I was recently looking for a video that I've commented on a few months ago, when I encountered a video by said troll. By the time I've done skimming through the comments, I was nearly puking - or at least very sickened by his repellent tone.

Therefore I shall rant regarding his ferociously presented fallacies and be done with it. I shall start with a few quotes from his comments.
"The lower animal and the atheist are on exact the same intellectual level..."
I shall not bother to address this disgusting argumentum ad hominem, but only paraphrase it in mockery, no offense intended towards the Frenchmen and I apologise sincerely for any offense felt.
"The lower animal and the Frenchman are exactly on the same intellectual level..." ENOUGH! I am enough outraged!

"The lunatic atheist must present a viable argument for his bizarre personal belief that God somehow does not exist before being taken seriously, which he has failed to do, sadly."
I am yet again too angry to bother addressing yet another splendid argumentum ad hominem and pushing of the burden of proof. But instead I shall address a very repellent habit of this troll:
Please note, ladies and gentlemen, the use of the singular: "The lower animal..."; "The atheist..." et cetera. Also note the frequent references to the male pronoun. This type of argument was last seen frequently in the 1940ies, for example which reference I cannot be bothered to dig up right now, but I shall later. Meanwhile it can be found in "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins FRS FRSL.
"The Semite is not an natural monotheist, He is an animist."
That was in circa 1944-48. Our pleasant little troll video was posted in 28th of February, 2010.
I regrettably conclude that some 60 years of development of the Zeitgeist has been lost on this human..

Then the only semi valid argument that he brings up in the comments is "Hitler was an atheist and Darwinist." et cetera et cetera.
The fact that Hitler was an atheist is strongly contested by his own works which also contradict each other.
"We have taken measures against the atheist movement, and not only by words. We have stamped it out." - Adolf Hitler.
Evolution was hijacked by Hitler and his likes for disputable - dare I say false - doctrines known as eugenics and racial selection, both ideas are very un-evolutionary.
The fact that Hitler or Stalin may both have been atheists does not matter to the debate, because they both did not commit their atrocities in the name of atheism. Saying instead that their lack of belief in Gods caused their atrocities may be relevant, but then what does one make of all the atrocities throughout history that were caused by a difference in belief? Surely, if the moral highground is occupied by the religious ones, we'd see a general lack of normally immorality in them. We do not...
If the religious are so privied in morals, why 9/11? Surely, the death of thousands of what was once fetuses would offend religious moralists? Why are there Christian fundamentalists burning down abortion clinics and killing doctors, if it is clearly said in the bible that "Thou shalt not murder"? They do it even if they take their bible literally. If their holy book is the fountain of all morals, then why are the most devoted of the bible followers doing things sternly prohibited by the bible? That ladies and gentlemen is something I don't get... The bible says don't murder but why are its most devoted followers murdering? I can only sit on the sideline and cry hypocrisy.