultural traditions can provide.

Celebrate traditions, both your own and others, whether in dance, song, food, or dress.

Carnelian set in gold will warm your heart.

Aries Birthday - March 24


Born this day of March 24 Aries places you among the most romantic of folk and your life tends to rotate around your emotional affairs. It is important therefore that you allocate some of your energy into your career in order to keep it in balance.

So many of your lessons in life are cantered around the aspects of relationships, so remember, that it can take many people, all working harmoniously together, in order to accomplish most of life’s objectives.

As a March 24 Aries, you can at times be far too hasty and headstrong and, to the extent that you may not be able to identify or recognize that there is a need for compromise or, that some good advice and/or help is being offered to you by someone close to you. That someone may take the form of a business associate, a good friend and even your partner.

You have a courageous and no-nonsense outlook to life and these qualities will be something that your associates and friends will admire.

With your inherent strong sense of justice you will not be one to stand back when you see other folk being taken advantage off.

March 24 is one who desires immediate results and you are not the type of person who is frightened or reluctant to take any action necessary in order to achieve the results you are seeking.

Take caution however, that there are times when it is wiser, if not important, to refrain from taking immediate actions, but to take a step back and to merely observe. It will be essential for you that you learn how to distinguish this vital difference.

Endowed with a pleasure-loving nature, March 24 is always very keen to forge ahead with whatever projects that they are interested in and, even if they fail to accomplish every thing that they set out to achieve, they will always tend to see the positive side of the experience.

A great challenge for March 24 will be to steer clear of the characteristics of vanity and self-indulgence.

In your home you can encourage a sense of emotional fulfillment and contentment by acquiring some tall vases, preferably pale blue, and positioning them in the corners of your bedroom.

Women may take interest in the collecting of marbles, metal buttons, or other such small items and, for men, the collecting of miniature soldiers and re-creating historic battles could appeal to the Aries military interest.

A casual décor in your home should appeal, with quality wooden benches and plush pillows covered in brightly woven blankets or hand-loomed materials in reds, purples, and orange. These are colors that should prove of appeal for you.

There are advantages for a March 24 to have some area of personal exclusivity. One particular room or place that is set up for you alone and, in which you should position a study built wooden desk. The desk will represent an aspect of solidity that will assist you to keep your feet on the ground and to approach your problems in a realistic manner.

The balance of any furnishing should be quite limited with any ornaments or other items or features in metallic materials and preferably of small size.

In your outdoors scenario, a trampoline and/or a swing would be appealing to you together with a garden well stocked with all different kinds of plants that effect a blaze of colors.

Some form of wind operated musical garden effect will be pleasing to your nature be it wind chimes or garden bells. You will derive enjoyment from hearing them as the wind rushes through.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 3

The twenty-fourth day of the third month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents successful outcomes.

Dangerous liaisons, versus home and family, are potentials for March 24. Without a sense of responsibility, a potentially damaging stream of consequences can be set in motion. .

Follow your pleasure, but never avoid your responsibility. Make sure that you learn the difference between self-indulgence and healthy satisfaction.

The eighty- fourth day of the year reduces to three, and the number three contributes the quality of development and natural expression.

Read romance novels or enjoy a candlelight dinner with your chosen one.

Agate Lapis are gemstones stones that will enhance your feelings of happiness.

Aries Birthday - March 25

YOUR RULERS - Mars, Sun.

The March 25 Aries birth date points to a person who wants to step outside of the boundaries in life whether it be in respect those applicable to society or even those in respect of family.

March 25 is one who needs to move ahead, utilizing that which is inherited to create a future that is crammed with new and larger creative opportunities.

Those of March 25 birth date can have an irresistible desire to explore, and to do so beyond that of the physical world extending into that of the spiritual. As a result of your travels you can acquire viewpoints and wisdom about the world that can prove of benefit for many people.

Eastern cultures and their ideas, beliefs and way of life can be of particular interest to those born on March 25. Souvenirs of cultural significance in the forms of artifact statuettes would be valued gifts.

The Fortune card from the tarot implies energy, and when combined with your slightly rebellious streak, it can indicate one who has a powerful desire to wander.

This would indicate that in your travels therefore, you might tend to favor a cheap lifestyle of traveling in the form of backpacking, camping or, as a one small bag or suitcase traveler.

In respect of that certain rebellious aspect to your character, it is something that you need to learn to control because, if not, the result could be that you could find your self in some very unsatisfactory situations.

One particular value of this date of March 25 can imply activity and actions that may not exactly be deemed within the laws of the land.

There are times when you will feel that you are surrounded by events and social situations that seem to inhibit and curtail your drive, and severely restrict your plans to achieve the actions or activities that you desire to undertake.

Such situations may compel you at times to break out through the restrictions of your current life situation and familiar surroundings.

While such courage and daring is commendable, one must bear in mind that it is also very important to be fully aware that you are not alone in your environment, and that consideration must be given to what effects your actions might have upon others.

