Aries Birthday - April 8

YOUR RULERS - Mars, Sun.

The April 8 Aries birthday identifies with a person who will have an extremely generous nature, and a person who will be only to pleased to provide support, and to act or fight on behalf of someone who asks for help.

While this might be a very worthy aspect of your nature, and one that is highly appreciated by others, you can have the tendency to become over committed to others needs.

At times therefore you must resist, and pull back from such involvements in order to give time to yourself and, to your own life interests and obligations.

As an April 8 birth date you have an inherent insight into life with an ability to guide others through their confusions and uncertainties in order that they can achieve their own goals.

By all means provide your advice and counsel but then leave them to make their decision as to whether or not to follow through on your advice. The most important thing in such circumstances is to keep yourself detached from any results.

Your April 8 birth date implies that your achievements and advancements in life will be accomplished principally through your mental capacity rather than by the force of your willpower.

Endeavor to learn to hone your skills in order to create and plan out your ideas and concepts to the point where they can be presented in a clean-cut final form. Avoid any pre or part release of such ideas or concepts in a generalize form because, while you may be very enthusiastic, others may become confused or wary and, people do not take kindly to being manipulated. They will however react more favorably when they respect your creative abilities and cultivated intelligence.

When you do release your concept and ideas in a well though out manner then they will speak for themselves, and there will be no need for you to apply any force of your personality in order to gain the collaboration and assistance that you require.

April 8 birth date has an inherent empathy both for, and the understanding of young people. This arises through the connection of this day to the Sun card in the tarot. Whatever your age, there will always be an aspect of the child in your character and, since children tend to sense this about you, they will always tend to be attracted to you.

Romantic passions run high in the April 8 and the combination of both love and physical passion is an important factor in your romantic relationships. Endeavor to maintain a balance between your inherent need for conflict and your wishes for your relationship

On the home front the April 8 will like to keep the house nice and bright, with plenty of light sources streaming in through the windows. Try some stained glass panels or other ornaments to hang in the windows in order that the light can split into a rainbow of color reflected on the walls of your rooms.

April 8 will generally take pleasure from furniture that is very casual and quite low to the ground level. Some scattered pillows or even an indoor-outdoor hammock might appeal to your nature. A particular room for gatherings or, even some form of studio, may not be uncommon in your home since music and dance can be a wonderful outlet for the April 8 creative and physical energies.

In your outdoor garden scenario you will like plenty of space to move. Some form of climbing activity, if only some ropes on a tree could prove an interesting exercise medium. Some selected gymnasium equipment sited inside or outside will certainly fulfill your need for physical activity.

Your special magic numbers are: 3 and 9

The eighth day of the fourth month reduces to three, and the number three identifies with that of growth and development.

This day provides you with the tendency to ponder over past events and choices. You struggle to resolve and reorganize your inner reality with that of your outer reality, and then to make the required adjustments in order to assure that your outer reality is the adjusted expression of that shift. You long to see significance.

The ninety-ninth day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds the feature of clarity of thought in the working out of an original idea. Get into action by all means but do allow plenty of time for thought and reflection prior to such action.

Paintings of rural pastoral scenes will inspire your sense of continuity and, all types of agate will prove calming and healing to your nature.

Aries Birthday - April 9

YOUR RULERS - Mars, Sun.

The April 9 Aries is by nature, a relatively courageous character who is unlikely to hold back on speaking out and expressing their opinions.

This may apply in relation to some social injustice or, in the form of blatant criticism of authority and recognized established institutions.

You must learn however, that there are times when it is necessary to quell that fiery rebellious steak within you, and to sit back and wait for the most appropriate time on which to make your views known.

The April 9 is extremely romantic by nature and, there is a necessity that they end up in the right form of romantic relationship. You may probably recognize that have experienced a number of past relationships and, that at times, you have been some what forceful and over powering in order to overcome another parties resistance to your attentions.

As an April 9 you do have knack of winning the battle but then you will generally lose interest in the final successful result of your efforts.

The April 9 birth date highlights that you must learn to understand the difference between that of desire, and that of love.

You will probably recognize that you have made the error in the past of creating romantic fantasies in respect of the object of your desires.

You can however, since the heart allows the two to characteristics to be combined, be sexual with the person you love.

At times you may need to give consideration to your real needs. Are you endeavoring to provide the love for the both of you? Does your partner have the ability of supporting your fiery temperament, by adding the fuel that cultivates your flames? And, what about you? Are you able to, in return, offer consistency and a resolute and enduring loyalty? Ensure to use your head as well as your body and to include compassion into your passion.

