So I'm 15, and already I have discovered the sad truth of the world, people hate others. Sure you may be thinking, "Duh! Of course people hate people! What are you stupid?" But, what I mean is that they HATE me cuz of something I believe in, and I am only 15. 15 and people want me dead or thrown out of America, or they want me to be converted or a slave or whatever. I am 15 years old, 15 and people my age want me dead because I'm atheist.

Apparently because of my lack of religion, I am a cold, heartless, soulless person. I am cruel and emotionless, and all opinions I have are false. 13 years old, two years ago, I cut myself because of the hate from Christian kids. Not all of them did, some of my best friends are Christians, but I felt that the physical pain was better. This one kid, last year told me that I couldn't have opinions. He said, "You can't have an opinion Breanne, you're an atheist." When I got home, I felt numb. I cried for an hour in the quiet.

People saw I need to be kicked out of America because I don't believe in God. How fucking stupid is that? 15 years old and they want be to be practically a refugee? This country was made for freedom, and it is MY freedom to be atheist, I want to be atheist it is my freedom to be so, and they can't take that from me.

Other's want me dead to prove to me I'll go to hell. ME! I'm good without God! They're bad with him! If anyone is going to hell it's their sorry ass NOT MINE! They are threatening me and, if my memory is right, "Thou shalt not kill" is one of the Ten Commandments. So, whose going to hell?

All the hate, all the discrimination, all the unreasonableness is against their beliefs. "Love thy neighbor", includes everyone, not just those you see as equals.