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Astrology If you're a Scorpio (or in a relationship with one), what's your / your boyfriend's/girlfriend's / husband's / wife's / crush's sign?

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 Schnusch posted over a year ago
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Schnusch picked Leo:
Scorpio Capricorn Compatibility

A Scorpio is as scared of getting involved in a frivolous relationship as a Capricorn. Both of them are very sensitive and very emotional, but none of them ever lets this show. Thus, it becomes extremely necessary for them to move at a slow and steady pace, as far as their love relationship is concerned. They will take time to open up with each other and reveal their deepest feelings. Since they tend to have a suspicious nature and a reserved personality too, initiation of a love match is bound to take time.

However, once both of them have overcome the initial hesitation, this relationship has all the chances of good and lasting compatibility. A Capricorn is little detached in relationships and even if he is deeply involved, he finds it hard to display so. On the other hand, a Scorpio openly expresses his love and expects the same form his partner. So, this may create some small problems. The former may also fail to match up the passion of the later. But, both of them are extremely devoted individuals and are capable of overcoming these small problems.


Scorpio Aquarius Compatibility

A Scorpio individual is not at all like an Aquarian. Both of them have very different personality traits and tend to have very dissimilar views as far as love relationships are concerned. The Scorpion is very intense, very emotional and very passionate in case of his loved ones. An Aquarian, on the other hand, is much more balanced and practical. The former gives much more importance to intuition, gut feeling and instinct than the latter, who believes in 'what is'. Infact, the Water Bearer seems to be quite cool and aloof in comparison.

He has lots of friends and lots of acquaintances, but none of them is very close to him. He believes in quantity rather than quality, which is totally opposite to the nature of the Scorpion. He needs only a close circle of friends, who are as loyal to him as he is to them. Thus, the biggest compatibility problem in this zodiac match will be in the emotional area, where one exceeds and the other recedes. And this gap will not be very easy to fill. Both of them are also quite stubborn and opinionated, which makes the matters all the more difficult.

You'll need to appreciate and really understand the differences in your temperaments to harmonize in a long-term relationship.


Scorpio Pisces Compatibility

Scorpio and Pisces share the same sensitive nature, which overflows with emotions and compassion. The only difference is that the Fish easily shows what he feels, but the Scorpion does not. He will always maintain an outer façade of strength and perseverance, while on the inside, he is brimming with emotions. Because of their similarities, both the individual effortlessly understand each other and find it very easy to compromise on certain issues too. They share an intense relationship, which has all the intimacy they so much desire.

A Piscean is non-judgmental, he accepts people just as they are, while a Scorpio is very opinionated. Somehow in the love match, instead of clashing, these different traits seem to complementing each other. The understanding attitude of the former also acts like a healing balm to the latter. The Scorpion can teach the Fish to be more assertive and also help him realize his dreams. Both the sun signs seem to be balancing each other beautifully and can indeed, have great levels of compatibility.


Aries Scorpio Compatibility

The relationship between an Aries and a Scorpio individual will be full of passion. Both of them are extremely passionate about everything and have a strong sense of individuality. They like to lead a direct life and are always ready to fight against injustice. The glitches in compatibility between the two sun signs come from their different emotional needs. A Scorpio needs to feel totally secure in a relationship and has to have an intense bond with his partner. An Aries, on the other hand, does not like too much closeness.

Another problem may crop up when both of them get angry and fight. An Aries finds it easier to take out his anger and then forget about whatever happened and move on. On the other hand, for a Scorpio it is not easy to forgive and forget. He remembers the harsh words a person said in anger, even though that person may have never meant the same. A positive aspect of this zodiac match is that they will work pretty well as a team. Scorpio will love the aggressiveness of an Aries and he will in return never suspect the secret ways of the former.


Taurus Scorpio Compatibility

There are absolute chances of a strong magnetic attraction between the two zodiac signs of Taurus and Scorpio. At the intellectual level, however, both the individuals are less likely to find a common platform. In case they do, then you can be sure this will be one of the best love matches of the zodiac, in terms of compatibility. The Bull as well as the Scorpio is very possessive and the latter is, infact, is more prone to jealousy. Scorpio will demand much more emotional attachment and intimacy than the Bull and this may lead to some problems.

