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Zodiac Signs and their colors(=

Guide by BlackSunshine posted over a year ago
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ARIES-All shades of red!

TAURUS-All shades of blue; deep green

GEMINI-Yellow, light green(:

CANCER-Pale colors, cream, white

LEO-Golden hues

VIRGO-Silver, indigo, dark violet

LIBRA-Primary colors, shocking pink, night blue

SCORPIO-Black, blood red, charcoal gray

SAGITTARIUS-Denim blue, beige, bronze

CAPRICORN-All shades of brown, orange(=

AQUARIUS-Electric blue, silver gray, florescent colors

PISCES-Mauve, purple, aquamarine

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user photo
yay!!! ima scorpio & i luvv those colorz
posted over a year ago.
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rosemina said:
posted over a year ago.
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Ugh, I hate pale colors, creams, and whites. I like bold and dark colors.

Then again, I'm a Cancer with moon in Scorpio and Leo rising.
posted over a year ago.
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Gold is a really nice color .w.
posted over a year ago.