Make sure therefore, that you do not enmesh yourself in so many undertakings and commitments of communal responsibility that, in achieving your own objectives you bring hardship and distress upon others.

Your progress in life arises from allowing all your skills and abilities freedom of action, and an illustration for those who are born on this day of March 25 is that of a triangle with wings.

In you home, consider owning some large pieces of furniture that are made from wood and metals. Items that present character and physical form can be of particular interest to you therefore some sculptured pieces of yourself or your family members could be attractive items for your home.

In addition, the color of red-orange represents a powerful color for those of March 25 birth date, so try to incorporate it within your home.

In keeping with your appreciation of character and physical form items formed from metals such as an old-fashioned brass bed or sculptured historical busts and such in-home ornaments will give you great pleasure.

The burning of candles will provide you with a certain meditative satisfaction as the light effect can allow you to think and contemplate.

In the outdoor scenario March 25 favors the terrain images of trees and rocks, and in the garden some holly bushes that can be decorated during the holiday season.

Your special magic numbers are: 10 and 4.

The twenty-fifth day of the third month reduces to ten, and the number ten suggests the end of a cycle and the personification of seed ideas and concepts that begun in number one. In other words, the time to start over again.

Where we maintain our intention pure and clear throughout the creative process, then we will be able achieve the perfect result that we desired at the outset. Each new cycle assists us to do better, and throughout the process we continue to improve skills.

The eighty-fifth day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the fundamental certainty of permanence behind change.

Consider on the principle of order at work. Sit in the darkness in front of a fire and watch the dance of the colored flames, are they a creative transformation or destructive combinations.

Turquoise and amber are gemstones that will help to strengthen you.

Aries Birthday - March 26

YOUR RULERS - Mars, Sun.

March 26 Aries, while positioned within the initial period of Aries, is a date that has an energy that is more water influenced than that of fire and therefore, those born on this date are unusually more emotionally sensitive than for most the other people of the Aries sign.

To counter balance that sensitivity and any associated depressive effects try positioning some figurines or other ornaments made of brass around the house. Such items will support your positive emotions, while at the same time, the metallic factor will support the more resilient characteristics of your personality.

An aspect of this March 26 birth date indicates a person who is particularly charitable and humanitarian by nature. They will generally have a genuine love of animals and, it is not unusual to find a host of animals within their homes.

Furthermore, as they tend to like the idea of saving those in need, they are quite often actively engaged in the rescuing, taking in and caring for animals of all types.

As much as they like to protect those who are weaker and less fortunate than them self, March 26 also have a strong desire to feel protected themselves and, as result, they will tend to prefer, and look for a very strong individual within their relationships.

As a March 26 birth date, your need to experiment with life will take you far. Your personal sense of your own individualism has to be proven time and again, and you will strive very hard in order to create a foundation that supports your desire ‘to be.”

March 26 is person with deep-seated ambitions and you search for both emotional and financial security. To achieve your goals, you will have to work at creating both harmony and cooperation.

The March 26 character enjoys a wealth of personal drive and sensitivity, however, you can be somewhat lesser endowed when it comes to patience and compassion.

Exercises in the giving some help to others without the expectations for reward can help to expose you to a broader range of human experiences and allow you to become more assimilated in your outlook toward life and your relationships.

Your major talents involve that of starting off or starting up ideas or projects, however, there can be set backs because of the natural restlessness inherent in your birth date and this characteristic of your nature may well lessen your chances of following through a project to its conclusion.

By nature, March 26 is a very hard worker, however you always have this inbuilt feeling and belief that your life destiny is for far greater things than those of a normal cum regular existence.

In your home, animals as pets and, plenty of plant life should be considered since there is every chance that you will hold a keen natural interest in the subject’s botany and zoology. Try cactus and geraniums, as these can be indoor plants of particular appeal to those of March 26 birthdays.

On the design and décor front, features that express acute angles and sharp edges will be appealing and, while red colors are generally symbolic to sign of Aries, in the case of this March 26 birth date the color green being symbolic elements of the aspects of birth and anger is more fitting.

In your outdoors environment, the March 26 likes to quantify and identify their land/property space and, will generally do so by way of an attractive hedge or a fence line made from wood or metals to designs of your liking.

Flowers for your garden area should include such plants as Briars, basil and hollyhock. The noises, activities and scenery associated with rural activities such as farming can inspire you, thus a holiday in such an environment could prove worthwhile.

Your special magic numbers are: 2 and 5

The twenty-sixth day of the third month reduces to two, and the number two is the number of duplication and relationship.

This is a path of self-direction. Light your fire of inspiration as the fuel for your experiences and accomplishments and, become your own internal driving force.

Watch the effects of a domino display and experience the chain reaction of thousands of dominos falling beginning from that first domino to fall

The eighty-sixth day of the year reduces to five, and the number five adds the influence of continual repetition and replication.
Aries - The Ram / The Lucky Color of Aries is: Red / Birthstone: Diamond