The April 9 has a tremendous amount of driving force and you can apply your mind and imaginations toward a very diverse range of subjects, ideas and activities. By your very nature you hold a powerful interest in the wide reaching potentials of life, be they politics, commerce, music, film or the theatre.

As an April 9 you might have a considerable concern in relation to your health, as result, since knowledge is power, you are quite likely to obtain some recognized medical books or records in order to alleviate your concerns.

On the home front, the April 9 characteristic of practicality might be reflected in owning some brightly colored tableware. A set of high quality red colored glasses with matching evening tableware could be a prized possession. With your appreciation of herbs, some garlic or dried peppers would not be unusual in your kitchen area.

Persian or Oriental carpets in brightly colored designs will match your taste and perhaps provide an imaginative image in your mind of a magic carpet upon which you can take flights of fancy. The décor of your walls should be white but have some touches of color. Military memorabilia, if you have some, should form part of your décor as such items can appeal to the inherent military aspect of your nature.

In your outdoors scenario, the April 9 is one who derives great enjoyment from wide ranging panoramic views. In your garden, ironwork and caste iron garden furniture will appeal to the Mars aspect of your personality as will red flowers or vegetation. Crimson, red, tangerine and scarlet are all colors for April 9 as is the gemstone, the ruby.

Your special magic numbers are: 4 and 1

The ninth day of the fourth month reduces to four, and the number four is the number of order, measurement, and understanding of the way things are.

This day of April 9 encompasses a visionary outlook to a logical mind. Stretch your imagination, and indulge your flights of fancy, as this will enrich your every day activities. Engage in a wide range of hobby interests and activities to fulfill and open up your mind.

The one-hundredth day of the year reduces to one, and the number one adds the qualities of originality and singleness of purpose to the span of your outlook.

Aries Birthday - April 10

YOUR RULERS - Mars, Sun.

As an April 10 Aries you can be described as a somewhat laid-back sort of character.

You are by nature one who is generally very tolerant and, you also possess an inherent natural interest in all types of different cultures and life styles within our world.

Such interests can extend beyond our world with a powerful curiosity and interest in matters related to space travels and the possibility of life existing in galaxies beyond our own.

The April 10 birth date, indicates a very individualistic type of person; and one who will always prefer to be their own boss. This birth date highlights a preference for one who will prefer to be in competition with others rather than to be in cooperation.

The April 10 birth date also identifies you as one who likes to take the initiative in matters, to lead rather than follow. You are not the sort of character to show to much patience, you are bursting with energy to get things done and not likely to be to happy at waiting in lines. Wherever possible you will seeks ways in order to shortcut or circumnavigate events to achieve the given objective.

What is important to appreciate, is that there are much bigger and more wide-ranging sequences at work in our lives than the importance of just satisfying our own particular requirements and desires.

You have an inherent massive energy resource to give out, and one aspect of this birth date identifies the opportunity for you to share your knowledge and abilities in order to help and encourage others in their lives.

You have the courage to stand up and to voice your views and will express those views in a direct and clear-cut manner. This is an aspect of your character that will not only impress both your friends and your associates but something they will respect.

You must take caution however, because as an April 10 you can be somewhat aggressive in attitude and tend to fail to give due consideration to others voice, feelings or opinions. On such occasions you can inadvertently generate bad will to the point of strong resistance and, possibly at a time, when you least need it.

In the above scenario it is the “I am” element of the Aries sign character coming to the fore so, it is up to you to cultivate your own outlook in order to use your will intelligently. Once you have achieved this and can adopt a more “We are” outlook on life, then you are likely to progress more rapidly to the success in life that you desire.

Another aspect of those born this day can be a fascination for what might be deemed the sinister sides of life and, while this interest is generally limited to fiction aspects, you are quite likely to enjoy “Horror” type material. Films, novels or whatever will tend to intrigue your imagination.

Be sure to give consideration to your health. As an April 10 Aries you a more likely to favor outdoor activities that can range from just walking your dog in the park or through the woods to some more active sport type exercise like “Tai Chi” jogging, cycling or roller skating.

In your home scenario, the April 10 needs a place that is roomy with plenty of space and little clutter. To reflect the “laid back” characteristic of your personality include within your home some décor design that features some worldwide inspirations. These might take the form of impressive pillars at your front door entrance or, in home items from other cultures. Table ware, carpets, rugs or art pieces etc.