Another common trait that may lead to tussles is their stubbornness and both need to compromise once in a while. Since Taurus and Scorpio find it difficult to express themselves fully, their vent up emotions may come out in the form of frustration. They need to learn how to open up, atleast, in front of each other. Though there may be suspicion on both the sides, there will never be any real problem. This is because both of them are extremely devoted as well as loyal. As long as they manage to give each other space, this relationship can definitely work.


Gemini Scorpio Compatibility

A Gemini and a Scorpio are like two ends of the same pole. They are totally opposite to one another in almost all the aspects of their personality, making this zodiac match a difficult one. The Scorpion is a highly emotional individual, who always forges deep, meaningful relationships. A Gemini, on the other hand, hardly becomes attached to people and most of his love relationships tend to be superficial ones. The frivolousness of a Gemini will not go down too well with a Scorpio and he is most likely to find the former as too childish, immature and irresponsible.

Gemini will find a Scorpio as too intense, demanding, clingy and intimidating. He has a flirtatious nature, which is bound to get the jealousy meter of a Scorpio shooting high. He may also feel imprisoned by the possessiveness of a Scorpio. The inconsistency of the former and the stability of the latter are also like to clash with each other. However, if seen the other way round, both the individuals can complement each other with their contrasting qualities. But, for this, they need to be ready for adjustment and compromise. The compatibility of this love match will depend on whether they manage to do it or not.


Cancer Scorpio Compatibility

A Cancer as well as a Scorpio is so intense and emotional that they will have no problem bonding well with one another. Infact, they have so many similarities that getting together seems to be extremely easy and totally possible. Even the dissimilarities are not so great, so as to adversely affect their relationship compatibility too much. But, the dissimilarities do exist and will have to taken care of. The Crab is too much affected by other people's misfortunes and this may seem to the Scorpion as foolishness.

The habit of the latter, never to reveal his deepest feelings, may also not go down too well with the former. Both of them need lots of love, loyalty and faithfulness and get the same in each other. This love match will be full of passion and romance. The bonding will be full of emotions and will result in a lasting relationship. Both the individuals follow an emotional approach towards life and logic is something they rarely follow. Taking decisions from heart, rather than the head, is what they believe in.


Leo Scorpio Compatibility

Leo is as stubborn as a Scorpio and both of them are also proud and determined. Their strong character is what binds them and it is what creates the differences also. Confused? Don't be. A Scorpio and a Leo are drawn by each other's strong resolve, strong sense of commitment and strong will power. But then, all these qualities make them a little stubborn too and they refuse to see each other's viewpoints. This is when the trouble starts. Another major roadblock in the compatibility of this relationship is that both the individuals are extremely jealous.

On top of that, both of them are very popular with the opposite sex. The Scorpion may find the Lion much less intense and emotional that himself. At the same time, he cannot flatter anyone, which wouldn't go down too well with the latter. The power of this relationship can last as long as neither of them tries to dominate the other. The moment this situation occurs, you can hope to hear the swords clashing. Otherwise, this love match is one of the best and when a Scorpio and a Leo get together, they can conquer the whole world. Only the power balance has to be maintained.


Virgo Scorpio Compatibility

The basic nature of a Virgo is quite compatible with that of a Scorpio. Both the individuals have a practical approach towards life and love to analyze people, though their method of doing it may differ. However, the Scorpion is much more fearless and adventurous than a Virgo, who prefers to be wary all the time. He may at times act much more strong-headed and stubborn than the latter, leading to some compatibility problems. The passion of a Scorpio may be too much for the shy Virgo to handle easily.

The sensitivity of the latter might clash with the boldness of the former. Both the individuals need to make use of the differences to complement their weaknesses. Even the chances of harmony, rather than aggression, between the two are quite high. The most important area of their relationship where both the individuals need to make efforts is regarding their emotions and feelings. Apart from that, they are basically intelligent individuals, who know how to cross small hurdles and strengthen their love and compatibility.


Libra Scorpio Compatibility

As far as emotions are concerned, Scorpio takes the lead over the Libra. His emotions run much deeper and are much more intense. Whenever a Libran gets involved in a love relationship, he always maintains a little distance and aloofness. The possessiveness, which is a part of the Scorpion profile, does not occur anywhere in a Libran relationship. The former needs to feel one with his partner, while the latter needs some space and freedom. At the same time, the balanced attitude of a Libra can very well stabilize the extremism of a Scorpio.

