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Hilarious glitch with Auron's overdrive

A hilarious glitch where, when trying to perform "Shooting Star", the game somehow makes him run in the other direction (instead of towards the enemy), continuing to run and run... and run... and run away. Run for the gold, Auron. Run for the gold.
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"That is my story."

Auron tells Tidus and Wakka of his inner conflict when faced with the impending final summoning with Braska and Jecht.

Ride to Macalania Temple with Auron

What happens when Auron's affection is the highest of all of your friends/party when it is time for you all to ride to Macalania Temple (more in comments)

"Sin is Jecht"

English scene, German subtitles. The scene in Luca where Auron discloses to Tidus how he got to (Dream) Zanarkand and that Jecht is the current sin.

Auron's Theme (HD Remaster)

The Official remaster by the way, not fanmade.

Auron's Theme

Auron Tribute #1

Auron Tribute #1