The April 10 birthday holds a traditional relationship to mining; so the mounting of an old miner’s lamp on the wall may well act to keep you in touch with the earth and to slow down your impressive resource of energy.

Metal sculpture items can be a welcome decorative touch in your kitchen and you should select items that are angular in shape and of burnished metals. April 10 will prefer, if the option is available, to do their cooking on a gas cooker in preference to electric.

In your outdoors scenario, the April 10 would, where possible, appreciate a panoramic view of mountains, if not, high hilly country from your windows. Red, scarlet or pink flowers should feature in your garden. Add, some iron metal ware pieces; a bench, wind chimes or low fancy fencing around the flowerbeds. Don’t forget to include the BBQ since this will provide you with hours of enjoyment.

Your special lucky numbers are: 5 and 2.

The tenth day of the fourth month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of mediation and versatility.

Through this day you have inherited the kindness of spirit and a desire to help the needs others. You feel the need to share with other forms of life because you posses an inherent sense of how you are nourished and supported by Life.

The 101st day of the year reduces to two, and the number two contributes both the influence of receptivity and, the understanding of the interrelationship of all living things.

The gemstones of Topaz, Ruby, and moonstone will support your personal sensitivity.

Aries Birthday - April 11

YOUR RULERS - Mars, Jupiter.

As an April 11 Aries birthday you can at times be driven more by instinct, rather than by logic.

On the romantic front, the April 11 has a powerful tendency toward unrestrained passion. This means that with your partners, your passions can center just as much on lust as it does on love.

While this aspect of the April 11 character may be very good and satisfying for those pure passionate romances, you may discover that it might prove of negative value and, indeed, it can very much work against you, where you are seeking to enter into and to establish a more serious loving long term relationship.

As an April 11 Aries you can find yourself strongly attracted to more than one person, and that can present the possibility that you might risk losing that very someone who is really and sincerely very important to you emotionally.

Your inherent sense of your own personal creative influence can develop to become a very all-encompassing outlook on life that can also develop into an extremely fulfilling life.

As an April 11 Aries you will find that you are highly respected by those around you, and you will gain such respect in life because you, in turn, will give respect to others. Unlike others of the Aries sign you do have the ability to participate in group activities without having to take any leadership role.

This does not mean that you can be “push-over” in any way, since by your nature you are one who is not easily compromise. You are however keen to smooth the progress of collective decisions in order that everyone can enjoy an acceptable degree of satisfaction. This ability forms the basic nature of human relationships.

For the April 11 birth date, success in life will only really materialize and come about once you have fully developed the more positive aspect of your nature. Once you have learnt to do so, then your levels of achievement can be unlimited.

Where you have not developed such positive aspect, then you are likely to misconstrue the good of others for our own good, your family needs for personal needs and, group direction for individual goals.

The fixed star Baten Kaitos is deemed to have a close relationship to some April 11 birthdays and in time long past, this star was deemed to rule over accidents and maritime shipwreck rescues. The strength of this star’s energy holds association with April 11 in the manner that the April 11 tackles life. While you may never suffer an accident in life you are by nature a courageous fighter.

On the health front, exercise in the form of short bursts of energy is far more effective for the April 11 than engaging in a continuous activity. To maintain your energy levels try keeping some ginseng on hand.

Where your tastes lean toward the more meditative sporting activities consider yoga, aikido or some other martial type art. Try to practice outdoors however, since April 11 is one who needs air and space.

On your home front your privacy is very important to you. Since highly populated and built up areas and city living can make you feel somewhat restricted and even claustrophobic, endeavor to live in an area that offers more space. A suburban or, better still rural country setting will fit perfectly with your character.

Endeavor to have a fence or, better still a hedgerow surrounding your yard or garden area. There are suggestions that Hawthorne bushes in particular, can bring a “Good fortune” effect on their owners.

April 11 will enjoy non-cluttered space with clean-cut design wood furniture within their home. Some iron works pieces can be pleasing to the eye. In the bedroom you may prefer a bed that sits high from the floor and bedding in colors of dark reds and earthy tones should satisfy your Aries nature.

To cater to your more traditional preferences, you will more than likely favor gas as a cooking medium in your kitchen rather than electric. Irrespective, the April 11 Aries will certainly gain considerable pleasure in utilizing an outdoor gas powered barbecue since it will be your favorite way of cooking.

