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bl0ndy posted on Jul 29, 2009 at 09:50AM
I'm usually not a "Medal Whore",but in the past 2 maybe 3 weeks I have more medals than usuall [6 :D]. I never had a fanatic and I'm really trying to get my first one. But I noticed that on the spot I upload the content [the one on which I want to get my fanatic] my stuff from like a week are always rated low. It started only there and I thought that the stuff I'm uploading is bad,so I moved on to a next spot. But the same was happening there. Then I got a Die-Hard on other spot and I made a pick "OMG! I just got my Die-Hard" [you know blah-blah the usual shit when you get a medal] and I made 3 options [Congatrs,Woopie and U don't desetve it] Looks like at least 1 person voted for I don't deserve it.

I really don't know is this normal or not,but it's really starting to bug me. I'm not all the time on Fanpop,but when I have the time I contribute.. a lot. And it sux when you know that you've uploaded stuff for sometimes 1 maybe 2 hours and then you see them rated low AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE REASON! I always give credit [except when I was a newbie and I didn't knew how] ALWAYS add keywords and I always try to put a best name of the icon,video or whatever I'm uploading. I wanna ask what should I about it,because I'm really starting to get tired and the next step is just to quit fanpop. How should I get my troll?

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over a year ago ineedcoffee said…
I had a look at your activity and I think I found your problem you posted the same or similar pick on similar spots very close in time frame which may have bothered some people it kinda borders on spammy type picks these are best suited forums
this was just what I gleened from your first couple pages. so don't take it wrong someones updates probably just hade a bunch of the same picks and they all came from you...lol just be proud of your medals but you don't need to make picks about it almost seems like you are bragging and that can come off wrong.linkandlink and link and linkand link

I can't speak of the low ratings because I am not sure what to start to look at there was alot of images so could you maybe give a spot or link thanks...:)

I hope this clears this up for you know one is hating on you.
over a year ago bl0ndy said…
Yeah,thank you. :) It's not braggins 4 the medals.. it's everything but that I'm just happy and I wanna show it. But u r right. I'll stop. Thanks a lot ;]]
over a year ago ineedcoffee said…
not problem and you should be proud thyou did alot to get them but that is why i said can you give me some links cause i will go and rate the ones that were 1 starred that is not right, I just didn't know where to start you have over 9000 images and close to 2000 videos on your profile...lol