However, the objectivity of a Libran may, at times, annoy a Scorpio, whose too much passion may disturb the former. Both the individuals are romantic to the core and love to shower attention on their partner. The chemistry in this zodiac match will be great and the attraction strong. The Scorpion needs to control his feelings of too much jealousy and possessiveness and the Libran needs to show some less aloofness and this relationship can work wonders. Both the individuals complement each beautifully and make up for the weak points in one another.


Scorpio Scorpio Compatibility

The relationship between two Scorpio individuals will be a bitter-sweet one. They have the same positive qualities and they share the same negative traits. This love match is bound to have lots of intensity, as neither the individuals is prone to enter into a relationship with shallow feelings. There will be lots and lots of romance in this zodiac match and it could easily result in long-term commitment and marriage. Both of them are extremely passionate about everything in their life and this includes their partner too.

Possessiveness and jealousy are the characteristics traits of the Scorpion and he cannot tolerate sharing something or someone he considers his. Whenever he becomes involved in a relationship, he becomes emotionally much attached, though it may take some time for his partner to realize this. His love is never something that he takes lightly. The compatibility problem with this love match will be that both the individuals are very stubborn and can be very difficult to persuade, especially after they have made up their mind.

If, at such a time, neither of them bends down a little, the clash can turn into something very serious and can even endanger the zodiac match. There may be stormy fights every now and then, but then, the reunions will be just as sizzling too. The love of a Scorpio has as much ardor as his hate. He cannot simply love or hate. He has to love passionate and hate fiercely. The relationship between two Scorpios will either be profoundly fulfilling or extremely devastating. There is no middle ground for these individuals.

Their chemistry will be totally endearing and their union will comprise of strong feelings, desires and emotions. Neither of them is satisfied with moderation in anything, they need to feel extreme emotions all the time. Both of them are extremely dependable and there will never ever be any complaint on the loyalty front. They will love each other, protect each other and fight for each other. However, there may be some problems as far as the long-term compatibility is concerned. But, none of them is so great as to not be cured by conscious efforts.


Scorpio Sagittarius Compatibility

A Scorpio and a Sagittarius are as different as water and fire. Sagittarius is light-hearted about almost every aspect of life and intensity is a word that is totally alien to his personality. On the other hand, there is nothing in his life a Scorpio is not passionate about. He either has very strong feelings for something or someone or no feelings at all. The stubbornness and strong-headedness of the former is also not likely to go down too well with the former. The Archer loves to mingle with new people and have a large crowd around him always.

The Scorpion is somewhat an introvert and prefers to be amidst his close group of family and friends. He has limited interests, towards which he is very devoted. The former, on the other hand, has an unusually wide range of interests, none of which will inspire his utmost devotion. A Scorpio is very emotional as far as a love relationship is concerned, while a Sagittarius is as frivolous about love matters as he is in everything else. The flirtatious nature of the Archer may lead to more compatibility problems in this love match.

A Sagittarius loves freedom and may feel bogged down by the possessiveness and closeness of a Scorpio. He may fail to understand the Scorpion and his intense emotions. Both the individuals will have to make compromises and adjustments to make this relationship compatible in the long-run. At the same time, lots of understanding is needed on the part of the two. The Scorpio will have to tone down his possessiveness and the Sagittarius will have to control his reckless and too-much freedom loving nature.
posted over a year ago.
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Schnusch picked Leo:
I'm a Leo, my fiance is a Scorpio
posted over a year ago.
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irena83 picked Libra:
I'm a Scorpio and I think that Scorpio-Pisces make great compatibility. Anyway, I'm in love with a guy who's Libra and Virgos and Taurus are very attractive to me.
I love mysterious, gentle and honest guys, the ones who will
fight for their dreams. I love deep-minded guys, cause I'm like that. ;)
posted over a year ago.
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Schnusch picked Leo:
That's great ^^ Yeah, my Scorpio is exactly like that, deep-minded. You don't find that so often these days...
posted over a year ago.
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mahnoor picked Scorpio:
me n my bf are both scorpios
posted over a year ago.