On the out doors front, the April 11 may not be to keen on maintaining an attractive garden and will generally engage in physical activities outside of the home. They prefer to be where the action is, so the local sports field or sports center will be a place where April 11 can engage in active physical activity that can calm that active nature.

Your special magic numbers are: 6 and 3

The eleventh day of the fourth month reduces to six, and the number six is the number of balanced polarities and harmony of opposites.

This path deems the quality of living your life out loud for the entire world to see and learn from. You like to do things in style with an audience.

You radiate self-confidence and feel capable of resolving and balancing conflicts within yourself and would-be opponents.

The 102nd day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the energy of developing self-expression.

Watch political debates and practice defending both sides of the issue. Try joining the Toastmasters organization or, a debating team

To strengthen your resolve, try carrying some pieces of agate or jasper about you.

Aries Birthday - April 12

YOUR RULERS - - Mars, Jupiter.

As an April 12 birth date you are born under the sign of Aries, and Aries is fundamentally an assertive and very self-motivated sign.

Born under this sign you will, by nature, have the tendency to always drive yourself forward and onward. Your opposing Sign however is that of Libra, and Libra centers upon the qualities of balance, harmony, and cooperation.

Your birth date of April 12 provides you with the chance to unite the masculine and feminine within yourself. Once this has been achieved you will emerge as a full aware and complete person.

You should also aim to enhance your characteristics by endeavoring to integrate the Libra qualities of balance, harmony, and cooperation within your personality. Once you have achieved the union of these qualities within your personality you can emerge as and exceptionally tactful, brave and courageous individual and, one who genuinely generates recognition, respect and, even admiration from those with whom you associate, whether work wise or from family and loved ones.

You have a very powerful spirit of mind that can come into force and in support of others. This will certainly apply where you witness people around you being misused or abused in any way. You have the wonderful ability to combine sympathy with the right action, the quality of understanding with courage and, that of individual action with that of comprehensiveness of purpose.

In your April 12 birth date, the expansiveness of Jupiter embellishes the fiery nature of Aries. A representation of you is that of an ancient Greek coin bearing on one side Ares the god of war in Greek mythology (the son of Zeus and Hera as identified with Roman Mars), and on the other side that of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Another influence that tends to bear upon this birth date of April12 is that of being practical and somewhat skilled through the use of your hands. This is likely to take the form of an interest in home Do-It-Yourself activities and, in particular respect to this birth date; you can derive great pleasure from working with wood. The scent from freshly cut woods can be of certain appeal to you and, can even help to generate a sensation of security.

The aura and sensation of security is an important factor in your life because anything that you cannot control directly can become an issue that can make you irritable, even to the point of keeping you awake at night. Try carrying a piece of topaz or jasper about you as these might assist to alleviate any anxieties you may feel.

Under one aspect of your nature you can become pretty irritated and frustrated when things about are untidy and not as you would like to have them. An alternative aspect indicates that you may not be the best person in the world when it comes to keeping your own paperwork in order. This might take the form of scribbled reminder notes on bits of paper and bills and documents stuffed indiscriminately into drawers.

You really have little excuse for such messy activity when a simple filing cabinet and some disciplined filing activities are put into place or, why not use your computer to generate, scan and store digital records of your personal papers

Dancing, ballroom or otherwise, can be an excellent activity for you as such activity involves qualities requiring strong energy, artistic creativity and a good sense of balance. Martial arts can also be favored by your birth date due to their energy inputs and mental discipline.

On your home front, you are one who cannot bear to stand on ceremony and by nature, will prefer a more casual style of décor and living. Ironware matches up with your sign of Aries and this might take the form of wrought iron candlesticks that are excellent items for you. These should have red candles to match your Aries fiery nature. Some brightly colored beanbag chairs can be perfect place in which to lay back and relax.

Your birth date of April 12 favors space within the home, not overly cluttered and incorporating furniture in clean-cut lines. Since music is very likely to feature in your interests a room set aside for family or social gathering involving music and dance might be a very attractive proposition for the April 12 Aries.

In you out doors scenario, nature’s scenic views will appeal and prove imaginative and relaxing to your soul. In the garden the April 12 birth dates need an area that provides stimulation. Install feature pieces of interest, an archway of roses and shaped flowerbeds. Tulip plants might well be a favorite for you together with daffodils. Incorporate plenty of red and yellow colored flowers or plants in your garden area.

Your special magic numbers are: 7 and 4.

The twelfth day of the fourth month reduces to seven, and the number seven is that of victory and accomplishment.

This date bestows a path of seeing endless possibilities for your life. You are required to clarify and crystallize your heart’s desires. Walk through the open doors of your life without hesitation and enjoy the opportunities to learn what those experiences have to teach you.

Live in a house with lots of doors and windows. Keep containers with numerous cubby holes and tiny drawers for secret treasures. Fire opal set in silver will fire your passion.

The 103rd day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the quality of order to your world and the ability to survey and choose the doorways you enter.

Aries Birthday - April 13

YOUR RULERS - Mars, Sun, Jupiter.

The April 13 Aries birth date arises in that section of Aries that also falls under the influenced of the sign Sagittarius. This particular aspect of your birth date indicates that you will be very keen to travel extensively and to live your life to its fullest extent.

Under the influence of such qualities and, especially if your present circumstances are too restricted for your wealth of creative energy, you will be inclined to drive yourself forever forward both in your personal outlook and environmental circumstances.

As an April 13 you are ever ready to take on those challenges that will arise in order that you can advance yourself both professionally, work wise and, in those more delicate areas of human dynamics.

This however, is not necessarily enough for you to achieve ultimate success. While you do have the right outlook and attitude, you must also work to develop and improve upon the patient self-discipline that will allow you to acquire and master, the skills and techniques that will be required in order to carry out the work and duties required in a job.

As an April 13 Aries, you have no doubt already realized and accepted that for each and every opportunity that arises to advance yourself in life, you will need to resource, seek out and acquire the right training and information to carry out such function or activity.

Endeavor therefore, to make sure that you maintain a path of ongoing self-education throughout your life in order to acquire those mental tools that will assist and direct the more emotional and passionate aspect of your nature.

Another aspect applicable to the character of the April 13 Aries is the influence of Mars, your ruling angry planet. You can tone down the potential angry influence of Mars in your life by avoiding too much ingestion of spicy foods and, by employing the use of the color blue in your dress and in other items about your home or office. Since water quells fire, a bowl of water feature piece about your home or workplace with be of further benefit.

Because of the fiery nature of your April 13 Aries birth date you should strive to cultivate and achieve consistency in your life. With your energy outputs you can be out on a high after high and then, suddenly feel totally deflated and even depressed.

Endeavor to control the extent of your involvements and refrain from engaging in to many activities or projects at one time. In this way you won’t end up leaving to many activities only partly completed or standing idle at a time

April 13 enjoys the attribute of a very finely tuned and discriminating sense of smell. For some this might lead you toward a work activity involving perfumery. You will take great pleasure in the aroma of good perfume and scented products so an aromatherapy massage will not be out of the question. Your sensory appreciation might also lead you take up aromatherapy massage as a part, or even full time engagement.

April 13 also has a very powerful sense of justice and can be quite interested to become involved in its administration. A career in Law or in Law related matters could be perfect for those of the April 13 birth date. This could take the form of becoming a law enforcement officer, a lawyer or, even a senior prosecutor. Any form of law enforcement related material, criminal case reports, books, film, historical documentaries etc, will be of interest to those born on this day.

On your home front, your home should have an abundance windows to allow plenty of light. The color scheme and décor could be of simple single color such as white beige, but include touches of reds and yellow to match up with your Aries character needs.

Some large pieces should be included among your furniture selections, a substantial dining table, quality wall cabinet and/or large imposing desk in the study room or area. These are items that will inspire and remind you of the richness of your life.

In the outdoors scenario, the April 13 enjoys wide-open spaces, fields, parks and rambling hills. Locations where you can lie back, relax and contemplate as you gaze up to the day or night sky. In your garden install feature pieces of interest, an archway of roses and shaped flowerbeds. Daffodils plants might well be a favorite for you together with. Tulips. Incorporate plenty of red and yellow colored flowers or plants in your garden area.

Your special magic numbers are: 8 and 5.

The thirteenth day of the fourth month reduces to eight, and the number eight is represented by rhythm and vibration.

The number eight involves the implied acceptance that opposing manners of expression follow from a single cause. You are one who can sense the essentials in life and feel disdain for bad taste.

As an April 13 you are not one to share your secrets too easily and, as result you tend not to open up yourself to those around you. When you do however, then your sense of responsibility feels complete.

The 104th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five contributes the influence of continual, changing activity.

Turquoise and citrine will activate and energize your mind and fine silk scarves in teal or yellow will go far to cheer you.
Body Part Ruled: The Head / Polarity: Male / Animals: Ram - Sheep